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Beyonce: 'Best Thing I Never Had' First Listen!

Beyonce: 'Best Thing I Never Had' First Listen!

Listen to Beyonce‘s new song “Best Thing I Never Had”!

It’s the second single from the 29-year-old global superstar’s upcoming album 4, available in stores and online Tuesday, June 28.

Beyonce and Babyface cowrote the new track!

The chorus goes, “I wanted you back, I’m so through with that/ Cuz honestly you turned out to be/ The best thing I never had/ You turned out to be/ The best thing I never had/ I’m gonna always be/ The best thing you’d never had.”

Beyonce: ‘Best Thing I Never Had’ First Listen!
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60 Responses to “Beyonce: 'Best Thing I Never Had' First Listen!”

  1. 1
    babe Says:

    Love it. <3

  2. 2
    Sam Says:

    Love this song!

  3. 3
    sik Says:

    Love <3

  4. 4
    SnOOKIE Says:

    Jared, where are Blake’s nude pictures? post them. hahahaha

  5. 5
    Hotel del Coronado Says:

    I still prefer listening to Tina Turner

  6. 6
    robpatilove Says:

    25 year old?
    It’s ok but it sounds a quite bit like Justins What comes around, goes around.

  7. 7
    January Girl Says:

    Not feeling this

  8. 8
    Teri Says:


  9. 9
    amensister Says:

    Like 1+1 this song is back to her safe zone of R&B after the lukewarm response to her “new genre” song RTW

    Her strength is her voice, BUT it doesnt matter how great your voice is, its the song that makes a record a hit.

    Bring out a MARK TWO [Irreplaceable] song FIVE years after the original will I’m afraid make this one go the way of 1+1

  10. 10
    traveltoTanzania Says:

    wow… beautiful, what can i say… cant expect less when it comes to Beyonce.

  11. 11
    phoenix1979 Says:

    Queen B…I am enammered with anything you do. This song was great, the harmonies were impecable. Her voice takes me there, and remember folks, we all know B can shake her thang, and actually sing while doing it, so I love it when she lets her hair down and slows it up a bit. Good lookin out B!

  12. 12
    BeyonceLover Says:

    She’s BACK and betta than EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. 13
    hrick Says:

    It’s really funny see how haters are stil hating. When she went against the flow(Run the World), and inovated the pop song, hate. When she came back to her origins, HATE.

    But Best Thing I Never had isn’t a just “Irreplaceable part. 2″, honeys, This is a raw song, withou auto-tune(really real voice), with a mixture of old R&B and neo soul, it’s a mixture of “B’Day” and I’m Sasha Fierce”; Irreplaceable and Scared of Lonely. She did the best what she usually does in one song.

    “I feel sorry to be you, haters, right now”.

  14. 14
    SB Says:

    I likeeee this!! She has been killin it!! Her performance on the Billboards was by far the biggest performance of the year! Here it is if you missed it, can’t wait until July 28 for “4″

  15. 15
    Glossy Says:

    [VIDEO Documentar] Beyonce – The [Copy/Paste] Artist of The Millennium – A Completely “Deja Vu” Career

  16. 16
    Mya Says:

    Loves it’s! This is not an R&B song this song it Pop

  17. 17
    sheila Says:

    Not feeling this song either. None of the songs on B’s album so far make me go “WOW, LOVE”. Like Christina Aguilera, B has a great voice no doubt about it, but every flipping song they both have to bring out the vocal acrobatics, ugh!! Yet if they just used their lovely natural voices once in awhile and sang without the “see, I can sign and hit every note all in one song people” it would likely sound much better. And like Christina, no matter how good B’s voice is, like all artists, she has to have a catchy and good song for it to work and so far, I personally don’t think the Run the World song or this one have “big hit” written on them (but am more positive for the rest of B’s album).

  18. 18
    sheila Says:

    “See I can *SING*…”

  19. 19
    mcoper Says:

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 20
    rainelle williams Says:

    I really love this song. Actually I love all of the songs from the album that I’ve heard so far. Good job B.

