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Cheryl Cole Replaced By Nicole Scherzinger as 'X Factor' Judge?

Cheryl Cole Replaced By Nicole Scherzinger as 'X Factor' Judge?

Cheryl Cole is being replaced as a judge on FOX’s new series The X Factor by Nicole Scherzinger, according to TMZ.

The 27-year-old British entertainer has already filmed a few rounds of auditions with the other judges, Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and L.A. Reid.

Cheryl‘s accent considered to be too difficult for American audiences to understand and she didn’t have great chemistry with Paula, sources told TMZ.

Nicole, 32, has been serving as co-host of the show alongside Steve Jones, but will now be bumped to the judge position following Cheryl‘s departure.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Nicole Scherzinger being an X Factor judge?

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  • Diva

    As if this will make a lot of difference! lmao!

  • Alex


  • Zahra

    Really unfair on Cheryl if true to be honest, I loved Nicole as a judge on US X Factor and I’m sure she’ll be great but FOX should have considered this before hiring her, they’ve basically gave a high profile job and then taking it away from her to allow her to fall, which will be quite humiliating for her I imagine.

  • hhaahha

    wooooo at least she has some talent unlike cherl

  • Alaia

    Hahaha, best news I’ve heard all day.

  • Shay

    I like Nicole so this is good.

  • olivia

    Serves her right.

    She didn’t deserve the job in the first place

    She only got it because she’s WAS Simon’s pet.

    Now Paula is on the scene Cheryl can’t handle playing second best.

  • wwwwwpp


  • Ana

    HAHAHA! Cheryl ‘no brains’ couldn’t even make it past a few auditions!! She’s so incompetent!!

  • Who?

    Who the hell is Cheryl Cole??

  • Sean

    This show will flop

  • Dubya Bush

    The show has yet to air! Can we at least wait for it to come on before we care about all this crap?

  • amensister

    this smell of a tabloid doing a number on Cheryl criminal past not to mention her family and Simon and Co decided to cut their loses before the s*** hit the fan

  • olivia

    @amensister: Whilst I agree, I think Simon showed very poor judgement on his part for taking her on in the first place.

    But as Simon is very savvy, it wouldn’t surprise me if he knew this was going to happen to create this media attention.

  • node

    both are idiots and annoying bitches.

  • Casidy

    Good, no one knows who this chick is, she’s irrelevant. At least some people know Nicole.

    This cheryl chick wont be missed.

  • h

    Nobody in the USA knows who Cheryl Cole is.. I DON’T KNOW WHO CHERYL COLE IS. And I read celebrity gossip a lot..

    STOP this nobody fest..

  • Thequeerofallmedia

    It’s X Factor America…We don’t need an English judge..Well done!!!Nicole is great!!

  • Ash

    I don’t know Cheryl but yea it does suck for her.

  • Halli

    One English judge is enough!

  • Lillianne

    Cant stand Scherzinger.

  • brooke

    YAY! I don’t know Cheryl but from what I’ve seen (and heard) she seems really…… full of herself? I adore Nicole! I was excited to see her as the host but now even more excited to see her as a judge! She’s a great judge on The Sing Off! :)

    Oh, and I doubt a reason as ridiculous as an “accent” is why she is being let go as a judge. That’s an absurd reason to give.

  • offtheproperty

    What is Cole, Leeds trash?

  • mika

    she will only be famous in england.
    that’s all she can manage.
    bye bye cheryl person.

  • greenlee

    lovin the patriotism here :)
    yes, americans please since it is the american version,
    thank you :)

  • Dee

    HURRAY!!!! Ms. Cole is not deserving. Congrats Nicole!

  • nkenk

    Who is Cheryl Cole? I see her name all the time but I really have no idea who she is!

  • Lailah

    Nicole from The Pussycat dolls isn’t any better! Can they atleast get an A lister? That’s like AI hiring J-lo. Theyre irrelevant! Who cares about them? I’m very sad for Cheryl :( I LOVE HER.

  • Chris

    This is stupid. And everyone saying this is the american version, please be quiet. Simon isn’t american and judged AMERICAN Idol for 9 years.

  • callie

    @Chris: what we’re saying is that ONE is enough.
    we dont need TWO foreign judges on an american show.
    ok thx.

