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LeAnn Rimes: I'm A Healthy Girl

LeAnn Rimes: I'm A Healthy Girl

LeAnn Rimes shares a photo of her bikini body in this new shot posted on her Twitter account.

The 28-year-old country singer, who wore a Mikoh Swimwear bikini while on the beach, shared that she doesn’t find her physique unhealthy.

“Those are called abs, not bones, love,” LeAnn wrote to a fan who commented on the singer’s size.

“[T]hx but this is my body and I can promise you I’m a healthy girl. I’m just lean. Thx for your concern but no need [to] be,” LeAnn added.

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  • Diane

    She really doesn’t look good here, I hope she gains a few pounds. She looked much better previously on the cover of Shape – much healthier.

  • !

    yeah for a cadaver.

  • gleelover001

    im sorry but that dosent look healthy, she calls those abs? umm hunny those are your bones sticking out!

  • Icke

    no darling, those are bones and it looks spooky…

  • annie

    Her body her call

  • kel

    She’s physically and mentally unfit.

  • me

    what a whore..that’s not an abs,moron

  • ben

    yuk! i bet eddie think of brandi when they are having sex

  • gwen

    This is from US Weekly:

    Newlywed LeAnn Rimes looked extremely thin in the bikini shots she tweeted from her honeymoon on Sunday.

    The singer-actress grinned on the Mexico beach, flaunting her tiny, taut body and cosmetically enhanced breasts. The 28-year-old’s left foot was wrapped in an Ace bandage.

    PHOTOS: LeAnn and Eddie’s scandalous road to romance

    “Wow, my head and my heel are killing me from slipping on a rock,” she tweeted earlier in the day. “Ouch. Needs to get better fast.”

    One of Rimes’ followers pointed out that she looked “scary skinny” in her bikini shots and noted her protruding hipbones.

    PHOTOS: A-list honeymoon destinations

    “Those are called abs, not bones, love,” Rimes snapped back.

    She added: “This is my body, and I can promise you I’m a healthy girl. I’m just lean. Thanks for your concern, but no need to be.”

    Plus, only weeks after her wedding to Eddie Cibrian, Rimes had babies on the brain. “Two little girls on the beach — so cute!” she wrote. “They are maybe 6 and 8. Makes me want one.”

    PHOTOS: Stars caught cheating

    Rimes’ hubby Cibrian, 37, already has two children — Mason, 7, and Jake, 3 — with ex-wife Brandi Glanville. Rimes and Cibrian infamously fell in love on the set of the Lifetime movie Northern Lights in 2009. At the time, both were married to other people.

  • [marie]

    Cheeseburger. Try one.

  • Mlef

    You may be healthy sweetie, but you’re not

  • Mlef

    By the way….Is her life a combination of reading things about her body and showing it all the time ?!

    When I think of what I’ll do to be able to sing a little…the sun would never be able to see my

  • gwen

    Seriously, who didn’t see this one coming?

    WEWE will do ANYTHING to get her name and face in the tabs.

    WEWE is pulling yet another “LOOK AT ME” media blitz because like we pointed out WEWE just couldn’t stand that the media was talking about Niecy N and Tony R wedding and not her and EC great love fest in Cabo. The focus had to be all on her. Hence why she took to twitter to post these bikini photos to draw even more attention to her famewhoringmoon. Who does that? Famewhores. So how long before JJ, Dailymail, or celeb gossip site post the photos of WEWE and EC humping on one another?

    Thanks WEWE for once again showing how EC is in Cabo living it up on the days that he is supposed to be with his kids because it is his custody day. What was the point in asking BG for joint custody when EC is just going to pass them off to the nanny and his parents?

    According to US Weekly, WEWE now has an ankle “injury”. Where did WEWE get that idea? That is right, WEWE is constantly SWF BG, right down to her ankle injury. The sad part is that many media outlets called it. They all knew that is was a matter of time before WEWE showed up in public with an ankle injury. WEWE is a sick girl.
    What is so wrong in her relationship with EC that WEWE has to constantly SWF BG, even going so far as to fake an ankle injury so that she could be just like BG?

  • siennagold

    She’s very annoying. And she’s a liar too.

  • shoegal

    hmm, i wonder what she calls her breast implants then. delusional.

  • Callie

    as someone afflicted with anorexia i can share that that’s exactly the kind of thing we say to people – that we’re just lean, we have good metabolism, etc they’re lies.

  • Brainy box


  • gwen

    NBC/CMT/Lifetime/Playboy/Drop Dead Diva, please get a handle on the famewhores that are WEWE and EC.