  21. 21
    KING B Says:

    TBQH – Run The World was bangin- 1 + 1 was heartfelt and is my current situation – now BTINH has to set in but as far as I know I Love It NO Matter What- I have pre ordered the album on iTunes because I will support this chick no matter what – The Music Industry Would Not Be The Same WithOut HER… I cannot wake up every morning listening to some Auto Tuned Beyonce Wanna be with red hair tryna act like shes “IT” singing rum pa pa pum i shot a man blah blah king bed BS Or Some Baby Poppin Pop Princess that cant even sing live and has been in the business nearly as long as Bey has singing about holding it against her like really UR A MOM and people arent even giving her slack for her album she put out! Or some self indulged costume wearing drag king/queen singing about being born a certain way walking out her damn hotel room with some fake ass horns on her face i mean really .. her album sucks… a departure from what really made her HER. Ure suppose to grow as an artist yes I know that but not even one song is remotely close to anything she has put OUT! QUEEN B “4″ 6-28-2011!

  22. 22
    SHIT Says:

    @robpatilove: Just because she said Waht goes around comes around ? FTW !

  23. 23
    4 Says:

    I love love love Beyoncé she my favourite artist of all time , but i want to hear something that makes me wanna shake my entire body something nice with africaans beats not some songs that she could sing to Jay-z in bed ! RUN THE WORLD was good , if she had promoted it more it would have been n°1 , she just did the BBMA and Oprah she could have done Jay Leno , David Letterman , Ellen , Wendy Williams … Her father was really the better person to manage her . Sorry Bee but you need to wake up , and it’s summer time why would people listen to slow music that screams I LOVE YOU , I DONT LOVE YOU , we don’t care we want SHAKE YOUR BODY GIRL !

  24. 24
    Paul Says:

    i dont like to comment if i have nothing good to say… but this is the 3rd song of her album that does completely nothing to me… thank God her bank account doesn’t depend on me…

  25. 25
    Essy Says:

    i thoguht it’d be a cover of Butch Walker’s amazing song. guess not.

  26. 26
    sodreary Says:

    It’s like these artists are releasing a new single every week…. and sadly each one as forgettable as the last. zzzz

  27. 27
    g Says:

    Youre not white! Stop trying. Bleached hair is not gonna help you.

  28. 28
    sign Says:

    Just release the whole darn album for heavens sake. So far the album seems to be a bust.

  29. 29
    Please Says:

    Beyonce, please give us a chance to miss you. Take your time to put out quality material.

  30. 30
    Sara Says:

    She keeps getting whiter every time I see her.

  31. 31
    Suzzy Says:

    I like this song, From

  32. 32
    Anonymous Says:


  33. 33
    teamMariah Says:

    Not that good a song, unoriginal, sounds like album filler material , and to think that she’s been working on this album for like 2 years and all the music so far is mediocre. Expected much better from her, I mean this was the album that was suppose to seal the deal and confirm her as a legend, but looks like she’s dropped the ball big big time. On other news CANNOT WAIT FOR NEW MATERIAL FROM THE DIVA SUPREME, MARIAH!!!!

  34. 34
    Flawless Says:

    I LOOOOOOOve this song. classic B. I love her ballads. I can so see this being the next Irreplacable. I wish she could go back to her Dad too, He manage her since she was a child. He is the best.

  35. 35
    um Says:

    Isn’t Mariah in Rehab or something!
    Gaga doesn’t produce music, she produces costumes
    Xtina is a has been, that is why she is doing the voice
    Britney – Have you seen her perform lately -pppffff
    Rihanna – Can’t sing
    I don’t even know where the heck whitney houston is these days

  36. 36
    Madi Says:

    OMG I’m sorry but this song is not album worthy and Ok , I love Beyonce as a singer but this song is als not for her voice I see someone like rihanna singing this, I mean beyonces voice is to good for this song….Beyonce can do better. I do love the melody of the song…

  37. 37
    J Says:

    @Paul: I totally agree with you! I’m actually really disappointed in beyonce.. where are her hits?

