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Robert Pattinson On Set of 'Cosmopolis'!

Robert Pattinson On Set of 'Cosmopolis'!

Robert Pattinson suits up as he walks to the set of his new film, Cosmopolis, on Sunday (May 29) in Toronto, Canada.

The 24-year-old Twilight star filmed scenes with his co-stars Sarah Gadon and Kevin Durand at a local diner.

Robert is playing Eric Packer, a “financial wunderkind,” in the film based on Don DeLillo’s novel of the same name.

The David Cronenberg-directed drama will hit theaters sometime next year!

10+ pictures inside of Robert Pattinson on the set of Cosmopolis

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134 Responses to “Robert Pattinson On Set of 'Cosmopolis'!”

  1. 1
    Ana Says:

    awwww he is soooooooooooooo cute!!!! and handsomeee!!!!
    already working on a new film,good for him!!!

    kristen was with him in canada but she left last week to london to the preproduction of her new movie snow white
    love these 2!!

  2. 2
    annie Says:


  3. 3
    marah Says:

    Congratulations Rob for the success of Water for Elephants now at $105million worldwide!

    Looking forward to Cosmopolis which is a dark psycho drama. Exciting.

    JJ, Rob is age 25 not 24

  4. 4
    Brainy box Says:


  5. 5
    - Says:

    I walked out of the theatre during Water for elephants after this guy started beating the elephant..

  6. 6
    - Says:

    After August started beating the elephant

  7. 7
    tara Says:

    @Ana , Kristen was in Toronto May 5 to 15. She left on 16th and went to Los Angeles, not lastweek when she went to London.

    @Brainy Box stfu non brainy blind

  8. 8
    Lauren Says:

    Looking good! They’re perfect as Eric and Elise. I love to see Rob working with Cronenberg and getting to do these kind of parts. This is going to be a very wild movie and I can’t wait to see it!

  9. 9
    nepenthes Says:

    He looks hot all suit up.

  10. 10
    tara Says:


    Water for Elephants is a dark drama and more so with Cosmopolis, not for teens and the faint hearted

  11. 11
    Ana Says:

    plastic surgery?? you must be CRAY!! He is looking great!!! maybe your jealous cause he is sooo good looking! ha!!

    andd yesss marah sooo happppy for WFE succes!!!! what do you say nou haters? 105 $ worlwide take that!!!!! and will earn even more just wait and see!!! it hasn’t even yet been released in many countries..soo gald for him!!!!!!

  12. 12
    Ana Says:

    Tnks Tara,the important thing is that she was with him in Canada for his new movie for like 10 days just like he was with her when she filmed On the road!

  13. 13
    nessie Says:

    UGLY AS HELL !!!! ….and one of the worst actors of our generation ….

  14. 14
    ppp Says:

    can’t act!

  15. 15
    c Says:

    Bad actor, same goes for all the razzie nominated twilight cast !

  16. 16
    myla Says:

    Hahahaha haters gonna die of jealousy soon because Rob’s career will continue to soar higher after Twilight.

    Cannot act? Watch Remember Me and Water for Elephants dumbplings

  17. 17
    ven Says:

    Robert Pattinson the next Leonardo di Caprio and Johnny Depp. I LOVE YOU ROB.

  18. 18
    ven Says:


    Jealous much eh

  19. 19
    Brainy box Says:


  20. 20
    c Says:


    Yeah after Colin Farrell dropped out

  21. 21
    ven Says:

    If you are Brainy you check facts and should know that not your idol was offered by Cronenberg but Rob eat that out in your brainless box

  22. 22
    @3 Says:

    huh? Water for Elephants is not a success.
    In order for a movie to be successful it has to make at least double its production cost DOMESTICALLY. Studios don’t make much at all from ‘overseas’ sales.
    WFE cost 38 million to make. Not counting the advertising budget. That means that they would have to make 76 million (domestic) to earn the studio back its money.
    As of today, it has earned 54.4 million domestic, and 99.8 worldwide.
    WFE is not a “success”, it is a disappointment. Especially if you consider the cast. Two Academy Award winners, and the guy that’s supposed to have a huge fan base.
    Evidently, most of those fans don’t want to see him as anyone but Edward. Which doesn’t bode well for his future career in film.

  23. 23
    Brainy box Says:


  24. 24
    gaye Says:

    Among the hundreds of Hollywood actors, Rob is the chosen one to replace Colin Farrell in Cosmopolis. Amazing <3 and congratulations for WFE’s success.

  25. 25
    @17 Says:

    Now that has to be the funniest thing that I have read in days.
    Thanks for the laugh!

  26. 26
    ven Says:

    Bwahahahaha oh Brainy Box may get a heart attack soon because of her / his intense hatred for Robert who doesn’t even know him / her personally and vice versa. Bwahahahaha

  27. 27
    ven Says:

    Dear hater WFE is not a success bwahahaha use your brain its budget $38Million and now $105Million earning

  28. 28
    @ven Says:

    But it isn’t a success. #22 explained it perfectly.
    You can’t ignore facts, no matter how much you want to. Continuing to claim that it is successful just makes you look stupid.
    It is a failure. Get over it. I’m sure that Rob has.

