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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: 'Tree of Life' Premiere Pair!

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: 'Tree of Life' Premiere Pair!

Angelina Jolie comes out to support Brad Pitt at the premiere of his latest film, The Tree of Life, on Tuesday (May 24) at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in L.A.

The 35-year-old actress paired her Jenny Packham one-shoulder gown with Tiffany & Co. jewelry and Stuart Weitzman heels. Brad, 47, suited up in Tom Ford and wore David Yurman DY620 frames.

The Terrence Malick-directed flick, which also stars Sean Penn, recently picked up the coveted Palme d’Or prize during the 2011 Cannes Film Festival!

Over the weekend, Brad and Angie brought along their six kids to the premiere of her new animated movie, Kung Fu Panda 2.

15+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the premiere of The Tree of Life

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angelina jolie brad pitt tree life screening 01
angelina jolie brad pitt tree life screening 02
angelina jolie brad pitt tree life screening 03
angelina jolie brad pitt tree life screening 04
angelina jolie brad pitt tree life screening 05
angelina jolie brad pitt tree life screening 06
angelina jolie brad pitt tree life screening 07
angelina jolie brad pitt tree life screening 08
angelina jolie brad pitt tree life screening 09
angelina jolie brad pitt tree life screening 10
angelina jolie brad pitt tree life screening 11
angelina jolie brad pitt tree life screening 12
angelina jolie brad pitt tree life screening 13
angelina jolie brad pitt tree life screening 14
angelina jolie brad pitt tree life screening 15

Credit: Kevin Winter, Lester Cohen; Photos: Getty, Wire Image
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  • Lauren


  • bdj

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Missouri, Oklahoma, and the Midwest.

    Pace yourself troll or you will start agreeing with yourself. You don’t get paid that way.

  • bdj

    That is one busy troll. Baby Jane would be proud or Baby Jane is up early spamming the troll. Go work on that 5 decade old body Baby Jane.

  • Dasha

    They’re so gorgeous that’s insane!

  • cupcake

    Brad looks handsome… but a little tired and drained. I hope he is getting enough rest.

    I have a question: before Shiloh was born, Angelina was all over the media’s “Most Sexy” lists, same with Jessica Alba and some others, but as soon as they gave birth they’re not attractive anymore?

    Oh well, I’m sure Angie would take her kids over a spot on those silly lists any day.

  • hongkongfan

    what a beautiful woman ..

  • http://na angierocks

    Jesus Angie is a goddess and brad is HOT!GAh they are a vision love them!

  • brange fan from greece

    wow.thank you jared for this usual angelina jolie is beyond gorgeous.i saw the video of this dress and she just look amazing.i think it is not good in pictures but in video wow just wow.i love the simple cut of this dress and it looks great on her especially the color.she looks so tall and long in i wish i have her long arms, long legs and her neck.and her face is awesome.she makes a simple dress spectacular.what a classy look.and she really knows how ro dress for the occasion.her dress is just right for this premiere.i think jessica chatain is overdress.her dress is for cannes.she’s cute but look short in is not a grand premiere that i hoped for.i thinks its private, few people and press and and i think a very small place from what i see in the video. and brad is just so hot.i lke his hair like this than cannes.hello JP fans

  • brange fan from greece

    can’t wait to see this movie.i don’t ususally watch this kind of movie but i will watch it because of brad and im sure its a great movie since its cannes winner.hope brad wins an oscar for this.

  • Babs


  • winning

    Such a phoney, smug couple.

  • http://na angierocks

    Some how that lady in red song keeps playin in my mind!LOL……wow did’nt take long for the haters to find something negative to post!OWNED!

  • Too Funny

    Chelsea’s ad right smack in the middle.

  • brange fan from greece

    i see the haters are here again.showing their hate.why don’t you just give up.well, im just too happy right now to see two people so in love that i cannot be bothered with your hate.

  • hee

    - ang looks like a poorly giftwrapped stick

  • Blueberry

    Any kind of authenticity he ever emulated seems to have faded…

  • PIC 04

    Clearly displays the individual hair grafts that make up Brad Pitt’s new hairline.

  • Blueberry

    …the funniest part is that the perpetuation of “the triangle” comes from people who love to tell Aniston to “get over it”.

  • FrG

    I LOOOOOVE THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Angelina and Brad we love you !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • babel

    Jolie looks completely miserable.

  • PIC 03

    Notice the emaciated arm, and may I point out the wrinkled old lady elbow

  • brange fan from greece

    guys, have you seen that video where one of the photograpers shouted “ángelina , you’re beautiful.”lol. he cant help himself.she does really look stunning in that video. i cannot imagine how she is in person, im sure i wll faint when i will see her.this woman is truly a superstar.there’s something in her that makes her outshine everyone in the one can really overshadowed her even if she is in a most simple dress and very light make up.her simplicity makes her more gorgeous.and i really love that is very rare in hollywood where almost all woman tries so hard for attention.angelina doesn’t do that because she naturally attracts attetiion without even trying.with that grace and elegance ,people are just mesmerized.

  • Deanie

    Wow ! Angelina Jolie in Red is so very sexy & beautiful ! Brad here looks younger & sexy too !

  • jane-lee

    Her hair is beautiful, the dress is gorgeous but Angie seems tired these days ?

  • shoo flies

    Boy, this premiere wasn’t even worth a shave and a shower to dirty Bradley

  • babel

    Take a bath Brad. I can smell you from where I am.