  • minty fresh

    I won’t be watching the show no matter who the judges are. Cheryl and Nicole seem like British and American versions of the same person, so it’s a lateral move in my opinion.

  • LivKo

    if the whole problem was really about the accent, than americans must be really… no offense, guys, but even Europeans (like me, whose native language is not English) understand what Cheryl is saying.

    that’s just weird tbh :)

  • Ricky

    Americans are very singular and live in a melting pot society where everyone must fit in…The show also has two British judges and a British host so three very ‘vocal’ personalities in total…

  • zena

    Don’t feel one bit sorry for her. Whenever she had the chance to criticize America or Americans in the past, she never hesitated to do so. Now that she finally had an opportunity to do cash in on the great American State side package, she just jumped right in.

    She simply comes off as an opportunist to me, and this latest development is no less than she’s earned.

  • laverdadduele

    Good riddance! We have enough annoying British celebrities on American TV already.

  • Anna

    people who say they don’t need Enlgish judge – wtf? what about Simon? :))

  • Olivia

    Had no idea who she was up until recently, wasn’t into her. Go Nicole!

  • annie

    LOL suck it Cheryl! I knew she would fail in the U.S.

  • Allie

    Yes!! Called it from the stArt!! It was obvious that was why nicole was a host. And fox aren’t being unfair to cheryl there was a clause that they could get rid of her at any time as they were taking a risk on her. Cheryl never liked the us anyway. Girls aloud never toured abroad as they wanted to stay at home. At least people worldwide know who the pussycat dolls are

    they better come out with an official statement soon as nicole will be at the Monaco grand prix today supporting her boyfriend and all the interviewers there usually want to speak to her. She’ll definetly get asked about it on the grid on sunday by uk tv

  • Danny I.

    Everyone Who has anything negative to say about Cheryl Cole is just a hater, She’s tooooo good for America Anyway. And what’s all this drama about her accent anyway, if we can understand Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz we understand hers. Cheryl too Gorgeous for America.

  • peyton

    Americans are so dumb they can’t “understand” Cheryl’s accent!! Ahhh I’m french and I have no problem with it! Hope she’ll get back on x-factor uk that’s where she belongs

  • c

    ouch.. that has got to be embarassing for cole.
    Anyway Nicole should of been a judge in the first place . Cole is talentless and can’t judge. On the UK show last year she was the worst judge and offered no constructive crictcism to the contestants! She was also unbelivably rude to one contestant and that turned many people against her and showed her up for the fake that she is!

  • Elise

    So does this mean as they’ve dropped one of our judges, we can send The Hoff back to the states… please?!?

  • Elise

    @zena: Give one example of when she criticised American or Americans?!?

  • LOL


  • ines

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i hate Us XFactor
    Love you Chezza

  • sabrina

    i am in fact INDONESIAN. And i can understand Cheryl’s accent perfectly!! what a ridiculous reason to fire someone. #teamcheryl. Nicole’s great, i’ve seen pcd’s show and met her in person. But it’s time for cheryl to be known world wide.

  • Tom

    I feel so sorry for Cheryl. Hope the show flops now. I will not be watching.

  • Tom

    Oh and by the way Americans, I’m British and I have to put subtitles on films sometimes. You probably speak less clear than us!

  • Mandy

    Well that’s just rude. Not just to Cheryl but Britain in general. Frankly, I’m not exactly a fan of hers but I’m taking her side in this one. How cold-hearted can Hollywood get? Britain sends over the nation’s sweetheart with the promise that her dreams will come true and just when she’s trying to get used to it, they’re shattered in an instant because of HER ACCENT, of all things.

    That’s practically like treating the royal family to a world class meal and then barbequing the Union Flag! What is wrong with her accent? Just because its American doesn’t mean its not understandable or alien.

    And what is wrong with having two British judges on the panel? Just because the show is American (which technically, it isn’t because it was Simon’s idea) doesn’t mean EVERYONE has to be American to be on it. Britain’s Got Talent gets foreign contenders all the time!

    In a world where Racism is a major issue, there are more important things that Patriotism and frankly, firing a British woman for her accent isn’t exactly setting a good example of equality.