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Jamie Chung Covers 'Prestige' June 2011

Jamie Chung Covers 'Prestige' June 2011

Jamie Chung wears Halston on the cover of Prestige Indonesia magazine’s June 2011 issue.

Here’s what the 28-year-old Hangover Part II star had to share:

On how her parents reacted to her career choice: “Mothers will always worry about their children. It’s no different in my case, but I am grateful to have come from a traditional family. My parents are supportive of me and are very excited to see The Hangover Part II!”

On going out of her comfort zone:“I enjoy challenging myself physically and mentally with roles that push me beyond my comfort zone. I try to switch things up, whether it’s comedy, drama or action. I want to continuously evolve. I always ask myself: Can I make this part into something spectacular?”

Pictured below is Jamie doing some shopping at Superdry on Tuesday (May 24), where she tried on maxi dresses and a leather bomber jacket.

10+ pictures inside of Jamie Chung in Prestige Indonesia Magazine

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Photos: Mitchell McCormack, Ashley Phan-Weston (styling)
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  • irees

    I freakin’ love Jamie Chung. I’m so glad she’s finding so much work these days and in good movies, too! I loved her in Sucker Punch and Hangover 2. Seriously, this girl’s had some Hollywood spark even way back in Real World San Diego.

  • Becky

    Wow she is really pretty! Great body and cute face. I like her style!

  • kerri

    Stunning girl.

  • mason

    she looks like crap.

  • *Angieee*

    Let me guess she plays a stripper type character in that movie. Why are asians in hollywood always typecast either kungfo fighting or a sl*t…

  • bri’

    Oh look what we have, a hot asian women doing big things in Hollywood. Are there any black – not mixed women working these days?

  • Dave

    She looks cross eyed and she looks a lot like that other asian chick, lucy lui and the other one who was in a social network.
    Asian women do look very similar to each other, unfortunately i don’t find them attractive or else i could land one easily as they like white guys a lot.

  • justin

    my girlfriend is half asian and she’s gorgeous.
    half-asians are a different breed, they look alot better.
    (see kristin kreuk/smallville for example).

  • rick

    @Dave: ill have to disagree as i think lucy lui is way hotter.

  • mike

    @Dave: i think all blondes look the same. i dont tend to be attracted to asian girls either. but i prefer brunettes.

  • Nikki

    Jamie is getting a bad rap around town for being difficult to work with, she isn’t big enough for fame to be getting to her… Enjoy your 30 seconds of screen time in H2.

  • Jen

    Attractiveness depends on the PERSON. It’s really creepy when someone says an entire race is attractive…aka asian fetish. They don’t like that I hope you don’t say that to them

  • richard fish

    all asians are attractive.

  • Lamer

    She went to UCR and I remember seeing her. She was such a ditz and thought she was so above it all. Lame.

  • jessa

    @Lamer: she probably thought she was superior because she was on the real world! which is pathetic. cause you’re not really a big deal bec you’re on that show. that’s like being proud to be on jersey shore and listing that as an accomplishment.

  • Bryony


    Racist. It’s baffling how people can be so immature sometimes.

    There are better-looking people and worse-looking people in all races.


    for an asian girl she’s very pretty. but they all have weird shaped bodies…

  • andi

    to all Asian haters: you are sick losers drug users with no job! say whatever you want about us. you all especially americans are RUDE and have no respect for others, not even to your parents! it’s only make you look even uglier in and out. your country is BROKE!! that’s why so many Americans working as an English Teacher in my country. Yes, English teacher with a $10/ hour. Stop bashing us and get a real job.

    Proud Asian

  • your mind

    umm, you guys know that this site is run by a asian guy, right?

    It’s like people on perez hilton, they bash him but yet they give him site views. umm hello!

    Think before you speak. All different nationalities are intertwined with your life but you don’t realize it. They touch your food, make your clothes, teach ect.

    And everyone, we are all ONE race, the human race, dont get that twisted!

  • kelly

    When was the last time anyone saw a black woman ( NOT MIXED / Latina) in a movie ? Aside from mixed Rihanna, Beyonce and Alicia Keys, there are no black women out there working. Seems they are being replaced. There are hundreds of famous black men – even in the UK, but no black women LOL LOL Oh dear!

