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Who Won 'American Idol' Season 10?

Who Won 'American Idol' Season 10?

The winner of American Idol season 10 has been announced!

16-year-old girl next door Lauren Alaina and 17-year-old country crooner Scotty McCreery were the last two contestants standing in the finale.

A record number of votes were cast after last night’s sing off — 122 million!

Lauren faced some vocal trouble before the performance round of the finale, with rumors swirling that second runner-up Haley Reinhart would replace her, but she persevered and gave three great performances!

Click inside to find out who won American Idol season 10!!!…


ARE YOU HAPPY with the results of American Idol season ten?

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# 1

Congratulations Scotty our new American Idol!

# 2


# 4

This show is still on?

# 5

I love him, what a great singer!

# 6

SO HAPPY SCOTTY WON :))))! lauren alaina is amazing as well & i’m positive she’ll do extraordinary things =). such a strong season this time around! great job, scotty!!! i wish them both the best of luck :D!!

# 7

i really hateamerican idol, they always vote for the “cute” the “handsome” or whateveer, not the one with the biggest talen!, scotty is always the same ****, the same notes the same voice the same everything, when haley reinhart got out, i said well i have to stick with lauren, she sang her guts of, her heart out, and still that guy won!, with those stupid presentations, and all that?:S,, F*ckit. In 5 months NobodY NOBODY will remember scotty.

# 8

AI hit a GOLD MINE with having Scott win!!!!! He’s extremely talented and his career in country music will carry over for decades since he is so young. SMART MOVE AI and congrats to well deserved Scotty

# 9

I saw that coming and I think he deserve it so Congrats Scotty

no, i’m not happy, lauren had to win

YEA! <3 that voice of his!

wrong choice, america!

From the beginning I knew he’s special. He has a strong character on his voice, a genuine Country singer.


He’s the only one who got the car. They did not mention Lauren’s name. Anyone who DVR’d it will see this. They inserted that Ford commercial in the wrong place, before the winner was announced. It should have been after ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

those two are still in school! Anyhoo, congrats, Scotty has an amazing voice but really needs direction on how to use it to his fullest potential. I think this will happen. He’s only 17. A good producer will bring that out of him

122 million people will vote for a singing competition that will not affect their lives in any way.

but they will not vote in a political election where laws do affect their lives and that of their families.

something is so wrong and sad about this world.
This time next year few will even remember who was the winner or the loser.

Congrats to them both.. Enjoy it while it last.. because it does not last that long.

congrats to both. We did hear the commercial congratulating Scotty, but we though were hearing things. Lauren has such a sweet voice.

ana victoria gil @ 05/25/2011 at 11:00 pm


Congratulations. They have a potential gold mine with Scotty if he has the right team on his side. Justin Bieber is all the rage in the pop world. I don’t follow country too much but who is there around Justin and Scotty’s age to make the teen girls swoon in country music? This is country we are talking about, in many ways bigger than the pop world.


The trick is in finding out how to parlay those staggering 122 million votes, even half of that, into song sales. If AI can figure that out, then the whole voting thing wouldn’t be so bad.

Pia should have won.


All she sings are ballads. She’s got the total package but look at what her contemporaries are doing. She needs to step up her game.

Congratulations to both of these fine young singers. He was the best and has an incredible voice for such a young fellow. Best wishes to Scotty for much future success. He seems like a really nice kid.

ooooooowww…I like Scotty, but Lauren desearved to win it!!!!

AmericaFerera @ 05/25/2011 at 11:43 pm

To busted about the 122 million votes, the votes are ALOT because anyone can vote, young kids, teenagers, etc. Its not 122 adults voting.
Second, its like comparing apples and oranges. Politics is boring and divisive. It can get real nasty and always does. Politics is negatives, IDOL is fun and light, and people are not afraid to vote becuase they are not voting on some life or death bill (like the health care bill that was warmed into death squad bill).
Music is fun, its universal and is not divisive.
I loved this simon did not miss simon one pit

A I suck this year. Anyway congrat to Scotty, i wish u the best , keep it orginal and dont go and do gaga on us ;)

AmericaFerera @ 05/25/2011 at 11:45 pm

Who else did not miss SIMON. Simon was so ego driven and he made the show negative. He was very cocky and had this I know the best attitude, plus he was so divisive because it seemed the constants always cared about what he said because he was always harsh. This year was positive, light hearted and fun. Simon is too much drama, and that is suffocating. I know people will watch X factor but they will enjoy IDOL more.

