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Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady: Brunch with Benjamin!

Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady: Brunch with Benjamin!

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady exit Taverna Tony after eating a leisurely brunch with their son Benjamin on Saturday (May 28) in Malibu, Calif.

The 30-year-old Brazilian supermodel (in an Edun dress) and her 33-year-old husband waited for their valet before driving off to enjoy the rest of their weekend with little Benjamin, 1.

The day before, Gisele worked up a sweat at her local gym after a lengthy workout.

Earlier this week, Gisele and Tom vacationed in sunny Mexico, sans baby Benjamin, and spent their time relaxing by the pool!

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  • gen

    Damn He’s hot !!!!

  • love

    Beautiful family

  • AyeM

    Ugly family.

    Why arent they in Boston?

  • YG


    Ugly? Curious what you & you’re family look like.

  • Moss

    Funny looking baby

  • Renee


    Damn he’s NOT!

  • Hmmm

    She should have stuck with Leonardo DiCaprio instead of this monkey.

  • the last supermodel

    Gorgeous family. I love little Ben’s cap. He looks so much like Tom.

  • He looks like an ape

    Tom drives a Rolls-Royce now? LMAO, what a douche!!!!!

    20,000 sq ft house and rolls-Royce, and Gisele is allegedly “down to earth” and “simple”

    LOL!!! What BS!!

  • HRH Party One

    Brady started looking like a total douche bag!! Moynahan’s angelic boy, Jack is much cuter than Gisele’s.

  • lol

    Haters LOL
    tom is SEXY and ben is CUTE

  • Kim G.

    Look at the couple right below this post. CLASS and elegance.

    Now look at this tacky ape Brady and his brain dead wife Gisele. Trash!!!

  • M

    His so handsome!

  • M

    He’s so sexy and she’s gorgeous!

  • M

    Ben is a cutie

  • M

    He’s hot , she’s gorgeous! love this family

  • anne

    Funny how he is never seen with his other child, I guess it doesn’t fit into the wholesome family guy image of his.

  • cindy

    haters are the first to comment because they google Gisele day and night, while she has fun with her beautiful family, can you spot the difference between people who suceed???

  • cindy

    Haters are the first to comment… the reason for that is they google Gisele 24/7,while she is happy with her family and make $$$$$$$. Can you spot the difference between beautiful, successful people and losers???

  • lexy hates bilson

    What a great couple! She’s so beautiful!!

  • j

    why are they not spending time with his other son anymore??

  • Jen

    Why aren’t they ever in Boston? Think they’re too good for the city?

    And that child is too old to have a pacifier.

  • Brainy box


  • Afan

    cute baby.. not sure what to make of Tom but the all around golden boy image I don’t buy.. the media has been dogging him out about his hair, questionable crying when talking about his draft etc.. I will say they seem and appear to be a happy people and people should leave them alone, but I don’t think the marriage will last not because they don’t love each other but what marriage in Hollywood La La Land does always under so mich stress and scrunity .. unless they go and live in another country like Thailand or New Zealand and not in the spot light all the time and hide out for years but with all that pressure to look and be happy all the time and marriage is stress enough with the happiest of couples…

  • spunk101

    Benjamin is cute. Beautiful couple.

  • boston61

    He is such a poser. As bad a Beckham. Always with the cute hats and scarfs.

  • SpeakindaTruth

    OMG, Tom freakin’ Brady is freakin’ oh so freakin’ sexy. OMG he cut some of his hair too. Can’t wait for him to get da buzzcut again. This lockout needs to end NOW.

    Benjamin is not as cute as Jack, Jack looks exactly like a freakin’ clone of the oh so sexiest man alive Tom Brady. Maybe in a few years Ben will be in Jack’s league though.

    And yeah if you make what Tom and Gi make combined ain’t nuttin’ wrong with splurgin’ on Rolls’ and Mega mansions, just cuz you broke and will never have the means to afford dat ish, or look as good as they do in public, you don’t have to start calling the man a douche and if he looks ape-ish, then them apes are starting to look really good. BTW Gi spent time with both sons a few days ago.. .go to popsugah honey.

  • stef

    @Afan THey will never break up. And they have nothing to do with Hollywood.
    THery live 7 month per year in Boston



  • S@n
  • bobbi

    Cute family for sure :o)

  • Dawn

    His oldest son is being raised in LA. He has family in CA. That’s why he is always in LA during the off season. What is it so hard for people to comprehend that?

  • brazilian


    Bruan, you and Greta are the same person. Always writing the same stupid thing. Are you nazi? This is so freak. Gisele isn’t german, she is BRAZILIAN. Her parents and grandparents are brazilian. Gisele belongs to the sixth generation of german people in BRAZIL, but she is BRAZILIAN and every Brazilian citizen has an ancestor from other places (Portugal, Africa, Italy, Germany, Japan, Lebanon, Netherlands, …) or has indian ancestor. But we are all Brazilian.

  • Saint

    Ugly German people.

    Anyway. I called it. Bridget’s boy is better looking.

    As long as Tom and his dude don’t have a girl child, because it will be ugly as Gisele and gigantic. Huge.

  • wq

    He looks heavy….man boobs.

  • Taylor

    He’s such a hunk!

  • god


    every once in awhile i see an article about this family AND EVERY ONCE IN AWHILE YOU OR SOMEONE QUESTIONS WHY ARENT THEY IN BOSTON are you a stalker or mentaly ill why dou you care? do you keep stalking them in Boston or what???

  • monay

    I think it’s funny the child he never wanted ended up looking exaclty like him.

    Jack Moynahan is so cute……

  • Willow

    Awww, what a beautiful family! Gorgeous child!

  • lisali

    Such a cute family..annnnd did Tom get a haircut?

  • mmmmm

    Gisele looks like a tranny

  • Gail

    Gorgeous fam. Boston people and Bridget’s only 3 fans on the planet go google her. Her google rates could use a boost. They are quite low compared to The Goddess whom is Gisele. fyi; yep Leave the immature Brdige under troubled water fans to compare the kids, LOL. I have not once seen a Gisele fans bash Jack. We are classy. Here goes, Benjamin is the million $ baby!!! what a cutie!

  • Jess

    He is hot but his wife is flipping ugly.I can tell she has German roots since she looks like Steffi Graff.WTF is going on, sexy models marrying ugly guys(Adriana Lima & Marko Jaric) and ugly models marrying sexy guys(Giselle & Brady)? Brady and Adriana, now tose two would have some good looking kids

  • http://andradejessie jessica

    Weel, i think the haters, are americans who dont acept the facts of Gisele is so much beutiful than those ugly sikinny american models, and didint born on U.S.A.
    [/ Sorry about my terrible inglish…..

  • http://google DeCe

    gisele is laughing at her haters, all the the way to the billion dollar bank! do they have one in the US? benajmin and johnathan are beautitful boys, and those who take shots at these two babies are the scum of the earth. tom and gisele belong together, they are so happy and so much in love, you can see it when they look at each other! i hate how people think they know who tom should be with. the one who betrayed him is so much better that the one who has the accent!