  29. 29
    marah Says:

    Not a success domestically? LMAO dear you study finance and filmmaking and do you know the genre of Water for Elephants ? Dark drama where producers won’t expect blockbusters like your Twilight. I surmise you are a fan of one of the cast. Dear, better study next time huh.

  30. 30
    @29 Says:

    The genre is not taken into account when a film is determined to be successful or not. Many dark dramas also make money for the studio.
    Facts are facts. You can’t twist them to suit you.
    And the fact that this film was based on a popular book, and had the cast that it did, and STILL didn’t make its money back is very telling.
    People outside of Twilight fans, just don’t see Rob as a leading man. And because of twilight, many people are sick to death of seeing him everywhere, and won’t pay their hard earned money to watch him on the screen.

  31. 31
    Nine Says:

    the producers of Water For Elephants didn’t expect the same success as a blockbuster, and apparently the movie did better than they expected. So you can’t say it’s a deception. As for Robert, if you don’t like him, why do you comment? He’s an actor that want to make movies, and so far, the reviews of his acting in films other than twilight are pretty good. So let him make his job and when he’d have a few movies behind him, we’ll can judge.

  32. 32
    Rodica Says:

    Good Day to ROB and all American peoples!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. 33
    gaye Says:

    Water for Elephants exceed expectations. Hollywood experts are frank and harsh and will not sugarcoat. We hear bad results for Something Borrowed even Pirates 4 domestically but NOT WATER FOR ELEPHANTS. IT’S A SUCCESS and HATER, I KNOW YOU ARE KRISBIAN

  34. 34
    Rodica Says:

    Good Day to ROB and all American peoples!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY TO ALL THE PEOPLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. 35
    NOPE Says:

    She explained it perfectly… wrong. A lot of big budget films don’t make up their budget domestically MUCH LESS double it and yet they get sequels (SEE Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Batman Begins and MANY more franchises). Yes, movies do make money from foreign sales or do you think Hollywood makes movies and says “Here you go World, you can have our movies for free” lol.

  36. 36
    Rodica Says:


  37. 37
    RobOnly Says:

    A Kristen Stewart fan very jealous because all Spew movies flop

  38. 38
    Rodica Says:


  39. 39
    Jessica Says:

    Wow…what a bunch of whiney-ass haters. Always grabbing every little chance you get to make Rob look bad. And can we please not say that OVER A HUNDRED-MILLION-FREAKING-DOLLARS is a fail? It’s a win, to me. Especially for WFE’s genre. And keep in mind that movie tickets aren’t as cheap as they used to be, which is why a lot of people wait till the movie comes out on DVD, so they can rent it.

  40. 40
    @35 Says:

    Never mind.
    We should know better than to try to have a logical discussion with a blind fangirl.

  41. 41
    NOPE @40 Says:

    There’s absolutely nothing “logical” about your argument though. lol. You take a bunch of bad information you got from the internet and try to pass them off as facts. No, a movie does not need to double it’s budget to be a success, yes, the studio does make money from other Countries. Your argument that Genre isn’t taken to account is also rediculous. Leonardo Dicaprio does an action movie – it makes hundreds of millions, he does a drama (Revolutionary Road) – and not so much (Revolutionary Road actually did worse than WFE) The same goes for other actors like Will Smith and Tom Cruise, Drama is not a huge money making genre no matter whose name is in it.

  42. 42
    gaye Says:

    A hater is on the loose. Making her own analysis as if she is more expert than box office analysts who has nothing but praises for WFE hahaha. Poor hater I pity your life envying Rob must hurt so much. Why not jump off the cliff hun.

  43. 43
    gg Says:

    A lot of delusional fangirl information here. WFE did mediocre business.

    Keep in mind it’s production budget was $38 million, which of course doesn’t include all the money the studio threw in for advertising.

    Then you also have to factor in that the studio does not keep all the profits, they have to split that with the theater owners.

    They also don’t get all of the overseas money either.

    So yes, WFE would have to have done in the $70 millions domestically to be at all profitable.

    Both Reese and Robert can’t draw in the crowds.

  44. 44
    @40 Says:

    No, sweetie. Never try to talk logic with ignorant 13 year olds.
    They are incapable of seeing past their own hormones.
    They will never admit that they are wrong. They are delusional.
    But that’s to be expected at their age. In five years when they are past this phase, and Robert has disappeared from the movie screens, they will look back on this and laugh at how silly they used to be.

  45. 45
    Jones Says:

    @gg: so we should trust you more than movie experts? LOL i’m done with this ignorant post.

  46. 46
    gg Says:


    Well it’s just simple math. Whether you like it or not.

