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Leonardo DiCaprio: Fun in the Sun!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Fun in the Sun!

Leonardo DiCaprio enjoys some fun in the sun at the Monte Carlo Beach Club on Thursday (May 26) in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

The 36-year-old actor kept it casual in a white t-shirt and shorts. Leo spent the day hanging out with friends, catching some rays, and playing cards.

Earlier this week, Leonardo visited Italy to attend Naomi Campbell‘s birthday party!

Leo has recently been connected to 23-year-old actress Blake Lively. The two were spotted leaving the same hotel at separate times to avoid prying eyes.

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leonardo dicaprio hanging out 01
leonardo dicaprio hanging out 02
leonardo dicaprio hanging out 03
leonardo dicaprio hanging out 04

Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • katie

    He has a terrible body.. Never found him attractive..

    OK attack me for telling the truth..

    LEO has a gut..

  • Natalie

    And why isn`t the brunette girl mentioned? There were photos of them and info that they shared a private cabana.

  • James

    How does he always have a hat on? How many does he own!

    One of the best actors in the world though.

  • Harley

    He looks so good in the last picture.

  • Anon

    I just died!

  • http://lewis Ká simply amazing!!!!!!!

    Cute leo :)

  • FrG

    He’s great !!!

    And it’s MONACO Jared!!!! MONACO not Monico !!!!!!

  • Celia

    He’s a hottie.

  • Nicki

    Nice to see him without sun glasses or a cap! Thanks JARED!

  • Perfect

    He looks amazing… Nice to seem him without Fake Legsly.
    lol. just made that one up :)

  • SashaT

    So Jared… you chose the pictures where we don’t see the mysterious brunette? Why don’t show her? We know she was around him. But you guys always choose to show different versions of photos….

    It’s like the ones with Horse face Livey…. they made it seem like there were only the two of them… while other people were already in the car… like Lukas Haas.

  • rose

    I like the fact that Leo body is not perfect, its fine by me.

  • FrG

    I love to see that Leo is spending his holidays in France!!! Because i’m French!! LOL
    First Cannes then Saint-Paul de Vence then Monaco… What’s next?? Paris probably…? I remember he was at the tennis competition Roland Garros with his mother and grandmother like 5 years ago!!
    It’s the period right now, maybe he will be at the finale of Roland Garros in a few days…

  • Fan of Leo

    I think he lost weight. He’s still gorgeous, though. But he lost his muscles.

  • harley

    When he is thinner like this, he is prettier in the face than when he is bulked up with some muscles. I like him better like this.

  • boston61

    He is just an actor. AKA. A paid clown.

  • Happy
  • AJJA

    He looks great. His hair is getting really long. I don’t know what that other poster is thinking he’s in great shape.

  • Me Myself and Leo

    There’s the player. This guy has the best life. I wonder what beauty he’ll be with next?

  • PrettyGrr

    Thank you, Jared, another Leo post! Because we were running out of space for comments in the previous thread :)))
    Anyway, Leo is hot and Blake is not. More, more Leo standing, sitting, drinking, smoking, laughing, hiding (under his hat) and walking!

  • Mr. Gatsby

    When does he start filming? Is there a specific location that is going to be used? I’m wondering if we’ll get filming shots if he’s in Australia. Sorry for all the questions.

  • yaya

    so he is done filming J. Edgar already?

  • C / G

    I was checkingin before heading out and what do we get….. Yeah….!!!! Another Leo thread. This has been a treat the last few weeks. THANKS JJ.
    LD is looking great. Nice tan. His hair is a lot wavier than I realized, or is that residual hairdo from J. Edgar? @Brasil… we have another great hand picture! I think I’m developing a fetish. LOL.
    Have a great night, LEO-fans.

  • C / G

    @yaya: yeah. He finished at awhile ago. It is supposed to be coming out at the end of the year. Fingers crossed this might be the statuette film.

  • Domino

    First off, who says he needs muscles? I love his gut!

    Also, I agree about the brunette, what is going on? Why don’t you show her? They were seen cuddling. She’s cute!

  • PrettyGrr

    @Domino: where were they “seen cuddling?” I want to see those pix!

  • Domino

    @PrettyGrr: It was at an Italian site, it seemed to be like from that same set from the hotel with Blake? They were being playful together, it was very cute. I’ll see if I can find them.