Scott isso vocally limited. He can’t sing anything but country. There were too many other more talented singers with greater range in this year’s competition (i.e., James, Casey, and everyone else now that I think about it). He seems like a good kid and I wish him well, but an American Idol??? Not in my book.

For those whose favorite singer wasn’t chosen:
Jennifer Hudson was the 7th runner up in American Idol-

She now has an Academy Award for acting & also won a Grammy for best R&B album.

this guy is so boring, nothing special about him..Lauren was different, and would have been a better choice….in like 6 months scotty will be forgotten..Lauren kinda reminded me Kelly Clarkson, and look at Kelly now, shes the most succesfull american idol to date

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111 Lauren deserved it!

@Lol: Totally disagree. Carrie Underwood is the most successful AI winner to date. Haley and Pia were better than Lauren as far as the female contestants go. I think there is something different and unique about Scotty and he be will have longevity.

Sucks Sucks Sucks Sucks Sucks Sucks Sucks Sucks Sucks Sucks Haley Reinhart should be won !!

@LMAO: So glad someone else noticed that too!!!

khaia! scotty maw???? ka duhtheilo

America has spoken! Great choice. Scotty has star power. ;0)

I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so cute and TALENTED i love his deep voice :) so happy that he won! he has a great future :]

I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so cute and TALENTED i love his deep voice :) so happy that he won! he has a great future :]

laverdadduele @ 05/26/2011 at 1:47 am

I’m so happy he won. Not only is he a great singer, but a nice boy. First thing he did after wining? Give thanks to the Lord. Enough of the freak shows in music industry, what we need is real talent, like Scotty. Someone who doesn’t need gimmicks to captivate our attention, just his voice. I hope he stays true to himself and his faith, and that fame doesn’t change him.

yeah scotty won!!!! i like lauren too but im really happy scotty won


WORST SEASON EVER. Is this the result of American Idol or Hee Haw?

I’m surprised how no one is talking about how chummy Lauren and Scotty were. Anyway I think they would be a cute couple and should sing duets together. They weren’t originally my favorites, but I’m happy for them because they were both really sweet/nice.

What a joke this season turned out to be in the end. Scotty McCreepy? Seriously America? And no, that wasn’t a typo. Thank god I didn’t waste my time watching this show or worrying about a rapture this year.

Wow, I didn’t see that one coming. Americans only voted for him because they see him as a good white christian middle of the road everyman (with white and man being the operative words) and not because of his singing ability. A pig farmer from Alabama with a missing tooth and confederate flag tattoo could have entered and they would have made sure he won over the other “multicultural degenerates” on the show.

That’s the same reason Adam Lambert, lost to Chris Whatshisname. Adam, who was obviously more talented lost to the Chris because American Idol isn’t a talent contest, it’s a popularity contest.

The only reason Kelly Clarkson won was because she was in the finale with a “black” guy. If she was standing there with John Smith a conservative blue collar mechanic who sings the songs of the “real America” ie country music, she would have lost.

HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

brainy box @ 05/26/2011 at 5:18 am


ok, we all saw the season 8 winner and runner-up!
Adam Lambert is famous, and who was that other guy?!?

This show is about luck, the winner rarely gets famous….

I’M SOOOOOO HAPPY!!!! I couldn’t see the show and I really want to Scotty win!!!! yeahhhh

Isn’t it so sweet they are together?

Bubba Norfolk @ 06/02/2011 at 8:28 am

Surprised these two were in the finals…. but hey when you vote not on talent this is what you get

Lauren Alaina @ 06/29/2011 at 1:54 am

Yes we’re happy

i not glad scotty won i thot that the girl would win!!! Boo scotty i liked casy the best he should of won.

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