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Blake Lively Covers 'Glamour' July 2011

Blake Lively Covers 'Glamour' July 2011

Blake Lively rocks a Michael Kors tunic and Lorraine Schwartz bracelets as she covers Glamour magazine’s July 2011 issue.

Here’s what the 22-year-old Green Lantern star had to share with Florence Welch, who interviewed her for the mag:

On Twitter: “People ask me why I don’t tweet. Honestly, I’m so sick of myself.”

On becoming the new face of Chanel‘s Mademoiselle handbag: “It’s such an honor. When I found out I got [the job], you and I went to dinner and concocted this plan, like two little girls at a tea party, saying, “Oh, it would be the best if we had a party. And you’ll perform, and we’ll do it in Paris.” Like you and I were in charge of Chanel!”

On being her own stylist: “I think I became my own stylist by not knowing any better. And once I was told it was time to get one, I thought: This is one of my favorite hobbies! And I’m going to pay someone to steal my hobby from me? That’s a terrible idea!”

On getting ready for an event: “I like it to be easy. I don’t feel like I have to do so much with hair and makeup, because I’m the mannequin for these beautiful clothes, so I never want to do anything too distracting. Most of the time, I put my hair in a ballerina bun, and I take it down and it’s wavy, and then I leave. I feel shy when people are fussing on me. And my diet of choice before events is a chicken potpie from Tea & Sympathy, because they never have enough food at these things.”

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Bigger cover pic inside…

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Photos: Terry Tsiolis
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  • BEAN

    I think she is gorgeous yet so average and I find her slightly dull yet somewhat intriguing. Quite paradoxical right lol. I like the fact she styles herself and she seems like a genuinely nice person without selfish intentions.

  • Brainy box


  • BloodbuzzOhio

    Nice fake t!ts.

  • H


    Leonardo Dicaprio’s psychotic troll/fan will come here, using 1000s of names like she does on every Leo post and Leo-related post, and hijack the post with her ‘CASTING COUCH BLAKE’ comments.

    Someone call a psychiatrist.

  • AJ

    srsly,is this her?cuz this lady is not naked…

  • D

    I like her, I don’t know why people love hatin’ on her.

  • sosa

    She didn’t seem so sick of herself in those naked photos that so conveniently leaked today. And it was clearly her too!

  • Chels

    I like that justjared went the high route and decided to post this instead of the naked photos. I’m tired of her being shoved down our throats though

  • Chels

    I like that justjared went the high route and decided to post this instead of the naked photos. I’m tired of her being shoved down our throats though

  • Alaia

    “because I’m the mannequin for these beautiful clothes”


    So she admits that she’s a total clothes horse? She has no personal style, whatsoever. Time for her to go home now.

  • annie

    such a beautiful face and such a dull personality

  • hoooohaaa

    I like her. She’s young, sexy, rich, and dates famous guys. She actually seems really sweet, and I don’t get the hate.

    Also, JJ likes blake, I rather read about blake than freaking January Jones.

  • Laki

    They photoshoped the hell of that cover.

  • towanda

    she’s so overrated and i’m sick of her..

  • Lauren

    On Twitter: “People ask me why I don’t tweet. Honestly, I’m so sick of myself.”

    We’re sick of you, too. Go away.


    I wish she got more praise for her actual work. I have respect for real actors that work. Getting paid to sit at fashion show is not work, wearing designer clothes is not work. I wish she’d focus on being an actress and not a celebrity because she has potential as a respectable actress

  • Sabrina

    @Brainy box: Seems like jealousy took possesion of you…

  • Sabrina

    @Brainy box: Seems like jealousy took possession of you…


    I’m incredibly disapointed about the photos. If there was one girl in hollywood that seemed like she could be a role model to young girls, it was her. She’s created a huge illusion about who she is.

    I guess we still have hope with Jennifer Lawrence and Hailey Steinfeld

  • Justin Aniston

    Aw, is this cover fake, as the naked photos? Seriously I can’t tell if this is her or not……………………….

  • Justin Aniston

    Aw, is this is cover fake too, as the naked photos? Cause seriously I can’t tell if this is her or not…………………

  • MaisyRL

    @Justin Aniston: haha. sooo true.

  • P Diddy vibe

    I think she’s a beautiful girl, and she seems like a sweet person… But I don’t like the latest turn of events with the way the relationship between her and Leo is being publicized…it makes him look tacky and like a publicity wh*re which I don’t like. And those naked photos, i don’t know what to think… probably someone trying to hurt her image. I think they are real though… that looks like Blake to me for sure.

  • dud

    u’re not the only one who r sick of u dear..i’m sick of you now

  • Leggy Lively

    The girl is ONLY 23 and honestly, this relationship with Leo will age her. He’s a handful isn’t he? Can she handle all the stress with the paps, and I wonder if he’ll bring her to public events. Will he be proud to be seen with her, or is this just a vacation sex thing. I don’t know but I hate him.

