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Nicole Kidman: LAX Liftoff with Sunday & Faith!

Nicole Kidman: LAX Liftoff with Sunday & Faith!

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban make their way through LAX Airport on Tuesday (May 24) in Los Angeles.

The 43-year-old actress held her adorable 5-month-old daughter, Faith, while Keith carried 2-year-old Sunday as the family prepared to catch a departing flight.

Over the weekend, the couple attended the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, where Keith hit the stage to perform “Long Hot Summer.”

Keith will be attending the CMT Music Awards in Nashville on June 8. Jason Aldean, Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flatts, and Sugarland are also slated to perform.

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  • hopeso


  • Opal Jones

    Finally pictures she is adorable Nicole, and she has your red hair too.

  • 2Park5

    Adorable family. I love Nic and Keith, sibs. in white.

  • karl

    I didn’t realize that Nicole got pregnant the second time around.

  • boreddkidd

    hate this fam :L so ugly!

  • boreddkidd

    @karl: she dnt she got a surrogate

  • Sassy

    OMG, chubbawubba baby! So cute. Good for them, so glad they’ve found the extra happiness with two cute little girls. God Bless them all!

  • kimy

    Beautiful together! I love this family.

  • GIGI

    So CUTE

  • boston61

    Is that the baby she just purchased?

  • Maya

    Awwww, too cute for words! Such a gorgeous family. Love, love love them!

  • 10


  • B. Bunch

    They are all so adorable big fan of Nicole & Keith, good to see Sunday and Faith again.

  • cynthia

    What a beautiful family! How wonderful can it be to have a father like Keith Urban!

  • Speak Now

    They look much, much happier than Tom, Katie and Suri do don’t they?

  • http://lewis Ká simply amazing !!!!!!!

    Too cute

  • http://lewis Ká simply amazing !!!!!!!

    Nice style nicole

  • NYC

    Finally i get to see a picture of the whole family, they are all too cute.

  • Glee

    I love this family, my 2nd favorite celeb family

  • Sci

    Nice to see Nicole and Keith again but even better to see the whole family Faith is so big already, and look at Sunday how adorable is she sleeping on daddy’s shoulder.

  • irene olson

    How fun to see the Urban family. The little girls are too precious for words. Little Faith is truly a gift to the Urbans. Sunday is a beautiful older sister. Mom and Dad Urban are doing a fine job of parenting. The four of them eek love and happiness.

  • Jordyn

    Adorable little girls. Lovely family.

  • Jordyn

    Adorable little girls. Lovely family.

  • irene olson

    Keith Urban could/should be a model. He is so handsome; his profile is gorgeous.

  • Mason

    Cute fam.
    But naming the 2nd Faith when the
    first was already Sunday is over the top.
    It’s very Jesus-freak.
    What’s the 3rd gonna be, Moses?

  • boston61

    Is that the baby she just purchased? She used another woman’s body because it was inconvenient for her? She is too big a star to have her own baby?

  • escodero


    You don’t know what you’re talking about with a statement like that.

    Beautiful family!

  • felis


    Do you have a sick preoccupation with telling lies?

  • Taran


    You know perfectly well Nicole had several miscarriages and a lot of trouble conceiving. They had the money for a surrogate and they went for it…more power to them. This child is loved and wanted and protected.

    Unlike your idol Jessica Simpson, Nicole has never had had purchase a fake fiance.

  • maggie


  • sluehog


    boston61 is the true lousyactress! She’s a skeptic and everyone knows who she is. How many Keith urban anti-Kidman boards are we up to now Snoopy?

  • Eliza


    You don’t seem to know much about Nicole and her fertility problems.
    Or maybe you do and being cruel and dishonest just comes naturally to you.

  • rosie99

    Are the nannies hanging back untill the paps leave. You know darn well these two wont be taking care of their kids during the flight!

  • NailOnHead


    It’s too bad nomorefan. They’ve been seen doing just that. How’s the fact that you’ve wasted 6 years of your life working for ya? Paving the way for stupidty! Bravo!

  • to Boston61

    your psychotic jealous attacks on Nicole, and others, is getting really old. i would have thought that by now you would have been under the care of a competent therapist. but i have to say i’ve always wondered why you are so filled with jealousy towards Nicole, Angelina, and others.

  • darla


    “This child is loved and wanted and protected.”
    So her adopted children with Tom Cruise is not? Is that what your saying? I feel sad for Isabella and Connor. Especially Connor. They both are dispensable children by the two people who adopt them. I heard they both live with Tom’s sister now. Nichole doesn’t even fight for her right to be their mother anymore because now she has her own. What a stupid selfish people Tom and Nichole was to those kids. I hope Connor find his biological parents or relative

  • NailOnHead

    @to Boston61:

    Because she’s an actress who never did more than non-union extra work and local theatre and has a fixation with Keith Urban. She’s still trying to convince the world Nicole is evil incarnate and more importantly, a “lousy actress”.

  • NailOnHead


    Oh you are just making stuff up. Where do you get that from the person’s statement which btw shouldn’t even need to be said. It’s quite obvious.But here its a hatefest by some morons who can’t get it through their thick skulls that they will never ever have Keith!

  • ShariM

    What a beautiful family! I’m a big fan of Keith Urban and I’m thrilled he found love with Nicole and finally has the family he always wanted. His daughter’s are adorable. Baby Faith looks like Sunday at that age with her full cheeks. Sunday looks more like Keith but has Nicole colouring. Thanks for the pictures.

  • dud

    does anyone notice how kidman’s children always had this red scratches on their faces?? i saw it on sunday and now on faith..

  • fedder

    That’s something many infants have. It’s a birthmark and it eventually fades. My mother and grandmother always called it an angel kiss but there’s probably a technical term for it.

    Faith is so adorable just like Sunday was. Sunday is becoming such a little lady. Hope they had an easy flight.

  • kesia

    Sunday looks like a really sweet kid, must have her daddy’s personality…. not that Nicole isn’t nice, but Keith is like the sweetest guy in the world.

  • mr3

    dang that baby is ugly

  • The Truth

    I use to work for the ball buster NK.
    Look at the photo … Nannie 1 in front on phone very tense – Nannie 2 in back with there coffee very tense.
    Why the stern looks from NK – Because she has ripped them all on the way to the airport!
    I use to see and hear it every day!
    She goes threw house staff every few months.

    You can believe what you want….. I know THE TRUTH

  • kidman sucks

    At least Keith looks really good. One out of three ain’t bad

  • getreal

    I believe the other two children have already found their biological parents. I have strong suspicions that Isabelle’s dad is that David Miscavige. As for Connor, Nicole once said the chance to adopt him came up unexpectedly. What if he was Cruise’s sister’s son. Connor displays more resemblance to Tom than Suri does. Can’t be Tom’s but his sister is his spitting image. Nicole has said in the past hat she feels they’re like a big happy family with the biological parents (or something to that effect). She has dropped enough hints to indicate their biological parents are people they know.

  • taco

    I wat to kiss Faith’s cheeks soooo badly..They’re adorable!!! Cute family

  • A

    @getreal: why can’t connor be his son? they do look a lot alike and Tom has dated black women before (unknowns) and fought hard for thandie newton to be in MI because he was smitten with her.

  • madmoni

    They are surely wonderful loving family but the last thing you can say about the kids is they’re beautiful. I don’t know why Nicole/ Keith fans don’t want to see it or they’re so blind…Those girls are ugly and some people says Isabella is ugly but when she was a little baby she was prettier than both Sunday and Faith

  • Brainy box