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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Tribeca Twosome

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Tribeca Twosome

Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban do some shopping together in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City on Friday (May 27).

The 43-year-old actress and her country rocker hubby, also 43, dressed down in hats and sunglasses to shade themselves from the heat.

Earlier in the week, Nicole and Keith caught a flight out of Los Angeles en route to NYC with their adorable daughters Sunday and Faith in tow.

Over the weekend, Keith performed at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards.

FYI: Nicole is wearing a pair of J Brand “Houlihan” skinny cargo pants in Vintage Sarah.

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban out shopping…

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nicole kidman keith urban tribeca twosome 01
nicole kidman keith urban tribeca twosome 02
nicole kidman keith urban tribeca twosome 03
nicole kidman keith urban tribeca twosome 04
nicole kidman keith urban tribeca twosome 05
nicole kidman keith urban tribeca twosome 06
nicole kidman keith urban tribeca twosome 07
nicole kidman keith urban tribeca twosome 08
nicole kidman keith urban tribeca twosome 09
nicole kidman keith urban tribeca twosome 10

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  • Stacie

    Beautiful photos, beautiful couple. Thank you JJ!

  • Stacie

    Beautiful couple, beautiful photos! They are just doing their thing, Thank you Jared!

  • avery

    They look so cute together!

  • Baron of Brilliance

    Please say this is a sign Nicole will do her B’dway play with Franco. PLEASE!

  • beachside

    I wish I could carry off a hat like Nicole can.

  • irene olson

    Fun loving, happy couple. It would be a dream fulfilled to have that man lead me through life. You, go Nicole; you are so fortunate to have Keith Urban for your life partner.

  • Angela

    Top 5 Fave celebrity couple. Definitely.

  • Just A Kiss

    I really think if they had never met their live wouldn’t be as happy. And they so deserve happiness.

  • mac-a-holic

    Too cute!

  • truest blue

    Lovely couple. One of the most talented in the biz. Nice pics.

  • pea

    why does everyone love her nose? I always found it too piggish for my taste. If you watch her in Dead Calm you can clearly see she had it done too. It was big and bulbous back then. Her nose everyone loves isn’t even hers, lol.

    great actress, just don’t see why she always has one of the most requested noses on those hollywood plastic surgery lists…

  • Jordyn

    Such a cute couple. You can feel the love.

  • ready

    @mac-a-holic: @pea:

    Stop spamming with the same stupid and untrue nose comments. You look like a fool!

  • ready

    Sorry macaholic not you!

  • ooo

    @pea: what actress hasn’t had a nose job in HW? the ones that need a nose job never get it…. Like Tom cruise and that taylor lautner guy

  • Eve

    What cute photos to start off the weekend. Love this couple!

  • Living the dream



    THIS is personal style.

    Kidman created her look over 20 years ago and has never deviated from it.

    DO LEARN that style and chasing trends are two distinctly different things.




    Kidman has the exact same nose as her 70+ father and her sister.

    Balderdash to you for your foolishness.

  • raveness

    Nicole has a distinctive indent on the underside of her nose. It’s her original nose no question.

    Tim Gunn, so right. The trolls need to look at photos from 10-15 years ago. Kidman dresses the way she wants, from casual to workout to red carpet. Always has.

  • Anon

    They didn’t look happy in LA. So we have to see them happy in NY.
    Kidman has changed so much about her looks over the years.

  • Sassy

    I’ve always thought everything she wears when dressing down is awesome…EXCEPT her blouses! They ALL look like Little House on the Prairie to me! Yuck.

  • Yawn

    Please she looks like crap and no one on this board would actually walk around in pants and a hat that ill fitted. Seriously they need to stop shopping in the teen departments. He looks like a dork in the colored jeans and the shoes are for the twenty something crowd. In an attempt to make themselves look fresh they look foolish.

  • behindthescenes

    Interesting that Keith and NIcole took in Jerusalem while in NYC, seeing that Keith’s ex is now dating one of it’s stars. Hmm.

  • jimijam

    Cutest couple ever! Love them!

  • zebra

    They were at Book of Mormon on Thursday night with Hugh Jackman, his wife and Wendi Murdoch, then decamped to Bar Centrale for drinks afterwards. Broadway fans en masse!

  • boston61

    Where is the kid she just purchased? Terrible actress. Her voice makes me cringe.

  • taren


    You are so jealous you can’t stand it. Nothing is wrong with having a surrogate pregnancy when you are unable to carry a baby to term at 43. Many women of all economic backgrounds do it. Such a shame that you are such a little twit and can’t stand it that someone you dislike is happy. But don’t worry if Jessica doesn’t blow it, you can post all the glowing things you want on her wedding thread.

  • Not funny


    Mental health issues are serious. It’s clear you have some. GET HELP NOW!

  • http://jag Sl igo lambert ^______^cute

    They coming all party

  • Anon

    So they went to Bar Centrale. Keith isn’t supposed to be drinking. Why does that wife of his allow him to be exposed to it time after time after time. I’ll tell you why. Because what she wants is more important than anything else!

