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Rachel Bilson: Shopping with Mom!

Rachel Bilson: Shopping with Mom!

Rachel Bilson steps out to do some shopping on Monday (May 23) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old actress was joined by her mom, Janice, who carried a bag of goodies from Whole Foods.

Last week, Rachel spent time in New York City for The CW’s upfronts in support of her new TV show, Hart of Dixie.

Rachel will star opposite Jaime King and reunite with O.C. producers Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz in the new series, which will air on Mondays after Gossip Girl!

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  • kristina@beancakes

    her mom’s so cute!

  • dude

    Paparazzi – “over here Rachel, look depressed for the camera Rachel”.

    Rachel – “is this good, Can I re-shoot this again, you need me to look more pathetic, I can do it better”.

    jj either be original with this loser or why bother to post her pic up. Oh that’s right she pays you to promote her. Let me guess this will be a 3 picture deal today right or is it one a day for a week straight.

  • laughs@god

    Damn, that was a sarcastic thing to say! :P

    Um, it was sarcasm, wasn’t it?

  • just saying,,,,,

    why do you think she wears sunglass all the time?

    to try and hide the fact she loves being papped only she cant let
    let on to the so called boyfriend of the fact.

  • RF4040

    Aw she looks so pretty! I love her earings!!

  • annie

    stil boring ughly no talent smelly thing ,waiting for her hayden.

  • lillybell05

    @annie thats what I’m waiting for too.

  • yellow

    Like herpes…just when you think she’s gone…

    she’s bacckkkkk and as irritating as ever.

  • Mina

    Yup, Rachel’s mom looks like a witch, like a real witch. How she could have such a pretty daughter as Rachel is friggin unbelievable! Rachel father must be one hell of a goodlooking guy LOL.

  • megan

    Hi There! If you like Rachel’s style, check out my blog

    Or follow me on twitter @starryeyedlust !

  • lohan

    Rachel Good4nothin Bilson, she’s so ugly and can even act for that magnum commercial. she’s pathetic !! she has to pay her paps hahhaa

  • Oh God Her Again

    I guess she’s doing her ‘walking down the street shopping and looking rather depressed’ act. Trying to get people to guess whether or not she and Hayden are getting married. Of course they are. They are the plus perfect couple, both untalented total losers with no future. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt v 2.0. They got married and then divorced yes and Hayden has married the love of his life Rachel yet, but it’s only a matter of time. They are exactly alike and so perfect together. Except that he’s a huge whale with a large spare tire around the middle w/skinny legs and no @$$. She is a twig with big hair, no brain and great big sunglasses. L.O.S.E.R.S TOGETHER F.O.R.E.V.E.R. Where is Hayden anyway? Decorating his barn for their wedding in a few months?

  • LOL
    What happened to her face….the HUGE bump near her lip and frown lines. Its the size of a quarter o.0 Bad Botox injection gone wrong?Pimple from hell? Big bite? That is the weirdest thing to see. Also is it just me or has her face aged like 10 years over night. She has never obvious frown lines around her mouth etc etc all signs of aging. 30 seems to really be catching up and passing her. She use to brag that everyone would think she was a teenager still when they met her…I dont think anyone would make that mistake now. Maybe shes not sleeping well and thats causing it. But shes ageing really fast…..Her mother is in her early 60′s most likely or late 50′s so I think we know what Rachel will look like soon enough if she doesnt take better care of herself. She got that depressed look which she might just be faking for the cameras once again but either way…. it makes her face look old. Didnt her crazy haired mother ever tell her dont make a face it might stay that way? lol
    Also she must be a bit down again because shes gained weight i love skinny jeans just like her and you can always tell when someone has gained weight and puts on a pair because the inside seem on the thigh doesnt line up like it should and looks stretched and twisted. Like the seems on her pants do. And the bunching at the hips also happens with skinny jeans. Doesnt take much five pounds and your pants wont fit right. Last time she gained weight like this was this time last year when everything fell apart for her. So I guess time will tell.
    I just hope she buys a good mosturizer with a spf /sunblock in it so her face doesnt age anymore. Yikes!!!!
    She cant really believe that she will look young like she did in her glory days when she was on the OC without putting some effort into it…Shes not that young anymore……lol
    And of course second day in a row shes been seen pouting with her mother. The first were the pictures from yesturday someone linked of her at the airport having a meltdown.
    Shes 30 in a couple of months…….o.0 Just seems odd to me. Seems like she still needs to grow up alot….but probably wont lets be honest.

