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Suri Cruise & Katie Holmes Watch The Waves

Suri Cruise & Katie Holmes Watch The Waves

Katie Holmes takes Suri Cruise to play on the beach on Monday (May 30) in Malibu, Calif.

The 32-year-old actress stars in the upcoming horror film, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, which will be released on August 26 in the US. A new trailer for the film has just been released.

The film centers on Sally (Bailee Madison), a young girl who moves to Rhode Island to live with her father (Guy Pearce) and his new girlfriend (Katie Holmes) in the 19th-century mansion they are restoring. Having stumbled upon the mansion’s hidden basement, Sally starts hearing voices calling out from the bolted ash pit, imploring her to open it. Sally obliges and unwittingly unleashes something so terrible, so unthinkable, that everyone’s life – hers most of all – is placed in immediate and grave danger.”

FYI: Katie is wearing a Bird by Juicy Couture Stand Up Collar Blazer.

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  • gawdy

    how incredulous! 1st? oh here comes the pretender… who wears heals to the beach??? playing in the sands? trying to hard to be cool? wearing jeans shorts with stumpy legs- really fashionable.

  • madmoni

    she looks more and more like Tom

  • Vacuum

    She’s so beautiful………

  • deke

    What 5 year old wears heels to the beach???!!!

  • Brainy box


  • Brainy box


  • Sim

    They both wear heels on the beach! Sooooo lame,..

  • danielle

    Unbelievable. Who wears heels on the beach. Is Katie too lazy to take her shoes off And Suri’s too? There is a pic of Tom on another site and he looks like he hasn’t washed his hair in days. Katie looks totally ridiculous starting with that hat. Ending with those heels. She certainly knows how to put on a show with Suri and get her picture taken by the paps. If you look at other sites–comments regarding the heels on the beach range from incredulous to mocking to “WTF” was she thinking!

  • deke

    I think Suri is afraid of the water. She also doesn’t look healthy. Timid, frail, hesitant. Her world is a world of adults and therefore she does not know how to be a child. I also think she eats too much sugar.


    i know is weird heels on the beach but LET HER BE, love the way she’s so girly, instead of brad ‘s girl who dress like a boy

  • julie

    Heels in the sand at the beach??? Yes, weird. Temps in Malibu were in the lower 70′s Monday. Slight breeze. SO, shorts, short or long sleeved tops, maybe a light weight jacket, flip-flops or flat sandles would have been more appropriate for both of them.

  • Mikado

    Heels again for that child. Katie really wants to give her child big health problems if she hasn’t learned still that heels and small children are a ruin for their muscles and skeleton. Stupid stupid stupid woman!

  • taren


    As any doctor will tell you, heels are totally inappropriate for a child due to them having soft, developing bones, tendons and muscles. Heels on the beach are stupid and dangerous both for Katie and for Suri. Shifting sand often reveals rocks, shells, corals, holes and more where a heel can catch on it and sprain an ankle. Katie has the parental smarts of a totally clueless Xenu idiot. And Katie in four inch heels on the beach. Puh-leez. I lived in FL near the beach. Chicago and Lake MI, Cabo on the beach–and of the tens of thousands of people I’ve seen frolicking and playing on the beach–I’ve never seen anyone wearing heel to run and play in the sand. Katie is such a ridiculous woman.

  • Not an once of spontaneity

    Katie is such a poser, so fake. What a dull personality.

  • anon

    Suri is lucky that she didn’t break her legs wearing heels while walking on the sand. Give the ugly shoes a rest, Katie. It looks like it’s ill-fitting as well.

  • Kayla

    Katie’s legs look really thick in these pics, especially this one:

  • Susie#1

    On other sites, there are children playing all around Suri, but she doesn’t engage, only stays near her mother. I don’t understand their “beach wear” as no one wears heels in the sand, and Suri’s don’t fit her. Katie’s outfit is horrid; her hat is too small, her shorts too short for her muscular legs, Suri could have been in shorts or tights instead of a dress. As #8 said, there’s a picture of Tom with his long dirty hair – very unappealing.

