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January Jones: Matthew Vaughn Blasts Paternity Rumor

January Jones: Matthew Vaughn Blasts Paternity Rumor

January Jones takes her pet pooch for a walk at a dog park on Saturday (May 28) in Hollywood Hills, Calif.

The 33-year-old expectant actress just returned back to the west coast after promoting her new film X-Men: First Class in NYC.

January‘s X-Men director Matthew Vaughn, who is married to model Claudia Schiffer, was rumored to be the father of her unborn baby.

While reports said that the pair had a “very good relationship” on set, Matthew‘s lawyer has blasted all rumors, telling Page Six that they are an “absolute lie.”

FYI: January is wearing Versace sunglasses and the Krisa Wide Leg Pant in Black.

10+ pictures inside of January Jones taking her dog to the park…

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  • Sky

    Why do I get the feeling this chick lovin all the attention and enjoying destroying people’s families. She can end all this by saying this was a one night stand or who the father is. What a witch….

  • dee

    While I do respect her privacy and the father’s, I think she’s or they’re kinda making it worse by keeping it a secret. It just put more spotlight on the whole thing. and poor Matthew Vaughan for being dragged into it.


    Fat, sloppy, pale, manly-looking, home-wrecking skkank
    She looks like a man in the face boring and needs a efffing tan pale dumb trammp



  • iknowwhatyoudidlastsummer

    Who’s the daddy? A married man

  • *Angieee*

    @JanuHAIRY BYTCH: lol i’m not a fan but FAT? she’s super thin for a pregnant woman… seems like just her belly is growing

  • rhonda

    she must be a bigger slut then Kate Hudson. Every week a new guy is tagged with possible daddy. I hope its not Bobby Flay.

  • Katie

    She knows who the father is.. and I guess she feels it is no ones business. We live in the year 2011. Women get pregnant because they want too. Not talking about kids..but women. There are too many forms of protection to prevent this. Not to mention her being able to make other choices.

    She is flaunting this pregnancy. Never saw this many pictures of her before she got pregnant. Not suggesting she hide or anything. But she does look like she is enjoying all the attention.

    Sad for the baby.

  • Katy

    I don’t think she know who fathered her baby. She will probably have to go through an elimination process.

  • Jordy

    She’s ruining people’s lives for her own fame. She’s completely loving this attention. If she felt bad at all she would be hiding but you see pictures of her everyday. Zack Galifanakis said she was a bitch and I think he was right. She didn’t even stand up for her director to deny the claims. And there’s many other married men who worked on that film who’s wives are probably freaking out thinking it could be her husband. January is a pathetic human being and she is making me sick. I hope she never works in Hollywood again. I respect her privacy, but when you’re playing with tons of people’s lives, you have no right to even be treated higher than a cockroach.

  • Romeo

    She’s not destroying anybody’s family because tactless and callous newspapers are making wild accusations, #1. She’s not a witch by keeping her private life private.

    Flaunting her pregnancy, #8? Maybe she’s just taking the speculation all in stride and she doesn’t control the paparazzi.

    Why on Earth should an innocent pregnant woman have to hide from anyone or anything, #10? The tabloids win if she acts like she’s hiding something shameful.

    It’s pathetic that the director was dragged into this but she doesn’t not should she have to dignify the accusations with a response.

    Jones is just as innocent in all this as anyone else! She’s not toying with anyone’s lives!

  • Nora

    Recent reports including I think on Just Jared had photos of Claudia Schiffer at Cannes this year looking very thin and gaunt. Could there be any link between this and her husband being rumoured to be the father of January Jones’ child?

  • cheech

    i feel bad for schiffers family, january should at least disspell the rumors by saying the father is somebody not from the set of xmen or something, instead shes ruining peoples lives by plaaying along with this bullshite. i feel bad for vaughn’s kids and this kid

  • anybody?anybody?

    I don’t think January is flaunting anything; the paps follow her around because they smell blood, not because she loves the attention. and while I do think she should have a right to privacy, if Vaugh is innocent she’s doing him an injustice by at least not addressing the rumors that he’s the dad. she could be ruining his marriage by keeping quiet. and if he is the dad, well he deserves it and she should be ashamed of herself as well. damn, good publicity for the new season of Mad Men, though right?


    leave the poor girl alone, she doesn’t know who the father of her child is.

  • Are you kiddin me?

    If she is pregnant by a married man, then no, that is NOT cool. However, HE would be the one who is ruining his family. If the father of her baby is married, why is he going around sticking his member into anybody but his wife? Stop letting men off the hook!

  • Me Thinks Thou Doth Protest…

    Whether he is the daddy or not, he has slept with her. Otherwise, why make any comment?

  • Dee

    I don’t feel bad for anyone but that poor child. A baby is a beautiful miracle that should be celebrated and this kid is going to come into this world surrounded by all this crap. Too bad you can’t choose your parents.

  • Nora

    January Jones does look a bit like Claudia Schiffer although obviously not as magnificently beautiful as Claudia, so maybe Matthew Vaughn is attracted to this type of look, if the rumours do in fact have any basis.

  • Just saying

    Um, Claudia Schiffer seems to be looking awfully small (and sad) while her husband’s rumored paramour is getting bigger by the day.

  • sunbears1

    @Romeo: It’s nice to know someone here is reasonable.

  • *Angieee*

    @Nora: LMAO have you seen the new photos of claudia? She looks like a CORPSE

  • hummels

    claudia is my favourite model, hope this won’t be true

  • Nora

    Not to mention Claudia just had a baby recently.

