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Michelle Williams: My Subconscious Was Interested in Serious Roles

Michelle Williams: My Subconscious Was Interested in Serious Roles

Michelle Williams steps out on a beautiful day in New York City on Tuesday (May 31).

The 30-year-old Meek’s Cutoff actress recently chatted with the Arizona Republic about her string of serious roles.

“It wasn’t anything premeditated at all,” Michelle said of choosing the roles. “I guess it was just what my subconscious was interested in exploring for the last couple of years.

“I’ve heard enough now in the past few months from people I respect, from friends and strangers on the street, saying like, could you do something not as harrowing? And actually, I think there’s something to that – I’m interested myself in what else would excite me,” Michelle added.

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Credit: PPNY/GSNY; Photos: Splash News Online
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  • Lakas

    got a lot of respect for this one

  • annab

    Haven’t seen Matilda in quite awhile. Guess she doesn’t go walking with mom much anymore.

  • http://jag Sl igo lambert ^______^cute

    Michelle yestarday cry

  • Chris


    I agree. Katie Holmes and a TON of others could learn a thing or twenty from her.

  • Rondo Rain

    her hair is cute..i like it..
    …I figured if u you going to be on this site..everyday you might as well make a couple 100 dollars doing it..shiit…i am..

  • Mikado

    I agree.

  • Brainy box


  • mason

    her hair is awesome.

  • madmax

    I like how short she keeps her hair but I wish the color was a bit softer, the platinum blonde color makes her look older.

    I don’t think she lives in Brooklyn anymore, I think she and Matilda moved upstate to the farm and Matilda is still in school. She’ll be finished at the end of June. Just in time to go with mom (hopefully) to Michigan while Michelle shoots the OZ movie

    I hope we’ll get a photo of her with her mom.

  • boston61

    Such an arrogant as*. I remember when she used to give photographers (who are just trying to make a living) the middle finger. Not a nice girl.

  • Hey it’s Simy talking trash

    @Brainy box: Look everybody at that vile Brainy box/ simy alanes, how unintelligent, despicable & pathetic her Katie Holmes adulation is.

  • Lexi


    Photographers who make a living?!?! If they really wanted to make a living then they could just get another profession and not stalk celebrities! Would you like it if a random photographer was invading your privacy and taking pictures of you while you’re with your daughter? I think not.

    I think the one that’s arrogant here is you, and you clearly need some common sense.

  • Now

    Like seeing Michelle but would love to see Matilda. It’s been far too long, 9 months or something. To see that part of Heath living on would be nice.

  • Brainy box


  • boston61


    Yes, that’s correct. Photographers also have a right to feed their children. Celebrities choose to do what they do.

  • http://deleted Juliette

    I want to see Matilda too. I bet she has grown a lot, almost 6 years old now.

  • Sure

    @Chris: what’s that, how to trap men by ditching the pill?
    Poor Matilda will find out the reason why she came into the world. I feel bad for her.

  • Lexi


    Again, they should choose another career if they want to feed their kids. And you might be mistaken, I’m not talking about actual photographers, but I”m talking about those paparazzi.

    What do you think will happen when the child is old enough to ask their parents what they do? I think “Oh, I take pictures of celebrities, even if they don’t like it, and that’s how I’ve been able to support you all this time”, being the answer will not set well for the kid.

    Most paparazzi don’t even get made that much, so if they wanted to support their kids I think their are millions of other jobs out there.

  • Lexi


  • Romeo

    Kids should be off limits and if Williams has to handle the stalking, the photographers should have to handle the dissing, #15.

    Right, #18.

  • Michelle and Larry

    That photo of Heath Ledger before he passed away said everything.
    He went from sexy and content to having had some VERUCA SALT
    destroy his life.
    Her father Larry is the scum that helped Michelle go after Heath Ledger
    for custody.
    How dare Heath Ledger date a beautiful supermodel and make his Veruca Salt jealous of Gemma Ward.
    You can’t make someone love you. Michelle believed that
    Heath Ledger was hers. He was not meant for an actress that appeared like a child in a gown standing next to him on the carpet.

  • SarahS

    Heath still loved Michelle. Gemma was just a fling and it wasn’t a serious relationship. She said that. Her own sister said that He was depressed because He and Michelle broke up. I love Heath but even Him wasn’t an angel!

  • Margaret220

    @Michelle and Larry: Heath still loved Michelle. Gemma was just a fling and it wasn’t a serious relationship. She said that. Her own sister said that He was depressed because He and Michelle broke up. I love Heath but even Him wasn’t an angel!