    Blake is beautiful though, and leggy lively fits her perfectly.

  • h

    @Chels: The nude photos are fake, nude photo experts have confirmed they’re fake.

  • h

    @Leggy Lively: The paparazzi have been following her 24/7 since 2008 therefore I doubt she can’t handle the stress with the paparazzi.

  • h

    @BloodbuzzOhio: Nice fake user name.. btw her tits aren’t fake.

  • HAN

    I just feel like it’s always lies with her.

    Did you get a nose job? NO

    Are your breasts fake? NO

    Are these naked pictures you? NO

    If you look at videos of her from when she was in highschool she looks like a completely different person. I saw one of her going to prom and I was like “Who the hell is that?” this was before I knew she had rhinoplasty. Why lie? tell the truth, people condone you for being honest

  • HAN

    What’s a nude photo expert? lol

  • Leggy Lively

    H–but its now on a new level non? I mean, the poor girl is being followed everywhere now. Wasn’t like that even 2 weeks ago. I’m sure some celebs love the attention, but its a bit much. But what the hell do I know. She’s with her dream guy, and paps are snapping without them even knowing.

    Also, Bar is totally being the nudes. Someone’s clearly pissed that Leo has moved on with Blake.

    So the pics are fake?

  • Leggy Lively

    Han–where’s the vid of her prom?

  • h

    @Leggy Lively: Actually, if you look at Blake’s fansites, you’ll see millions of paparazzi candids of her 2 weeks ago, hell even a month ago. Her being with Leo has nothing to do with it, Leo is barely snapped by the papz.

    Blake isn’t everywhere right now, her Chanel campaign was filmed last year and her Green Lantern film franchise was filmed last year too and in 2009 too.



  • HAN
  • h

    Jealous, pathetic Leo fan. I saw her high school year book photo, there isn’t a difference, her nose looks the same. And you DO realize that once someone fully develops the way they look changes? she was 15 YEARS OLD in that high school year book photo and she’s 23 now.

    15 year olds AREN’T DEVELOPED, surely you have studied Biology? Ignorance is truly a disease.

    Oh God, can this psychotic troll get anyMORE pathetic?

  • kami

    blake is naturally beautiful. lotta ppl on this thread that hate themselves. you hate yourself when you say bad stuff about other ppl. learn to like yourself before you can like others. learn to love yourself before you can love others.

  • commonsense

    She didn’t say anything offensive, yet I still feel like slapping her! Why? And it’s not like I have a hard-on for Leo either.

  • dance

    @Brainy box: It’s your 15 minutes you need to worry about cause you have more than ou tstayed your welcome.

    Another pathetic jealous, ignorant houchie who dreams of being with Leo – get over it.

  • HAN

    I only posted it because someone asked to see it. Your nose does not change that much in a year. There’s no problem with getting a nose job, I just don’t like when people lie about it

  • Sam


  • Sam

    @Lauren: Learn to like yourselves and stop being jealous of this beautiful young lady.

    Jealousy is a symptom of neurotic insecurity.
    . . . .Robert A. Heinlein

    The jealous are troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves.
    . . . . . William Penn

    Jealousy is a dissatisfaction with self.
    . . . . . Joan Didion


    gorgoeus as always!
    love u blake.

  • towanda
    yeah i’m sure she doesn’t like attention and i can swear her nose and breast same hahaha.. please watch this video . see her lies

  • It’s Me

    There’s a certain desperation about her. She wants it so bad and her PR is pushing her so hard. Unless she starts delivering some Oscar worthy performances she’ll just be another over-hyped, minimally talented Hollywood starlet.


    @towanda: Same breasts and same nose, are you blind? she doesn’t like what attention? she was a freaking 15 year old getting ready to go to prom, super excited and all.. get a life.

  • It’s Me

    She has a certain desperation about her. She wants it so bad and her PR is pushing her so hard. If she wants to justify all the hype she better start delivering some Oscar caliber performances soon. Otherwise she’ll be just another over-hyped, minimally talented startlet who gets chewed up and spit out the Hollywood machine.

  • roory

    Love Blake!! :D

  • BB



    @<a href=”/2011/06/01/blake-lively-covers-glamour@HAN:”In a YEAR”– 8 years is not ONE year, 23 year olds now don’t have the same noses they had when they were 13-15 year olds because the faces of people change once they hit puberty and start having growth spurts and other development stages. Please go back to school, you’re too uneducated and ignorant to argue with.

    Blake’s nose DID NOT change in a year, her nose when she was 15 ISN’T the same because HER FACE AND BODY developed. Do you HONESTLY look the SAME WAY you looked when you were a kid? Have you EVER met an adult that looks the same way they did when they were kids and have the SAME NOSE SIZE?

    Tall kid, development of boobs and different features over time. You’re comparing the body and face she had when she was a child, you need to look in the mirror and find your brains or go back to trashing Bar Rafaela because we both know that’s all you’re good at.

    What a brainless troll!