  • Tinkerbell’sSidekick

    We are getting a little OD on the LD…not that I am minding! lol! So he went back to Monaco? Hmmmm…The plot thickens….lol!

  • Really?

    JustJared, these pics are from 3 days ago, why are you posting them now???

  • Domino

    That is her, she’s not saying anything. She’s a model, she’s gorgeous. I’m looking for the pics though.

  • PrettyGrr

    @Really?: he posts them little by little so we won’t OD :)

  • April

    Just saw the D-listed article about Leo and Blake leaving the hotel, wow, harsh, but also true, I laughed, I’m a fan but I laughed. Very brave of D-listed to point out Leo’s phoniness.

  • Elena

    he used to be soo hot now not so much
    such a shame

  • Domino

    @April: Leo’s? LMAO. Okay.

  • Domino

    Melissa (the mysterious brunette) and Leonardo arrived to Italy in his private jet together.

    So adorable!

  • Tinkerbell’sSidekick

    @Domino: I don’t know Italian but MS is very pretty. I think everyone is just having fun and starting summer early! lol! I am flashing on the summer 2009 when LD was seen w/AV and about a thousand other models. I am a little confused about the timing here b/c he was suppose to be in Monaco early in the week, then it looks like he went to France to see BL and now back in Monaco? I guess I don’t care that much as long as we keep the pics coming and the “x” isn’t in them! lol!

  • Domino

    @Tinkerbell’sSidekick: She is! And she seems to take all the Leo questions gracefully in that video. Yeah, I agree. I guess he’s just all over the place relaxing. And haha, completely agree with that last part! I love the pictures from this post since it’s him all by himself.

  • @Domino

    Melissa is beautiful but there was ANOTHER brunette around Leo last week. Her name is Natalie and there were photos of them together at this beach club. Allegedly they shared a private cabana, they were `watching the sea`, having some food … and what not. Where are the photos of Leo and the OTHER mystery brunette?

  • Natalie

    Thanks for the link to the video. Does anyone know what she said? The title means the `whole truth` about me and Leonardo Dicaprio…

  • Brasil

    C / G: another great hand picture, I love it! Leo is looking so fine, sexy!!!

  • Domino

    I don’t know I haven’t heard about this Natalie, only about Melissa. Leo, you dog. XD He’s having fun at least.

    @Natalie: I speak Spanish not Italian, they are slightly similar though not completely by any means. I can gather some stuff though. She simply turns down the questions with smiles and laughs. It seems like she doesn’t deny anything at the least, but doesn’t confirm either.

  • @Domino

    Thanks for the info about the video.
    Here is the link to the photos with the other brunette:

  • @Domino

    Thank you for the info about the video. It would have been surprising to hear confirmation or details.
    Here is the link to the photos with the other brunette:

  • strikea’ pose

    sick to my stomach with all the drooling over an a-list who got d-listed! haha! btw, APRIL, i had a big laugh too reading the post on D-Listed. it waaaaaaaaas hilarious, they have awesome sense of humor. lmao. make the article worth reading and…. enjoying!

  • curi2

    @Tinkerbell’sSidekick: These are from Thursday,is what the date says.Nice pics even if they are a couple of days old.

  • april fool


    melissa is pretty

    blake is pretty and an actresss

    “mystery girl” is ugly

    that’s why you like her

    you’re ugly too

    that’s why you like her

    even worse, you’re boring


  • I know you are

    @april fool:

    ur the ugly one!!

  • Tinkerbell’sSidekick “Mystery brunette” of MC is cute enough but she is missing an important attribute that leaves her out of the running for being LD’s next gf: well developed tata’s. lol! I know someone will probably get a little ticked over that part, but we all know LD likes long legs and tata’s. and “mystery brunette” does not have any it looks like. Maybe she could get the number of “x” doctor who gave her those fake ones? lol!

  • D-listed

    @April: Thanks for bringing up that post on Dlisted. It was so funny! Walk of fame, publicists with headsets on the top of the hill, took 3 hours for a stylist to get the after sex hair… I couldn`t stop laughing at it and I loved it just like the comments. I love their angle and I agree. Thanks again!

  • Mystery girls

    Gisele didn`t and still doesn`t have developed tatas. I don`t necessarily think these `mystery girls` need to become girlfriends. Fun under the sun. That`s what he needs right now not a girlfriend. He should keep them coming until he finds a nice new girlfriend.