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Robert Pattinson On Set of 'Cosmopolis'!

Robert Pattinson On Set of 'Cosmopolis'!

Robert Pattinson suits up as he walks to the set of his new film, Cosmopolis, on Sunday (May 29) in Toronto, Canada.

The 24-year-old Twilight star filmed scenes with his co-stars Sarah Gadon and Kevin Durand at a local diner.

Robert is playing Eric Packer, a “financial wunderkind,” in the film based on Don DeLillo‘s novel of the same name.

The David Cronenberg-directed drama will hit theaters sometime next year!

10+ pictures inside of Robert Pattinson on the set of Cosmopolis

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robert pattinson on set of cosmopolis 01
robert pattinson on set of cosmopolis 02
robert pattinson on set of cosmopolis 03
robert pattinson on set of cosmopolis 04
robert pattinson on set of cosmopolis 05
robert pattinson on set of cosmopolis 06
robert pattinson on set of cosmopolis 07
robert pattinson on set of cosmopolis 08
robert pattinson on set of cosmopolis 09
robert pattinson on set of cosmopolis 10

Credit: O\\\\\\\'Neill/White; Photos: INFdaily
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  • andie

    Love Robert! Such a lovely, humble, down to earth young man and he is pretty hot too!!!!

  • Murray

    Cant wait to see what this great collaboration will be like on screen. Great role for Rob and a genius director.

  • Murray

    Cant wait to see what this great collaboration will be like on screen. Great role for Rob and a genius director.

  • tammy

    Congrats on the huge success of WFE Rob and everybody else involved. I thought it was a wonderful movie with an old hollywood charm thats been missing for a long time! Cosmopolis looks very interesting to me. A completely different genre for Rob. Nice to see him mixing up his roles a bit and pushing himself. Best of luck with this Rob!

  • jamie

    He looks so hot.

  • hey fangirls

    You can’t “contort” numbers. Numbers don’t lie.
    WFE was NOT a success.
    They more you claim otherwise, the more ridiculous you sound.

  • Jones

    This only proves that you are a stupid troll . Bye.

  • flat

    @-: well you missed the best part, because the elephant gets the last laugh on august.

  • flat

    @@3: well you need to tell the hollywood reporter, and box office mojo that.

  • Lynn

    People who believe WFE is not a success, I want to order what you’re drinking :)

  • hmmm

    @hey fangirls: well i guess forbes turned into a big fangirl then. along with other media publications .

  • @59

    The numbers that were quoted that prove WFE was NOT a success came directly from Box Office Mojo.
    Doing “better than expected” is just a polite way of saying that they got more than they expected from a movie with such a weak leading man.

  • @62

    no words……**facepalm**

  • what?

    @@3: your logic really makes no sense. if that was the case more then half of the movies out wouldnt been seen as a success. for example, no one knows the real budget of avatar, but many outlets reported it reached a little over 500 million, domestically it didn’t make a billion dollars. does that mean that movie wasnt a sucess? note im not comparing wfe to avatar, the two movies arent even in the same spectrum, but according to your logic avatar wouldnt be seen as a success.

  • sd

    @RobOnly: R/K do not compete vs each other. Kristen does indie films and mostly for the art. indeed her films are not blockbusters (other than Twilight) and she acknowledges that many people didn’t see her indie films. However most of them have recovered or broken even for production costs. Indie films cannot compete because of limited movie theatre distributions. There are big stars with flops incl Angelina, Reese, even Brad and Johnny Depp have flops; but they are artists nonetheless. Kristen is very intelligent and still maturing. All the fuzz overwhelmed her young mind in the past, but as you may notice these days, she has tempered her flipping days. She’s being smart. Rob admires her inner soul, her intelligence and simplicity. No matter what peeps want Robert to be – sophisticated, get-over-Kristen; he is his own person and respectful of Kristen. Do not try to make Rob anything he’s not or he himself says he’s not (philandering…). They may not end up together for a long time, but Rob and Kris are very loving of each other. They have desire to be together as photos show, leave them be.

  • Kate

    Pattinson had a birthday this month and is now 25.

  • Calculator

    105 million dollars (and rising) from a 38 million dollar budget is most definitely a success!!!! Its crazy trying to say its not….Nobody will be convinced by your attempts at undermining what everyone knows is a big box office profit. Millions of dollars profit!!! Millions! Maybe some people need to go back to school and learn how to add or actually get a clue!

  • cups

    I’m glad Water for Elephants did so well! Looking forward to seeing Cosmopolis. Great part for Rob and great opportunity to do something different with Mr Cronenberg. Its certain to be interesting. Best of luck in the future Rob. You have a lot of good people supporting you!

  • sharon

    @@3: first
    of all wfe only cost $18 million to make not the amount that you
    have written, and they expected it to do as well as it did, and it
    did better then even they thought.

    Remember WFE was a period piece……The younger generation
    probably was not into it,, but it was a good movie and I think he
    was very good in it..