    Jared, why don’t you give it a rest and stop showing photos of this “magical, amazing” family. There are more interesting and relevant people out there.

  • http://jag Sl igo lambert ^______^cute

    Suri cute

  • Katy

    So fake. Why do she have to pimp out this child all the time.

  • Taylor

    OMG..the picture of Katie running after her daughter made me burst out laughing. What a moron! Take your dang shoes off and be a real mom!!!!

  • Rainy Day

    Lainey Gossip has pictures of Tom looking really rough. She also did ask the interesting question about the fact that there are no pictures of Little Sci (her term for Suri) playing with the Rossdale’s kids who are shown playing in the same area. Gwen, however, dressed to the nines as usual, did take HER shoes off to frolic on the beach.

  • Suri Jackson

    She’s looking a lot like daddy, but that’s not Tom.

  • Suri Jackson

    She’s looking just like daddy, but that’s not Tom.

  • Joel

    FAKE FAKE FAKE. Who wears high heels on a beach. Oh….yes….Kaitie Holmes and Suri Cruise. They do.

  • abc123

    Suri is going to be so screwed up once she hits her teen years. It’s criminal of Tom and Katie to be using her childhood for psycho Scientology experiments. Poor kid needs to be with kids, but at 5, I’m sure the other Hollywood kids are telling their parents that they don’t like Suri. Shame, Shame, Shame on Tom and Katie.

  • jiggy

    That movie is going to suck if the trailer is any indication. I’m telling you, Katie would have no attention if it weren’t for Suri and Tom. Pathetic that a grown woman has to resort to desperate measures like wearing high heels to the beach to get her photo taken. Can anyone say famehore?

  • the jig is up

    That movie is going to suck if the trailer is any indication. I’m telling you, Katie would have no attention if it weren’t for Suri and Tom. Pathetic that a grown woman has to resort to desperate measures like wearing high heels to the beach to get her photo taken. Can anyone say famehore?

  • niccci

    for god sake they are children heels…….. i notice that you guys are also criticizing the ” CRUISE FAMILY”…..I really think that you guys do not have a life…. gosh leave tom, Katie, and suri

  • Rainy Day


    There is no such thing as any heels being good for a child…even those marketed towards kids. Heels aren’t good for adults and cause all sorts of foot problems–so why would you think they’d be good for a child?

  • Suri Jackson

    Holy cr*p…I rely on you guys to keep me up to date with the Hollywood scoop,,,and you’re letting me down. No wonder Katie and Suri were wandering the beaches alone, dressed inappropriately. Josh and Diane were at the same party. I’m sure Tom banished Katie and Suri out the back door and called for the SUV to scoop them away!!!!,0,0#24


    In all my years, I thought I’d seen it all, but this ridiculous woman is too much.

    Daisy Mae (same brain) chose to don stiletto (atrocious) heels on the beach with designer jean shorts, a silly hat, and dressed her little daughter in gold lame heels and it appears a fairy costume and pajama top ?

    FYI” There’s a new invention Mrs. Cruise, they are little rubber shoes for children to wear to the beach and on rocky paths leading to beaches in Malibu and for climbing down deck steps. These little waterproof swim shoes have traction on the bottom and are made of sturdy material to protect their feet from glass, nettles, and stones. There is another invention called a swimsuit Ms. Holmes, they sell them at all sorts of places. These same shops also sell children’s play clothes.

    This fashion disaster, probable adorned in 5k worth of fashion identity crisis, doesn’t even LOOK GOOD or fashionable or stylish and more important practical. The silly little hat offers no sun protection rendering it an affectation, as with your heels and mini blazer.
    Where is the hat to protect the fair skinned child’s face?

    Even if you are invited to a beach front property for a party, it is ABSOLUTELY required that you brush your child’s hair at least once before arriving.