  • Brianna

    You are right, the BBC reported on the lack of black women in the UK music industry. Black women seem to have been banned from the british music industry.

    No one is interested in black women in music anymore.

  • emily

    Wow, a lot of you are being extremely ignorant.
    Why can’t you accept the fact that Jamie Chung is really pretty. And stop generalizing all races, just because certain races have similar features, it doesn’t make us “all look the same”, it just means you’re too lazy to actually look.
    Saying that you aren’t attracted to Asians or certain types of hair colors makes you sound very shallow. Is that all you look for in a person? Their race or hair color?
    Why is there even so much hate on this thread anyway?

  • Brianna

    Jamie Chung is in the hottest movie in the world at the moment. Black women are just jealous that even Asian women are surpassing them in each and every way. Even in the UK, most of the famous brown women on TV are Indian women. Konnie Huq, Jameela Jamil and various actresses. There is even an Scottish born Chinese girl doing big things in the UK. Black are bitter mad that they are loosing their showbiz crown to Asian women. Vogue magazine UK and USA have just done a feature on 20 Asia supermodels.

  • Donna

    WOW…. she went from “the real world: san diego” to movies!

    PS: asians who are pretty on the inside and outside are gorgeous to me… actually ANY GIRL: black/white/latina/asian/mixed who is pretty on the inside and outside are gorgeous!

    - coming from a straight asian chick

  • ***

    wooooow so much hate in this thread!!!
    I’m Asian and proud of it! I don’t see the point, to me each girl in each “race” can be beautiful…. Black women can be beautiful or ugly, as well as Asians can be, and as well as white girls, or Indians….
    I’m french and my boyfriends were all french (white guys by the way), and they weren’t “asian fetichist” by the time i knew them.
    Oh and yes,i agree with Brianna, “asians don’t chose showbiz as careers, they walk into Ivy league schools and become doctors”.

  • Becky



  • Becky


    Donät put yourself on a high horse. Asians like white men?! Ehm, maybe those who have been raised in the west. But try to go to Korea and u’ll not be that attractive as a white man is a downgrade.

  • Lena

    Americans are idiots. I am Korean and if u go to Korea ppl u will hardly see a Korean girl with a white man. Why?! Caus’ he is a downgrade compared to a good Korean guy. White men are Not considered very attractive as a partner. I bet all u ppl have never been in East Asia. U just jugde by seeing a poor Vietnamese on ur street.

  • Lena


    Are u stupid?! There are many mixed Asians that have won Miss USA. Like Miss USA who also won Miss Universe 1997! Vanessa Minillo won Miss Teen USA. Idiot go to bed. And also. Asians don’t go for showbiz in the states. They are doctors, lawyers, teachers scientists.

  • Wow

    Briana and Kelly are the same person. This person is obviously a TROLL you should ignore. If you look on the other message boards for minority celebrities, you’ll see the TROLL there. TROLL, you need to get a life dude and stop being so miserable.

  • rayoflight

    Poor misguided Brianna.. famous “brown women” like Konnie Huq. Is that the same K Huq who got sacked from her last TV gig and is constantly ridiculed for her lack of grace and talent. lol As for overly made up Jameela, a bit part ‘presenter’ on a minor channel. Her recent claim to fame is getting labasted by the press for opening up her lipstick laden mouth. Stick to harping on doctors and lawyers…

  • ***

    I totally forgot to say I thought Jamie Chung was cute…
    ooh and i’m in medical school so i think i’m the living example of Asians who are not into showbizz^^



    It’s so easy to lie on the internet, here I’ll show you an example of this:
    I am a full-time doctor and work part-time as a lawyer and I’m also a scientist. Oh, I’m Asian, BTW.

    Look, I’m all for bettering yourself, but why this sudden comparisons to black women? That’s racist in its own right. Also, saying Americans are rude, well what about all you “Asians” making RUDE comments, where does that put you? Yeah…I thought so.

  • Peggy

    When is the last time you saw A Puerto Rican woman making movies. Not since JLO right, and she had to bleach her skin, narrow her nose and wear blond weaves to be accepted but she was rejected altogether after she ruined Ben’s career and he kicked her out like trash.