  • boston61


    Celebrities are well compensated for any paparazzi pictures. It goes with the turf. They choose to be in the public eye. The paparazzi are hardworking people who have a right to make a buck. Boo hoo poor celebrities having another of their endless vacations disturbed.

  • Lexi


    Okay, but sometimes it gets to the point where it’s too much and they should stop.
    Btw, it’s not like the paparazzi only take pictures of stars when they’re out on vacation, they also do it when they are just out with their kid.

  • Me

    @Michelle and Larry: You’re right! Heath Ledger looked TERRIBLE, but not only in that last picture. His looks took a major dive starting in 2006. He looked so miserable in many of the candid photos. Poor bloke.

  • Me

    @Michelle and Larry: You’re so right!!! His looks started going way downhill in 2006. He looked so miserable, especially in the candids. Poor bloke!!

  • Me

    Sure, you are absolutely hilarious.

  • Mandy

    You are crazy! Heath loved Michelle, when they were together he always looked clean and handsome. When they broke up he looked rather like a homeless person. He wanted to be with both His girls. Mamy of His friends said that he took this breake up very hard he was distressed and concered because of it. He did I’m not there for Williams. Because he loved her.

  • erer

    @Michelle and Larry: youre such a troll there was no custody battle I cant beleive losers like you still talking about those stupid rumors after 3 years <_<

  • wow

    People finally saying what I said since last year that Heath was depressed after michelle dumped him

  • Me

    @Mandy: Get the facts straight. Heath Ledger did not do I’m Not There for Michelle Williams. He said in more than one interview that doing that role was a last minute decision because the original actor dropped out. He was concerned about custody for his daughter, not a reconciliation. He had happily moved on with Gemma Ward. They were in love. An eyewitness in AUS saw the name “Gemma” encircled with a heart inked/tattooed on Heath. How romantic!!!!

  • How much H really loved M
  • AnnieBelle

    @Me: Do you know where he had this tattoo? I don’t think that is True.
    And there are No proofs that someone saw Him with other girls!

  • What

    June 24 – I went to the Loews Cineplex on Third Ave. with my friends to see Cinderella Man. About 5 minutes into the movie Heath Ledger and some woman who was definately not Michelle came in to the theater and sat in front of us. They made out heavily for most of the movie. I guess Heath thinks a dark movie theater is a good place to cheat on his pregnant girlfriend. He should know by now that wearing that same green hat everywhere is not the best way to go incognito.

    I saw Heath Ledger go into an apartment building on West 19th St. on Monday at around 3 A.M. He was with a woman I didn’t recognize. She was tall with brown hair, very pretty all around. They stopped and kissed before they went into the building. Judging by the kiss they have a great deal of passion for each other.

  • Rachel

    @What: Yeah, sure. In the internet we can make a story about everyone, .
    Heath didn’t have a tattoo with Gemma’s name and it is an absurd. He had a tattoo with Matilda’s name on his chest but he never had Gemma’s name. It’s crazy what people can invent. You can like Michelle or not but the fact is, that Heath and loved her.And yes, he said that he did “I’ not there” for MICHELLE. Maybe They weren’t together but even Gemma’s sister said that he was depressed because of their split. A lot of his friends said that. And even Gemma said that they didn’t keep this relationship serious.

    I do not care if he was with Gemma or not. But if you think you are his fan, do not insult the mother of his child.

  • Me

    @Rachel: You don’t know that he didn’t have a tattoo with Gemma’s name! Did you see every inch of his body shortly before he died? Didn’t think so. You can see in pics that he got new tattoos in Dec. 2007. Heath was very, very interested in Gemma. It’s obvious because HE pursued her. Even she said so. They met each other’s families in AUS at Christmas. They were a couple. Get over it.

  • Magical Holidays In Perth

    Heath never said he made I’m Not There for Michelle.
    Gemma never said their relationship was a fling.
    Her sister never said Heath was depressed because of Michelle or that Heath and Gemma’s relationship wasn’t serious.
    Heath’s friends never said he missed Michelle or that wanted Michelle back.
    You can tell lies all you want they won’t turn into truth.
    The source of Heath’s unhappiness was MATILDA and the separation from HER which is what they all said. He missed her and feared he would lose her because Michelle wanted full custody. Heath was inlove with Gemma Ward. If it hadn’t been Gemma it would have been someone else because Michelle Williams was HISTORY. Michelle knew all this and got nasty with her lawyers cause of it.

