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Brad Pitt: Angelina Jolie & I Have to Look at Marriage

Brad Pitt: Angelina Jolie & I Have to Look at Marriage

Brad Pitt opens up about partner Angelina Jolie and their six kids – Maddox, 9, Pax, 7, Zahara, 6, Shiloh, 5, and 2-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne – in a candid interview with USA Weekend‘s latest issue.

Here’s what the 47-year-old Tree of Life star had to share:

On if he plans to tie the knot with Angelina: “The kids ask about marriage. It’s meaning more and more to them. So it’s something we’ve got to look at.”

On raising their six kids: “Angie and I do everything we can to carve out some semblance of normalcy for them, to re-create the kinds of moments that were special for us. It’s not unusual for the kids to be covered in paint. We have mud fights. It’s chaos from morning until the lights go out, and sometimes after that.”

On the paparazzi: “We’re hunted. Our kids have to live behind a gate. Outside, there are people with cameras. But I’ll take the trade-off. I never knew I was capable of experiencing so much love.”

On spending time alone with Angelina: “There are no secrets at our house. We tell the kids, ‘Mom and Dad are going off to kiss.’ They go, ‘Eww, gross!’ But we demand it.”

FYI: Shiloh turned 5 on Friday (May 27). Happy birthday, Shiloh!!!

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Photos: Kwaku Alston, Stockland Martel/USA Weekend
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  • Love them..

    “Mom and dad are going off to kiss” LOL..That’s too cute.

  • bgcbgc

    i want to be apart of this family! so amazing!

  • yaya

    I love them together.

    Brad needs to not wear those Jack Nichoson glasses. It’s aging him.

  • katie

    they both looks old ..what happened???

  • brange fan from greece

    hello JP fans.thank you Jared for the new thread.i really love this interview.

  • TyTy

    AJ your beauty and your eyes nearly knocked the wind out of me. It should be a crime for someone to be THIS beautiful, heck the word beautiful doesn’t do you any justice. lol

  • toria

    Gotta find the full interview. Love the excerpts.

  • tazzy


    It is called aging, honey. It happens to all of us even you.

  • lorena

    ooooooh the kiss thing was sooooo funny and cutttteeee

  • TyTy

    @katie: Hey crazy, still here?

  • happyfamandlittlethings

    The sound and look of love .

  • Lara

    Love this interview, Angie is the woman Brad was searching for all of his life. Love them together.

  • nakedoldjennifer

    Love the Jolie-Pitts, Thanks JJ
    I hope they do get married it will send a 45yoa botoxed hag over the edge!
    God bless the jolie-pitts

  • someone

    They tell the kids, mom and dad are going off to kiss???? really…they can’t find time for each other after the kids go to bed???like most couples with children??? I find that statement really odd, not cute.

  • Not digging brads hair

    but the kiss comment was cute

  • nakedoldjennifer

    looks like the fans might actually take the first page of this thread : )
    only 1 crazy so far

  • http://website PJ


  • http://website PJ

    Absolutely gorgeous people.

  • yaya

    I just come back watching KFP2 in 3D though there are many non 3d options and it costed arm and leg for all of The movie is beauitully made with po childhood reference and the whole story line with the peechok. It wasn’t as funny as the first one but it is very touchy movie and a lot education for the kids. I thought some of the kung fu scence and some others and all are beautiful and making you feel you are in the middle of the scene there. lol No wonder it is well reviewed. Without giving a lot I say go see it, it is for adults as well not only for kiddies you will like it.


    I see a wedding coming in the near future. After all they have endured it is going to silents the haters who scream break-up every six months.

  • http://justjared eric

    MADE FOR EACH OTHER <33333333333333 LOVE LOVE LOVE DIS FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • schoolhouse

    lol! Quite funny for us, they have to go off to kiss kiss. I understand their kids….

  • http://justjared eric


  • http://@lilycheungg lilyy

    they are so cute togetehr and i’ve always been a fan of both of them! :D
    they’re so in love you just tell,
    even though they’re both getting old that doesn’t mean they still can’t be one of the most sweetest couple on earth!<3.

  • Observer2


    Still in meltdown mode. Aww, so fun for us to watch.

  • yaya

    … also I add the theather was half full. I don’t remember how much the first panda

  • yaya

    @yaya: why you stole my name. Brad doesn’t need to wear anything. He looks sexy l. Just look at him.

  • tazzy


    Quit nitpicking.

  • a fan

    They are so in love. Their kids are so cute. “ewww gross”, that’s cute.

  • jan


  • yaya

    Next will be Tol really ager to see what is the cannies win and those good reviews is about and Brad’s work.
    That being said, I love love this interview of his it shows how fun he is and his sense of houmor. Not that it directly matter to me wheather they did get married or not ( all I want is them to stay together and be happy ) but I would love to see them getting married to see what they look in the texido Angie in white bridal gown next to each other and those photos .So love the j-p’s.
    The troll who steals people name back off. Have a ball and say what you need to say without using anyone’s name idot.

