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Zoe Kravitz & Michael Fassbender: New York City Stroll!

Zoe Kravitz & Michael Fassbender: New York City Stroll!

Zoe Kravitz and her boyfriend Michael Fassbender hold hands and go for a walk on Sunday (May 29) in New York City.

The 22-year-old actress and Michael, 34, stopped by a local restaurant to grab some lunch.

Earlier in the week, Zoe and Michael attended the premiere of their new film X-Men: First Class held at the Ziegfeld Theatre.

X-Men: First Class hits theaters this Friday (June 3)!

10+ pictures inside of Zoe Kravitz and Michael Fassbender together in New York City…

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zoe kravitz michael fassbender new york city stroll 01
zoe kravitz michael fassbender new york city stroll 02
zoe kravitz michael fassbender new york city stroll 03
zoe kravitz michael fassbender new york city stroll 04
zoe kravitz michael fassbender new york city stroll 05
zoe kravitz michael fassbender new york city stroll 06
zoe kravitz michael fassbender new york city stroll 07
zoe kravitz michael fassbender new york city stroll 08
zoe kravitz michael fassbender new york city stroll 09

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  • Mlef

    34 ?

    And Mamamamaaaa saiiiid…leave those bad boys aloooone…

    Slash call me I love you…lol


    why is she with that old man?

  • reba

    Unattractive with the cigarette hanging out your mouth. Looks trashy

  • i actually like them

    surprisingly i actaully like them together, very cool and cute but im not liking him blonde though

  • Deuce

    this Michael could do better… like me :)

  • Eww

    Uh why is she on JJ???? She is only famous b/c of her dad. She has no talent at all

  • blah

    For some reason, this poor kid never looks clean. She has no style. And she obviously likes unattractive white men.

  • Sweet Pea

    VERY attractive couple.

  • boston61

    She is dirty looking like her mother. Never liked Lisa B.

  • um

    Why is HE with her? He’s generating heat in Hollywood she’s eh just ok and way too young to appreciate his status.

    She never looks polished and looks like a female version of Chris Brown.

  • LoriLori

    Cute couple

  • LoriLori

    Cute couple

    @boston61 #9
    the one who looks dirty all the time is brittney WT spears

  • Yo-Landi

    Michael Fassbender is mighty FINE. I actually love him with blonde hair! Zoe’s lucky. Very lucky.

  • boston61

    All celeb kids, including this little sh*t, should be required to join the military and serve their country before getting all their unfair advantages.

  • bb

    pul-eeze look at her effin tude with the cigarette lol, look at me, i’m so effin cool. gurl you’d be nothin without lenny! b/tch needs to sit down!

  • dee

    What’s funny is that Zoe’s stepdad Jason Momoa is younger than Fassbender. LOL.
    but seriously though, Zoe has great taste in men. I’m the same age as her and it puts things in perspective. Go Zoe.

    Ps Jason Moma is hotter IMO

  • Delphic

    People on this site are so overly critical. Seems that some people really are jealous that she’s dating Fassy.

  • Alaia

    @SnOOKIE: Only on this site would a 34-year-old man be considered ‘old’ and actually get some thumbs up. Grow up!

  • Dionne

    Cute couple. Yeah I’m a little jealous since Fassy is supposed to be mine!!!! But I can’t hate.

  • Dionne

    They look cute! I am jealous because he’s supposed to be mine!!!! But I won’t hate…

  • Lola

    Why are you guys hating on Zoe because her father is famous? Are you that jealous and bittter? it’s not like she’s all over hollywood begging for attention like some celebrity kids, she’s just doing her. And i also think she as a pretty cool and unique sense of fashion. To each their own

  • manka

    He’s hot, she’s NOT.

  • flowt46

    Zoe was convincing in her role on Showtime’s “Californication”..

    I’ve seen far worse in Hollywood these days and with Reality Show people taking all jobs for actors..I’m happy anyone can find wok.

    But nepotism exists in many areas’s hiring their sons in same practice..lawyers, newscasters…who cares…dones’t bother me.

    As long as she entertains me ..which is pay to see her.

    BTW===Jason Moma …her mom’s beau ( I don’t think they’re married) is hotter than hot!!! Love him on Game of Thrones!

  • bee

    omg finally i have my proof

    for the longest time i was hoping the rumors werent true that they’re together…

    hes too hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he needs to date a supermodel for a while LOL

  • Jess

    Why is it comment sections of men that are big right now with their gfs always end up dogging the women? The fact that the comments are most likely from women is not lost on me.

    Lets be real it’s jealousy. Blake, Zoe, etc they have what you want but will never have so lets break them down. Doesn’t matter the girl she’s always not good enough. Funny and very sad.