  • Perfect

    a wooden actor in “The Tree O’ Life”

  • imani

    Tabloid trolls are here trying to create some drama. She’s skinny, looks tired, he is dirty, smelly LOL. They are so transparent it is hilarious. The Jolie Pitts look as always amazing and they look really happy and proud of each other.

  • york

    His girl is a witch


    Don’t miss Brad and Angelina on entertainment shows ET, Insider, Extra, AccessHollywood and E! news at the Tree of Life premiere. I loved to watch these shows when the Jolie-Pitts are on the red carpet. I love to hear all the people screaming ” ANGELINA, YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL”. I never get tired of the red carpet moments with my favorite girl.

  • Sherry

    LOL Trolls are mad, poor ittle babies, go waaaah at the ocean some more….. Way to go Brad, way to align yourself with winning and good projects. Hope you get all the allocades this movie, the story, and especially the director deserves. Congratulations to all.

  • hee


  • Raichill

    Brad and Benicio del Toro could be brothers.

  • dd

    GORGEOUS BEYOND WORDS. Now for Aniston, she must be contemplating her next wardrobe — half naked that’s what she’s good for. LOL

  • brange fan from greece

    i think sean penn was not at the premiere.i haven’t seen him in the photos and videos.thank God, i really don’t like him.this is just my opinion but good for him not to stand next to brad.he’s kinda ugly to don’t care if he is talented but i never watch his movies because I want to see beautiful people in movies.this is the first time im going to see him in TOL because of brad.hope he look decent here.

  • emhmm

    why i’d likes to allocates some accolades to my homey Brads

  • straight column

    Good God she’s one scary skeleton.

  • Kim

    decadent and arrogant.

  • dianad1968



    imani, the idiots have gotten their talking points for the week. At this point, in their desperation, they are throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks. At least they provide entertainment. LOL

  • Lee

    Being gorgeous in and out, with perfect dress, make-up, and hair style, Angie is the ultimate Queen.

  • ~~~~~~~~

    Brad’s BO has wrinkled Angie’s dress

  • anfan

    she has no shape to her body. she looks terrible. always has man stealer

  • briseis

    @dianad1968: I was just going to post that. The idjits have been given their talking points — not even very original — and are posting those points over and over. She’s “scary thin”, he’s too “stinky and smelly”. Meanwhile CHM and other fans have been at the actual premieres and they raved over how stunning and gorgeous the couple is. No word from anyone who was actually there that Brad “stinks” so we know that “talking point” ain’t actually true, and we can see for ourselves that Angie is not “scary” thin. Sigh, these haters are actually getting boring.

  • Passing Through

    I was too busy last night to post much or read the thread so I’m glad to see that page 1 is filled with fan comments instead of the usual troll piss all over the first few pages before we knew it existed. I’m sure somebody’s pay is gonna get docked for that…
    On another note – I’m glad to see that the 3 boys who played Brad’s sons were invited to the opening. They’ve grown so much in the last 3 years that they don’t even look like the same kids. The one boy who played the oldest son is already taller than Angie is in her heels. They look calm standing next to Angie but you know they’re totally thinking, “OH MY GOD! I’M TOTALLY STANDING NEXT TO ANGELINA JOLIE!”

  • fender

    these two make me sick – such publicity hounds

  • soi

    They really look gorgeous! I absolutely love this color on Angelina and Bradley looks great all clean shaven. They are looking flawless tonight.

  • QQQQ

    briseis @ 05/25/2011 at 9:35 am
    They are all morons… Even in 2007 when everyone was going on & on about how “scary” thin she was (after her mom passed away), I saw her at the AMH premier and yes she did lose some weight but it wasn’t to the level that the idiots in the media and the blogs were going on about. And as CHM has said repeatedly, pictures don’t do her justice. They just don’t capture her “essence”.
    They all know that she is a Goddess (crazy beautiful); she has been rocking the red-carpet lately… even the fake “fashionistas” are pleased, so this is the only so called “negative” they can come up with. If being “skinny” was so awful, all the chunky people wouldn’t be spending a shite load of money on diet and exercise; not to mention a certain someone having to do 4+ hrs of yoga/pilates every single day, even when they are on vacation and adding an extra hr if it eats ice-cream.

  • The *

    “Angelina is reportedly at her wits end over Brad setting a poor example for her children by not bathing or grooming properly. Her children’s unkempt appearance and rat’s nest hair has caused a quite a stir. “It’s nearly impossible to get these kids, including Brad, into the bathtub for a good scrub”, said the exasperated Angelina.”

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    fender @ 05/25/2011 at 9:38 am

    They make you sick but you keep coming back posting & looking at their pictures.

  • Passing Through

    # 181 groundcontrol @ 05/25/2011 at 5:27 am
    Getty has 2 pictures of a woman they label Betty Russell, Brad’s grandmother. I think it was taken after the premiere. She cannot possibly be a real grandmother to Brad. Brad is 47 so his mom must be at least 67 unless she was a teenage mom. And then her mom woud have to be in her mid-80s. This woman in no way looks in her mid80s. Maybe 70s. So if they are correct and that really is the talkative Betty Russell I have read about, is she Brad’s step-grandmother?
    GC -
    I don’t know who that woman is, but it’s not Brad’s grandmother Betty Russell. She’s like 90, comes to around his mid-chest and very gray. She could have died her hair, but I think old people tend to shrink, not grow. Considering the woman has the same nose as Jessica Chastain…I’d say it’s her mother.