    A mommy with common sense, fully protected from the sun, protecting her baby with a hat and sunscreen, and shodding her daughter is sturdy orthopedic rubber soled sandals so her little feet develop in the proper way. Safety and fun are the priority, not fashion or dressing a child like an accessory.



    Ms. Holmes, your legs are your absolute WORST feature, invest in capris or longer skirts.

  • No Pacey and Joey Photos :-(

    @Suri Jackson:
    Seriously? Pacey and Joey at the same party and no photos?! WTF?!
    Must have been akward for someone(haha).
    I read the Lainey post that Rainy Day mentioned (I enjoy Lainey), and she also mentioned how Conner looks like Tom. I always thought so too. Connor could pass as his son moreso than Suri passing as his daughter, Conner is sort of the Prince William of the Cruise clan, while Tom is just as delusional about being adored as Prince Charles is about being King one day (it’s only gonna happen if The Queen kicks it before passing the crown on to William).

  • taco

    I see this little girl. then I see Sunday Rose. How much difference parents’ education can make? Sunday is a normal baby girl that wears normal baby girl clothes, Suri not so much. And it is Tomkat’s fault. Shame! Katie looks ridiculous in those heels and Suri does look inappropriate. A kid on tje beach should be free to run and play without any worry. She doesn’t go to school, I never seen her playing with kids, I don’t know it’s all so strange


    @No Pacey and Joey Photos :-(:

    Read Books. The Queen cannot pass the crown on to anyone.

    The line of succession is absolute.

  • Oh Please Katie

    What a surprise. JJ is up Katie Holmes azz again. Rather than say where they were, he instead chooses to push Holmes latest pathetic attempt at acting (I’m sure the film will totally tank just as all her films do). I wonder how often Cruise sends him a check. Also, this post was getting no attention. It had only 21 posts, so of course JJ has to put it on top more people see the promo for Holmes pathetic film. I’m sorry, but I would stake my life on that JJ is on the Cruise payroll. No other site pushes Tomkat and kisses their behinds as much as this one.

    Here’s my take….everybody at the party, all the kids anyway, are wearing normal beach attire (I saw pics of other celebrites as well as regular individuals in the background). Suri is wearing a fluffy skirt, godawful heels that are inappropriate and bad for her fee, a long sleeve blouse, no hat AND she looks at the other kids as if they’re from Mars. WHY?? Not the kids fault. Its her parents fault for being complete losers and lunatics. That kid is going to be a totally screwed up adult and it will be their fault. Poor kid. Sad, sad, sad.

    Finally, Holmes should have taken off her shoes, but when you’re desperately trying to get the paps to take your picture, that just wouldn’t do! She’s a PR wh*re. She also can’t act, dance, sing or parent. In short, she’s a waste of skin and bones. As for Cruise, wouldn’t see a movie of his if he paid me. Anyone who supports a cult that steals money and ruins lives and uses slave labor to do his bidding (people in the Scientology religious order who are unpaid) is a piece of garbage……and please Romeo, don’t say that’s not true. It is. I’ve seen pictures and documentation from the workers themselves. Its FACT and that makes Cruise complete TRASH IMO.

  • naturegirl


  • ridiculous

    this is ridiculous a 5 year old wering heals in the beach. watch and learn people this is a normal family :

    thank god nicole left that midget and found a real man and her true love.

  • ridiculous

    this is ridiculous a 5 year old wering heals in the beach. watch and learn people this is a normal family :

    thank god nicole left that midget and found a real man and her true love.

  • No Pacey and Joey Photos :-(

    @TIM GUNN:
    I generally like your opinions so I won’t be snarky.
    Yes, I took create license to cut to the end result. The Queen may not be able to skip over Charles, but she could pressure him into refusing the crown. There were rumblings of this happening after Diana’s death and before Charles married Camilla.
    By hanging onto the crown, The Queen is getting the same result. How old was The Queen Mum when she died? By the time Charles gets the crown(if he makes it that long) odds are that he won’t have it for very many years.
    I do read, and I also spend an insane amount of my life working, so at times I enjoy mindless drivel (like this site). There are a lot of things about this world that I don’t know, and I’d be willing to be that I have more knowledge on some topics than you do. You don’t know what you don’t know, and I hopefully have a lot of years ahead of me and time to absorb knowledge from books, people, and just living.
    Peace my brother.

