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Leonardo DiCaprio & Blake Lively: Separate Hotel Exits

Leonardo DiCaprio & Blake Lively: Separate Hotel Exits

Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively leave their hotel, Saint-Paul de Vence, separately on Friday (May 27) in Saint-Paul, France.

Last week, the 36-year-old actor and the 23-year-old actress toured around Italy together after spending time together on a yacht during the Cannes Film Festival.

Leo‘s J. Edgar co-star Armie Hammer recently talked about what it was like to film their kissing scene together.

“It wasn’t that weird – I have never kissed a guy – it’s not something I’m going to do in my private life, but at the end of it I was, like, man, there is a lot of weird hype,” he said.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively making separate hotel exits…

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leonardo dicaprio blake lively separate hotel exits 02
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leonardo dicaprio blake lively separate hotel exits 04
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  • SashaT

    Poor girl. From now on, she’ll be forced to learn to hide when she’ll be with DiCaprio. The pictures of her smiling are over!

  • epk


    Sounds lovely. After reading pages of Blake hate I kept looking for reasons to be wary of her, but couldn’t find anything that seemed like legit dirt. She had a long term relationship with Penn, was a good student, loves to cook… sound pretty normal.

  • Mya

    …how old is she? He’s 36, right?

  • epk


    I see Blake smiling there. If you’re referring to someone else, that frown went with her everywhere, whether Leo was there or not.

  • SashaT

    By the time he turns 40, he’ll be dating 15 year-old girls, for sure.

  • Mmmm

    I do not feel sorry for Blake at all she knows what she is doing with Leo their both fame whores. Can not stand either one.

  • A

    She is 23 and he is 37…this will not last, not that i think they’re dating, i’m pretty sure they’re just having sex, she’s been around the block in those circles.
    and she has cankles. lol and no i’m not a leo fan so i don’t care about him or bar.
    blake has made out (and probably slept too) with lukas haas at a nightclub.

  • Nanda

    So, so beautiful. Cute couple, and combine a lot together. Well, Leo combines with any one … he is awesome. Hot, hot, hot.

  • wwwwwpp

    wowowow he is soo dam SEXY

  • tinkerbell

    ugh, i keep clicking on things here and losing my place.

    basically i was going to say I was a little sad to see this but not much. at least this girl is taking french and cooking lessons-she care about things besides money and ugly handbags and expensive watches.

    I also think our leo is trying to make a change. i think/hope bar was the last of the long-term bimbos at and 36 maybe he thinks its time to look for a wife, or someone who could remotely fill the role. which i dont think is blake, she’s too young, but there is someone out there to rock his world. we’ll see. someone who can swim in fun/shallow waters but also dive as deep as he can. someone beyootiful but not stupid.


    I’m not a blake fan of any kind but I think they should have mega fun this summer, in europe or elsewhere.

  • go away self talker!!!

    funny how the self-talker has made her way into Leo and Blake’s thread… wow, I’m soooo surprised… Why don’t you go back to your Idol Stumpy Fuglyelli’s thread and leave Leo and his beautiful date, who happens to have long lean legs and beautiful slim body ALONE… Bar was the one with the cankles by the way, Blake’s body is slim and SEXY!!!

  • Fan of Beauty

    OMG, what is her shoe size? And why is he hiding? He looks ridiculous.

  • not true


    she has never ‘made out’ with lukas. shapely calves, no cankles. but you always see what you want ever.

    leo will be 37 in november, blake will be 24 in august

  • not true

    @Fan of Beauty:

    blake’s shoe size is about the same as your girl barf’s IQ

    you sound bitter

  • Nanda

    Age is no problem here. A bigger problem is the envy of many people who wanted to be with someone like him / her and can not. I’m sorry, but it does not seem any bit concerned at his age … yes she is very happy.

    She is beautiful and it’s beautiful and delicious. What’s wrong if they are dating?

    Stop the bias … Happiness has no age.

  • go away self talker!!!

    @not true:

    LOL, good one.. Yeah, she’s bitter and stalking Blake now that nobody cares about Barfie anymore…

    Blake is beautiful, she’s young, she has a perfect body, perfect legs, beautiful thick long hair…and on top of that she also happens to have a sweet personality… the self talker must be going crazy right now!! LOL

  • tinkerbell

    note they both have their blackberries out so they can text even though they’re in separate cars. blake looks amused. not stressed at the two entrances thing, like she could care less if they have their pix together.