  47. 47
    Fire Says:

    Some people can not just acknowledge that WFE was a success and continues to make more money now and of course there are dvd sales to come! I dont know why?? Its odd that they can not admit it! Box office analysts and experts who know what they are talking about are surprised at how the movie has exceeded expectations and has made 105 million dollars so far!! How anyone can say that is a failure is shocking to me!!! Not only do they say its a failure but they contort facts to try and back up their claim over and over again…I wonder why it matters so much to them??!! Strange!

  48. 48
    camila Says:

    I love rob he is so great!!!!!!!

  49. 49
    Vic Says:

    Looking good Mr Pattinson!

  50. 50
    Runn Says:

    Cronenberg personally calling Rob to offer him this role is a huge compliment! Cronenberg does not mess around…he would not be working with Rob if he was not completely convinced he could do it. This will be a fantastic working and learning experience for Rob. Its a very brave and interesting choice for him and I wish him nothing but the best with it!

  51. 51
    andie Says:

    Love Robert! Such a lovely, humble, down to earth young man and he is pretty hot too!!!!

  52. 52
    Murray Says:

    Cant wait to see what this great collaboration will be like on screen. Great role for Rob and a genius director.

  53. 53
    Murray Says:

    Cant wait to see what this great collaboration will be like on screen. Great role for Rob and a genius director.

  54. 54
    tammy Says:

    Congrats on the huge success of WFE Rob and everybody else involved. I thought it was a wonderful movie with an old hollywood charm thats been missing for a long time! Cosmopolis looks very interesting to me. A completely different genre for Rob. Nice to see him mixing up his roles a bit and pushing himself. Best of luck with this Rob!

  55. 55
    jamie Says:

    He looks so hot.

  56. 56
    hey fangirls Says:

    You can’t “contort” numbers. Numbers don’t lie.
    WFE was NOT a success.
    They more you claim otherwise, the more ridiculous you sound.

  57. 57
    Jones Says:

    This only proves that you are a stupid troll . Bye.

  58. 58
    flat Says:

    @-: well you missed the best part, because the elephant gets the last laugh on august.

  59. 59
    flat Says:

    @@3: well you need to tell the hollywood reporter, and box office mojo that.

  60. 60
    Lynn Says:

    People who believe WFE is not a success, I want to order what you’re drinking :)

  61. 61
    hmmm Says:

    @hey fangirls: well i guess forbes turned into a big fangirl then. along with other media publications .

  62. 62
    @59 Says:

    The numbers that were quoted that prove WFE was NOT a success came directly from Box Office Mojo.
    Doing “better than expected” is just a polite way of saying that they got more than they expected from a movie with such a weak leading man.

  63. 63
    @62 Says:

    no words……**facepalm**

  64. 64
    what? Says:

    @@3: your logic really makes no sense. if that was the case more then half of the movies out wouldnt been seen as a success. for example, no one knows the real budget of avatar, but many outlets reported it reached a little over 500 million, domestically it didn’t make a billion dollars. does that mean that movie wasnt a sucess? note im not comparing wfe to avatar, the two movies arent even in the same spectrum, but according to your logic avatar wouldnt be seen as a success.

  65. 65
    sd Says:

    @RobOnly: R/K do not compete vs each other. Kristen does indie films and mostly for the art. indeed her films are not blockbusters (other than Twilight) and she acknowledges that many people didn’t see her indie films. However most of them have recovered or broken even for production costs. Indie films cannot compete because of limited movie theatre distributions. There are big stars with flops incl Angelina, Reese, even Brad and Johnny Depp have flops; but they are artists nonetheless. Kristen is very intelligent and still maturing. All the fuzz overwhelmed her young mind in the past, but as you may notice these days, she has tempered her flipping days. She’s being smart. Rob admires her inner soul, her intelligence and simplicity. No matter what peeps want Robert to be – sophisticated, get-over-Kristen; he is his own person and respectful of Kristen. Do not try to make Rob anything he’s not or he himself says he’s not (philandering…). They may not end up together for a long time, but Rob and Kris are very loving of each other. They have desire to be together as photos show, leave them be.

  66. 66
    Kate Says:

    Pattinson had a birthday this month and is now 25.

  67. 67
    Calculator Says:

    105 million dollars (and rising) from a 38 million dollar budget is most definitely a success!!!! Its crazy trying to say its not….Nobody will be convinced by your attempts at undermining what everyone knows is a big box office profit. Millions of dollars profit!!! Millions! Maybe some people need to go back to school and learn how to add or actually get a clue!

  68. 68
    cups Says:

    I’m glad Water for Elephants did so well! Looking forward to seeing Cosmopolis. Great part for Rob and great opportunity to do something different with Mr Cronenberg. Its certain to be interesting. Best of luck in the future Rob. You have a lot of good people supporting you!

  69. 69
    sharon Says:

    @@3: first
    of all wfe only cost $18 million to make not the amount that you
    have written, and they expected it to do as well as it did, and it
    did better then even they thought.

    Remember WFE was a period piece……The younger generation
    probably was not into it,, but it was a good movie and I think he
    was very good in it..

