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Sophia Bush: P.S. Arts Bag Lunch!

Sophia Bush: P.S. Arts Bag Lunch!

Sophia Bush attends the P.S. Arts Bag Lunch on Tuesday (May 24) at a private residence in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 28-year-old One Tree Hill star was joined at the Dior Beauty and Moet & Chandon-sponsored event by Emmy Rossum, Kristen Davis, Perrey Reeves, and Cowboys & AliensAbigail Spencer (in yellow Max Mara pants).

Sophia recently sounded off on Tennessee’s anti-gay measure.

“I’d love to take all of my gay best friends to the TN legislature for a chat. LOOK THEM IN THE EYE & then try saying they’re not equal #LGBT,” Sophia tweeted. “Does the TN legislature think that by banning the word ‘gay’ all the gay people will disappear? Sorry haters. We’re not going anywhere.”

15+ pictures inside of Sophia Bush, Emmy Rossum and more at the P.S. Arts Lunch…

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sophia bush ps arts 02
sophia bush ps arts 03
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Credit: Donato Sardella; Photos: Wire Image
Posted to: Abigail Spencer, Emmy Rossum, Kristen Davis, Perrey Reeves, Sophia Bush

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  • smile

    Emmy is cute!

  • tami

    I think Sophia is beautiful.

  • Kiss

    They should have ban the word fa…

  • piper


  • Spot

    Hines Ward & Kym Johnson win Dancing with the Stars.

  • Anna T.

    OMG, I LOVE SOPHIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kelly

    Wowww. Sophia Bush looks absolutely gorgeous!! She’s just perfection from head to toes!

  • 90210

    Sophia is stunning

  • im

    Sophia Bush is so annoying.


    SHE LOOKS 45

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    @Kiss: fa?

    @HERP LIP: you’ve got to be kidding

  • Jessica

    She bores me to death.

  • sasha

    Sophia is so gorgeous and stunning here, love her style!
    And lol to the haters, at least find intelligent and interesting comments
    jessica, its jessica01 to othforums? it seems

  • JL

    aaah prech!

  • Dasha

    She’s stunning and beautiful.

  • Abdiel

    There You go Sophia fight for our Rights!!!


    I would definitely not go straight for you but you are BEAUTIFUL!

  • D.

    Maybe if starlets like Sophia and their gay co-stars didn’t beard and lie it would help the LGBT community gain their rights. When phonies like Austin Nichols hide in the closet and beard they’re telling the world that there is something wrong with being gay.

    You’re a fraud Sophia.

  • Kelly

    Oh just do yourself a favor and shut the f*ck up! Unless anyone has SOLID proof that a certain actor is gay, I suggest you zip up your fat mouths and refrain from spreading lies. Because if you really wanna go down this boat, then you’d know that practically every actor in Hollywood from Brad Pitt to George Clooney to Will Smith to Bruce Willis to Ryan Gosling to Leonardo Decaprio to Jensen Ackles to Matt Damon(and the lists goes ON and ON) have all been said as being gay. I can sit here behind my computer just like you and make up a whole story about how so and so is not straight but in fact gay but unless I back it up with hard proof, it means jack sh*t. So try not to sound so dumb next time and try making comments that actually make sense. This is the internet after all and its full of lies and rumors from people who have NO lives. So get on with it.

  • Taylor

    I always burst out laughing when idiots say stuff like “she is so annoying” or “I don’t like her,” yet they don’t waste any time reading up the latest news about people they supposedly don’t like and are usually the first ones to comment.LOL Honestly, you losers make me laugh. But I don’t blame you for being so obsessed with Sophia seeing as how the woman is pretty AWESOME.
    Any ways, just wanted to say that I think SOPHIA BUSH IS GORGEOUS and that she LOOKS BEAUTIFUL AS ALWAYS.

  • Dov

    I love her smile :)

  • jessa

    those type of sleeves are not flattering on someone with wide shoulders (sophia).

  • mika

    nice dress on rossum.

  • hahaha

    sophia’s fans are even more obsessed with her than angelina jolie fans. get lives people.