    Also did you know that he co-produced Remember Me, the only
    people that did not like this movie were the critics, and they did
    not like it because of the ending………………

  • LALA

    he’s my toy.

  • *sigh*

    Do you children believe that studios get every penny of the box office take?
    If you do, you aren’t just in denial, you are dumber than rocks.
    Studios get approximately ONE HALF of the box office take in the US. They considerably LESS in ‘foreign’ markets. Sometimes as little as 5-10%. that’s why a film’s success is calculated using domestic receipts. They have to take in twice as much domestically to make back their money. Foreign market take will be used to recoup advertising costs, premiere expenses, etc., which are not considered in the budget amount.
    In other words, WFE cannot be considered a box office success. PERIOD. If you enjoyed it, fine, Great. Fantastic! That’s all that really matters, right? But don’t try to make it anything that it is not. When the numbers are staring you in the face, denying them just makes you look stupid.
    here’s a link to Box Office Mojo for you….if they allow it. If not, just go to, and run a search.
    Any further denials will just seem pathetic and desperate.

  • Gena

    I LIkE him as actor! And of course his look!

  • gg

    71 is absolutely right. The breakdown is: $38 million budget, plus marketing and advertising raises that to probably around $45 million. So far WFE has grossed $54 million domestically, but you the studio only sees HALF of that, so around $27 million dollars. The other half goes to the theaters. And yes, they do not see much of the foreign gross.

    So the studio put in over $40 million and so far only recouped $27 million.

    It’s not being a hater. It’s just the facts. If you liked the movie and you like the actor, more power to you.

  • SweetLips

    I love how people are hating this guy. I’m not a fan but apprently he’s getting the best jobs in Hollywood… I guess for a reason? Gus Van Sant recently said that he wanted to work with Robert Pattinson. Crazy huh? Well David Cronenberg hired him. Congrats to him.

  • gen


  • Nics

    If you follow the one or two peoples logic here who say wfe was not a success then pretty much every movie ever made was not a success! It was a success and thats a fact…you may not like it…but its a fact…by all means keep harping on about it being a big failure but you’ll just make yourself look silly!! Congrats on the success of WFE cast and crew! Beautiful movie that deserves the success its had so far! Keep up the good work!

  • Danni

    Why does it bug people so much that they have to DEFEND why they think WFE was a flop? In the context of all the films that have been out there in recent years, it did better than expected and is considered profitable. This is fact. So give it up already.

  • RR

    Love Rob! He looks so good in a suit and my God look at that smile! Beautiful!

  • @76-77

    Ignoring the facts just makes you sound like an idiot fangirl.
    Say you liked the film. Say that you thought that it was fanatastic and that Rob is the bestest most gorgeousest actor of all tiiiime. Fine. believe that. It’s your right to have that OPINION.
    But continuing to ignore actual, concrete facts because you refuse to believe them is stupid.
    It wasn’t a success just because you say it was a success. The number don’t lie. With two Oscar winners and the current flavor of the month, the take should have been much higher. It was a huge disappointment to the studio.
    You need to accept that no matter how much you adore him, he is not a box office draw in anything besides twilight. The numbers for his non-Edward roles prove this over and over.
    You girls have to grow up someday. Being able to face the truth is part of growing up. Get used to it.

  • @79

    I cant believe people are still going on about it not being a success. Cost 38 million. Made 105 million so far. There is no way in hell that is not a success!! Maybe it is you who needs to face the truth! Look whatever….keep trying to convince yourself that you are right but you’re not! Most people in the World know that WFE was a success but of course you know better than everybody else right? Especially people who have been working in the industry for years!! 70 Million dollars profit so far not a success??….please dont make me laugh…of course it is!

  • emma

    Rob is so perfect.

  • emma

    Rob is so perfect.

  • @80

    Are you really that thick?
    Or just in a deep pit of denial.
    Do you actually believe that the studio gets every penny from ticket sales?
    No. You’re only joking. No one could possibly be that stupid.
    Even a Rob stan couldn’t be that idiotic.

  • @80

    People who work in the industry know that it was not successful. Don’t try to play that card, or you will just end up looking worse.
    They understand the business. They know what it takes to be considered successful. WFE was not a success. The numbers prove that. It’s really that simple.

  • SSS

    Movie was a success!!! 70 million dollars profit means everyone made money!!! Actors were paid, crews were paid, producers and theater owners were paid…audiences enjoyed the movie, tax payers and economy benefit, who cares if the producers didn’t make 1 billion dollars from WFE? No one expected a romantic drama with no 3D to make anything above 100 million, and it DID!

  • SSS

    Movie was a success!!! 70 million dollars profit means everyone made money!!! Actorjs were paid, crews were paid, producers and theater owners were paid…audiences enjoyed the movie, tax payers and economy benefit, who cares if the producers didn’t make 1 billion dollars from WFE? No one expected a romantic drama with no 3D to make anything above 100 million, and it DID!

  • @84

    Like who?