    It’s bad enough that they are using what happened in AL and MO to promote their relationship, but now WEWE and EC are famewhoring in Cabo at his kids expense. What type of man ditches his kids like that and then allows the media to capture him EVERYDAY of the week via WEWE twitpics, staged photo-ops, and tweet, living it up when he supposed to be spending that time with his kids? Who does that? It’s his custody week and instead of being with this kids, he dumped them on his parents or the nannies so that he could be spotted making out on yachts with his NEW wife and surfing?

    Seriously, EC is making a bad rep for Playboy. What a lowlife. Cabo is more important than his kids.

  • frankie s

    fake boobs on a stick
    what else is new
    all fame whores have the same lousy sickly looking body!

  • blair

    This is her idea of a honeymoon? All she does is tweet and pose.

  • sara

    i don’t see abs, only bones. i’m starting to think that she needs some help…

  • wendy

    Eddie and her are perfect for each other: both selfish, self-absorbing twats

  • Please!!!

    Gross. Is she forgetting the 90s when she came out and really looked healthy?

  • Karma

    the more you shout out about you being healthy the more we believe you, honey – NOT!

  • Sheila

    This just in…LeeAnn also added…

    “It’s called delusional, with a side order of crazy, love” and then LeeAnn went on to say “Thanks, but this is my bony body and I can promise you that I am in fact wasting away. Thx for your concern, but no need to be, I’m just anorexic”

  • Jessie

    Hope y’all understand that since y’all got tired of her affair games, now she’s livin’ off her skinny act. If we’re lucky, she’ll push the skinny act as far as she did the affair act and just disappear. A gal’s got to do something for a livin. She ain’t selling music. In two short years she went from America’s sweetheart to America’s Joke.

  • pl100

    Then this is the reason I don’t want abs. How stupid.

  • gwen

    This is from DAILYMAIL:

    Most newly-weds use their honeymoon to shut off from the world to focus on romance, but LeAnn Rimes just can’t seem to switch off.

    The country singer, 28, invited the Twitter universe into her intimate getaway by posting bikini pictures on her page from Mexico.

    But holiday picture – which shows the Grammy award winner on the beach in a blue and white two piece – quickly prompted concern among some of her thousands of her followers.

    Glasgow-based fan wrote that the star, who married Eddie Cibrian earlier this month, looked ‘scary skinny.’

    But LeAnn jumped straight on the defence, right back: ‘Those are called abs not bones love.’

    She went on to say: ‘Thx but this is my body and I can promise you

    It’s not the first time that the figure-conscious star has turned to Twitter to defend her body issues.

    In April she took a photograph of her bare stomach and long legs while lounging around with Cibrian, with the caption, ‘First sun!!!!! SPRING!!!’

    In another posting she wrote, ‘Dear lord! I do not work out too much nor do I starve myself. I’m so over this and moving on.’
    Rimes and Cibrian were married on a private estate in Malibu, California four weeks

    This is one of the captions that Dailymail had with the photos of WEWE:”Skinny: LeAnn Rimes shows off her bones but tweets: ‘I am healthy.’”

  • gwen

    This is from DAILYMAIL:

    Most newly-weds use their honeymoon to shut off from the world to focus on romance, but LeAnn Rimes just can’t seem to switch off.

  • kel

    @Jessie that’s so true.

  • ectomorph

    I can’t speak for this Lean Rimes person, BUT believe it or not people : there are millions of humans on the planet (male or female) who naturally have an ectomorphic body type. They remain very thin all of their lives while eating like pigs all the time.

    Genes + fast metabolism + physical activity = thin healthy people.

    It’s very annoying to see some people yelling “eating disorder!” every time they see a thin person that they don’t even know!!!!

    And the whole “real women have curves” is one of the stupidest sh*t I’ve ever heard. No you fools, the inescapable fact is that real women come in all kinds of heights, weights, sizes, colors, etc, etc. Real women have menstruations, that’s pretty much it! Not necessarily curves. Get it right!

  • I’m fit

    Leann is not too thin… yet. She just lost the weight for the marriage and honeymoon. She knew she would be photograhed in her bikini. She’s no different from most women when they marry and try to shed pounds. This bony look will usually start to fade once she maintains this weight for a while. This is the look you get when you first lose the weight. Then the body starts to redistribute fat and the skin tightens. If I were her, I would work out more with weight to gain lean muscle, so the bones are not so prominent.

  • char

    Bones, abs, WHATEVER. Leann is still gross.

  • Kendra

    “I sleep with married men, so please say something about me!! I’m a bad girl who flaunts my affairs, so please say something about me!! I hire paps to take my picture in a bikini to show my butt in a child’s face, so please say something about me! I pay people to pretend I tweet all day, so please say something about me!”

