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Kate Winslet: El Museo 2011 Gala

Kate Winslet: El Museo 2011 Gala

Kate Winslet departs from the El Museo 2011 Gala on Thursday (May 26) in New York City.

The 35-year-old actress’s blockbuster film, Titanic, will be re-released in 3-D next year honoring the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the iconic vessel. “There’s a whole generation that’s never seen Titanic as it was meant to be seen, on the big screen,” director James Cameron said in a statement.

“And this will be Titanic as you’ve never seen it before, digitally re-mastered at 4K and painstakingly converted to 3D. With the emotional power intact and the images more powerful than ever, this will be an epic experience for fans and newcomers alike.”

FYI: Kate is wearing a white and black silk faille Narciso Rodriguez gown.

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  • han

    She’s incredibly hot and voluptuous. Woah..

  • Ele

    One of the best actresses of all times. And a wonderful woman too. <3

  • lol

    35 my ass

  • mary

    she’s beautiful. and to think, james cameron made her life miserable on the set of Titanic because he thought she was too fat. no wonder Kate will never work with him again

  • naturegirl

    The greased up pig is sliding out of her dress

  • marq

    4K is the bomb. It is the point of intersection of video and film.

  • Marisa

    She looks so gorgeous! Love her.

  • Isabela

    she’s an amazing actress and so beautiful, I love knowing about her, sh’es so sweet :)

  • tim

    @naturegirl: you are the greased up pig!!!!!

  • http://lewis Ká simply amazing!!!!!!!

    Like cry and Tired

  • Katie

    She looks sweaty and not that “hot” as some want to say.. Sorry she is looking a bit rough in those pics..

    But not to fear.. she will be seminude in a photoshoot soon. spouting off yet again about her weight and how she doesn’t care..

    Yeah.. like she dropped all those pounds when she was dating that younger guy.

    she is a good actress but she is such a liar and fake.

    DEAL.. She wants so bad to be sexy and thought of that way.

    LOL at all the fans that think she and Leo were ever going to get together. She is a mature woman.. Leo goes for airheads.. I bet Kate thought she had a chance when he was newly single.

    but Blake seems to be the next Leo airhead.

  • boston61

    She just looks like a big OK looking girl. Amazing what they can do with her in pictures.

  • http://ber Sl igo lambert ^_______^ cute

    What happen for her?

  • kris

    if somebody choose blake lively instead of kate winslet needs to kiss my ass

  • Brainy box


  • marq

    Who is the nitwit, dimwit halfwit,, addlepated numskull, that gave me a negative for touting 4K?

    Read the post. Get a clue. 4K is the new standard for excellence in video/movie technology.

  • http://@lilycheungg lilyy

    nobody satys perfect forever.
    she’s naturally gorgeous i think and she is a very powerful and emotional actress.<3
    all the best for Kate!

  • leo

    she is not ageing well !

  • naturegirl

    EEEWWWW #9 i hit a nerve BITE ME!!! PIG IN A BLANKET, YOU TOO???

  • sdlasferotije

    amazing actress

  • http://computer peggy

    @Katie: She is really photoshopped in the Ads for St Johns. You don’t expose legs and breast in the same dress, unless you need attention. She is too fat for Leo, they can have horse faces but their legs need to be long and slim. Kate I’m afraid, the directors and producers like them young in hollywood, so tough luck trying to catch another husband.

  • Marisa

    @peggy You sound so bitter and jealous. First off the cut in her dress isn’t even that daring, you only see more of her leg obviously because she’s walking and lifting up her dress so she doesn’t step over it. Second of all, her boobs aren’t hanging out. It’s an appropriate cut for cleavage. Who cares if she’s committing a fashion sin? Great thing about her is she probably doesn’t care about the rules of fashion. And what’s with her being too fat for Leo? Are people still under the impression that they’re getting together soon? They’re friends, if there was more to their relationship then something would’ve happened a long time ago. It’s been at least 11 years now since they’ve been friends and both have had no problem breaking up with their partners in the past, so their partners weren’t in the way. If they loved each other that way they would’ve been together by now. Leo likes to flirt and explore. Kate is a lot more family orientated. They’re complete opposites in that respect. Kate doesn’t have to worry about getting the attention of directors and producers because she got famous for her TALENT. She didn’t coast on her looks, she made a name for herself the right way. If you look at the actresses who used their looks to get parts, their careers are down the drain now. Same thing will happen to the young actresses now who use their looks – in several years, they won’t have good careers. But Kate is well known for her acting talent and that’s what she focuses on. Don’t worry peggy, Kate will be around for decades. Directors are coming to her because they want someone talented. And how exactly is she looking for another husband simply by going out? She’s not going to pick up her kids, she’s going to an event and her outfit is totally fine. You’re beyond jealous of her.

