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Blake Lively & Leo DiCaprio: Holding Hands in Monte Carlo!

Blake Lively & Leo DiCaprio: Holding Hands in Monte Carlo!

Looks like Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively are going public with their relationship!

The two were spotted holding hands on Friday (May 27) “during a romantic, moonlit stroll after dinner in Monte Carlo” reports Us Weekly, which also has a photograph of the pair.

At a yacht party, “he had introduced Blake as his girlfriend. I would say they’re totally smitten!” a source told the mag, while another witness said he “looked very in love.”

Earlier that day, the 23-year-old Gossip Girl star and Leo, 36, made separate exits from their hotel in Saint-Paul, France.

DO YOU THINK Blake and Leo make a cute couple?

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Credit: Dominique Charriau, Kiyoshi Ota; Photos: Getty
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  • BOO

    Ugh Leo!!!!!

  • Stephanie

    Hot Couple!

  • Fan of Beauty

    Hilarious…!!! He’s 36 and she’s 23! By the time he turns 40, he might start to date chicks over 25, don’t you think?

  • kk


  • dash

    He gets older and his girlfriends get younger. When he gets to 50, he’ll be dating a teen just wait and see.

  • Nicki

    No they don’t make a cute couple.

    On the pictures of them from Monte Carlo, he looks like a client asking a hooker how much she charges…… why does she wear such high heels with a mini skirt. The total opposite of elegance and class.

    Oh well…. DiCaprio sounds pathetic.

  • Mike

    Out with the old beard and in with the new.

  • Brainy box


  • lexy hates bilson

    LMAO!!! So what?? Aren’t they filming a movie?? You guys are too much!!!

  • Mya

    Totally ridiculous. The guy who hates to be seen in private pictures is now dating a “GOSSIP GIRL”!!!! LOL, LOL!!!

  • curi2

    LOL just posted this article on the other thread.I know TB was wanting a new thread but I think it was one with new pictures.Not with breathing reporting from US Weekly I might

  • kk


  • sara

    yay! maybe Blake will finally get hired for a job now that she bagged Leo

  • JC

    Other than sex I can’t see what he’s doing with her

  • Miss BB

    Blake dating famous actor again

  • terri

    Blake finally found a gay a-lister willing to pretend to date her. Good for you, Blake. I knew it would happen eventually. It’s a shame Orlando Bloom already has a beard and you have to settle for this shlub, though.

  • Sean

    Don’t be fooled Blake. He just wants to hit and quit it.

  • Ann

    LOL, LOL, LOL!!!! It looks like she desperately wants to be in Wolf of Wall Street!

  • h

    @sara: Blake has a lot of jobs, stfu jealous loser. Blake is the FACE OF CHANEL.. what’s ur job? LMAO! Blake stars in THE GREEN LANTERN, new movie franchise.. wheres ur movie franchise? LMAO blind fat hater!

  • Heather

    LOL, LOL!!!! Totally agree! What’s that outfit???

  • Dionne

    How cute!

  • taytay


    Orlando Bloom hasn’t been an a-lster for a very long time but yeah, it is a shame BL had to beard for tubby Leo while he carries on with Lukas Haas.

  • ffa

    how can he be very in love when he just broke up with Bar 2 1/2 weeks ago? and they shared a kiss in January? meaning Leo cheated on Bar and Blake Lively is the reason they broke up because a week after breeaking up, they’re in France together.

  • YoYo

    Here you can see all the pictures:

    I can’t believe she is the reason why he dumped Refaeli.

    What a downgrade…… a Gossip Girl, for crying out loud! 13 years old younger than him.

  • emma

    lucky girl

  • Yo-landi

    ewww! he sure likes ‘em blonde! he seems to be shallow, he’ll never settle down

  • wtf?

    flake and dedouche,u give it a month

  • ffa


    It doenst matter if she is from Gossip Girl or Travelling stupid pants but Leo dumped a supermodel for Lively? flirted with her while in a relationship with Bar? I am not a big fan of Bar and Leo but for goodness sake Blake Lively, have some respect towards a newly single girl who got dumped because of you.

  • Evie

    they are so cute together! Go Leo & Blake!

  • flor

    I love Leo andI’m a huge fan. I will support with and I don’t care if he’s with Giselle, Bar or Blake because he’s a great actor, a great humanitarian and his movies are ridiculously good and I’m so sorry but this smells PR and I can’t believe his actually doing this because he doesn’t need it. If he’s in love, I will support but if he isn’t he isa total famewh*re.