  • periwinkle

    @ 9 – How she could have such a pretty daughter as Rachel is friggin unbelievable!

    Really… after & all w/ these?!?!
    OLD / ORIG. nose… OLD / ORIG. face…
    NEW nose…. NEW face… but stll looks unfortunate just like her HW career.

  • @periwinkle

    One image is with makeup one is without otherwise no difference that I can see. Nose looks the same.

  • verity

    Her MOM looks dead already – a WALKING ZOMBIE!
    And yah for most of the time, it was like mother… like daugther – EEEWWW!

  • verity

    Her MOM looks de@d already – a WALKING ZOMBIE!
    And yah for most of the time, it was like mother… like daugther – EEEWWW!

  • LOLZ

    @LOL: Sad to say I saw some of the High Quality photos and it’s not a botox or bite…it’s the start of jowels (or however you spell it). Age hits everyone, but it hits you harder if you’re around a smoker alot. she’s got a lot of lines around her eyes too. She’s lookin haggard…just like her mother.

  • RF4040

    @periwinkle: her nose is exactly the same? lol your really at the point that you are DESPERATELY trying to find reasons to hate on her. sad life you have. :((

  • RF4040

    @LOL: wow do you have insecurity issues much?

  • verity

    Plzzz! Bilson got a FAT & FLAT nose in the 1st picture huh! If one dont want call it surgery maybe an enhancement would feel some liking.
    – but just dont damn the very obvious!

  • fitzroy

    And that (depressive mug) could be this little mutt’s expression as well; when the ratings of her so called “F@rt Of Dixie” starting to show up – Lmao!

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Hey at least she got a job…even is she had to tell her bestie to withold sex from Josh Schwartz until he created a new show for her, but stil…

  • marlough

    A microscopic plain-jane brunette syndrome. Yaaaaaaaaaawn…

  • Jewellery

    Oh-boy, she’s wearing Kate Bosworth’s Tackymint jewellery line. Which makes sense. Two talentless fame ho’s helping each other out…trying to stay relelvant…

  • mmmk

    gawd, why is everyon being so vicious? She looks beautiful, her expression is nothing out of the ordinary, and she seems like such a nice girl.


    Well It’s tine for Hayden to appear o create another buzz…..People are tired of Bilson and don’t even bother posting comments here.

    I find her mother with more charm than Rachel but her hair color is as bad as the grossly 2 tone of her daughter!

    Rachel’s skin is lack of elasticity. She should try to score a free treatment in one of those high end medi spa of LA in exchange she can adv for them in JJ or INstyle.

    WHERE’S HAYDEN? (not on his farm, but in LA)
    Time for him to make a come back in her life….she needs to boost her popularity…..and we need a piece of Hayden.

    Their honeymoon was short in Barbados ( a3 day pap op with Rachel modeling 3 different outfits and him looking well blah okay).

    Hayden has no interest in life, not even his farm….(just saying it’s on sale).
    Now looks like he is ready to follow her to LA for good and embrace hollywood lifestyle and brainwashed bilson.

  • laughs@god

    Ha..was bugging the p out of me…but Rachel’s mom IS the crazy old cat lady from The Simpsons!

  • LOLZ

    @TIME 4 HAYDEN 2 APPEAR: Not saying I’m a rachel fan…i can’t stand her, but what makes you say he’s selling his farm? I really doubt that unless you actually have the realty spot saying it’s true. while he may be in or be going to HW, He’s invested alot into creating that place as a means of getting away from it all.