    Also did you know that he co-produced Remember Me, the only
    people that did not like this movie were the critics, and they did
    not like it because of the ending………………

  70. 70
    LALA Says:

    he’s my toy.

  71. 71
    *sigh* Says:

    Do you children believe that studios get every penny of the box office take?
    If you do, you aren’t just in denial, you are dumber than rocks.
    Studios get approximately ONE HALF of the box office take in the US. They considerably LESS in ‘foreign’ markets. Sometimes as little as 5-10%. that’s why a film’s success is calculated using domestic receipts. They have to take in twice as much domestically to make back their money. Foreign market take will be used to recoup advertising costs, premiere expenses, etc., which are not considered in the budget amount.
    In other words, WFE cannot be considered a box office success. PERIOD. If you enjoyed it, fine, Great. Fantastic! That’s all that really matters, right? But don’t try to make it anything that it is not. When the numbers are staring you in the face, denying them just makes you look stupid.
    here’s a link to Box Office Mojo for you….if they allow it. If not, just go to, and run a search.
    Any further denials will just seem pathetic and desperate.

  72. 72
    Gena Says:

    I LIkE him as actor! And of course his look!

  73. 73
    gg Says:

    71 is absolutely right. The breakdown is: $38 million budget, plus marketing and advertising raises that to probably around $45 million. So far WFE has grossed $54 million domestically, but you the studio only sees HALF of that, so around $27 million dollars. The other half goes to the theaters. And yes, they do not see much of the foreign gross.

    So the studio put in over $40 million and so far only recouped $27 million.

    It’s not being a hater. It’s just the facts. If you liked the movie and you like the actor, more power to you.

  74. 74
    SweetLips Says:

    I love how people are hating this guy. I’m not a fan but apprently he’s getting the best jobs in Hollywood… I guess for a reason? Gus Van Sant recently said that he wanted to work with Robert Pattinson. Crazy huh? Well David Cronenberg hired him. Congrats to him.

  75. 75
    gen Says:


  76. 76
    Nics Says:

    If you follow the one or two peoples logic here who say wfe was not a success then pretty much every movie ever made was not a success! It was a success and thats a fact…you may not like it…but its a fact…by all means keep harping on about it being a big failure but you’ll just make yourself look silly!! Congrats on the success of WFE cast and crew! Beautiful movie that deserves the success its had so far! Keep up the good work!

  77. 77
    Danni Says:

    Why does it bug people so much that they have to DEFEND why they think WFE was a flop? In the context of all the films that have been out there in recent years, it did better than expected and is considered profitable. This is fact. So give it up already.

  78. 78
    RR Says:

    Love Rob! He looks so good in a suit and my God look at that smile! Beautiful!

  79. 79
    @76-77 Says:

    Ignoring the facts just makes you sound like an idiot fangirl.
    Say you liked the film. Say that you thought that it was fanatastic and that Rob is the bestest most gorgeousest actor of all tiiiime. Fine. believe that. It’s your right to have that OPINION.
    But continuing to ignore actual, concrete facts because you refuse to believe them is stupid.
    It wasn’t a success just because you say it was a success. The number don’t lie. With two Oscar winners and the current flavor of the month, the take should have been much higher. It was a huge disappointment to the studio.
    You need to accept that no matter how much you adore him, he is not a box office draw in anything besides twilight. The numbers for his non-Edward roles prove this over and over.
    You girls have to grow up someday. Being able to face the truth is part of growing up. Get used to it.

  80. 80
    @79 Says:

    I cant believe people are still going on about it not being a success. Cost 38 million. Made 105 million so far. There is no way in hell that is not a success!! Maybe it is you who needs to face the truth! Look whatever….keep trying to convince yourself that you are right but you’re not! Most people in the World know that WFE was a success but of course you know better than everybody else right? Especially people who have been working in the industry for years!! 70 Million dollars profit so far not a success??….please dont make me laugh…of course it is!

  81. 81
    emma Says:

    Rob is so perfect.

  82. 82
    emma Says:

    Rob is so perfect.

  83. 83
    @80 Says:

    Are you really that thick?
    Or just in a deep pit of denial.
    Do you actually believe that the studio gets every penny from ticket sales?
    No. You’re only joking. No one could possibly be that stupid.
    Even a Rob stan couldn’t be that idiotic.

  84. 84
    @80 Says:

    People who work in the industry know that it was not successful. Don’t try to play that card, or you will just end up looking worse.
    They understand the business. They know what it takes to be considered successful. WFE was not a success. The numbers prove that. It’s really that simple.

  85. 85
    SSS Says:

    Movie was a success!!! 70 million dollars profit means everyone made money!!! Actors were paid, crews were paid, producers and theater owners were paid…audiences enjoyed the movie, tax payers and economy benefit, who cares if the producers didn’t make 1 billion dollars from WFE? No one expected a romantic drama with no 3D to make anything above 100 million, and it DID!