    I bet those were some hot sheets last night, him looking like he does right now-nice and slim.

  • go away self talker!!!

    Tink they actually got in the same car, but left the hotel separately… celebrity has the whole story, they went to a yacht after these pics were taken..

  • *Angieee*

    He’s not cute anymore. He’s scrawny and short

  • ooo

    @*Angieee*: how tall is he? Armie hammer is 6’5 i bet he towers over leo.

  • tinkerbell

    I admit i would like to be in leo in the south of france right now…who wouldmt. but I’m not the kind of woman that can put up with a “leo” for too long so it wouldnt work even if i was his type.

    but I put hate where hate is due, bar gave us a lot to work with but to me if blake is 23 and having fun i say go for it.

    When I was 17 i was studying in Antibes and a hot affair with a young italian who was really hot and draft dodging. he was a poet and asked me to marry him! (I laughed of course, way too young) but its a cherised memory, as is the handsome moroccan in paris that came after. so i’m like go for it girl, be a woman of the world, get you some F U N.

  • *Angieee*

    @ooo: i would guess 5’8 or 5’9

  • Lindsay

    Leo looks so hot in these pics!! Seems like he’s really enjoying the single life.

  • bgd

    @Fan of Beauty: What size are Barf’s thighs?

  • go away self talker!!!



  • trouble

    Leo was a bit taller than Gisele and she is 5’10-5’11 so I think he must be pretty tall. 6’0-6’1 would be my guess.

  • donie

    @trouble:HE IS 6’1 TALL. Ignore BARFY.

  • PrettyGrr

    @trouble: Yeah, I’m pretty sure he’s 6’1″ If you ever in Hollywood’s museum of Madame Tussaud there’s his life size statue there :) Check it out. Pretty tall and zexy :)

  • GG

    With their relationship seemingly pushing forth, Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively were back together in Saint Paul de Vence in the South of France on Friday evening (May 27).

    Walking separately to avoid being pictured alongside one another, the “Titanic” hunk and his “Gossip Girl” gal started off the weekend with a romantic dinner at Les Remparts restaurant in the local village area.

    Once finished up with their meal, Leo and Blake proceeded forth to hop into a Mercedes en route to Cannes – where they disappeared from paparazzi view upon boarding a super yacht.

    Of the current situation between to twosome, an insider recently told press, “They’re dating a bit – taking things slow, slow, slow.”

    Enjoy the pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively in Saint Paul de Vence, France (May 27).

  • PrettyGrr
  • Sam

    From Bar to famewhore Blake???? downgrade Leo

  • PrettyGrr

    @Sam: I’m starting to miss Bar!

  • donie

    @PrettyGrr: She looks pretty to me.

  • correction


    you got it wrong, he actually went from a frumpy, stocky body, Brooke hogan look-alike, user famewh*re, to sweet, bubbly, beautiful and fantastic body Blake… that sounds more accurate to me!!

  • PrettyGrr

    @donie: nah, she got the body but really got cheated on the face :(

  • ?????


    yeah and?? her face is beautiful…she has refined features and lovely skin…so what’s your point?

  • PrettyGrr

    @?????: It’s okay: not every actress has a beautiful body AND face, so Blake is not doing too bad.

  • Jenny

    Leo looks handsome again ,thanks Blake

  • donie

    @PrettyGrr:Blake face is 5 times better than greasy BARFY face and her leg is 10 times better than stumpy BARFY leg. Overall, by my calculation, she is 1 1/2 times better than barfy. And if you include personality, it is night and day. It is Win win situation for all of us including LEO big time.

  • Daisy

    I think Blake is really gorgeous ,happy for her and leo

  • PrettyGrr

    @donie: personality? Do you hang out with Blake? Then don’t be a fool posting about a star’s personality

  • curi2

    @tinkerbell: I’m on the fence about all the girls because of me thinking he is another George Clooney,but I agree with what your saying.
    Ask and you shall receive,right? People were wondering where he was.A little surprised by it with him going off to party and what not.Plus it makes the gossip rags kind of right which is always shocking lol.Maybe I shouldn’t have made the crack about french class.I wonder how long he is going to be hanging around in Europe?