  • carolyn

    @Brainy box:

    Actually David Cronenburg DID call Rob up personally to ask him if he was interested in the role. All you have to do is look this info up on the internet.

  • yovana

    he is so freaking handsome!!!!!!!!

  • berthy

    he is so cute and handsome and beautiful and great and I love him so much!!!!!!!

  • carolyn

    FOX has said they are very happy with how well WFE did…It is the highest grossing DRAMA in the past year…And there are still DVD sales to be had…Look this info up. If FOX is happy, and it is a known fact that WFE is one of the highest earning dramas @ the box office for some time, then what is all the fuss about. Also Rob made 1 1/2 million for WFE, and gave it all to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennesse. (Reese&Christoph made the same, this film was not about the money, nor is Cosmopolis, but the desire to be apart a the film(s) Hate him all you want, though you do not know him, and wish for his career to be over…I personally hope for a long and happy one for him, because i feel he is multi-talented. My favorite movies are How To Be & Remember Me, i also like Rob’s music, and I think he is one of the most genuine, sweet, shy, humble, charming, funny as hell, intelligent, down to earth actors out there. I wish you all the best Robert!

  • *sigh*

    Poor delusional fangirls.
    Too stupid to realize that numbers DO NOT LIE.
    You girls are hopeless. At least until the next boy comes along to replace Robert in your teen fantasies.
    PS: one more time…the movie did not make 70 million profit. The studio does not get 100% of the box office. Any idiot knows that. At least any normal idiot. You guys must be a special breed of idiot.

  • HUH?

    Number one drama?
    The Lincoln Lawyer has made more money so far this year, so how can you claim that?

  • Right?

    Hope the Harry Potter trio’s movies bomb in heII after the last movie is released! That is all..

  • @91

    None of the people talking about numbers wishes anything bad for Robert or his future.
    We just want the fangirls to be a bit more realistic in their praise.
    You can’t claim something as fact, when the numbers prove it to be wrong. WFE was not a success, no matter how much you want it to be.
    The reality of the situation is that Rob will have a hard time breaking away from Edward. He needs to lay low for a bit to let the general public forget how much they hate all things twilight. Then he can come back and take a stab at real acting. No matter how good the film is now, only his fans will want to see it.
    Orlando Bloom took a break so that people would forget that he was the handsome, hero do-gooder. He has since stated that it was harder than he imagined to change people’s ideas of what type of actor that he should be. He has since done theater and several small indies, which hardly anyone will see, but where he has received wonderful reviews. He fought for, and won the role of a vulgar, foul mouthed rock god named The Stain in Sympathy for Delicious with Mark Ruffalo, and the critics loved him. The Stain was the polar opposite of Will Turner. That is what Rob will have to do. No more simpering, tragic, moody guys, if he’s smart. But he has to disappear for a while if he wants a future in the industry. He seems like a nice guy. So if he’s smart, he will follow Orlando’s example.

  • @94

    Well isn’t that a horrible thing to say about three nice young people.
    Shame on you.

  • Rob

    Rob is a nice guy. Shame on those who wished his first of many efforts out of the Twilight franchise to not be a success…he donated his earnings for his movie to a animal charity and put himself out there to be criticised. The first movie since Eclipse was released when all attention are on him and weather he can carry his fan base beyond Twilight. How sad that the Potter fans hate him because Twilight is overshadowing Potter and taking away it’s thunder. Really, the actors don’t hate each other, just their respective fans, unfortunately.

  • Ly

    Robert Pattinson has been eagerly looking to break away from the tween sensation that has made him a star. He valiantly tried to steer the manipulative “Remember Me” but had better success this year with the period drama “Water For Elephants,” with that film quietly climbing to nearly $100 million worldwide. Not bad. His next effort at creating cinema that won’t just appeal to teenage girls and their Moms is David Cronenberg‘s “Cosmopolis.”

    Congrats to the cast from Water For Elephants a beautiful film.

  • To whoever you are who pretend to know shame on you.Fox’s RIO, now earns at $134 over its $90M cost, WFE $54 over $38M cost ALMOST SAME MARGIN PERCENTAGE duhh

    use your brain not your jealous as$ next time hater

  • Rob

    And it is insulting for you to insinuate that Rob should copy Orlando Bloom’s career trajectory. Orlando is seen as Miss Miranda Kerr these days. Ms. Kristen Stewart isn’t so bad, but he should be successful in his own right ten years after Twilight. Of course, the heartthrob status won’t be at the extreme level it is now, but hopefully a Leonardo Dicaprio like career is more in line than a Orlando Bloom, both former heartthrobs. He is getting there and if he keeps on working and fine tuning his craft with able bodied directors and casts, he will be an Oscar winner someday…much more likely than the Harry Potter trio just because he broke the American market with Twilight already. They’ll just flounder around and eventually go back to the UK, then disappear to small indies, soap operas and theater. Not that bad considering Rickman, Thompson and Gambon are respected theater and small TV actors in their own right.