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Eddie Cibrian: Surf's Up!

Eddie Cibrian: Surf's Up!

Eddie Cibrian hits the beach and enjoys an afternoon of surfing on Thursday (May 26) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The same day, the 37-year-old actor surprised wife LeAnn Rimes with a yacht cruise on the Sea of Cortez.

Eddie is now taking me on some kind of excursion…..not sure exactly WHAT we are doing! Fun!!” LeAnn wrote on her Twitter page the next day.

“Wow exhausted from being exhausted! Is that possible? Can’t move!” she wrote in another tweet, before wishing her fans a Happy Memorial Day Weekend.

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eddie cibrian surfing mexico 01
eddie cibrian surfing mexico 02
eddie cibrian surfing mexico 03
eddie cibrian surfing mexico 04
eddie cibrian surfing mexico 05
eddie cibrian surfing mexico 06
eddie cibrian surfing mexico 07

Photos: Flynet
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  • blair

    Career down.

  • Manda

    Is Eddie surfing on Leann, cause she is as flat as a surfboard.

  • JL

    Oh look, more staged photos of the most papped out honeymoon in history.

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    If Eddie spent as much time nurturing his kids as his own hedonistic pursuits he might be a worthwhile father.

  • toria

    Does she really think everyone cares what she does every minute of the day? She only has 129,000 followers which is pretty low for someone who who$res themselves out on a daily basis.

  • delat dengi

    ok. surfing.

  • !

    This should be called wh0remoon.

  • Yo-landi

    he’s pretty hot

  • Sarah

    who else thinks they’re paying justjared to post about them at least everyday? -_____-

  • gwen

    And what was the point in posting these photos of EC out and about CABO?

    That is right? This is just another case of how we point out the major flaws in WEWE and EC pr stunts and then they try to fix what we say by paying JUST JARED and Dailymail.

    So let’s see, we say that it’s obvious that WEWE and EC are tipping off the paps because we RARELY see photos of EC out and about by himself. Then we ask how come we haven’t seen any photos of EC out and about CaboAnd then one of WEWE mouthpieces(first DAILYMAIL and then JJ) addresses the issue by releasing photos of EC out and about by himself.

    And then people wonder why we think that WEWE is posting here on these sites and paying sites like JJ and Dailymail.

    So once again, instead of paying JJ and Dailymail to convince us that WEWE isn’t tipping off the paps because we have photos of EC out and about Cabo by himself, couldn’t WEWE have donated this money to the storm victims?

    Oh yeah, that’s right EC and WEWE don’t actually care about the victims of the storm. They are just use them so that they can promote their happy and in love farce.

    So let me guess, will Dailymail or JJ get the photos of WEWE and EC on their excursion? Of course WEWE is SO exhausted, remember she took the med for motion sickness. That was the funniest thing I have ever heard, EC “surprised” WEWE with a yacht trip knowing full well that she she has motion sickness. Yeah, that in itself is just inconsiderate of ECright? Unless EC didn’t plan the trip and WEWE was just once again feeding her mouthpiece some BS to make it look like EC cares about her.

    Seriously, what HW couple has released this many photos of them on their honeymoon? I don’t even think that Heidi and Spencer released this many photos when they got married.

    WEWE and EC are famewhores.

    Did anyone notice how this time WEWE and EC made sure that this photo-op didn’t have GSI media on it? Notice that this time it has been labeled with Flynet? Seriously, if WEWE and EC don’t care what we think, why do they go through the trouble to fix whatever flaws we point out?

    NBC/Playboy and TP should be so proud for investing in EC. So what are their plans to skew the results to cover up for the fact that EC and WEWE famewhoring is destroying their shows?

  • gwen

    In WEWE and EC case honeymoon=famewhoringmoon.

    So how come we didn’t see tons of photos of BS and ML on their honeymoon?

    Kate M and Prince W are 10x more famous and liked than WEWE and EC, did anyone recall seeing photos of them on their honeymoon?