  86. 86
    SSS Says:

    Movie was a success!!! 70 million dollars profit means everyone made money!!! Actorjs were paid, crews were paid, producers and theater owners were paid…audiences enjoyed the movie, tax payers and economy benefit, who cares if the producers didn’t make 1 billion dollars from WFE? No one expected a romantic drama with no 3D to make anything above 100 million, and it DID!

  87. 87
    @84 Says:

    Like who?

  88. 88
    carolyn Says:

    @Brainy box:

    Actually David Cronenburg DID call Rob up personally to ask him if he was interested in the role. All you have to do is look this info up on the internet.

  89. 89
    yovana Says:

    he is so freaking handsome!!!!!!!!

  90. 90
    berthy Says:

    he is so cute and handsome and beautiful and great and I love him so much!!!!!!!

  91. 91
    carolyn Says:

    FOX has said they are very happy with how well WFE did…It is the highest grossing DRAMA in the past year…And there are still DVD sales to be had…Look this info up. If FOX is happy, and it is a known fact that WFE is one of the highest earning dramas @ the box office for some time, then what is all the fuss about. Also Rob made 1 1/2 million for WFE, and gave it all to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennesse. (Reese&Christoph made the same, this film was not about the money, nor is Cosmopolis, but the desire to be apart a the film(s) Hate him all you want, though you do not know him, and wish for his career to be over…I personally hope for a long and happy one for him, because i feel he is multi-talented. My favorite movies are How To Be & Remember Me, i also like Rob’s music, and I think he is one of the most genuine, sweet, shy, humble, charming, funny as hell, intelligent, down to earth actors out there. I wish you all the best Robert!

  92. 92
    *sigh* Says:

    Poor delusional fangirls.
    Too stupid to realize that numbers DO NOT LIE.
    You girls are hopeless. At least until the next boy comes along to replace Robert in your teen fantasies.
    PS: one more time…the movie did not make 70 million profit. The studio does not get 100% of the box office. Any idiot knows that. At least any normal idiot. You guys must be a special breed of idiot.

  93. 93
    HUH? Says:

    Number one drama?
    The Lincoln Lawyer has made more money so far this year, so how can you claim that?

  94. 94
    Right? Says:

    Hope the Harry Potter trio’s movies bomb in heII after the last movie is released! That is all..

  95. 95
    @91 Says:

    None of the people talking about numbers wishes anything bad for Robert or his future.
    We just want the fangirls to be a bit more realistic in their praise.
    You can’t claim something as fact, when the numbers prove it to be wrong. WFE was not a success, no matter how much you want it to be.
    The reality of the situation is that Rob will have a hard time breaking away from Edward. He needs to lay low for a bit to let the general public forget how much they hate all things twilight. Then he can come back and take a stab at real acting. No matter how good the film is now, only his fans will want to see it.
    Orlando Bloom took a break so that people would forget that he was the handsome, hero do-gooder. He has since stated that it was harder than he imagined to change people’s ideas of what type of actor that he should be. He has since done theater and several small indies, which hardly anyone will see, but where he has received wonderful reviews. He fought for, and won the role of a vulgar, foul mouthed rock god named The Stain in Sympathy for Delicious with Mark Ruffalo, and the critics loved him. The Stain was the polar opposite of Will Turner. That is what Rob will have to do. No more simpering, tragic, moody guys, if he’s smart. But he has to disappear for a while if he wants a future in the industry. He seems like a nice guy. So if he’s smart, he will follow Orlando’s example.

  96. 96
    @94 Says:

    Well isn’t that a horrible thing to say about three nice young people.
    Shame on you.

  97. 97
    Rob Says:

    Rob is a nice guy. Shame on those who wished his first of many efforts out of the Twilight franchise to not be a success…he donated his earnings for his movie to a animal charity and put himself out there to be criticised. The first movie since Eclipse was released when all attention are on him and weather he can carry his fan base beyond Twilight. How sad that the Potter fans hate him because Twilight is overshadowing Potter and taking away it’s thunder. Really, the actors don’t hate each other, just their respective fans, unfortunately.

  98. 98
    Ly Says:

    Robert Pattinson has been eagerly looking to break away from the tween sensation that has made him a star. He valiantly tried to steer the manipulative “Remember Me” but had better success this year with the period drama “Water For Elephants,” with that film quietly climbing to nearly $100 million worldwide. Not bad. His next effort at creating cinema that won’t just appeal to teenage girls and their Moms is David Cronenberg‘s “Cosmopolis.”

    Congrats to the cast from Water For Elephants a beautiful film.