  • hoooohaaa

    Well blake is only two years younger than Bar, Watch out Blake, he’s a heartbreaker, just like the ass-hole Justin Timberlake

  • Suzzy

    Good for them. If she ever wants to share any issues she’s having with leo she can go on

  • Suzzy

    Good for them! If she ever have any issues with Leo she can go on

  • Mee

    No, they don’t make a cute couple. Blake is just trying to get more star power from him. Leo is just having fun and she’s his rebound hookup girl

  • harley

    He is the mondern day Jack Nicholson. Twenty years from now he will still be dating young actresses and models. The boy can act his ass of so its ok.

  • gleek

    Blake Lively is stupid. He’s a player of course helicopter and everything.

    Team Penn and Bar! they deserves so much better now.

  • ugh

    leo used to be cute and now he’s ugly. is it the alcohol? he looks so puffy and older than Brad pitt johnny depp and george clooney

  • j

    Could her dress get any shorter?? I wonder what he see’s in her hmm.. when you dress like that! I think he’s a little old for her, more of a womanizer it appears.. Kind of looks funny shes in an extremely short dress, heels and him in his jeans

  • adna

    Something like that does not cling me their relationship.
    Nothing interesting,,,,,
    Nothing between them does not and never will be. She is second rate actrees.He probably wants to make her Nicole Kidman. She also began with Tom Cruise. Guys, it’s full PR!!!. I heartily congratulate Blake!!!. Probably she has dreams of being a great actress. Good luck. But Leo … are MEN!!!!! You goes a great agent!!!!!!!

  • lolololol

    this made me laugh- is this her twitter??? she sounds like a dumber “twit” than barfffola…. not only keeps picking the younger ones but the dumber ones– if that is her twitter she makes bar look like a rocket scientist (which is impossibly hard to do!)

  • lol!/blakelively25

    is this her twitter? she seems like a complete airhead-

  • 777

    This is so fake P R all the way. He just broke up with his girlfriend. i don’t get this stupid guy and girl. Don’t they realized this is making them look dumb and dumber. I think it would have been best for them both to have at list waited out for like 3 to 6 months and then go for the new relationship. Good luck though cause your going to need it. Still he is very cute I don’t blame blake for being in this new fake love.

  • Celia

    Blake has got more than her love life to worry about now considering there are now nude pics of her online. Yikes!

  • Nanda

    They’re soooooo cute together! Gorgeous couple.

    Leo is amazing and hot, hot, hot.

  • don’t worry

    this is all publicity for his next film so that he doesn’t get the gay rumors once again. it’s all so “convenient” from bar to blake…. are they going through the B’s right now on the list of fake gf’s? lol apparently so! and check out her twitter….she’s a bigger TWIT than bar if that is possible… and all her references to leo are so dumb—leo wouldn’t want her blabbing on about him and her. so not like him and so obviously publicity!

  • Mee

    @Celia: since when?

  • Corin

    Hey Gleek, Maybe someone should introduce Bar to Penn :P

  • Celia


    Check her IMDB message boards. They just leaked. I feel bad for her.

  • ffa


    Penn and Bar. They didn’t do anything wrong to this famewhores (blake and Leo)

    2 1/2 weeks and he’s in love. please. it’s in LUST

  • Mari

    I really don’t believe that this is a publicity stunt. When Leo is interested in a woman, he pursues her very persistently / aggressively. He did the same with Bar and the same with Gisele before her. Who knows if this romance will see the end of summer, but I believe it is real for now. The real test will be when they’re both busy working if they can still make it work. At least they live in the same country – - that’s a start. The age difference is fairly large, but it’s not like she’s 18 . . . she’s an adult and not really that much younger than Bar (not to mention Bar always struck me as immature for her age). As for her looks, I think she’s pretty and she has a definite style. There’s something about her looks that reminds me a bit of Gisele (I’m not saying she has the same amazing bone structure, but there is a slight resemblance). For now I am just enjoying all the photos we’re getting of Leo and looking forward to seeing/hearing what happens next!!

    Oh, and for the people saying he broke up with Bar “a couple weeks ago,” we have no idea when they broke up. It could have been a couple months ago for all we know.