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Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: PDA Pair!

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: PDA Pair!

Justin Bieber holds his girlfriend Selena Gomez on his hips and gives her a kiss while spending time on the beach together on Thursday (May 26) in Maui, Hawaii.

After grabbing a bite to eat and hitting the waves, the twosome, along with their families went jet skiing and para-sailing along the shore.

Earlier in the week, Justin and Selena headed to the beach after arriving following their appearances on the 2011 Billboard Music Awards.

10+ pictures inside of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber showing their love on the beach…

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selena gomez justin bieber pda pair 01
selena gomez justin bieber pda pair 02
selena gomez justin bieber pda pair 03
selena gomez justin bieber pda pair 04
selena gomez justin bieber pda pair 05
selena gomez justin bieber pda pair 06
selena gomez justin bieber pda pair 07
selena gomez justin bieber pda pair 08
selena gomez justin bieber pda pair 09
selena gomez justin bieber pda pair 10
selena gomez justin bieber pda pair 11
selena gomez justin bieber pda pair 12
selena gomez justin bieber pda pair 13

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  • OldSchool

    Oh my. If my parents had caught me with my legs wrapped around a boy at 18yrs old… I wouldn’t be alive today.

  • BEAN

    These two are so banging. Im getting used to them together. The main pic is very sweet.

  • BEAN

    @OldSchool: Cos you’re old school. Lol.

  • ke$haluv


  • Anica

    They’re a cute couple but it’s also kind of creepy to watch them make out…

  • emmaa

    Cute but oh so wrong at the same time…

  • Abby

    Sorry but I can’t help but LOL at these pics. She looks like an 18-19 year old girl and he looks like a little boy. It looks like she’s doing something ilegal hahah.

  • Abby

    @OldSchool: haah I know right. What’s even worse is he’s underage. eww

  • iheartsummer

    omg i dunno why im so against all these PDA pics. it just doesnt seem right. LOL

  • chescacruz19

    It’s about time that they have time together on their own after their hard work for all of us! Stay strong guys! :)

  • Abby

    @iheartsummer: Dont worry I’m with ya on this one. Something about it just doesn’t seem right to me. Its kinda gross in a way. Maybe thats because he does look so much like a little kid but ya, it just seems so…….wrong lol.

  • Madhatter

    LOL. My Irish mother would still kill me if I behaved that way in public- married or not.
    Especially, if I was a public figure and knew I might be Papped.

    Hopefully, she learns quickly that every single future crush, boyfriend, or potential love will forever have access to every picture taken of her in public…
    Keep it private.

  • Cheery

    These two children need to stop embarrassing themselves. They can be “in love” and all that but their PDA is tacky and in poor taste.

  • OK

    Kiddie porn! Shield your eyes!!

  • lauren

    I’m pretty sure that it is illegal even at their actual ages. She’s 18, he’s 17 (i.e under age). If they’re banging he could get her done for statutory rape. would LOVE to see Disney try and cover that one up!

  • Lina


    U have weird parents. if ur 18 then ur an adult lol.

  • sea

    They are cute together, leave them alone ;)
    Btw she looks 15, so no problem!

  • Abby

    @Lina: Yeah……….but HE’s NOT.

  • cami

    Look, it’s a gay couple!!!!


    seriously bieber…seriously

  • ke$haluv

    no it’s not illegal you are just jealous, new hollywood power couple in town

  • Abby

    @ke$haluv: I don’t think any of us are jealous of Selana. Thanks but I’ll pass lol. I like my boyfriend to be……….well NOT a boy but a man.

  • to old school

    at 18 you are legally an adult.


    OMG what this despo little kids are doing is so wrong and creepy too….ewww

  • Kiki

    eww..kinda odd:(…. but they look happy

  • Liana

    Selena fans are always preaching about how she’s so classy and cute. Heck Selena even says it herself and wants to be a good role model for girls. Seeing her let Biebs grab her butt on NYE and now lift her up with her legs wrapped around his body in Hawaii is really distasteful! I’m going to sound like a prude saying this but you should keep these displays of affection private. Kissing is okay but they take it too far. It’s puke-worthy!

  • blue

    Selena is 18 and justin is 17, and all they can do is making out all day in front of the world.

    where are the parents of these child celebrities lives ? do they ever feeling A little bit ashamed of this porn kids did to the world.

    I am half asian and tell you the truth, we do hold our tradition tight and believe me, not in a blink i let my daughters do what selena do right now.
    it is not normal for her to climb into a boy heaps and make out in front of the family. they’re still kids, not 20 years old something. this kids has the time in the world to make out later when they’re 20′ rather to do it now, crazy world.