  38. 38
    Isabella Says:

    I love this song.I think it’s one of her best songs.

  39. 39
    RusselxJones Says:

    @robpatilove: LMAO ! why ? cuz she says what goes around comes around … that comment is pathetic …

  40. 40
    Troy Says:

    Best thing she never had? White skin, judging by the cover.

  41. 41
    T Says:

    Your teaching me to move on and not kill myself. This entire time I was confused cause I know I’m a woman of God. ;). He was so mean…..

  42. 42

    Oh dear. More oversing. I also notice she dont go out in the sun to the beach or enjoy the sunny outdoor long enough. Its like she has a fear of getting tanned and prefer to be pale and bleached.

  43. 43
    Damn Says:

    My god she is so damn OVERRATED.

  44. 44
    4 Says:

    @teamMariah: If you are hating on Beyoncé just because you prefer Mariah , i’d like to mention that these too are friends and spent vacations together … You don’t hate now right ? Urghhh LAME !

  45. 45
    Ann Says:

    What does J-Hud have to do with this song? It’s not her song and her voice is way different than B”s but I wouldn’t say it is better. Why this unnecessary comparison?

  46. 46
    Maggie Says:

    “Huh…Who is that white girl under Beyonce’s name?” Is what I thought while clicking on this. I’m still wondering.

  47. 47
    Truth Says:

    She’s lookin…. she’s lookin’ pretty white lately.

  48. 48
    4BEE Says:

    She has a light in front of her face + the flashes of cameras , of course her skin is white you dumb ! And she always looked that way except that lately she’s blond so that make her skin look ‘ whiter ‘ you people always see bad things and make up doesn’t help either !

  49. 49
    Looky Says:

    Standerd stuff from her, its pretty nice.

  50. 50
    Truth Says:

    @4BEE: Don’t get your Beyonce panties in a twist. It’s no secret that the woman is slowly becoming lighter and lighter. In our society where being dark-skinned is some sort of curse (I obviously don’t agree) one who is socially conscious and aware can’t help but notice that something isn’t right…

    And the mere fact that she simply refuses to embrace all aspect of a black woman (i.e., bleaching her hair/skin, relaxing/straightening her hair/weave) she’s perpetuating the idea that being black isn’t cool. That’s how I see it, so that’s how I’m calling it.

    And, you don’t know me so I’m going to let you know now that I’m not a dumb !, I’m really very intelligent. :)

  51. 51
    Maggie Says:

    @4BEE: No she is clearly making an effort to be whiter, she looks whiter every year, it’s pretty hard to deny.

  52. 52
    vodka Says:

    @Hotel del Coronado:

  53. 53
    Juniper Says:

    I don’t understand what in the world she and her management are thinking with this stuff. This is OK – but it’s certainly not more than that. After the disaster of Run the World, she really needed something big and this just isn’t it. It’s nowhere near as good as what I’d consider the last album equivalent, i.e., ‘If I were a Boy’. And there is something rather ‘samey’ about all her slow song vocals now. I’m starting to think that in comparison to her other albums, this is going to be a bit of a dud. Shocking from someone with as much natural talent as she has.

  54. 54
    Popular Says:

    Love the Song Bey

  55. 55
    Dan Says:

    I feel better listening this song =3

  56. 56
    amensister Says:


  57. 57
    testintgon Says:

    I like Beyonce a lot, but so far I am not feeling either of the singles from this Album

  58. 58
    Callie Says:

    “Paul” has kinda “taken the words right outta my mouth”

  59. 59
    Jackeline matos Says:

    I really loooooovvvvee this song beyonce u did it once again. I love u n ur music ur da best
    one more thing GOD BLESS YOU n JAY-Z
    i love u sooo much once again. Hopevu write me baq on facebook

  60. 60
    Sana Says:

    I absolutely love it! I get chills everytime I hear this song. Keep making beautiful music beyonce <3

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