  • No Pacey and Joey Photos :-(

    “creative license” ;-)

  • P

    Between Suri and the Jolie-Pitts kids, I do think the latter is living more like kids should than the first one. At least the Jolie-Pitts gangs are going to school regardless with their mad traveling schedule. Suri is very isolated, homeschool and growing up in adults world with no siblings. Well, we have yet seen Mariah Carey’s kids….

  • No Pacey and Joey Photos :-(

    @TIM GUNN:
    One more thought (my continued blathering means I generally like you and think you have well versed posts). It’s easy to assume that most people lurking on these sights are disfunctional illiterates, but why not give people the benefit of the doubt, and instead of saying something cendecending, make a statement like; “I know that many people believe that (insert topic), but these are the facts…” …?
    By taking that approach, you not only take the high road and not attempt to demean people, but you also spread knowledge.
    I have a pet peeve…it’s the word bludgeoned. Whenever I hear the word on newscasts and crime dramas I clench my fists and just wait for them to add “to death”. That’s a redundent statement (and actually in the past few years it has become acceptable to say “blugeoned to death” because the misuse of the word resulted in a modification of the definition in standard English dictionaries). CBS crime dramas are generally the best in terms of saying “bludgeoned” and not “bludgeoned to death”. (blame my high school English teacher and Shakepearean era literature)

  • ellie’

    Suri & her mom are beautiful…I think its fine whatever they want to wear…get over far as katie legs I rather have them there just fine…..instead of sticks for legs…


    @No Pacey and Joey Photos :-(:

    Fine. I won’t bludgeon you, this time.

    The line of succession is ruled by both laws and statutes.
    The Queen does make such decisions.

    The building with the big clock houses parliament and is the only body that can make such decisions.

    Read the 1701 Act of Settlement, preferably in a book, not on an Internet website whereby some fool has added his two pence.

  • Who is on Top

    AAAAWWWW katie girl i don’t you should wear shorts you calf’s are double my size

  • gugo

    what an ugly spoiled brat!!!!!!!

  • No Pacey and Joey Photos :-(

    @TIM GUNN:
    Thank you Mr. Gunn for ending my evening with a smile…I’ll be sure to be selective in my choices when studying up on British Law and role of Parliment (they are in the building with the big clock, right? ;-)
    Good night and thank you for being patient with a slow American. Let’s just hope I don’t get bludgeoned “to death” while I’m asleep. (I can just envision Mr. Woodell shaking his head at me in disappointment for even making such a joke.)

  • annie

    Katie and Suri are beautiful, the prettiest mother and daughter in Holly wood.

    @ Tim Gunn
    I must have the mentality of Daisy Mae too, ”cause” Katie’s outfit is so cute, and I hardly think that the hat was to protect her from the sun, nor did she seem to need one.
    And please excuse me, for asking such a silly question but how can you tell that Suris hair has not been brushed , like all day?
    All these comments because 2 people, decided to leave the party for a couple of minutes, walk down some steps onto a beach, and then go back.
    Quick where’s the sun screen, the hat , the sun protection clothes…..what , for only 1 minute.
    Can I be a little tackless Tim ,and say that you too might have the brains of Daisy Mae as well, judging by some of your observations.
    But I know what really greates on you Tim—it’s very obvious you know.



    1) The Cruises do not live in Hollywood. The party was not in Hollywood.

    2) Have your vision and cognitive abilities evaluated.

    3) Never use “like” as a filler in speech. In writing it’s doubly moronic.

    4) The entire party was outside.

    5)The word is “tact”, not that you have an understanding of proper word usage..

    6) Learn this and live it daily: Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.