  • Magical Holidays In Perth

    @Me: You are right. Heath was the one who pursued Gemma. It was on many gossip sites in November and December 2007. She essentially confirmed it.Gemma’s name in a heart tattoo sounds sweet. Heath loved ink.

  • Manhattan

    Its crazy. She said that it wasn’t serious relationship in her interview for “Sunday” magazine.
    you should listen to Heath if you want to know the truth.
    and stop invent these crazy stories. Heath told a lot of His friends that he missed Matilda AND Michelle.

  • Me

    @Manhattan: The exact quote was: “I kind of met him at first and said, ‘Listen my mum’s living with me right now and I’m kind of going through a hard time and I’m not interested in having a serious relationship with somebody right now’ and he was like, ‘You know, um, let’s just be there for each other through these hard times we’re both going through’. And we developed a relationship and we started seeing each other.”

    So, if you use your common sense, it’s quite clear that HE pursued her and she INITIALLY turned him down because it wasn’t the right time, but eventually they started a romantic relationship. According to TMZ, he even had dinner with her the night before he died. They were boyfriend and girlfriend at the time he passed. Get over it. Nothing you say will change that. She even went to his private services in Perth. I doubt his parents would’ve welcomed a “fling” to something so personal. He was done with Williams as a girlfriend. Accept it.

  • Excuse Me????

    So if the Gawker website is correct then Heath was cheating on Michelle while she was PREGNANT????? Holy Jesus! I don’t know about anyone else here, but I find that very shocking!!!!!!!!!

  • Kel

    @Excuse Me????: If the stories are true it should be a lesson for young women. That’s what happens when a rebound gets pregnant after a few months of knowing each other. Heath was a dog for cheating on his girlfriend and Michelle was pathetic for getting pregnant with a womanizer to tie him down. You can’t make a man love you with the help of a baby. No wonder they looked miserable most of the time. At least Heath stayed in the relationship for two more years after Matilda was born, it’s more than Colin Farrell managed with his own oops I’m pregnant after six months polish galpal.

  • Elena

    Oh, sorry, but they were together for one year before Michelle got pregnant!
    And even Heath said that they talked about babies very early in their relationship.

    I don’t understand how people can blaming michelle for all these crazy things. They both were an adults. Heath could use a condom, but they both decided that they will have a baby.

  • teddy

    @Me: troll quit chnging your name
    in Heaths ‘im not there” interview(ironic title :/) he said micheele had the script and that it was a way to be closer to her

  • teddy

    @How much H really loved M: lol just a tabloid
    there was a site in ’07 that said Heath made out with kate hudson and helena christensen they both denied it

  • Me

    @teddy: Sorry, but I’m not “Magical Holidays in Perth”, “Kel”, “How Much H really loved M”, etc. I know that’s what you would like to believe, but this is the internet deary, so there are at least hundreds (if not thousands) of people who read this blog.

  • Fake Relationships

    Heath Ledger did not love Michelle Williams.
    Review about her. There are many comments there about
    Michelle that prove Heath did not love her.
    You have to sort through comments made in 2010.
    I have a much better understanding of why Heath became involved with Michelle in the first place and it was not because he loved her.
    She definitely stopped her birth control after she met him.
    Michelle planned to trap Heath Ledger and she did.

  • Fake Relationships

    They were not together for one year before she became pregnant as you claim. Michelle and Heath dated after he finished making Casanova.
    Casanova was made after Brokeback Mountain.
    She became pregnant just months after he came home from making
    Casanova. There were many beautiful women who made Casanova and Michelle made sure Heath Ledger did not have a chance to date any
    of them.

  • My Reply to Fake Relationships

    @Fake Relationships: Thanks for letting us know of this Askmen site, never seen it before. It was very interesting to read the comments. I found these two most interesting, from a person named “Jay”:

    “My friend met heath in NY. He said heath was so happy and proud of his daughter Matilda Rose. He missed her alot. When asked about Michelle, he said they had too many differences and if it wasn’t that she got pregnant he wouldn’t have stayed with her long. He only stayed with her to be close to the baby. He rather an Australian woman who would raise his children in Australia in the future. He cared about her but did not love her anymore. He just wanted his baby.”
    From 2-2-08 by “Jay”

    “Dont hate James. My friend is pretty high profile himself ( I will not say any names). Thatg is the truth and it came out of heaths mouth. I did not come hear to bad mouth anyone or talk about about him or his ex. The point is he did not love her anymore and all he wanted was his child. Whats it matter to you anyway that he didnt care for this girl.”
    From 2-4-08 by “Jay”

    I believe they’re true!!!!