  • PrettyGrr

    @curi2: I wonder how long he is going to be hanging around in Europe?: Till the next film shoot starts probably

  • EWWWW…..

    YUCK! Manho and fameho! Perfect match! While flakey is in class Leo is scr*wing other women in Europe! Very `cute` indeed! Let`s drool over them! YUCK!
    Leo has been downgrading ever since Gisele was smart enough to kick his sorry a** to the curb. I never thought much of Bar but this must be going on for a while. All those people drooling over this match. Do you really think Leo is going to be any different with her? He is still / already playing the field. No wonder he goes after a woman like Lively. Everything for fame!

  • PrettyGrr

    @EWWWW…..: “Leo has been downgrading ever since Gisele was smart enough to kick his sorry a** to the curb. I never thought much of Bar but this must be going on for a while. All those people drooling over this match. Do you really think Leo is going to be any different with her?”
    - my thoughts exactly.

  • THE game’s ON, just sleezier

    and just before i was about to go out and have some food, this was just DYING to happen!! AHHH!! WHY is this happening? HELP here? and i totally agree with Celia, iculeo, Nicki, SashaT, Mmmm, A, tinkerbell, Fan of Beauty, Sam. i got my own theories, believe me, if it’s a relationship which i doubt (still coz blake is VBS so we know she’s a casting couch) as long as she has LEO, she won’t need another A-list to sleep with for roles, he’ll get it for her, and she can’t act) hate me all u want, thumbs down, i don’t care. it’s just how it is. her hair tell all the story, could have at least brushed them before coming out. she is making a statement and that insider, her friend. it’s all going down for Leo. i’m going, won’t be posting here anymore, i prefer AWFUL TRUTH, at least, people there have info on celebs, which sounds legit, and i said SOUNDS, coz we have no way of confirming them.
    and i m telling u guys, both parties are playing, X n Leo. She’s trying to get him all jealous, while he’s being himself “I M WITH BLAKE – YOU! JUST 2 YEARS YOUNGER” – a d.o.u.c.h.e just a BIGGER one this time. i really thought he’d be MATURE by now, but he just wants to f.u.c.k the world. i so wish ………. any how, he’s a LOSER! and how can anyone respect him for what he does? just coz he’s an A-List actor, he can live his life the world and it’s OK! have FUN? this isn’t fun, it’s really low. disappointing, and none of u can see that!!!! what this world has come to? utter disappointment!!!! ADIOS! take care all.

  • ?????

    apparently the looney bin has made it’s way to the thread… :S

  • EWWWW…..

    Ok, I didn`t finish my thought.
    I never thought much of Bar Refaeli but according to those rumors this has been going on for a while. According to the rumors it started before Leo and Bar were over. Some gossip mag said the Blake was pursuing Leo since winter even though she was perfectly aware that Leo had a girlfriend. Regardless of what you think of Bar ( I know the hater Leo fans won`t agree with this ) that`s nothing to be proud of and doesn`t speak much of Leo`s character. I won`t even start with Blake. Typical Hollywood couple and Leo is going to regret this because of all the gossip and attention Blake is going to bring.
    I find it interesting that whenever these two are together the paparazzi manages to take photos. If it was Bar tink&co would push the `barf called them` theory but Miss PR Princess is all innocent I assume.
    Leo is disappointing. Typical Hollywood type even though he is trying to push a different image.
    Private jets and yachts? Very ENVIRONMENTALLY conscious! Hey, Leo! When you are on vacation with your bimbo you take a break from being green as well?

  • donie

    @THE game’s ON, just sleezier: You are just bitter that he is going out with 23 years old while he left cougar like you at home. Mature thing is overrated opinion that women like you bring it on every issue. Please, I hope you don’t post anymore here. BYE lol

  • @?????

    Yes, you are right. donie, tink and the others are working around the clock to praise Leo and his `new Bar`. It`s priceless that they used to be so upset when someone called them jealous – of Bar – and now they are telling the same thing. They all fell for the better PR team. Because Blake`s is better than Bar`s. That`s the only difference!