    BTW, didn’t Reese W and Micheal B go on their honeymoon and were ONLY spotted for ONE DAY? Strange, so celebs are usually spotted on their honeymoons, yet it’s NEVER a DAILY or mutiple DAY thing like we are seeing with WEWE and EC.

    Wasn’t Paris H in Cabo and there was ONLY ONE photo of her?

    So how odd that WEWE and EC are being spotted DAILY on their honeymoon or mutiples time during the day while on their honeymoon, which is strange because they are not even in demand as evidenced by the fact that EC and WEWE are not even included in the top celebs lists on these sites?

    EC just looks so sleazy and gross in these photo-ops. In these surfing photos EC looks like he is posing. He looks drunk and out of place in the majority of thesefamewhoringmoon photos, sorta like how he looked out of it and drunk kon his wedding day(we know that EC was drunk thanks to WEWE interviews with People mag where she talks about how she and EC danced and got drunk before the wedding). It’s a shame that EC gets so drunk that it comes across that way in these photos. Right now, based on these famewhoringmoon photo-ops who would watch Playboy? Seriously NBC, you need to get EC under control. This isn’t sexy or hot.

  • LoriLori

    she has to twitter everything in addition to calling the paps, Cibrian is a cheater he won’t stay long.
    LeAnn STHU

  • gwen

    FAMEWHORE(from Urban dictionary):

    Someone who craves the spotlight. Usually this person has no talent to begin with. which makes it all the more horrid.

  • gwen

    Heidi Jr and Spencer Jr, opps I mean EC and WEWE win the award for the most papped out honeymoon in the history of the world, and the sad thing is that WEWE and EC aren’t even one of those HW couples who are in demand, just ask JJ why they STILL haven’t included WEWE in their top celeb list. With as much as JJ posts about WEWE and EC shouldn’t WEWE have the top spot in their top celeb list? That is just so odd.

  • gwen

    Blake S and Reba RAISED 500,000 for charity.

    Way to go BS, he did a charity event and he didn’t once call up JUST JARED, Dailymail, People mag, US Weekly, popsugar, radaronline, and the Celeb gossip site so that they can get “candid” shots of him and his NEW wife making out on yachts and beaches or surfing while on their honeymoon.

    Odd how NONE of the other celebs wasted thousands of dollars on staging pda/surfing photo-ops because as you can see what was more important to them was that the victims of these storms get financial and emotional support for what happened to them. That is what counts the most, when celebs do charity work without turning it into a “LOOK AT ME, EC loves me and I can prove it by having EC host the show and then do a Q and A so that we can gush about our REEL lovE and share it when we are supposed to be focusing on others” or a “We are not tipping off the paps and to prove that the paps are hounding us all the time here are photos of EC out and about Cabo by himself” photo-op.

    Did Blake S and Reba have a Q and A or release photos of himself surfing to Dailymail or JJ? I guess not, their focus was actually on the victims of the storm. Q and A and surfing photos are only for charity events where famewhores like WEWE and EC use charity to promote them and their relationship.

  • Sara

    I Dont Like Him

  • Esther

    How asinine and hypocritical of LeAnn acting like she is the one being stalked by the paps when in fact she is the one that hires them to follow her/him around.

  • billie

    why she have to share everything EVERYTHING on twitter ? there’s no privacy or she just trying so hard to prove something to the world

  • Esther

    I have to agree with the other posters, “World’s Most Papped Out Honeymoon”. I have ‘NEVER’ seen anything like this in my years on this earth.

  • Speidi

    We just wanted to say we are embarassed by these two idiots!

  • boston61

    He is using her. Don’t believe he is in love. Just a feeling I have. He is obviously aware of his own beauty.

  • Brainy box


  • Dude…

    Dude, he’s not aging well. I call that karma…

  • gwen

    WEWE and EC are putting a lot of time in papping themselves out on their famewhoringmoon.