  • Fake

    I like them as a couple..Nicole seems to have relaxed her issues with her weight a tad bit, not looking as painfully thin…this always tells me a person is happy and content and enjoying life without huge restrictions or obsessions..Now if only she’s lay off the Botox..

  • update


    Thanks for the update skeptic. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming called reality.

  • anonymous

    @TIM GUNN:
    that’s why she looks like she’s still in 90′s! Keith and Sunday as well

  • abie

    they are not nice to look at, Jared give us some photos of more interesting celebrities, please…

  • ziga

    @behindthescenes: Which each of his ex?

  • hopeso

    Love these two, an outing without the girls.

  • moh123

    Lovely couple.

  • Line

    I can’t believe she goes into high-end retail stores looking like that. A woman with large size feet like hers should not be wearing those shoes. Do they ever do anything fun with their kids?

  • toria


    Just out of curiosity Abie–who would you like to look at? Jessica simpson falling out of her shorts? Taylor Momson, the human raccoon, Katie Holmes, the fashion challenged wife of an A lister, Lindsay Lohan’s plastic, hard living body? Or do you want to look at the guys? Other happy couples? Or maybe drama couples who are always on show–Eddie and Leann?

    Do tell us. Personally I like looking at Nicole and Keith. They are happy, content with each other and their family. You can see the love and respect is for long term, not just for the cameras. And personally I like that.

  • irene olson

    The Urbans have their relationship the way it should be. Husband and wife come first, then the children. Children do not need to be entertained 24/7 like the youngsters are of today. The children will be gone and then the couple has nothing. I really think the Urban children are well taken care of and well entertained. The love the Urban girls have from their parents is phenomenal. You go, Keith and Nicole, enjoy one another and your beautiful life.

  • Common Sense

    I think posters are playing games. 10 minutes on Google shows you there’s dozens of celebrity sites and Just Jared DOES NOT post every single set of photos that are taken of the Urbans or their kids or any celebrity. In order for these photos to be here Just Jared has to PAY for the rights to post them. They cannot buy every photo out there. Clearly, they are interested in Nicole because she is a Hollywood actress. Keith gets photos here only by association because, and people need to get this through their stubborn heads, JUST JARED DOESN’T COVER COUNTRY MUSIC in and of itself. Just Jared has not gone crazy and posted every available photo of the Urbans with their kids. If anyone is trying to give the impression that what you see on Just Jared is the be all and end its not. There’s entire photo sets never posted and within each set there are photos that are not sold at all and some that are bought at other sites. No one with a brain is buying the bs that what you see on Jared is the extant of the Urbans’ entire life.

  • Anon


    Now back to reality. You have no idea what you are talking about. But you think you do. LOL

  • Save your breath


    What the cornfields or the bottom of a bottle tells you isn’t reality hon.

  • abie

    @toria: @toria:
    Is there any choice between boring people like Nicole and all those stupid, fake celebs for you? I’m not interested in them! If you’re so curious I’d like to see Madonna for example. Nicole is ok but not every day. And people like you make me sick – it’s like”if you don’t like listening to Mozart’s music means that you prefer Miley Cyrus….”

  • scooterpot

    I like these two. They make me feel like I don’t have to look old and out of shape when I turn 40. @behind the scene; what does it matter if Keith’s ex is dating someone else? Maybe they’re still friends.

  • Line

    @irene olson: You are an obsessed fan to believe that line from the Urbans. What are the girls doing when their parents are out all the time? So from what you are saying, it is better for a nanny to “entertain” children than their own parents? I guess it is horrible to imagine a parent coloring with their children or taking them to a park, zoo or a playground.

  • @Line

    You’re obviously not a parent. They might spend hours coloring with their kids for all you know. Are you stalking them? Just because a couple goes out once in a while without the kids, doesn’t mean they neglect them. People get babysitters for their kids all the time and should. No parent should HAVE to spend 24/7 with their kids. Photographers catch them one or two times out on their own and you get your panties in a wad. So what if they’re out for an hour or two. They’re probably with them the other 22 hours. So what if Keith’s ex girlfriend dates somebody else. Obviously she’s moved on. Maybe you losers should.

  • duh


    How about you just ignore the Kidman Urban posts? JJ won’t stop because you say so and you’re definitely in the minority.



    You’re a skeptic. Just stay away from here if you can’t handle it. The group of you which is down to the handful who talk to each other on E! and Urban Myths look so ridiculous it’s not even funny. Please don’t even try to convince anybody you care that Nicole and Keith go out of the house without the kids. You want Keith rid of Nicole and rid of the girls to be doing God knows what with you and that’s never going to happen. Just remember the pals you hang out with would scratch your eyes out and anybody else’s who got in the way if they thought they actually had a chance with Keith. Get a new hobby, get some therapy. For all the time you spend online hating two people who haven’t done a dang thing to you… if you have kids they don’t have a real mother with a real life anymore.