  • reeven


    LOVE U BRAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Brad knows Angelina is the woman for him. Over the last six years Angelina has been his rock. Loving and supporting him in every way. She put family over career to give him the biological children he wanted. Brad and Angelina are perfect the only way this beautiful love story could get any more perfect will be a wedding in 2011.

    ” I never knew I was capable of experiencing so much love.” Swoon

  • brange fan from greece

    i just came back from watching ‘the tree of life”‘…im so happy for brad because there’s a lot of people in the theater where I watched it. it is not as jampacked when i watched the tourist which is a commercial movie, but for this kind of movie i must say i am impressed with the audience turned out.and i watched the 5:30 pm showing .im sure the 8:30 pm will be full.most are adults, i want to take pictures of the audience but stop myself .they may think im nuts.everybody is serious, really concentrating..congratulations to brad and the cast .its a great movie i must say.i have to admit , this is the first time in my life that i watched yjis kind of movie.its so new to have to be deep to really appreciate, im sure they spent a lot of money to make this kind of movie.i am not a movie expert but the cinematography is perfect.those things that they showed , some are really new to me.i think it s universe or something.if you love nature then you will love those effects, i dont know how they call it.the sounds or shoud i say musical score, give me goosebumps especially the early part of the movie..its a really different kind of movie.its quite a long movie.we enter5:20 and got out almost 8pm. and, BRAD PITT is awesome in this movie.i dont see the hunk brad, he is so into his character.he is so effective as that kind of father.i wont say it not to spoil the movie.jessica is good too in this movie and the children as well .i think they have a lot of screen is a really different brad.he really palyed well his character.they( brad and jessica) are not striking in the movie.i think it is intentional .is it me ,or does sean penn has blue eyes or im just color blind.and jessica has lot of freckles or they just put that for the movie.i really dont like freckles.she kinda look like sissy spacek. i hope i spell it sure brad will be nominated for the oscar because i really didn’t recognize brad pitt.he is mr brien.they are also narrating here not too much sure this will be a huge success.btw,it is up against pirates of the carribean here .i saw on the schedule it is till wednesday only so i dont think i can watch it a lot of times like the tourist.and Kungfu panda 2 will start on june excited to watch it.we will bring many kids.

  • soopx1

    Thanks Jared.Love The JPs 4 Ever.

  • Skarsgirl

    Still gorgeous and sexy. He’s aging well, really well.

  • Miss BB

    Angelina Jolie doesn’t need to marry him they already have 6 kids, he will not leave her

  • annon

    Friday Box Office: ‘Hangover 2′ Opens Huge as Does Malick’s ‘Tree of Life’ in Limited Release

    Lastly, Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life, which won the Palme d’Or last weekend at the Cannes Film Festival, is finally in theaters and it took an estimated $115,000 from only four theaters in New York and Los Angeles, a $28,750 per theater average for one day. It will likely end the three-day weekend around $400,000 for a massive $100,000 per theater average for the weekend giving Fox Searchlight good reason why it opened it where it knew people would line up to see it.

  • Lovely family

    I can sosee these two getting marry. They should get marry , it will be the marriage of the century. They are so cute together and seem to be in love.

  • AJJA

    Gorgeous Brad. I’m glad to hear that they take time for each other. I don’t care how much help they have, you KNOW that they are 100% committed parents and must be exhausted all the time.


    I personally think they’ve been married for a while now. That kiss comment was hot. Love it!!! Suck it haterzzz! Muahaha! I love that Brad says Angie has given him love like even HE didn’t think he was capable of! Wow.

  • brad’s oscar campaign

    Angelina once said she would look at marriage when/if the kids asked, but she slyly said ,”the kids aren’t asking.” lol and now brad says the kids are asking. Angelina don’t do it. he might just get married if it’s a sure bet that he wins an oscar.

  • busted

    Wow new thread.

    OK we love the

    Mom and Dad are going off to “kiss” freaking cute and HOT at the same time..

    Well Mr. Pitt love your style and how you break it all down. He doesn’t talk much but when he does.. he can cut like a knife.


    And like I said on a previous thread. If they don’t get married. I’m ok.. but if they do.. I’m doing a serious HAPPY DANCE.

    The man is happy with his life. Why that bothers the fools is silly. Leave the man and his family alone.

  • brad’s oscar campaign

    should have added the part where he admits he didn’t see a reason to wait once he met Angie. How about someone named Jennifer?

  • cupcake


  • yuck

    The only one benefiting from their relationship is brad pitt. Angelina is anorexic and always looks depressed. he really did a number on her.

  • realist


    Everybody is aging. Numbskull. You think celebrities are not supposed to age?

  • yuck

    When johnny depp speaks about his family you believe it, when brad speaks about his family you know it’s all said to sell a movie. gross.

  • Hannah

    It is amazing to see Brad’s ability to say things in a cute also hot way. Gotta love Brad.

  • mary

    someone@ 05/28/2011 at 1:52 pm

    what’s the matter? are you jealous that Angie and Brad have a healthy normal relationship and you don’t.