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Leonardo DiCaprio Explores Italy

Leonardo DiCaprio Explores Italy

Leonardo DiCaprio tries to inconspicuously explore Capri, Italy on Monday (May 23).

The 36-year-old actor has reportedly been in Italy to celebrate Naomi Campbell‘s birthday. Earlier that day, he was spotted on a boat with BFF Lukas Haas and several others friends, while wearing a Beastie Boys t-shirt.

Leo, who recently ended a four-year relationship with Bar Refaeli, has been spotted with Blake Lively during his trip in Italy. Blake split from her Gossip Girl co-star Penn Badgley last year.

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  • Strazzi

    He’s a good actor and seems like a decent guy but he needs to grow up and find someone his own age. Blake should be with someone around her age as well. For example,
    Leo – Winona Ryder
    Blake – Shia LaBeouf

  • Rossi

    Aside from J. Edgar and The Great Gatsby, Leo currently has the following 19 projects in various stages of development:
    The Devil in the White City



    Conspiracy of Fools


    The Wolf of Wall Street

    The Infiltrator

    The Many Deaths of Barnaby James


    Travis McGee

    Beat the Reaper

    The NeverEnding Story

    Untitled Twilight Zone Project

    In Dark Woods

    Brave New World

    Untitled Michael Mann/1930s Noir Project

    The Chancellor Manuscript

    The Low Dweller
    I hope he drops out of many of these as it is difficult to follow with so many.

  • lolo

    He was with Barf for 6 years not 4. JJ get your facts right.

  • Vincennes

    It’s being reported that the reason Leo left Bar is because Bar refused to have children anytime soon with him even if they got married. Apparently Leo is ready to get married and start a family, which begs the question why he is dating Blake Lively who is even younger than Bar and is almost certainly not looking to get married and start a family for a while.

  • *Angieee*

    Proof blake was a one-night stand. No one should be surprised

  • http://itwautisawtami(Twitter) T

    Wa’dya know…

    It’s Dicaprio in Capri

    :) At least he gets to see different parts of the world. Good for him, he works for it [and not just through acting]

  • Mari


    I read that too but I don’t believe it for a second. Consider the source of that story: the Nat’l Enquirer.

  • Michelle

    Vincennes @ 05/24/2011 at 9:31 am 0

    It’s being reported that the reason Leo left Bar is because Bar refused to have children anytime soon with him even if they got married. Apparently Leo is ready to get married and start a family, which begs the question why he is dating Blake Lively who is even younger than Bar and is almost certainly not looking to get married and start a family for a while.
    I find that hard to believe! It is far more likely that he refused to advance in the relationship and she ended it. I am also not sure that he is actually dating Blake because at the moment it looks far more like a PR campaign for a film or Blake’s career than a real relationship. After years of being a Leo fan I know that he never expresses any emotion when he is with a real girlfriend and the pics of him with Blake were completely out of context with the Leo we saw with Giselle and Bar. Of course he may be madly in love with Blake and if so, good luck to them. But somehow it doesn’t seem right.

    We will know it is the real thing when we see them walking miserably together into a supermarket. Then we will know that they are in love!

  • Issy

    OMG he is soooo gorgeous. hook up with kate winslet

  • FrG

    Thanx Jared for those articles and pics about Leo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mlef

    Jared can”t get over the Beastie Boys T Shirt….come on ! It’s a T SHIRT ! lol

  • anonym

    @Vincennes: I bet it was the other way around. It`s being reported by… National Enquirer. Now that`s reliable!
    He look cute and I actually like that T-shirt on him. Nice to see him out with friends without fake manly or barfie around. Maybe he meets a beautiful Italian girl on Capri… :)

  • ace11


    Blake is a fling for him…

    think about it….after a long term relationship you feel free again and not trapped

    you want to explore what you’ve been missing

    Blake is young, vibrant, gorgeous and single

    a good mix

  • donie


  • Paris

    Jared can u start posting male model like Davide Gandi he is a hoti plsssssssss

  • Leolove

    he’s so hot..looks like he lost some weight too. He seems much happier now that he dumped that ugly Bar/

  • http://At Sl i go lambert ^_____^cute

    Leonardo so handsome and cute

  • ok

    I’m seriously amazed that this guy being so handsome and talented would date someone as ugly and unsuccessful as Bar. I question his intelligence.