  • Anna

    “Never saw this many pictures of her before she got pregnant.”

    All you need to do is click on her tag to know that’s not true.

    And she is under NO obligation to talk to the media about her pregnancy. All the misogyny and name calling towards her is disgusting.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Alright, I’ll admit it. I’m the father.

  • Keilee

    Theres a cynical part of me that agrees with you, that she knows FULL WELL that not releasing the name of the father (which is her right) or at very least not shooting down the rumours of who the father is will only get her more attention. If Vaughn is not the father, and I should hope he isnt-wy cant married men keep it in their pants, their disgustng-she she should say. she doesnt need to announce the father, and for all we know the father doesnt even know hes a father or she doesnt know or it was even AI because she wanted a baby who knows or cares,BUT shes doing a serious injustice to Vaughn if he isnt the father and shes sitting there saying nothing. Thats cruel, spreads the rumours further and in the end if lawsuits abound, she can get dragged into it

  • sunseeker

    Most celebrities tell us all about their bad childhoods, bad marriages etc, and I just wish they kept their private life PRIVATE. JJ has every right to keep her private life just that PRIVATE.

  • anna

    How is she doing an injustice to Vaughn? He said he’s not the father and that’s the end of it.

  • For Real

    Why do we have to know who the baby’s father is? Why speculate? She isn’t destroying any lives – the tabloids and we are! gossip! She is going on living her life.

  • Barbara

    You can not reveal the father if you yourself do not know…. :-)

  • KaseyWirght

    Who cares I mean honestly if she wants to keep the id of the father a secret then by all means let her who knows it might be some loser douche – bag

  • Courtney

    not all stars when their asked too know how to keep their mouths shut and some actually want to be open and honest with their fans. Ms Jones isn’t an A list star by an stretch of the imagination who cares who the father of her child is. stars fall in love with married co-stars-directors all the time its nothing new for instance Paul Newman was married with young children when he got Joanne Woodward pregnant the first time and that was back in 1957 when it could’ve ruined both their careers had it gotten out and also gotten all her awads nominations for the film three faces of eve stripped from her granted she missed the golden globes ceremony where she won due to still being in London recovering from a miscarriage

  • Simone

    wow .. if true, just like Arnold, wife and mistress pregnant at the same time.

  • lgh

    @Me Thinks Thou Doth Protest…: @*Angieee*:

    And I bet you look great! With your fat ass.

  • lgh

    @Me Thinks Thou Doth Protest…: @*Angieee*:

    And I bet you look great! With your fat ass.

  • nikki

    i love you january jones !!!!!!!!!!!!! do not listen to the naysayers !!!!!!!!! you are your own woman and do as you please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you were put on this earth to please yourself and do it to the max !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats and mazel tov on your 1st child !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nelle

    if the baby has red hair you know its Bobby Flays

  • Helen

    Rumor is that Jason Sudeikis dumped her because she wanted to start a family, so of course I’m thinking this was on purpose. She must be really afraid to name the father because he’s married. Maybe she was paid to keep quiet, who knows…


    It’s 2011 people. January Jones is a very successful model & actress who is an independent woman. Successful women today can be single, date a variety of people, enjoy sex & not be a “C” word. Also, Single independent financially secure women can become pregnant, have a child & raise them without being married.

    He private life is just that “private”. She is not flaunting her pregnancy, as paparazzi follow hollywood people everywhere as they did before she was pregnant.

    Just because she’s not revealing the father’s name does not make her evil. It is nobody’s business but the father’s who she may have already communicated the pregnancy news to. Just because she’s not talking about this does not mean she does not know the father’s identity or that is was an affair with a married man.

    Maybe she had a donor & wanted to be a mother.

    This is none of our business so leave her & the innocent baby alone.

  • Lynn

    Who is that woman? She is fugly!

  • Lynn

    Who is that woman? She is fugly!

  • Madgie

    @JanuHAIRY BYTCH: Talk LOUDER – we can’t hear you!

  • anna

    @LLIBSETAG — exactly! thank you for saying that.

  • Romeo

    Why would there be a link to two completely different in completely different situations, #12?

    She’s not playing along, #13. If she was, she’d be denying these stupid rumors instead of simply ignoring them.

    If these completely unsubstantiated rumors are damaging the family, that’s the couple’s own fault for a lack of trust, #14.

    Thank you, #21.

    Agreed, #25.

    Are you really so naive as to think the the tabloids and their small minded simply would not believe Jones if she denied his paternity, #27?

    Exactly, #30.

    Correct, #40.

  • Nora

    @ Romeo re #12: Get real Romeo of course there is a link. Even mere rumor would be enough to upset the cheating party M Vaughn’s wife C Schiffer. The rumor didn’t start in these comments, it is a formal entry / report attached to photographs of January Jones on Just Jared. What sort of effect did Arnold Schwarzenegger’s activities have on his wife? Apparently soon to be DIVORCE! Once again, GET REAL Romeo!

  • Nora

    And Romeo, don’t try and tell us you thing Maria Schriver has been looking fabulous in her photographs lately and there is no link between her and the housekeeper Mildred.

  • peaches01

    Wasn”t she the actress that was with Bobby Flay, when she left the scene after hitting parked cars?

  • TSmooth

    I just want everyone to know at this point that I AM the baby’s father, not Matthew Vaughn, so everyone can calm down and relax, January and I are very happy about the baby news, so Matthew can take care of his movie career.

  • Rosie

    Why are you all so interested in knowing the father of January Jones’ unborn baby? What do you think you’re going to get from this knowledge?