  • Ahari

    I think I’d need to see a pic of the For Sale sign on the property and a link to the actual listing before I’d believe he’s selling his farm. I would hope he wouldn’t do something that dumb.



    Not all properties for sale have a big red sign outside. He wants to keep it discreet.
    Maybe because he doesn’t plan to use it as his main residence anymore and wants to live in LA for his career and for who you know.

    I think that’s a bad move for him . Anyway, thanks to Rachel and her constant whoring we know everything about his little paradise included the one in Bahamas!

    Shame but he did nothing to protect his privacy. !st he choose the wrong horse (aka Rachel).

  • LOLZ

    @TIME 4 HAYDEN 2 APPEAR: Sorry, unless you live there in Uxbridge/ know him or have seen a sign, I can’t truly believe it. That sounds just like another rumor that we’ll have to see pan out or not. It would be a bad move for him, I agree and so would a lot of other people.

  • maya

    i love her earings look original, good to see you sweety we really missed you, rachel’s mom looks so pretty :)

  • maya

    rachel looks amazing, i always read bad comments about her, your so pathatic gays just leave her in peace she doesn’t oblige anyone to support her ok!!
    her earings are gorgeous i really like it with diffrent colors looks fabulous i want to see more of kate’s jawerly :) you look amazing rachel

  • Carey

    @ 31

    Maybe not all properties are sold but in HW pap’s locate this info right away, Besides unless you work for a relater you would not be privy to that information. Also they were not on a honeymoon it was a pap feast vacation for them to help promote her commercial. Unless I hear him claim (and even then doubt b/c he lies of late) I only trust what you say like I do the fool who claims the end of the world is now Oct 21st.

  • no-kidding-sherlock

    The one in Barbados is of course an absolutely a photo-ops, media-wh0ring, self-promotion or any other term as long as it self-selling.
    Paps don’t go to such far places if they aren’t tipped off. as It’s very expensive and the pap agencies don’t want to waste money unless they are told they will get some money shot.
    Its just very timely “indeed” that little Barkson had something to promote at that time and her bff-media-conniving-tool is there to help in anyway he can though looking like a fool throughout of it.

  • lexy hates bilson

    This is the best her hair has ever looked. Maybe she’s hoping people will think she’s Jessica Alba.

  • laughs@god

    Hmm…doesn’t she (Rachel) need a brain to be brainwashed? Seems more gormless than brainwashed :P

  • just saying,,,,,

    @ lexy hates bilson,

    you mean she wishes she was jessica alba?

    still she can dream,

  • tweet

    and why Jessica Alba?

  • RF4040

    @no-kidding-sherlock: “Paps don’t go to such far places” Are you kidding? The paps will go anywhere to get pictures like they did to sell to magazines. You really think Hayden and Rachel are the first celebs to be papped on a beach? So every celeb thats been photographed in hawaii or barbadoes or anywhere that is in “far places” tips the paps? I don’t think so.. Splash News, the agency that photographed them are known as island paps, that is where most celebs are photographed on the beach is by them. And, if I’m not mistaking.. Hayden was seen in the Caribbean in what..February being photographed by the same agency, it appears Rachel wasn’t even there. So did Hayden “tip” the paps then? Or is the blame being put on Rachel, AGAIN.

  • RF4040

    @lexy hates bilson: ? Your comments are so dumb. Jessica Alba?

  • lexy hates bilson

    Jessica is stunning and gets movie roles not to mention that big endorsement deal she’s got with Revlon…not the ice cream company. I’m sure Rachel would love for someone to think she was Jessica Alba…
    And yes the paps will travel for pics of STARS – Angelina and Brad or even Justin Beiber and Demi Lovato – not a washed up young actor and a ice cream spokesmodel!

  • happy days

    There is really no big gap between Alba and Bilson in my opinion, except that Rachel has Hayden, so in that case, I think Rachel is in a better place.