  • Abby

    @blue: LEts face it, their parents let them do this stuff and do as they please because their the one’s paying the bills. Sad but true.

  • Liana

    @blue I’m Asian, too. Kids these days have no self-respect, courtesy, or manners! Maybe it is because they are the money-makers and back off because they want their kids to see them as their “friends” as opposed to their PARENTS. If they are strict and disciplinary–as parents should be–they’re afraid their kids will be even more rebellious and unmanageable. That’s why a lot of Americans–non-Asians primarily–hate and disagree with Amy Chua’s and her “tiger mom”-style parenting. Apparently, these kids’ parents don’t care if their kids have go on vacations together, publicly make out like animals, and probably have sex! (Where’s your purity ring, Selena!) lol

  • Kaylee

    Wow, any respect I ever had for Selena just went down the drain. I absolutely loath pda its so distasteful for anybody at any age in my opinion. Even worse there are cameras watching them and they know this, which to me makes it even more disgusting. Kissing and holding hands in public is fine but everything else should be done in private. Tasteless.

  • Ria

    wow, I didn’t think they were for real

  • mars

    Whoa hope she doesn’t rape him

  • Mari

    Umh, seeing those reactions of you guys. You should be glad that you are not European. This is not really anything to talk about here.

    Either you Americans are all prudes, which I doubt looking at your teenage pregnancy rate. Or most of you guys are just big, plain hypocrites, which I think might be the case.

  • ATLQueen

    Say it Mari! You guys are way too up tight. They are teenagers. Let them have their moment.

  • Abby

    @ATLQueen: ITs not really letting them “having their time.” I really don’t think anyone would care if Selena didn’t feed everyone that line of sh#t about wanting to be a good role model and wearing a purity ring and stuff. If she had not said that stuff I really don’t think people would care half as much.

  • me me me

    x to mari.

    are some of you people serious?? they’re 17/18, of course they date, make out and yes, probably have sex. it’s perfectly natural. you should try it sometimes because you sound like you could use a good fcuk.

  • yaya

    Hmmm…for some reason I keep thinking this is a made up relationship and they will soon have a big break up. He will then drop a Cry Me a River Pt 2.

  • M

    I feel like they would be a really annoying couple to hang out with, one of those one’s that’s constantly joined at the hip and “showing off their love” to the world
    I don’ t mind a bit of it, but pda gets really annoying really fast, if anyone’s ever had friends that do this you know what I’m talking about…

  • Jil

    Is Selena having hair extensions???

  • Mel

    I just keep thinking that there is something a little fake about this relationship. Like it’s all for publicity or something. The PDA’s seem a little bit…forced to me.

  • plk

    All is a frame-up

  • Laker Fan

    imagine if this kid couldn’t sing he’d be back in canada picking potatoes or something, maybe even doing a paper route and Selina would be on the beach with someone else…… funny how celebrity works …

  • JL

    @Mari Is it wrong to be a prude American? Your generalization of the States is quite moving!
    @me me me You sound so eloquent. Thanks for your insightful input!


  • JL

    @ATLQueen So you’re encouraging kids to be promiscuous and to display this kind of behavior? *smh*

  • lala

    bieber looks like a lesbian…

  • Maria

    WOW indead Americans, here in Europe, kids 15 start to make out in front of their parents, its weird, but its not some kind of weirdness as it is for you in America. AND who says they were making out in front of their parents?? whos father is that guy? and justjared can just lie about the family thing just to make us discuss about this subject.
    Either way they are not stuck with their parents all the time in hawaii, they can go walk somewhere else if they want. THE ONLY reason why you think its weird ,which I do understand because he is quite skinny and his face still looks like a little boy, WE dont know him ,he can be very mature as a person and thats why selena fell in love with him. ITs not his fault or her mistake, come on, we dont have it under control with who we fall in love with

  • JL

    @Maria Okay that’s effed up to make out in front of your parents. And that dude following Selena and Justin is neither one of their fathers. It’s Bieber’s manager or something.

  • Jasmine

    @to old school: that doesn’t stop parents from being parents. you’ll understand if ever you decide to have children.
    and these pictures are nauseating. he looks like an infant and even though selena doesn’t have much of a shape to her, she looks much older.

  • Maria

    @JL thanks for letting me know, well thats what I mean. But I understand you guys, I am Asian too, but I think we shouldt, ever, judge people, like Selena, that they are wrong and bad, just because what we see in PICS, we will never know them as a person, so just let not get this out of proportion.

  • Jasmine

    PS I’m surprised he was able to hold her up for that obvious photo opportunity lol
    FYI, I am NOT in any shape, way or form calling Selena “fat.” She’s thin as a rail but he’s much tinier and bony; it looks like he’ll fall over if you even poke him.