  99. 99
    -- Says:

    To whoever you are who pretend to know shame on you.Fox’s RIO, now earns at $134 over its $90M cost, WFE $54 over $38M cost ALMOST SAME MARGIN PERCENTAGE duhh

    use your brain not your jealous as$ next time hater

  100. 100
    Rob Says:

    And it is insulting for you to insinuate that Rob should copy Orlando Bloom’s career trajectory. Orlando is seen as Miss Miranda Kerr these days. Ms. Kristen Stewart isn’t so bad, but he should be successful in his own right ten years after Twilight. Of course, the heartthrob status won’t be at the extreme level it is now, but hopefully a Leonardo Dicaprio like career is more in line than a Orlando Bloom, both former heartthrobs. He is getting there and if he keeps on working and fine tuning his craft with able bodied directors and casts, he will be an Oscar winner someday…much more likely than the Harry Potter trio just because he broke the American market with Twilight already. They’ll just flounder around and eventually go back to the UK, then disappear to small indies, soap operas and theater. Not that bad considering Rickman, Thompson and Gambon are respected theater and small TV actors in their own right.

  101. 101
    jane Says:

    awwwwwwwww hot!!

  102. 102
    @92 Says:

    I dont care how the money gets distributed out the fact remains it made 70 million dollars so far. That my friend is a success. You claim that industry people know wfe is a failure…I’m still waiting for even one person in the industry to make such a claim. You seem to be very alone on that one!! Just face it…it did very well. Good for them!

  103. 103
    Jenna Says:

    Looking forward to seeing what Cronenberg, Robert and the rest of the cast do with Cosmopolis! Excited!

  104. 104
    @102 Says:

    One more time….
    It DID NOT make 70 million for the studio. That’s what counts as being successful or not. The more you repeat that, the more ridiculous you sound.
    And the industry has said that it was not a success.
    The numbers come from the industry. They don’t lie, no matter how badly you want them to.
    And to the other posters…
    Mr. Miranda Kerr?
    I doubt that an actor who has worked with some of the greatest directors around, and one who is still popular after not being on the big screen for four years is considered to be anyone but Mr. Orlando Bloom. Well, except for a few haters out there who will never forgive him for getting married.
    BTW, Rio is also considered a disappoinment. That was a really bad example.

  105. 105
    Tess Says:

    Is he still around? Wasn’t he so 2010?

  106. 106
    silvie Says:

    I applaud Rob for working hard at evolvoing as an actor. He is already great and will only get better with each role he takes. I loved WFE, Remember Me and though I found The Haunted Airman to be a bit disturbing his acting was great. His performance in Little Ashes was also believable. And of course I loved him in Twilight. I wish him huge success.

  107. 107
    @104 Says:

    You keep saying the industry says it wasnt a success yet you can not show me one person in the industry who has said so. They must only exist in your head. You may think you are some box office analyst and industry expert but you’re not! I will take their information over yours any day and they agree with me and most other people in the World that WFE was a success! You may not like it but there is no need to lie about it. If you break down every film income like you have done then not many movies are a success then are they? That just goes to show that you do not know what you are talking about and are not the expert you think you are! It makes no sense whatsoever!

  108. 108
    @107 Says:

    Numbers don’t lie.
    It’s not a little indie that studios use as tax write-offs. It had a fairly substantial budget for the type of movie it was. The studio expected to make money. It expected to capitalize on the popularity of its cast. Rob’s fans went, and a few people who loved the book, but no one else did.
    It has not made money for the studio, therefore it is NOT a success.
    You guys are failing math, aren’t you.

  109. 109
    @108 Says:

    Seriously…do you break down every movie like this in your special way to make them all failures or just the ones that you dont want to be a success?? Never mind…I already know the answer to that!!! Look…we get it…you’ve convinced yourself that you know better than actual professionals on the matter and thats great for you…arrogance can be a good thing…but we get it. You know this better than everyone else and you know that better than everyone else…your numbers dont lie.. blah blah blah!! Now can you change the record because its pretty boring now!!

  110. 110
    @109 Says:

    You fans brought this upon yourselves.
    Claiming success where there is none, and comparing him to Leo.
    A bit of realism is good for you.
    Admit that his movie did not make a profit for the studio, therefore cannot be considered a success, and we will stop bombarding you with the TRUTH.
    You sopund like a bunch is six year olds with their fingers stuck in their ears.
    It’s ridiculous!

  111. 111
    libby Says:

    @Ana: Robert Pattinson is so hot, he could melt the ice in Alaska….

    I see that Taylor L is getting a little attention since Robert
    is out of town…..

    Personally I dont care for Taylor, reminded me of a little puppy
    following K around in all of the movies, and did he reallly
    think he was going to get the girl…..give me a break..

    If it wasnt for his muscles there’s not much left, he is a very
    short guy and I dont believe leading man material…..

    Remember to vote for Rob for the MTV AWARDS….

  112. 112
    @110 Says:

    Thanks for the dose of “your” realism but no thanks!!!!!! We can claim success because there is success according to the actual professionals…your analysis of the industry does not hold much weight on the matter except maybe to yourself! Anyway…bombard away if you feel the need but my God I dont know why you bother…nobody here cares what you have to say about it because we can all make up our owns minds and look at professional analysis of the situation. You are just an annoying broken record at this stage but thats probably a compliment to you! I doubt you have anything new to say so it will just be more of the same from you…great! I look forward to it! Blah blah blah!

