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Alexander Skarsgard: These Boots Weren't Made For Walkin'

Alexander Skarsgard: These Boots Weren't Made For Walkin'

Check out these sexy new shots of Alexander Skarsgard from the June 2011 issue of Interview Magazine, on NY stands June 3, nationwide June 7.

The 34-year-old True Blood hunk shared a funny story about a time he lived in Texas growing up.

He told Arcade Fire‘s Win Butler, “Well, I spent two months in Fredericksburg, Texas, when I was 8, while my father shot a movie, and I loved it. I just embraced the whole cowboy culture. I got myself a pair of awesome boots and a cowboy hat. Then I got back to Sweden in September to go back to school, and I was so proud of my cowboy boots. I told my mom and my dad, ‘I’m going to wear these bad boys to school today, and all the kids are going to love me. I’m going to be the coolest kid in school.’ Then I showed up and everyone was like, ‘Dude, why are you wearing ladies’ boots?’ They didn’t really work in Sweden. I wore them that one day, and then I ran home and cried and never wore those boots again.”

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Photos: Steven Klein
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  • ladybug

    Interesting photo shoot. Did he get to keep the glove?

  • ashley

    my plan: i want him for my own :)
    stage one: get rid of kate bosworth(the skank)

  • Freedom

    omg he’s drop dead gorgeous. love how evil he looks. ovaries exploded :D

  • Canuck

    I love the header photo of this post. The baseball bat one, not so much…

  • lockie

    Naaawww more tales of his traumatic childhood lol

  • Hans

    Nice, wonder if there is a videoshoot of this… I bet he rapes her if there is…

  • jackie

    he makes me melt.

  • Samantha

    He can spank me anytime

  • Canuck

    @Hans: Hard to do when the other person is wearing nylons…

  • Bikini Kill

    Too sexy for words I just can’t…………..

  • Mike

    Don’t understand the purpose of the skanky model.

  • Cassie

    Um. Wow. *fans self* Not safe for work! LOL Nice… very nice…

  • jl

    The photographer must have been channeling Helmut Newton…..and trying WAY too hard to be LOL

  • Yo-landi

    nothing sexier than a guy with an evil look yum! And the sweat and glove adds even more hotness to the whole thing!

  • Cassie

    Thumbs down for saying it’s nice??

  • Canuck

    @Cassie: Guess someone who isn’t an Alex fan is lurking and thumbing…

  • Black Dagger Brotherhood

    Is it just me, or is he seriously channeling Viscious from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series? *Faints*

  • Psyche101

    What the f***???!!!

  • Camille

    This photoshoot is awesome. I love the whole dangerous, S&M vibe to it. It’s not just him smoldering, but it’s something more. He looks great though I’m not sure I like his hair combed forward in every shot. I wonder if he actually smoked any of the cigarette or just posed with it? He’s said before he hates smoking, so I doubt it. We’ve never seen him smoking. I wonder how much he wanted to do that one. LOL! I sure wouldn’t have.

  • Psyche101

    Sorry… I meant “what the f***???!!!” @Hans.

  • *Angieee*

    Hmm not a very good photoshoot. He’s smoking HOT on true blood though.. can’t wait!

  • Canuck

    Well, if he ever feels the desire for more cowboy boots and a good occasion to wear them, I’m sure Camille and I can come up with something. :)))

  • Canuck

    @Camille: Looks like he’s just holding it there.

  • chelle

    @Canuck: I would still prefer the fuzzy bunny slippers and a big smile …

  • Canuck

    @Psyche101: Think his remark was directed at Sarah(?) who was making comments on the last post about how ASkars plays a rapist a lot, so maybe he’s really like that…

  • danielik25

    I love the fact, that he looks diametrically else like in GQ photoshoot . On the other way Alex is always sexy, he is simply beautiful man! I´m waiting for TB!

  • Ana

    This is hotter than the GQ shoot. Weird, but hot. Though I don’t love that baseball bat shot, either…he looks confused, too!

  • Canuck

    @chelle: Well, in my hometown during the yearly 10 day party that is all things Western, there are “ticket only, buy a table breakfasts” that are held in one of the big hotels. The most notorious one is called “The Doggie Do breakfast” and part of that (aside from beer, screwdrivers and pancakes at 7:30 in the morning) is the “chuckwagon race”. This involves grown men and women dressed as cowboys/cowgirls recreating a chuckwagon race by racing around the ballroom dancefloor on TRICYCLES, one of which is pulling a little red wagon with someone in it (the chuckwagon) and the rest who try to keep up (and not go whizzing into the other party goers) as they do laps around the dance floor (the outriders). How do you feel about bolo ties and cowboy boots on a trike? :)))))))

  • Ana

    This may just be hotter than the GQ shoot. Weird, but hot. Several of those GQ shots were sort of fruity, he looks 100% red blooded male here. Though I don’t love that baseball bat shot, either…and truly, he looks a bit confused, too!

  • chelle

    @Canuck: that makes for a very interesting mental image. Maybe we have another winner …

  • Canuck

    @chelle: hahahaha! Maybe he could lounge, lion like, in one of the little red wagons? lol

  • Psyche101

    @Canuck Fair enough. Hadn’t made the connection with the previous conversation. Thought it was just another crazy spreading his/her craziness.

    My thoughts on this photoshoot? I would be happy to be escorted to any dank, dark basement where he’s dungeon master.

  • chelle

    @Canuck: now that would be awkward …can’t u just see those long legs in a little red wagon! That’s awsome!

  • Canuck

    @Psyche101: Do you ever try to imagine the music they might have been playing while shooting these things? This one makes me think of The Talking Heads.

  • Canuck

    @chelle: They’d be dragging along behind like a rudder, lol

  • ladybug

    @Canuck: Divinyls, Pleasure and Pain.

    I’m not to fond of the greased/combed forward look either. But there’s something about his eyes…


    I’m having an orgasmic orgasm when I see those pics.

  • ladybug

    This one, where he’s curled on the floor, what big … feet he has.

  • Canuck

    @ladybug: Perfect choice of soundtrack :) Because of the lighting, the only thing in the photos that is white are the whites of his eyes, at least in those where they seem to stand out. Maybe that’s why…

  • HesANiceGuy

    @Canuck: Even if they aren’t a fun, anyone with eyeballs can see this boy is HOT. Sweden does a body good!!

  • Cassie

    @Canuck: Apparently not! Silly, but whatever floats their boats!

  • Canuck

    @ladybug: That’s kind of a strange picture, given the tenor of the rest of them.

  • Cassie

    @chelle: LOL Now that would be something to see!

  • Canuck

    @HesANiceGuy: Maybe they are fans of whoever he’s going to replace…

    @Cassie: Hey, they probably get a sense of accomplishment out of it… ;)

  • Cassie

    @Canuck: Quite possibly, but I agree with the overall feel here, those pictures are drool worthy!

  • Cassie

    @ladybug: LOL Feet….. *giggles*

  • AitchCS

    Yum, but too much clothes on….

  • Canuck

    @Cassie: Absolutely!

  • ladybug

    @Canuck: He’s tired, after all the S&M!
    There’s definitely a Fangtasia dungeon feel to this shoot.

  • @Canuck

    @Canuck : are you Robin Baum’s employee?