    It makes we wonder, is all this famewhoring in Cabo for WEWE and EC up and coming reality tv show about their lives as newlyweds? It would make sense why EC was included in the Florida charity event. WEWE can’t do the reality tv show without EC, so they worked him into the charity benefit so that EC would be able to be featured on their reality tv show.

  • Patty

    I suppose these pics for publicity are so they can take all their trips off their taxes as bussiness expenses. That way we get to pay their share to the government. I think this is a commercial Hollywood marriage. Once Cibriane gets on his feet, he’ll dump Rimes. He’s a turd and she’s a turdess. Who would want to bed a pigs like them?

  • Theresa

    Gwen…you guys are the same ones who read and comment all the time. EVERY famous person tweets where they are going to perform, do benefits, etc. WTH are you talking about???? You need to get a life.

  • gwen


    Hi frannie plate/athena!!

    So basically you are upset because once again another one of WEWE and EC bright ideas has backfired.

    I was wondering when you were going to pop up. So do I need to save my posts since you are “officially back”?

    1) “Gwen…you guys are the same ones who read and comment all the time.”

    And your point? Based on your own logic are YOU the same person who read and comment on OUR posts all the time?

    2) EVERY famous person tweets where they are going to perform, do benefits, etc”

    Really? So when we see photos of WEWE and EC in Cabo, they are performing?

    Thanks for confirming what we have been saying all along, WEWE and EC are tipping off the paps.

    3)”WTH are you talking about????”

    TRANSLATION: You are upset because WEWE and EC are being called out for their famewhoring.

    4) You need to get a life.

    So then by your own logic, WEWE needs to get a life since she is constantly tweeting, right?

    Don’t you have to get a life because obviously you are here reading what we are writing right?

    BTW, speaking of getting a life why are you even in these threads reading what we are saying since it bothers you so much?

  • gwen


    Speaking of getting a life, how come WEWE and EC are using the misfortunes of others to promote their relationship?

    BS and Reba were able to raise money for the storm victims and not once did they put their personal lives ahead of the needs of the victims. Go Figure.

  • Charlene

    Maybe all popular people do tweet a lot but Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian aren’t popular. People use it as fodder against them and she just keeps on a tweetin’. There is a teacher in the city that I live in with more followers that Leann Rimes. They pay the paparazzi and pay for “news” to be published about them on these sites. I guess the problem is that they can’t pay enough people to post positive things and that the only ones who do, tend to attack and insult the posters who say negative things about this couple, rather than post positive things about them. As no one seems to be paying for peoples real opinions, they are many and mostly negative. Not all people behave the same and so although other people tweet and do benefits, they carry themselves in a more dignified and honorable way and aren’t fame mongering losers who have to pay for paps to follow them around and who have better things to do that verbally assault people on gossip boards who don’t like them.

  • Ginny

    Why are these two featured so much on this site JJ? What are they famous for other than both cheating on their families. Enough already. These two need to lay low for a while.

  • Ginny

    He cheated on his wife more than once so he will do it again to you Leann. No matter how much you want to believe him, you will have to watch him for the rest of your marriage. So glad that’s not me!

  • JESS

    If you want to be taken seriously, get your “bonus” wife to stop sending these pics to the paps. See your career going further south is all.

  • Vivienne

    Something extremely fishy about this whole relationship. Quickie wedding. Very tasteless comments from the groom which even if meant to be funny, no new bride wants to hear. I would have been devastated if my husband had said that and then let it be released to the public. Think that Eddie was trying to let us (and probably Brandi) know that he wasn’t doing this out of choice. We all know that Brandi kicked Eddie to the curb as she had finally had enough. We all know that he tried and wanted to go home but she didn’t want him back. So this relationship suits them both. He gets a home with free board and spending money as well as somewhere to bring the boys when he has access. She gets the guy she was chasing so hard after. I think that they both have buyers remorse but both need to make it work as they don’t want to look like fools and Leann had tweeted so hard about her “love” being greater than the need to observe decency. She knew that she would look like a fool. These two know that they are not liked and not doing anything of note in the business. They are on this road because they have to now. Think about it.