  • kirsti

    I love Sophia but she contradicts herself a lot. In 2008 she had an interview with KTLA and she spoke against plastic surgery and yet she has implants and scars from her own breast implant surgery. Other than that and some other things, she’s cool. She could work harder on her acting though.

  • crees

    Does Sophia Bush really think her square shaped frame, man voice and radical political ideas are going to help her when she has to look for jobs? Any one think producers are going to hire her loud obnoxious, pretentious behind? LOL. Not a chance.

    And let’s not forget her career is shit. I don’t even know any movies this chick has done.

    Leighton Meester and Rachel Bilson are the go-to brunettes in Hollywood not this unknown.

  • ewww

    Fake Sophia is pretending to give a s!it about something else besides shopping and promotiong herself.

  • Get a brain!

    @Taylor: IDOTS like you aren’t funny.

    You are one of those morons who think that people who don’t agree with your OPINION shoudn’t post.

  • Get a brain!

    @Kelly: Stupido,
    where is your SOLID proof that a certain actor is straight?
    Retards like you think that gay is an insult and only people who believe that someone is gay should have proof.

  • Sarah

    First of all, I know this topic was started on the forums. I laughed then and I’m laughing now. Sophia has NEVER once said she got implants. And the day she says that she does, then I’ll believe it. Just because a pathetic little unknown site says that she got them done because thats what they “think,” doesn’t make it true. Not a day goes by where people don’t question whether a specific actress has gotten breast impants, or a nose job, or lip injections or some other kind of plastic surgery. People have entirely WAY too much time on their hands.
    And as for those pictures from that one event where it looks like she has scars and some moron assumed it was from a breast impant surgery and ran with it, is a complete idiot. I saw the pictures and I get those kind of scars all the time from certain bras and NOT because of breast implants(which I don’t have). And sometimes those marks stay on my skin for a few hours and yes they look like scars but they AREN’T. And if people really had functioning brains, don’t you think that if she has the money and the means to get breast implants, that she would also spend a little more and get rid of those so called scars through cosmetic surgery?? Especially seeing as how she is an actress?
    So once again, unless Sophia comes out and says that she got a boob job, its all just pure speculation and nonsense.

  • Rosa

    In response to your post-
    A) Sophia Bush has a sexy and a beautiful body.
    B) Sophia Bush has a hott and sexy voice. Its one of the many things she possesses that women all over the world wish they had and drives men all over the world crazy(including my own boyfriend who is love with Sophia’s voice and finds it a huge turn on…..which I’m okay with because I agree)
    C) Is she loud? Yes. Is she obnoxious? No
    D) Will producers hire her? Hell Yes. Why you may ask? Because the woman is great at what she does, not to mention she gets plenty of offers throughout the year but can’t do anything about them because of OTH and her contract.
    E) Will she be getting work once OTH finishes? Hell Yes. Especially seeing as how there are people in the biz who are waiting to work with her. How do I know this? Don’t worry about it.
    So get your facts straight before you start raging on like a brainless freak.

  • Kelly

    @Get a brain!:
    I need to get a brain? LMAO
    Wow, don’t think so, you idiot. You should consider getting your head checked out.
    Not ONCE did I say that being gay is an insult. Two of my cousins are gay and I could really care less. I love them to death. And if you sat down and actually paid attention to what I wrote instead of jumping to your pathetic conclusions, you’d see that I said UNTIL someone actually has SOLID proof that a certain Hollywood actor is gay, that they should keep their f*cking mouths SHUT. Don’t start rumors or contribute to rumors if you don’t know what the f*ck your talking about. So if anything, YOU’RE the “retard.”
    PS—-Learn how to spell “idiot” before you actually call someone that. ;)

  • omg factor

    wow those yellow pants are HIDEOUS! And the old lady wearing them should powder her face because that botoxed skin is shiny as heck. for some those pants just gross me out! sophia looks amazing though.

  • hokiegirl

    Love Sophia Bush!!! Haters really need to get a life!!!

  • laur newman

    if you cant talk about god why should you be able to about god.

  • Kristen

    Awww, I love Sophia. She’s so cute. And I’m so happy to see Emmy’s curls! I feel like it’s been forever since she let her natural hair show! But dang, it makes her look 16 LOL.