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Beyonce: '1+1' Premiere on American Idol!

Beyonce: '1+1' Premiere on American Idol!

Beyonce premieres her new song “1+1″ during a performance on the season finale of American Idol held at the Nokia Theatre LA Live on Wednesday (May 25) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old entertainer performed her classic song “Crazy in Love” earlier in the show alongside the female contestants from the Top 13.

“1+1″ is off of Beyonce‘s new album 4, which will hit stores on June 28.

FYI: Beyonce is wearing a grey Zac Posen jersey gown and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry – more than 350 carats of diamonds!

Click inside for the CD’s complete track list…

Beyonce: ’1+1′ Premiere on American Idol

4 Tracklist:

1. “1+1″
2. “I Care”
3. “I Miss You”
4. “Best Thing I Never Had”
5. “Party” feat Andre 3000
6. “Rather Die Young”
7. “Start Over”
8. “Love On Top”
9. “Countdown”
10. “End Of Time”
11. “I Was Here”
12. “Run The World (Girls)”

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Credit: Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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  • smile

    Cute dress



  • JT

    This song is AMAZING!!!!!!!!Run the Girls is her worst sone ever!!!!!!!But this song is PERFECT!!!!

  • lilooo

    Thanks you Beyonce for showing to the industry and your haters that extraordinary talent you have as a singer, a songwriter and immense performer!!! this album is an artistic blessing!

  • Mash

    It’s “deja vu”. Honnestly, I do not see the WOW factor here. She is a good singer but certainly not the BEST one around…Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston to me are the SINGERS. The words of the song sounded beautiful, she sang it well but now like mind blowing…my opinion of course.

  • GG

    That shit was horrible ! Her voice is so shaky, it sounds like she might or might not hit the notes she’s supposed to hit. She is not very strong vocally and tries to riff and use melisma and isn’t vocally talented enough to pull it off. UGGHH !

  • queen B

    She is so pretty. she is the total package and she is a great role model for girls. I love her ballads, she sings with so much emotions and she is a great performer. she is the most talented pop star out there today.

  • Mash

    Wow!!! I thought I was the one that noticed that she was trying really hard to hit the notes and impress the crowd…dont get me wrong, she can sing but she is definitely not the same….even at the Billboards, she was running out of breath and even when she performed Crazy in Love, she looked tired and really trying her best….dunno man, I feel like her kingdom is about to colapse….

  • Sara

    Beyonce You Are …AND Always Will Be #1 In The Music Industry

  • Mash

    TO QUEEN B: you ppl make me laugh when you say that she is a role model….HOW? She dresses the same way as the other pop stars, basically they are all selling sex ….now she curses in her songs….I mean if it wasnt for her body, face, the wigs and all the $$$$ she would be so like a regular girl…what is she doing different that differs from the others….

  • Thaa

    Yééééé…. QUEEN Bee!!! ;D

  • p

    love this track!

  • S

    she sounds and looks incredible but im not crazy about the song.

  • umm

    Its not trying too hard and it is not a cracking voice. It is called Vibrato.
    Do your research before you talk crap.

  • Glen

    Love Beyonce and this song.

  • Dan

    I hate it when people say she will never be like Whitney or Mariah….
    Well, umm where the hell are they now… in REHAB?
    Who would want to be like that
    B has more Grammys than the 2 combined.

  • Jery


  • Colin

    She really knows how to Expresss. What an awesome entertainer

  • Andrea


  • LL

    Doesn’t get any better than this.
    Shows she doesn’t need weird outfits to standout.

  • Benn

    I predict more Grammy awards in the near future

  • Graeme

    My goodness does she know how to work it.

    Excellent pitch, steady vibrator, Great acting expression, wonderful feeling.

    Now this woman can sing!

  • *fan*

    Love me some Beyonce

  • heather


  • @Mash

    Thats big of you.
    “if it wasn’t for her looks, money, hair”
    Isn’t that what all artists are about.
    Same could be said for Gaga
    “If it wasn’t for her looks, money and hair, what the hell would she be”
    GAG would be nothing without her outfits. Hate if you want but It’s totally true. At Least Beyonce can sing

  • @Mash

    If you don’t like how artists look then you should be watching the Voice
    good luck finding an idol there.

