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Jay-Z Amazed by Beyonce's 'American Idol' Rehearsal

Jay-Z Amazed by Beyonce's 'American Idol' Rehearsal

Check out Beyonce‘s pitch perfect rehearsal before performing her new single “1+1″ during American Idol‘s season finale!

The clip comes courtesy of the 29-year-old entertainer’s husband, Jay-Z, who recorded Bey as she warmed up her vocal chords before hitting the stage.

“Sometimes you need perspective. You’ve been right in front of greatness so often that you need to step back and see it again for the first time. This is the dressing room rehearsal for American Idol. NO MICROPHONE. No effects,” he wrote on his LifeandTimes website in a post titled “Pregame.”

Jay-Z Records Beyonce’s American Idol Rehearsal
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Credit: Kevin Winter, Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • Patricklly Speaking


  • Patricklly Speaking


  • Bibo

    Simply wow, so pure !

  • iLion

    Love this! She is the voice of our generation. Make sure to buy your copy of 1+1 on iTunes!

  • kenny

    If every girl in the music industry could sing like this…. BEAUTIFUL.

  • rodo

    her voice is beautiful..and this is a good publicity piece..:)..
    …They already sending out Free test models of iPad 2..but ONLY if you live in United States..i got 2..sent 1 to my mom house & 1 to my

  • Michael Early

    I wish B had married that guy in the Halo video. JayZ looks like an old man.

  • olivia

    So beautiful.

    When you have a voice like this why make the stupid “Rule The World” song? Or as I call it a whole lot of noise

  • amensister

    wow Jay-Z promoting his wife new single, things must be bad

  • lafamepoma

    ugly, fat, fake, no talent, egocentric, hypocritical

  • stinky pinky winky finky


  • Marc Anthony

    @lafamepoma: Stop talking about JLO that way.

  • Mash

    It was aiight not GREAT….Gosh!!! She is an okay singer nothing special about her voice. Again, Mariah C., Whitney H. to name a few are the greatest singers of all time….Bey may sound better than most other pop stars out there that’s about it….she was shouting a lot through out the song…I dont know man…people are just obsessed with her looks…that’s all. But again the lyrics are kinda of meh……”dont know about guns but I’ve been shot by you” something like that…that was so whack….she is a GREAT performer and OKAY SINGER….

  • missy

    I think Beyonce bought this site!

  • Ly Taylor

    This is just a trend following right now…

  • Emma


  • sarah dumbass ..he supports his wife and thats what good hubbys do ..but that something u will never know cause u r too damn dumb

  • amy

    WOW! Beyonce sounded so great!! Jay is right to be proud of his beautiful talented wife!

    Great job,Beyonce!!

    I am definitely buying her album!

  • John


  • Dionne

    Flawless per usual. He’s just supporting her as he should, leave Jay alone…

  • Crazykid

    Wow! the haters are out here tonight haha. She has a great voice! people are soooooo jealous and its funny haha. she is so talented and im not even a stan. I like her songs a lot, but not love but this one is just so beautiful, lyrically and her voice is just so pure. Thanks Beyonce. Dont listen to the haters. they said the same thing when I Am.. came out but you still went number one and walked out with six grammy awards. Show ‘em B!!!!!

  • Camilla

    People, 1+1 is not even an official single. Chill.

  • Anonymous


  • AVA

    her voice sounds awful,

    WTF, JZ amazed is he,
    I’m amazed that he finds her screeching singing voice bearable.

  • Boo

    She has a beautiful voice that she has worked on for years. You can’t buy this kind of talent. All she needs is a microphone and she’d make millions.

    I wish the actual performance came off as pure and soft as this one. She seemed too contrived on stage. But here, when she seems lost in her own world and is just singing to sing…perfection.

  • KittyPurry

    Dude, I WISH I had that talent.

  • haha

    She’s one of the most talented entertainer. Not only she’s a great singer, she’s also a great performer. You can’t say that about a lot of entertainers out there today. Who else is out there? Taylor Swift, Britney and Rihanna?

  • http://na zee

    I’m not a Bey stan. but i love what she’s trying to do with this song, and thats evoke old soul music. Lyrics are okay, some parts sound a little cheesy, but old soul music wasnt really about lyricism, you knew you had a fantastic artist when they could sell you the same line for almost 3 mins 40 secs.. ie. Otis Redding etc, it was more about being emotive…and she captured that here. more that i’ve ever heard from her in another song. Her strength has always been her live performances, which have always been better than her recordings.. and she’s finally meshed the two.

    I realllly welcome 1+1 in this current mainstream that’s really absent of soul/ R&B and its a great alternative to the dance tracks. Let’s face it it’s also much better than Run the World( Girls)

    it’s my 2nd favorite from her so far after the leak of End of Time.. which i’ve been killing as of late … becuase that song IS a smash.. Looks like Bey’s finally getting it together… now if she could just stop copying other people’s stuff ( ie billboard awards) or at least acknowledge inspirations BEFORE you release the copycat,, i’ll be fully on board

    Either way 4 looks like her best work yet

  • Jory

    WOW beautiful

  • Epic

    WOW, that amazing. Beyonce is so talented and beautiful inside out. she and Jayz are so cute together. He her first and last.

  • yaya

    Beyonce is serving notice that she is the baddest in the game. She has the voice and made Jay-Z a camera man LOL



  • amensister

    what a hateful person you are. you could have said what you needed without being rude and hateful.

    now that was really dumb showing your true character, or lack there of

  • xMikaeru

    love it.. i will buy the song :D

  • xMikaeru

    love it.. i will buy the song :D

  • coop

    beautiful……………still the badest in the game……………

  • SHIT

    @Mash: Oh well , i was at a Whitney Houston concert last year and boy she can’t sing anymore it’s hard to say but drugs messed her up really bad , and as for Mariah let’s see if she still can sing last i heard her her voice was not the same as in 1991! But anyway i love Mariah she’s great but Beyoncé didn’t showed us what her top game people ! WAIT AND SEE meanwhile buy 1+1 on iTunes it’s currently 11 , let’s make it number 1 #STANS !

  • willc

    wow, true talent rather than all the manufactured music out there. amazing bey for showing the world what you truly can do!

  • locks

    American Idol has shown us that plenty of people sing really well. Had I not watched that show I would be amazed by Beyonce’s performance…but then I heard Pia, and Haley and a whole slew of amazing singers we’ll never hear of again. They don’t get this kind of exposure, and if they did they would be singing lyrics a helluva lot better than “1 + 1 is 2!” With a rapper for a husband I’m actually pretty surprised she couldn’t get him to pen her something, there are many words that rhyme with “you”.

  • Barimah

    I love gaga and rihanna as much as the next guy but beyonce is quite simply the best. There are no two ways about that and this video only goes to show what we all already knew. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn.

  • Chaniece

    I gived up on gettin marry becuz no on3 takes it serious anymore…These 2 make me wanna try!!

  • Elaine

    @AVA: Your tone death but it’s okay we need retarded people like you in the world. Everyone can’t be awesome.