  • http://At Ká simply amazing !!!!!!!

    Leo So Handsome :)

  • hi beautiful
  • syriana

    those are great pics,thx JJ for all leo’s pics

  • Mari

    @hi beautiful:

    Thanks for reposting those pics of Leo. I hadn’t seen those before. I like how animated he looks in the first one. In the second one, that appears to be a pretty Italian girl. I like this google translation from Spanish to English: “After his split with Bar Refaeli two weeks ago, the actor uses his bachelorhood.” Indeed. Lol.

  • Helena

    I hope Leo and pals are having a great time .

  • anonym

    @hi beautiful: LOL! Thanks for the photos. That second photo is priceless and speaks volumes! He is definitely having fun with Italian beauties! Good for him!

  • Europe

    Beautiful capri in Italy :)

  • heheh

    ‘sigh’….. why must he be sooo sexyy yummyyy

  • look at the future

    how beutifule! just a few minutes and near 30 comments! who can give these attentions in a few minutes like leo?jj u got to send more and more about leo!thx for these pixs too!
    leo u r handsome whether u like it or not !try to keep urself or not!

  • em

    Why does he always look so f’n miserable?

  • rose

    Because Leo is a private man, and doesn’t like the razzis constantly taking his pictures in his own private time.

  • ela


    because he is being stalked by paparazzies.

  • April

    I actually really want to believe that story you guys mentioned about Leo wanted to have children very soon but Bar didn’t, and that’s why they broke up, even though that means he loved Bar dearly. I just want to know that the man really has marriage and children in his mind, cause I don’t wanna see him end up alone, I wanna see him become a father before he hit 40.

    Sadly, I can’t believe it. We all know he is a manho and never ever wants to settle down.

  • look at the future

    just i hope dont see bf’s fans here anymore!
    i dont know what r u doing here,bf’s fans?u always say the same somethings! whan leo was with bf u always said the addorable words about leo and his love ,now he put her away from his life and u r stiil coming here and say nasty words or say she is pragnant with him then make us to laugh again and again by ur upset willing for uy ideol bf! these r just u can do for ur bf?she doesnt has anything else for u to talk about it ?she dosent has anything for talking in her articles pages in jj or others thats why u just come here and talk about her ?so how can u compare bf with gise ?we never see gise’s fans here ,they r in her pages cuse at least gise has something to talk?now i can undrestand why gise is always n.o 1 model(her body her figures and a lot af things that can make her fans sacrifies and happy)!if bf is best or better than gise so go to her pages and show to the fashion world maybe she will come to the list of top money maker models next year!sometimes bad fans are worst than the negetive critics articles!

  • em

    If you’re a private person, then fair enough but why enter the entertainment industry when you know you’re going to be followed constantly .The whole cap thing over the face is really annoying,

  • rose

    I also forgot to add, Leo can’t always be walking around with a cheshire cat grin all the time lol!

  • KS is living it up

    @hi beautiful: @<a

    thanks for the pics. Oooh, that skinny brunette on the boat with him is HOT!! :D

    I agree Rose he can’t walk around grinning like a crazy person all the time… that falls into crazy Barfie territory, she’s the one carrying that fake smile everywhere she goes.

  • are you joking?


    oh please, boo hoo, cry me a river. Why would anyone, especially Leo who can have so many beautiful intelligent women if he really wants to, want to have kids with a cheap ho like Barfie? he’s only 36, he’s got plenty of time to have kids and he doesn’t need to do it with a cheesy ho that sleeps around with old greasy looking guys! ewww

  • rose

    Em that’s a lame excuse. Entertainers also have a right to some private time. It must be so annoying being photographed constantly. There is no respect towards anyone famous. It doesn’t give you the right to snap away when a famous person is indicating, please no pictures or don’t bother me at this time. What’s next? The razzis following a celebrity to the toilet? Look what happened to Princess Diana, that’s a perfect example of how far the razzis go. Of course they are some celebrities who love the limelight and will make sure they are constantly being seen. They have a choice, but respect the ones who don’t want their pictures taken, its also their rights too.
    I am guilty of this pleasure as I do like to see a picture of Leonardo, even when he is hiding but still if I don’t see one, its fine by me. As a fan, I will get see some nicer ones at events and functions where we can see his whole face. Those pictures are a real treat.