  • Clarin

    I loved it

  • dayday

    In this performance she sound exactly like the track. So people who are saying she ” struggled ” hitting the notes just listen to the track. She is the best entertainer that I seen since MJ. WOW

    Stop denying the fact that she can sing her a$s off. What is she better than your FAV?

  • jadewalker

    She did a great job….

    Come on, give credit where credit is due…

  • missy

    If she had real talent she wouldn’t have to walk around looking like a stripper and dancing for dictators.

  • boston61

    Come on Beyonce let us see what’s under your hair hat. It must me pretty slimy and dirty under there. What does YOUR hair look like?

  • glamour86

    omg THIS SONG IS amazing!!! Her voice is perfect, she is always PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!! #1 ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @ Missy

    And I suppose it is ok for GAGA to fake giving birth on live TV.
    Or maybe you think Brit with all her Lip Syncing is talented
    Or maybe Xtina..hello she is on the Voice because she can’t even get a # 1 anymore.
    GAGAs outfits wear her. Withour her outfits she is just a wannabe singer.


    By the way She donated the money to charity.
    Secondly it is negative people like you that keep Beyonce in the limelight. If you give her fans something to fight about she will always be relevant and in the news. So, news flash, want her to go away, maybe try not talking. Oh and for a hater you sure know alot about her talkging about the Gaddafi familly news. Clearly you only have half the information. Do research before you speak, it does not look good.
    Can’t make 16 Grammy go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your fighting a losing battle.


    After she was out by the media. The donation was a PR move nothing more. I am not a hater. I just speak the TRUTH. In your case it HURTS.


    Did Beyonce perform for theGaddafi family for charity?HELL NO! When the media broke the story about her greedy ass, suddenly she wants to donate it to charity. Why didn’t her people do their homework about the people she was performing for? Because at the end of the day it was about the money. If the media did not out Beyonce, Mariah, Usher, 50 Cent and others. Those charities would not have seen a red cent. Are you mad because the true about your idol is out their so people can see her for what she is.A money hungry ass b!tch.

  • amensister

    the reason there is so many negative comments on Bey is because of STAN FANS.

    No-one but the dumbass can say that it wasnt a really good performance, BUT its the OTT compliments by you stan fans that put a lot of people off.


  • petroxy94

    this song is absolutely amazing. I always cry when I listen to Beyonce’s live performances, esepecially when the song is as beautiful as this one.
    Great job Beyonce.!!!

  • Bee4life

    @Mash: w.houston can’t even sing from all coke..m.carey is booring as hell. Bee is the greatest of all

  • Bee4life

    i can see haters have a really tough work to do, tumb down all positive’re funny as you’re idols (gaga,britney,rihanna ect.)’ll never listen to the real music, so stay off bey

  • Jennifer Garner

    @boston61: Just like JLO”s Under her blond weaves.

  • Boston Ben

    @boston61: LIKE LALA VASQUEZ’S I’M SURE.

  • Steve

    How could someone have an abortion of a perfomance on Sunday at the Billboard awards, and then do this? This was freaking awesome.

  • juniper

    I really liked the song and the way she sang it was hauntingly beautiful, I am sure Jay-Z is very proud.

  • That’s How It’s Done

    Beyonce Leads the Pack!!!

  • Kath

    No offense, but I thought the song was terrible. The lyrics were really bad. Don’t get me wrong, I think Beyonce is an amazing and talented singer, I just don’t like the song.


    No, the bitch is someone who thinks they can judge others, clearly you had a bad childhood growing up. It is sad that you have to take it out on people you don’t even know. It’s obvious your just a fan as well.

  • BB

    Are you deaf? Her voice may have been a little shaky in spots, but that is solely because of the emotion of the song. You’re saying she has no vocal ability? Go watch her perform Ave Maria or Halo live. Beyonce is the best vocalist of my time. Who the hell do you think is better in this 21st century?

  • BB

    The thing that she is doing that is different from the others is singing. She sings because it is truly her passion and she is actually great at it. Why are you hating?

  • BB

    No matter what the lessers say, Beyonce is my inspiration. She gives me hope. This is one of her thousands of great performances.