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Robert Pattinson On Set of 'Cosmopolis'!

Robert Pattinson On Set of 'Cosmopolis'!

Robert Pattinson suits up as he walks to the set of his new film, Cosmopolis, on Sunday (May 29) in Toronto, Canada.

The 24-year-old Twilight star filmed scenes with his co-stars Sarah Gadon and Kevin Durand at a local diner.

Robert is playing Eric Packer, a “financial wunderkind,” in the film based on Don DeLillo’s novel of the same name.

The David Cronenberg-directed drama will hit theaters sometime next year!

10+ pictures inside of Robert Pattinson on the set of Cosmopolis

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134 Responses to “Robert Pattinson On Set of 'Cosmopolis'!”

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  1. 26
    ven Says:

    Bwahahahaha oh Brainy Box may get a heart attack soon because of her / his intense hatred for Robert who doesn’t even know him / her personally and vice versa. Bwahahahaha

  2. 27
    ven Says:

    Dear hater WFE is not a success bwahahaha use your brain its budget $38Million and now $105Million earning

  3. 28
    @ven Says:

    But it isn’t a success. #22 explained it perfectly.
    You can’t ignore facts, no matter how much you want to. Continuing to claim that it is successful just makes you look stupid.
    It is a failure. Get over it. I’m sure that Rob has.

  4. 29
    marah Says:

    Not a success domestically? LMAO dear you study finance and filmmaking and do you know the genre of Water for Elephants ? Dark drama where producers won’t expect blockbusters like your Twilight. I surmise you are a fan of one of the cast. Dear, better study next time huh.

  5. 30
    @29 Says:

    The genre is not taken into account when a film is determined to be successful or not. Many dark dramas also make money for the studio.
    Facts are facts. You can’t twist them to suit you.
    And the fact that this film was based on a popular book, and had the cast that it did, and STILL didn’t make its money back is very telling.
    People outside of Twilight fans, just don’t see Rob as a leading man. And because of twilight, many people are sick to death of seeing him everywhere, and won’t pay their hard earned money to watch him on the screen.

  6. 31
    Nine Says:

    the producers of Water For Elephants didn’t expect the same success as a blockbuster, and apparently the movie did better than they expected. So you can’t say it’s a deception. As for Robert, if you don’t like him, why do you comment? He’s an actor that want to make movies, and so far, the reviews of his acting in films other than twilight are pretty good. So let him make his job and when he’d have a few movies behind him, we’ll can judge.

  7. 32
    Rodica Says:

    Good Day to ROB and all American peoples!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 33
    gaye Says:

    Water for Elephants exceed expectations. Hollywood experts are frank and harsh and will not sugarcoat. We hear bad results for Something Borrowed even Pirates 4 domestically but NOT WATER FOR ELEPHANTS. IT’S A SUCCESS and HATER, I KNOW YOU ARE KRISBIAN

  9. 34
    Rodica Says:

    Good Day to ROB and all American peoples!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY TO ALL THE PEOPLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 35
    NOPE Says:

    She explained it perfectly… wrong. A lot of big budget films don’t make up their budget domestically MUCH LESS double it and yet they get sequels (SEE Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Batman Begins and MANY more franchises). Yes, movies do make money from foreign sales or do you think Hollywood makes movies and says “Here you go World, you can have our movies for free” lol.

  11. 36
    Rodica Says:


  12. 37
    RobOnly Says:

    A Kristen Stewart fan very jealous because all Spew movies flop

  13. 38
    Rodica Says:


  14. 39
    Jessica Says:

    Wow…what a bunch of whiney-ass haters. Always grabbing every little chance you get to make Rob look bad. And can we please not say that OVER A HUNDRED-MILLION-FREAKING-DOLLARS is a fail? It’s a win, to me. Especially for WFE’s genre. And keep in mind that movie tickets aren’t as cheap as they used to be, which is why a lot of people wait till the movie comes out on DVD, so they can rent it.

  15. 40
    @35 Says:

    Never mind.
    We should know better than to try to have a logical discussion with a blind fangirl.

  16. 41
    NOPE @40 Says:

    There’s absolutely nothing “logical” about your argument though. lol. You take a bunch of bad information you got from the internet and try to pass them off as facts. No, a movie does not need to double it’s budget to be a success, yes, the studio does make money from other Countries. Your argument that Genre isn’t taken to account is also rediculous. Leonardo Dicaprio does an action movie – it makes hundreds of millions, he does a drama (Revolutionary Road) – and not so much (Revolutionary Road actually did worse than WFE) The same goes for other actors like Will Smith and Tom Cruise, Drama is not a huge money making genre no matter whose name is in it.

  17. 42
    gaye Says:

    A hater is on the loose. Making her own analysis as if she is more expert than box office analysts who has nothing but praises for WFE hahaha. Poor hater I pity your life envying Rob must hurt so much. Why not jump off the cliff hun.

  18. 43
    gg Says:

    A lot of delusional fangirl information here. WFE did mediocre business.

    Keep in mind it’s production budget was $38 million, which of course doesn’t include all the money the studio threw in for advertising.

    Then you also have to factor in that the studio does not keep all the profits, they have to split that with the theater owners.

    They also don’t get all of the overseas money either.

    So yes, WFE would have to have done in the $70 millions domestically to be at all profitable.

    Both Reese and Robert can’t draw in the crowds.

  19. 44
    @40 Says:

    No, sweetie. Never try to talk logic with ignorant 13 year olds.
    They are incapable of seeing past their own hormones.
    They will never admit that they are wrong. They are delusional.
    But that’s to be expected at their age. In five years when they are past this phase, and Robert has disappeared from the movie screens, they will look back on this and laugh at how silly they used to be.

  20. 45
    Jones Says:

    @gg: so we should trust you more than movie experts? LOL i’m done with this ignorant post.

  21. 46
    gg Says:


    Well it’s just simple math. Whether you like it or not.

  22. 47
    Fire Says:

    Some people can not just acknowledge that WFE was a success and continues to make more money now and of course there are dvd sales to come! I dont know why?? Its odd that they can not admit it! Box office analysts and experts who know what they are talking about are surprised at how the movie has exceeded expectations and has made 105 million dollars so far!! How anyone can say that is a failure is shocking to me!!! Not only do they say its a failure but they contort facts to try and back up their claim over and over again…I wonder why it matters so much to them??!! Strange!

  23. 48
    camila Says:

    I love rob he is so great!!!!!!!

  24. 49
    Vic Says:

    Looking good Mr Pattinson!

  25. 50
    Runn Says:

    Cronenberg personally calling Rob to offer him this role is a huge compliment! Cronenberg does not mess around…he would not be working with Rob if he was not completely convinced he could do it. This will be a fantastic working and learning experience for Rob. Its a very brave and interesting choice for him and I wish him nothing but the best with it!

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