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Miranda Kerr: Zimmermann Shopping Spree!

Miranda Kerr: Zimmermann Shopping Spree!

Miranda Kerr goes out to do a bit of shopping on Thursday (May 26) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old Aussie model and new mama picked up a bag of goodies from the Zimmermann boutique – the Aussie line features swimwear and other beach ready pieces.

Last week, Miranda rocked several different looks for a photo shoot in Palm Springs, Calif.

Miranda also recently tweeted that she’s loving motherhood. “There is nothing better than my son’s smile :-) Melts my heart every time!” she wrote on her Twitter account.

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  • sara

    She looks gorgeous!
    Good to see her supporting her fellow Aussies.

  • Anne laure bernard

    No Rachel Zimmermann?

  • bella

    she looks amazing. her friend is so cool too.

  • brainy box


  • @4

    Are you off your meds again?

  • brainy box


  • @6

    IMO your constant whining about a woman married to a man that you will never have is what is boring.
    That, and your ridiculous use of the caps lock key.

  • shoes

    Everything is boring but her shoes are great.

  • dumpty

    egg head put your hair down!

  • steven

    she’s ugly. Looks like an alien

  • deawhitequeen

    guess the delphi idiots have to hide in shame and now pretend they are guys dissing her – what a bunch of losers

  • kayla

    she doesn tlook good here.
    her face is too round.
    she has a weird-shaped head.

  • @11

    Yeah, they often put in male names as their sockpuppets.
    They are idiots if they think that they are fooling anyone.
    Well, I mean that they are idiots anyway, but doing this makes them even more ridiculous.

  • @12

    “Weird shaped head”?
    Why? Because it isn’t pointed?
    She looks gorgeous, IMO. And her skin is amazing!

  • Tata

    @@12: Because its the exact shape of an egg. No definition. Its just….there…severely overrated. I guess she appeals to Pedo’s and tween girls the most. (which are every where on the internet)

  • @15

    You just outed yourself as a delphidiot.
    So stupid.

  • just wonderin


    Are you a lesbian? With the way you worship her I am thinking that you are.

  • tat


    Her skin looks like cheese. I supoose if you think cheese is gorgeous then yeah, her skin is gorgeous.

  • LOL!

    Delphidiot Mike has some new sockpuppets, I see.
    Oh, and some new insults, too.
    So now any female that likes her or thinks that she is pretty is a lesbian?
    What does that say about you delphites who are always fawning over any model that isn’t Miranda? I guess that’s why you have no men in your lives, eh?

  • @19

    Her skin is gorgeous. Saying something as an insult that is obviously false brands you as a hater, and renders anything you say invalid.

  • Julie

    @LOL!: don’t worry everyone hates models because they are prettier than most fug emo haters here will ever be.

  • dippy

    Adriana Lima fans hate on every model who gets more work than she and who are more famous than she is. They are really weird girls.

  • @23

    Especially gorgeous models married to men that they have lusted after for years.
    You can always spot those types of haters. They will complain that Orlando (or whoever) didn’t marry a “real girl”. In other words, a short, fat, ugly woman like them.

  • OT


  • @22

    Don’t forget the Gisele fans as well! They always go to Miranda/Bar/Adriana posts dissing them. Always.

  • shoop

    @@22: no not quite for the most part, Leo fans bash Bar, Orlando fans bash Miranda and Tom Brady fans bash Gisele. aka crazy fan-girls which #23 described perfectly.

  • jad

    She look like little asian boy with hair back.

  • Nia

    everytime i see your comments, i see a little girl sitting behind a computer giggling uncontrollably to every single little thing online:

  • @28

    I think that she(?) is hilarious.
    She calls the haters on all of their cr@p, then sits back laughing at them.
    I love her for being a thorn in their side!

  • @29

    Except she ends up looking like a bigger idiot than the other side with her over the top obsessive defense of someone who is basically a panty model/fameho. The one thing you can count on though is that she will derail every thread and send it down to the gutter where most Kerr threads belong. Delphi posters don’t ruin these threads, LOL does it for them. so yeah, that is hilarious.

  • @30

    IMO, she is just responding to the haters. If you consider her pointing out their lies and hypocrisy as being “over the top”, then that must mean that you are one of the haters that she is responding to.
    And you calling Miranda a fameho is one of the milder insults. The people taking these threads to the gutter are the idiots who continually use vulgar comments to insult a total stranger, or even worse, an innocent baby. Do you honestly think that her laughing at people and pointing out lies is more gutter worthy than haters using the terns sl*t, wh*re, or b*tch?
    And who is really obsessive here? The haters who scour the internet all hours of the day and night, looking for information on Miranda just to post insults? Or her fans who simply respond? If the haters reined in their lies and hypocrisy, LOL wouldn’t have anything to respond to, right?

  • @30

    So you think that haters should just be allowed t say anything they want without response?
    No matter how big their lie? No matter how vulgar their comment? No matter if they go from insulting Miranda to attacking a baby?
    And if any of her fans respond they will be accused of being obsessive in their defense?
    And you think that is logical?
    Well, all righty then.

  • shoes


    What is vulgar in: she is boring.
    But shippers jump on it too.

  • @33

    People don’t get “jumped” for saying that she is boring. Someone disagreeing with you is not “jumping” you.
    People get “jumped” when they start calling her names that you should never call another woman. Especially one that you don’t know.
    Also, any classic delphi insult will get you “jumped”. If they insist on bringing their cr*p here, they will be answered. And they have no one to blame but themselves.

  • speaking of delphi…

    I saw that some of their members just got b*tchslapped.
    One of their more intelligent, rational members (yes, there are two) came down on something that another member was doing.
    I don’t know what they did, but it sure p*ssed off Wanda.
    Evidently they did something to make the entire board look bad (imagine that), and she was tired of getting blamed for it.
    Just as any board, it can be defined by their more extreme members. OLove is defined by the over the top blind devotion of one or two. Delphi is defined by their more vocal, more insane members…which is all but two, I believe
    Anyway, at first she was supported, but as usual, it quickly went downhill. It went from people agreeing with her, to others claiming that it was shippers doing it to themselves, to all out attacks on the supposedly psychotc shippers who would do something so crazy.
    I applaud you for trying Wanda. But your board is nothing but psychos, now. Maybe you should abandon ship before the rats get you, too.

  • sara

    New pics of Miranda arriving in Korea on The Fashion Spot.
    She looks gorgeous and fresh. Don’t know how she manages it after a long flight.