  • Vivienne

    From the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall site:
    The silent auction will include signed memorabilia from Justin Bieber, Kelly Clarkson, Kim Kardashian, Reba McEntire, the cast of ‘Glee,’ and a special auction for a private drink with LeAnn Rimes and husband Eddie Cibrian following the show.

    $100.00 for VIP seating (75). VIP seating includes a signed 8×10 photograph from LeAnn Rimes and a private Q&A.

    For $100 you can have a Q and A with Eddie and Leann – the only ones foolish enough to pay that price are her friends and family and the paid for press so that she can have them report back that they are a misunderstood couple who are just trying to do a little good for the world!

    Or you can bid on a drink with them both after the show – better hope that a beautiful girl doesn’t win Leann as you know what happens next!

  • Sam and Shells

    Photos of a bought man…………………

  • celine

    Eddie, lose the crazy baggage and concentrate on working. There is a chance for you. You could come out on top of this whole public mess. Spend some time being a Dad and you will earn respect. Leann is over but you have a chance hon.

  • Kel

    That O&A could be pretty uncoomfortable, not that those two have any shame. Do you think people will be told not to ask personal questions or will Leann & Eddie just lie like they always do?

  • Elley Bea

    The only people silly enough to pay $100 will be friends and family and they will have been schooled. You can bet that there will be a list of no go areas. This is such a PR stunt !!!!! We are going to see those Q and A’s here as well as the Daily Mail. The questions will be staged to give these two cheaters the opportunity to explain how their love over-rules the way they behaved and to promote whatever projects they have coming up. Maybe a few tears from LR as well. Think I have summed it up. Watch this space, ha ha….

  • mae

    She looks terrible. Awkwardly disturbing. What she sees in the mirror isn’t what the world sees. She is so proud and smug but not a reason to be. Her and Eddie definitely deserve each other. KARMA!!!

  • elaine

    Eddie And Arnold need to team up. they have the same morals. oh, yes must not forget Jesse james,too. beautiful wives at home and they all 3 cheat with the 3 ugliest women they can find at least Edddie is there for the money

  • K

    Lordy Lordy this man melts me!!!!!

  • Josie

    He looks like such a sleaze bag. I guess his looks just mirror his behavior.

  • @farei

    @ speak for someone else – not all white guys like gross and flab-skinny.
    I’m white but I wouldnt date ” boney white hipless Michael Jacked-son” (leann) on the left or “past her prime granny bones and cellulite” (Brandi) on the right.
    Brandi and Leann are both ugly women. Leann needs to give it up she isn’t and never will be a sex symbol and Brandi needed to hang it up six years ago when she turned 42.
    Eddie can’t do much better than those two fug bytches bc he’s broke and talentless.

  • @farei

    @ speak for someone else – not all white guys like gross and flab-skinny.
    I’m white but I wouldnt date ” boney white hipless Michael Jacked-son” (leann) on the left or “past her prime granny bones and cellulite” (Brandi) on the right.
    Brandi and Leann are both ugly women. Leann needs to give it up she isn’t and never will be a sex symbol and Brandi needed to hang it up six years ago when she turned 42.
    Eddie can’t do much better than those two fug bytches bc he’s broke and talentless.

  • @farei

    @ speak for someone else – not all white guys like gross and flab-skinny.
    I’m white but I wouldnt date ” boney white hipless Michael Jacked-son” (leann) on the left or “past her prime granny bones and cellulite” (Brandi) on the right.
    Brandi and Leann are both ugly women. Leann needs to give it up she isn’t and never will be a sex symbol and Brandi needed to hang it up six years ago when she turned 42.
    Eddie can’t do much better than those two fug bytches bc he’s broke and talentless.