  • jacqueline

    LUCKY GIRL! I think she’s pretty but Michael is just… dreamy. I was just about to type ‘Don’t really get what he’s doing with a 22 year-old girl’ but then I realized I’m just a bit jealous. Don’t know if she’s a good actress, gonna find out when I watch X-Men First Class :D looking forward to it

  • BloodbuzzOhio

    @Lola: Yeah, I read an interview of hers and she is aware that her father being famous helped her career. Sometimes nepotism sucks, sometimes a good thing can come out of it. Charlotte Gainsbourg, anyone? Zoe is very talented.

  • NYC

    She looks awful, as usual.
    He looks like a freak with that hair.
    Kind of a perv to go out with such a young girl.


    He Michael Fassbender is happy about it. like I said he doesn’t want Zoe Kravitz she isn’t his type, he has his reasons for being with her for now. but that relationship is not going to last so I hope she not in love with this man because he doesn’t love her in that way. Look at that sly grin on his face he is such a loser and she needs to calm down and stop dating every person that she is on a movie set with.

  • anne


    Usually not one of us is anything without our fathers. She is actually doing movies, and paving her way on her own.

  • shimmy


    since you’re their confidante, must b why you’re so in the know

    get a life!


    That relationship is not going to last. There is something about that Fassbender guy I think he is just using her.


    @Delphic: because he is using her and he is old looking.


    @Delphic: because he is using her and he is old looking.


    How the hell do you know he’s using her you eejit

  • jacqueline

    Zoe gets a lot of hate, Janueay Jones gets a lot of hate, Blake Lively does too… why? They all seem nice to me.



    What do you mean she isn’t his type, if you’re that interested you should google around a bit, his last girlfriend resembles her quite


    To clear up his reputation as a woman beater remember his last relationship. Who is better than (Lenny Kravitz’s daughter to have a relationship with.) If he was such a good man shouldn’t he have been a long term relationship before he meant her. I don’t hate Zoe or January I don’t like him something about him is sneaky and slimly. and I hope Zoe wakes up out of that (love cloud that she is in) and dump his slimly behind.

  • lisa

    I dont like him either, and if they are so in love why is she so mad, I wouldn’t care who took my picture.

  • Gena

    She is a true daddy’s daughter. Looks like a rocker!

  • Thelma

    Gosh she really looks like her mom at the same age and cute. I always thought her mom was the coolest Cosby kid (Denise).

  • cara

    Fassy is so Hot!! loved him in x men: first class!

  • Yawn

    Michael Fassbender has quite the following especially in Europe. He’s very popular and talented. She is just starting so I’m getting a Blake Lively/LeoDiCaprio thing going on. A young up and coming actress who wants more exposure and percieved talent hooks up with a well established, more poular unmarried star. It’s working.

  • David


  • boston61


    Brittany Spears has bipolar disorder. IMHO

  • brianna


    I forgot to add Amber Rose, Kendra Wilkenson to list for sexy non black women, who land super rich, hot or famous non white men. Making it as easy as childsplay.

    Maybe they are more ambitious. Some women just refuse to settle for trash.

  • Dionne

    Um if you look at some of his previous partners you will see that Zoe is very similar looking… He doesn’t have to date a white woman, and she doesn’t have to date a black man. So 18th century to talk down on interracial relationships. They’re together so be happy for them or go hate somewhere else. Geesh

  • brianna

    Even that Stripper, Amber Rose, can walk into a rich singers life and turn the relationship into a career, where now shes does Paris and London fashion week, and has auditioned for a HUGE movie. If you are gonna date something opposite, at least pick the best of the best. Not the trash.

    Strippers and nanny’s have game. LOL LOL LOL Bet you are jealous ! Let us face it….even the stripper and nanny look better than certain women.

  • brianna


    I bet if he were dating a size 0 blonde, you would hail him as ugly. Somehow, I know the reason why you hail him as a sex hunk who should be yours, is because of the color of his current GF. You have made several references to his ex, who, is actually Thai. Asian women and BW have nothing in common. What will you do if he gets cast in a film with a hot new young English rose with blonde hair.

  • brianna

    The sexiest actor now is Ryan Reynolds….and yes, he is hot, whether he dates white women or not. Don’t be jealous black women. Ryan Reynolds is SEXY SEXY AND A LIST MOVIE STAR. Zoe should have aimed for him, that if she can get a hottie like Ryan. Zoe is mixed race, not black, she looks pretty. Mixed women are more beautiful. The jewish in her saves her looks. If she was not part jewish, she would reduce to being in tyler perry movies, like women who have no jewish blood to make them pretty. I can see why she dates white men, she ( like halle ) wants her daughters to be beautiful and mainstream looking. That would not happen if the dad was not white. Mixed little girls are far superior. Halle knows this too!