  • Yeah!

    Yay! No Blake Manly!!!! Good job Leo my boy!!!

  • anon

    @Michelle: Blake receives more media attention than Leonardo and Bar combined so there is no way them hanging out is a PR campaign. Moreover, Blake and Leo have been close friends due to Gatsby screen tests, they hang out in the same circles, and Blake has a wonderful career. She is the face of Chanel and is the female lead of an upcoming billion dollar film franchise (superhero-esque) therefore I highly doubt she needs to hang out with Leonardo Dicaprio to advance her career.

    If you think Leonardo is dumb to that extent (hanging out with her for media attention), then you unequivocally do not like Leonardo. Why are you here if you do not? What’s the point?

    Blake seemed to have been offered the role in The Great Gatsby but due to her contract with Gossip Girl (which she signed before she was accepted as Daisy), she could not accept the role of Daisy. Gossip Girl starts filming in late August 2011 and most heavily in October, which is when The Great Gatsby begins filming in Australia.

    The director of The Great Gatsby heavily praised Blake and said he was lucky enough to know her personally, and the director (Bar, he also made Moulin Rouge) only works on a few projects. Blake was heavily linked to the role of Daisy and was a confirmed top contender.

    Furthermore, Blake signed a six-season Gossip Girl contract BEFORE The Great Gatsby was even announced. She could not break her contract.

    Blake may seem to display a limited acting range on Gossip Girl, but she is truly talented in all of the films she has been in. A lot of top film critics have praised her performance and the writing of Gossip Girl makes every single actor/actress on that show look vapid and talentless. Blake does not try when she is acting on Gossip Girl because the role is so bland but she gets paid a lot of millions for the role and it has a massive worldwide audience.

  • anon

    @April: Mind you own business. Maybe he doesn’t want kids? he’s still young and free, not everyone wants to have kids. You’re so narrow minded and old fashioned in thinking. This isn’t 1823, people don’t settle down before they hit the age of 40. It’s 2011, times have changed, traditions have changed, people have changed. It’s a new world and marriage is no longer the norm.

  • anon

    @Yeah!: Blake is HOT and you’re beyond pathetic.

  • bebee


    I think this rumor (bar doesn’t want babies) is total bs: real successful supermodels have had babies,they breastfed them and are still working
    actually, even after the birth, they were still more successfull than bar : look at Gisele, Miranda, doutzen kroes

  • are you joking?


    LOL, I love the way you gave it to her in post#40… Well said.. !!

  • Tinkerbell’sSidekick

    @lolo: No, they were not. Actually they met in Nov 2005 and from then until the end of April 2011, they have broke up at least 4 times including a six month term from June 2009-Dec 2009. If take the breakup time away, its more like 2 1/2 -3 yrs at the most.

  • anonym

    @anon: Yuck, your first comment about Fake Manly made me throw up. A successful famewh*re! Wow, is that supposed to impress anyone? Or her fake boobs or her nose job? Because talent is clearly not there unless you consider sleeping around and being Wintour`s pet a talent.
    Her stupid movie The Green Lantern is coming out and given the fact that Boobsy has no talent she does need PR. And what`s better than a serious actor?

  • donie

    There are a lot more pictures at Popsugar website, you guys need to check it out. He looks great even more on the other pictures.

  • Ava

    Bar was a beard. Bet she moved on because she’s got someone in the wings she wants to get serious with/marry.

  • WOW

    Leo overload and I’m LOVING IT! finally barf gave it a rest on calling the paps. phew that was getting out of hand seeing her stubby pimple butt everyday.

  • PrettyGrr

    I am curious who Leo is going to end up with and I mean, as close to marriage as this guy can get :)))

  • 11th Hour

    I’m jealous of the amount of travel LD does. *sigh*