  • Stevie

    Watch out Eddie – the missus is tweeting about wanting babies – you can’t afford the child support you have now! She won’t be as easy to leave as the first one you know. We will be reading the tweets for the next 5 years!

  • gwen


    They are asking people to pay $100 for a private Q and A, which will somehow (via WEWE herself) get leaked to JJ, People mag, Dailymail, and etc…? That is such a shame because according to WEWE tweets and these STAGED photo-ops, WEWE has spent thousands upon thousands on these famewhoringmoon STAGED photo-ops alone. It’s wrong to ask people to donate $100 when EC is in Cabo surfing and taking yacht rides.

    Of course WEWE is tweeting about babies. EC is cheating on WEWE(so I take it that the friend who showed up in Cabo was really EC mistress) and WEWE somehow thinks that a baby is a bandaid that has the power to fix their relationship and make EC stop cheating.
    And as usual WEWE is once again trying to draw attention to their Cabo famewhoringmoon because their STAGED photo-ops are backfiring immensely, so what better way to do that than to tweet about babies it in hopes that media outlets write an article about it and of course get photos of her and EC out and about Cabo on Sat or today?

    Two more celebs just got married and we know what that means from camp WEWE. Media blitz.

    BTW, I thought joint custody was between BG and EC. Not BG and EC team of babysitters(ie-the nanny, EC parents, and WEWE friends). BG needs a new lawyer because all EC is doing is passing the kids off to everyone. So EC only did joint custody because he wants to control BG.

  • Kel

    True. This douche is a beach bum while his kids are staying with a nanny. Hope someone asks him about that at the Q & A.

  • gwen

    WEWE said that she and EC didn’t take the kids to Cabo with them because it was just for them?

    If the honeymoon was just for her and EC, why then did WEWE invite the paps along so that they could get “candid” shots of her and EC on a beach and yacht; invite her friends D and L to Cabo(which we all know was a quiet way of sneaking EC mistress to Cabo without any detection from the paps); tweeting nonstop(WHO TWEETS THAT MUCH ON THEIR HONEYMOON, shouldn’t WEWE be locked up somewhere enjoying EC?Perhaps EC is locked up in a room with another woman.); and posting twitpics of her in bikinis and her and EC on the yacht, on the beach, and at the dune buggy place?

    If the honeymoon was just for her and EC, then wouldn’t she have followed MS and BL and Kate M or Prince W example? Even Reese W and Micheal B managed to go on their honeymoon and be spotted ONLY once because their honeymoon was for them. When we see DAILY photo-ops, DAILY twitpics from WEWE herself, and mutiple shots of EC and WEWE during the day, that in itself says that this honeymoon was set up for FAMEWHORING, an attempt to promote EC and WEWE relationship, not for EC and WEWE to spend time together. Besides, didn’t WEWE and EC spend time together in NY when EC surprised her early and when they took that prewedding vacation?

    WEWE didn’t want the kids around because she didn’t want them to steal her thunder. WEWE has an album/single, possibly a reality tv show about their life as newly weds(which explains why the kids couldn’t be there), and her relationship with EC to promote.Which WEWE confirms with each tweet, twitpic of herself in the bikini, and staged photo-op.

    WEWE didn’t allow the kids to spend time with their mother while she and EC are on vacation because she wants BG to know that WEWE controls EVERYTHING, even when BG gets her kids.

  • Jessica J-H

    Saw today’s tweet photos of bikini shots… cripes! Large head, bony pelvis. Something very wrong looking with this girl now. You didn’t look like this a few months ago. What happened to you? Please eat something Leann. Your face is all wrong now. Huge teeth in a sunken face. Eating dIsorder alert. Your hubby needs some talking to if he thinks this is okay. Honestly, no guy is worth this! He is just not worth it and will be looking elsewhere before long if you don’t sort it. He just ain’t all that girl!