  113. 113
    *eyeroll* Says:

    Never mind.
    I forgot that I was dealing with children.
    Children ignore facts. And they certainly don’t seem to understand basic math.
    Facts are facts. And they don’t go away, even if you try to ignore them.

  114. 114
    @113 Says:

    Exactly…facts are facts. You’re version of the “facts” however are not!

  115. 115
    honest question Says:

    How can you ignore box office numbers?
    I think that is what people are talking about.
    Having a movie do ‘better than expected’ is not saying that it was successful.
    Bottom line = the movie did not make any money for the studio.
    All the talk about percentages is basically correct, except that on average, the studio gets 55% of the domestic take, not 50%. But they still make hardly anything from ‘overseas’ markets.
    If you want industry confirmation, just go to Box Office Mojo.
    At the very bottom of the page that lists the box-office results, there is a note stating this fact.

  116. 116
    @115 Says:

    So by your analysis nearly every movie brought out every year is a failure and makes no money for the studio. I’m sorry but thats just ridiculous! The whole industry would have collapsed a long time ago if that was the case! A hell of a lot of movies dont make anywhere near the 70 million profit wfe has so far. Are they all failures then. No. Of course they make money from international box office. A substantial amount. People in the industry and FOX have been very happy with the box office revenue so far from wfe… making it a success!

  117. 117
    Svetlana Says:

    Go Rob. I wish you continued success and much love and happiness.

  118. 118
    @116 Says:

    Please look up the word “profit”.
    While you are at it, look up ‘net’ and ‘gross’.
    I know you are young, but this will help you later in life.

  119. 119
    Shaking head Says:

    Can you bring in a quote from a box office analyst or the studio head from Fox who made WFE and quote him that the movie bomb? Just one, not even a dozen. i just need one. Fine the numbers say it all for you, but couldn’t you find even one person who agree with your analysis? Or is it so apparent that people don’t even need to comment it? According to your delusional logic. For the record, box office analysts said the movie performed well above expectations, meaning $ucce$$. YOU are not a box office analyst. YOU obviously know that just looking at the net profit isn’t how it works. Yet you have this weird formula that you took from no where and applied it to the film, and only you claim it is unsuccessful based on this formula you assume is right (give me a source of where you got this formula from?) You don’t know $hit about how the money is distributed between studios, theater owners and overseas distributors. Those are insider information and is confidential. A written contract is pulled out ahead of time outlining the distribution of box office earnings each week, usually the studios get a larger percentage the early weeks, and the later weeks the theater owners. Every movie, the contract and negotiation is different, there is no set numbers and you don’t know when it crosses over. You are ASSUMING that it is 50/50 studio and theater owners, with NO international box office profit (dumb). Rio debut at number one, it is successful. Please tell me your profession. Are you an unemployed uni student majoring in something completely unrelated to film? And your source of information is justjared comments or other gossip site comments? I bet you are digesting what I’m saying now and taking it as fact, just like how you expect us to do the same for your dumb anaylsis, when clearly the numbers show WFE made 70 million profit. The world needs to know who is taking on the expert opinion and going around screaming the movie is not a success based on box office gross and net earnings… it made 70 million profit from $38 million budget for a total of 107 million. So the numbers show that it did NOT lose money. Box office watchers said it performed better than expected, and considering Pattinson the lead from Twilight and two Oscar winners starred in the movie, that is HUGE.

  120. 120
    Haha Says:

    umm 70 million net profit, 107 million gross profit. DUMBA$$. (Harry Potter fans suck).

  121. 121
    @120 Says:

    Oh my. I really worry for our school system.
    Using your numbers (which are not accurate BTW)
    Gross domestic = 54.4 million
    Gross worldwide = 107 million
    Net = gross MINUS expenses
    Net profit domestically = 29.92 (after theaters take their cut)
    Plus the 5-10% taken from overseas of appx 53million = 5.3 million profit .
    29.92+5.3 = 35.22 PROFIT
    But it wouldn’t even be that much with the millions spent on advertising. But we will be generous and say that they only spent two million on advertising. Then another million on premiere expenses, etc.
    That leaves just over 32 million
    If the movie cost 38 million to make, how can you claim that it made a profit?

    In order for a movie to be successful it has to make at least double its production cost DOMESTICALLY. Studios don’t make much at all from ‘overseas’ sales.
    WFE cost 38 million to make. Not counting the advertising budget. That means that they would have to make 76 million (domestic) to earn the studio back its money.
    As of today, it has earned 54.4 million domestic, and 99.8 worldwide.

  122. 122
    @121 Says:

    Wow…you’ve really got something to prove dont you!!! I applaud the effort you put in to your sums but it does not make them accurate! You have no idea how much percent they get from overseas or even domestically and even with your ridiculously harsh analysis the movie will most definitely make up the few million it needs to a success in your little formula with dvd sales. It all adds up to the same thing that we have been saying all along…a success! We just got there quicker than you in a more realistic manner by paying attention to the experts!