    “I got a boob job, botox, and liposuction, just so you would talk about me! Now, I want all of you to call me anorexic because I want you to talk about me! Soon I’ll plant stories that Eddie, my soulmate of eternal love is cheating on me, so you will talk about me!”

    “It doesn’t matter what you say, but please please please just talk about me. Then I will know that I am popular. Next stop, nose job.”

  • gwen


    EC is cheating on WEWE so we know that WEWE is thin because she knows that she can’t control EC and his need to cheat on her, now matter how much she bribes him with her money.

    WEWE is going to continue to get even more thinner because EC is not going to change his cheating ways, no matter how much WEWE dishes out to hide it.

    Odd, didn’t one of WEWE friends visit her and EC in Cabo? Wonder what happened between EC and WEWE friend.

  • Go Ask Alice

    If you, well me actually,cannot say something ood about somneone, then don’t say anything.
    Ok.I’ll say something good about LeAnnRimes. She has pretty bikinis. Well, actually, that is not about her but the swimsuits. The swimnsuits are pretty.
    Hmmm,guess I don’t have anything good to say about her, so ,LOL, I just won’t say anything.

  • elaine

    tweet, pose, tweet, pose tweet, pose the story of Leanns life never saw anyone so ugly posing and posing and posing as if she was good-looking .she is one bony stick with bolt-ons on her side ,skinny face with horse veneers, flaring nostrils, squinty eyes, ugly feet and an abnormal obsession about being skinny. she is not normally skinny ,never has been until she met the gigolo. take a look at her past pics and pics of her parents. she is just a big horsey girl trying to be thin and sexy for a man who probably doesn’t care what she looks like as long as the moneys rolls round

  • Go Ask Alice

    BUT can I please say just one thing.
    Those are not bas but pelvic bones ,I pelvic ones,sticking out.
    I can see the headline eventually coming that LeAnn Rimes checks into health facility for weight issues or is under doctors orders for obssessive excercising .
    All of the public media outcry and public and fans always commenting on her weight placed get strain on her…blahblah.
    What a crock. Really, these people are not, NOT influenced by the media, the public or even their fans. None of this is in their real world. Real inner , private world. This is all noise ,nonsense that does not effect their pirvate lives,inner world.
    FACT-LeAnn has a weight problem.

  • Becca

    this girl isn’t physically or mentally healthy lol

  • Deedz

    So…she obviously isn’t — especially if she constantly feels the need to reaffirm the fact that she’s “healthy”.

  • fat ass

    why has this woman become such fodder for blogs and mags all of a sudden ? Can she go back to obscurity like before ?

  • http://JustJared Jan

    Its bones. And she’s way underweight. No curves, built like a boy especially her middle and abdomen. Eddie will eventually leave her -all she did was pose and twitter and his kids party – the kids looked miserable and ignored. She is way too into herself and a “poser”. Honestly, get some soft feminine curves, some hips, and a shape. Get over yourself LeeAnn. Your mirror’s broken.

  • Frida

    I don’t see abs here, I see protruding hip bones and that’s sure not pretty.

  • Magan

    I guess her definition and my definition are definitely different. that to me does not look healthy. Healthy is when your bones don’t stick out.

  • Shelly

    For their party/vacation/honeymoon/photo-op Eddie left his children with a baby sitter instead of with Brandi which he is legally required to do. Brandi tweeted that she could not find her children and Eddie would not respond to her tweets and texts. When it comes to partying, those kids mean nothing to LeAnn or Eddie. They only use them for PR.

  • gwen

    What baffles me is that WEWE is shocked that the public isn’t responding to her bikini twitpics in a favorable manner. We all know that WEWE posted these photos with the intention of them being picked up by the media and press because as we pointed out the media was focusing on Tony R and Niecy Nash wedding and WEWE couldn’t stand that.

    Did WEWE really think that the public was going to call these bikini twitpics hot, sexy, or cute? And not notice that she was copying BG injury?

    How much of this is JJ, Dailymail, Celeb Gossip, and People mag fault because they praised WEWE when she released those yacht and beach photos? They told her that this was cute, sexy, and hot and now WEWE is baffled because the public didn’t fall for what her moutpieces tried to sell.

  • boston61

    LeAnn, love, dirtbag is using you. Best of luck keeping him happy.

  • Mike

    Sweety i am naturally skinny and very healthy—Those are bones–bones-bones—-

    Seriously your are Ill-informed–Hit the grave–Under-nourished–
    dis-illusioned Twank……..

  • *Angieee*

    Lol wow she’s a delusional famewh*re. Megan Fox has abs, a healthy look while being thin. Leann just looks like she’s starving

  • kaycee

    ohh she’s in denial!