  • blah

    Not that pretty and she looks wayyy older then 35 she looks about 45 or older

  • http://I_Speak_Whale ispeakwhale

    N’aww, love this gyal

    Yeah they may not be the best pictures of her, but we love her anyway! Can’t wait for the re-release of titanic

  • http://computer peggy

    @Marisa: Directors are coming to her? Producers look for funding, studios are interested in the bottom line, money. Why you think there is Pirates 1-4 and hangover 2 not for the acting. Take away Titanic, when have Kate ever had a movie be a box office success. Bitter and jealous over Kate who dump her first husband, who was taking care of their baby to snatch Rachel Weitz’s boyfriend. After she finally won an Oscar who did she thank with her husband sitting there, Leo, because she knew her husband had a girlfriend already. leo and kate are friends because leo wants it that way, models are his type.
    Oh she cares about fashion, just most of the time she misses.

  • Marisa

    @peggy She’s still getting good quality parts. That means directors are interested in her and it’s because of her talent. She doesn’t make movies like Pirates and The Hangover so I don’t see your point. Whatever you tried to say doesn’t make sense. Some directors are more interested in making movies for money, others are more interested in the art. The entertainment industry is a business obviously, people are getting paid. But Kate is not a blockbuster star. She never was, and she never tried to be. After Titanic what did she do? She went to do low key films because that’s what she wants, she doesn’t want big blockbusters. Directors who think the same way are interested in her. Titanic was not an expected success, in fact people thought it would flop at the time of its release. The success was so overwhelming.

    Also, just because she made mistakes in life and things didn’t run smoothly it doesn’t mean you aren’t jealous. No one is perfect. You can’t be jealous of a perfect person because perfect people don’t exist. I can tell by your snide comments that you’re bitter. She dumped her first husband because he didn’t love her, and why stick in a marriage like that especially with a baby? She did it for the sake of her daughter. Secondly, Sam Mendes was single when he met Kate. Oh and Kate didn’t thank Leo at the Oscars, didn’t even mention him. That was at the Golden Globes and she only mentioned him because she won for Revolutionary Road which was a film close to her heart. They’ve only been friends for, oh, nearly 11 years. It was completely normal for her to be emotional, and she did thank her husband as well.

    The points you made are completely incoherent. Why does it matter that Kate doesn’t have box office success? She’s not a blockbuster star. She doesn’t act in big movies, she doesn’t act for high box office numbers. Educate yourself before you attempt to respond to me.

  • http://computer peggy

    Good quality parts my foot. Any Actor want a block buster, because they can demand a higer salary. That is your excuse her husband did not love her OK. Studios want actor/tresses that can put buts in seats, breaking it down to you crayola style. The points may be incoherent but you understood then well enough to reply rocket scientist(not). Don’t worry she will be nude in another low budget movie that no one will watch, a year or two and the director will be saying keep your clothes on at Lifetime.

  • Marisa

    @peggy Any actor wants a blockbuster? Then why isn’t she doing any blockbusters? The last blockbuster she did was Titanic and even then no one knew it would turn into a phenomenon. Tons of actors/actresses don’t do blockbusters. Some do demand higher salaries in films but that doesn’t automatically make the film a blockbuster, it just means they want more money for themselves. Do you know what the word ‘blockbuster’ means in the context of the film industry? Look it up. You’re either confused or deluded, or both. And she does get good quality parts. You must not have seen any of her work if you think she doesn’t. Regardless of how her films do at the box office, that doesn’t take away from the fact that the characters she has played over the years are meaty roles and she has a good track record (awards-wise) to prove it. If she cared about box office records, she’d be doing more blockbusters. She cares about the acting. In a year or two Kate will continue working in this business, getting great character-driven pieces, while you eat up all your words. I hate to burst your bubble, but you won’t be seeing her in Lifetime movies. Do you think she’s a washed up actress looking for blockbusters? If that’s what you believe, I don’t know what Kate Winslet you’re talking about. She’s a very well accomplished actress and is only 35 to boot, she’s just entering her prime. She has accomplished as much as actresses in their 60s and 70s. That woman will be around for decades, whether you like it or not. I personally have nothing to worry about. You on the other hand should do some more research on Kate’s work because your responses are void of knowledge regarding her career and just her in general.

    Even though your points are incoherent, I am capable enough to *try* and understand you. Why do you think I’m replying to you with these lengthy responses? For shits and giggles? No, it’s because of the fact that I don’t completely understand you and I’m trying to figure out what you mean. But based on this new response, I’m pretty comfortable in saying you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. Enjoy your Lifetime movies without Ms. Winslet.

  • http://I_Speak_Whale ispeakwhale

    @mary: How d’you know James Cameron made comments about her weight?