  123. 123
    Naughty Says:

    We need to go back to school don’t we? Let me see and hope that you reply this time more understandably unless your reading comprehension needs to be reexamined as well: where did you get the information that FOX made 55% from domestic gross for WFE? And they made 5-10% from international gross for WFE? Are you the accountant for Fox studios? Because if you are not, which you most obviously are not because they wouldn’t waste their time badmouthing their own films to gossip readers, you ARE making a lot of serious assumptions and claiming it is FACT. The profit structure with the theaters are much more complicated than that.
    Again, where is your source, or did school not teach you to cite your sources when claiming fact not opinion? It’s much more complicated than just taking 55% and 5-10% from the gross profits, unfortunately for you.

  124. 124
    @123 Says:
    see bottom of page….as mentioned before.
    * Production Budget in millions. On average, studios earn approximately 55 percent of the final gross.

  125. 125
    @124 Says:

    Good Lord. You do see the words..”on average” and…”approximately” right?!! Where are you getting your international box office percentage for wfe?? You are not the studio so you do not know the deals they put in place. If the studio is happy then it must have been a success for them and they are happy!

  126. 126
    hi Says:

    Let’s take your precious Harry Potter DH 1 for instance. I assume it takes 200 million to make. It earned domestically 295 million. It also earned 659 500 000 million overseas. So ten percent of that is 65 950 000 million and half of 295 million is 147 million. Factoring in some math we get WB only making 13 million in profit even though Potter almost broke the billion dollar threshold and is well known as being one of the most lucrative cash cow for WB. This all does not include DVD sales or the marketing budget. Phew.

    And your precious Lainey Gossip also said that WFE is a success:

  127. 127
    @126 Says:

    Finally someone is using their brain.
    The studio made a PROFIT of 13 million, IN THE THEATERS, not counting the DVD sales.
    Not a movie still in theaters that has not earned the studio any money yet.
    I’m glad someone FINALLY got smart.
    Sure took you gals long enough!

  128. 128
    yea Says:

    Except your little formula is skewed since Harry Potter is a cash cow for WB in the box office since it is a SUMMER TENTPOLE. And using your math again, HP 6 lost money in the box office since it took 250 million to make and made less than DH 1 in the box office. AWWW poor Harry Potter. Lucky for Rob, Twilight makes most of its money in domestic sales and has a low production cost. Potter is a losing franchise with weak box office turnout. It’s cast won’t survive the box office game (Perks of Being a Wallflower and Women in Black).

    Another film critic,Lainey Gossip, said it was a success, why haven’t you responded to that? http://laineygossip.comMovies_for_adults_earn_well_in_first_half_of_2011_led_by_strong_opening_for_The_Hangover_Part_2_31ma.aspx?CatID=0&CelID=0

  129. 129
    @128 Says:

    The website won’t pull up for me, but Lainey is a gossip hound (and not a very good one) not a film critic.
    Are you going to quote Perez Hilton next?
    And I love how you call factual evidence a “little formula” since you don’t agree with it.
    Saying something does better than expected, does NOT mean that it was successful.
    But I guess that ‘simple math’ is too much for your ‘simple minds’ to grasp.

  130. 130
    yea Says:

    Don’t forget Potter has a marketing budget of approximately 100 million dollars. The studio incidentally won’t make any money until they get to DVD sales, so Potter won’t even make any money while it is still in theaters!
    And according to WB, while Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire earned a worldwide total of $938.2, Warner Bros has got it down as still losing $167 million (! Funny that Potter is box office poison, more so than WFE.

  131. 131
    @127 Says:

    Don’t forget Potter has a marketing budget of approximately 100 million dollars. The studio incidentally won’t make any money until they get to DVD sales, so Potter won’t even make any money while it is still in theaters!
    And according to WB, while Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire earned a worldwide total of $938.2, Warner Bros has got it down as still losing $167 million (! Funny that Potter is box office poison, more so than WFE.

  132. 132
    @129 Says:

    No, I wouldn’t bring up Perez Hilton. We are on a gossip site so I thought you would like some more gossip to help you understand. Your low reading comprehension skills hopefully may pick it up as actual film analysts seem to fly over your head. Either way, the potter franchise and it stars are box office poison now and in the future thanks to your formula.

    Let me link it for you again since you are so stubborn:

  133. 133
    sheesh Says:

    So you are interpreting Lainey’s “performed decently”, as her saying that it was a success???
    Performed decently, and ‘did better than expected’ are NOT the same thing as saying that it was successful.
    But go ahead, believe what you want. You continue to ignore facts because they keep proving you wrong.

  134. 134
    @133 Says:

    Nobody is ignoring facts….just your unusual interpretation of them! Your formula that is oh so accurate in determining success is obviously a whole load of crap unless you want to admit that it makes nearly every movie a failure including harry potter!

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