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Daniel Craig: 'Dragon Tattoo' International Poster Released!

Daniel Craig: 'Dragon Tattoo' International Poster Released!

Check out the international poster for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo featuring the film’s stars Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara!

This poster, which most likely will not be used in the United States, was described by THR in a feature they did on the film’s director, David Fincher, earlier this year.

“Warming up – as much as he ever allows himself – [Fincher] takes out an iPad and clicks on a photo he’s planning to use for the Dragon poster. It shows actor Daniel Craig half-hidden behind co-star Rooney Mara, who’s looking directly into the camera. Her hair is spiky, her face pierced with rings, her body covered in tattoos. It’s black and white and beautiful, but there’s no way in hell any studio will ever let Fincher use it, as he knows. Because Mara is naked from the waist up.”

Watch the official green band trailer for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo below…

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – Green Band Trailer
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  • eeekorama

    Is she wearing pants?

  • eeekorama

    Guess not.
    I’ve read the trilogy …. so what’s up with this poster? I guess the film is going to be “Americanized” and sexualized from the original. Disappointed.

  • Brandon

    I thought the girl in the book was supposed to be strong not a tra*p on full display for men, when will they ever give this stuff up?

  • Lucy

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh, so cool!!!!!!!

  • Mee

    Wow he looks old here

  • Irena


    erm, are you sure you’ve read the same trilogy as the rest of us? a lot of ”sexual” stuff happens in the movie including very intense sexual violence so this poster seems to be on par with what Larsson intended the books to be. it was never meant for the faint-hearted

  • Gill

    Good job, Fincher. He likes to create a sensation.

  • Diana

    God, Daniel wears a harsh expression on his face. Love it!

  • susan

    i like this poster. i’m going to see if i can use it as a screen saver. too bad the powers that be won’t allow it to be shown in the United States because, horror of horrors, she’s naked from waist up.

  • to 3

    However, the appearance of Lisbeth does not seem to be strong at all.
    She is a type had its eyes on to a sadist.

  • biceps!!!
  • Vitte

    I love the red-band!!!! Please re-release it again!!

  • Sara

    International Poster? I think it’s the EU limited edition.

  • Erin

    The red band trailer was so much better! Frustrating!

  • Brandon

    @susan: By that same token what if Danile had his penis out? it’s always naked women that people say what’s the big deal they never dare exploit the male body

  • Guinness

    yes, I saw that one too “biceps”!! I am glad you posted it again. And Fio was the one who posted the link to that one with other pics, AND who posted the international poster first. if she isn’t paid by jayjay, she should. I love the jeanjacket again. and the smile. I also love the one with him in dark blue…getting in or out of the car, with a consternated face. Well, too bad Mendel didnt’ make it here for all the posts—you have a lot to catch up on, and go read the previous thread peoples for other great info……….
    let us, everyone, thank Fio. she is ahead of JJ. ~G

    oh, yeah. we are getting some serious scary weather here—-we had tornado watches…speculations about funnel touching ground because we are not flat, but mountainous *smile* and we can’t see over the next mountain and the tornados dont last long if there is one…but I got pic of one last year about 10 miles away from us. this vid shows Sringfield, Massachusetts—2 hours from Boston, 4 hours from me….. notice the railroad bridge–looks small huh?

    oh, and yeah, Dan–you are a whirlwind of hotness!!!

  • 10

    Ugh, JJ did not permit a word… it was ”Sad*st”

  • Nikki

    I’m sold!!!

  • To Brandon

    The absurd is the essential concept and the first truth–Albert Camus

  • Mike

    Green band → Less Intense

  • Questions of a fan

    I wonder what the swedish poster looked like, now I’m in investigate mode. I agree the pic is way too Americanized. For a film that’s suppose to be full of suspense it gives off way too much sexuality. Tone it down Fincher it won’t hurt.

  • Ni**le piercing

    UK admitted this. Good!! Love EU!! lol
    UK Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Poster Is Slightly NSFW

  • Mako Morton

    I get tired that there many limits/restricts in US. I think this is not immoral.

  • Ni**le piercing

    Compare the Sexy New Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Posters With the Modest Original

  • Joe

    Ha! The person who hasn’t even read the trilogy is here. Regardless of the subject, he pretends to know all about it. FUNNY.

  • Ruth

    The original Swedish film was absolutely brilliant though I had some trouble following the plot whilst reading the subtitles! This actress doesn’t seem to have the magical beauty of the wonderful performer who was in the Swedish film and I’m surprised to see that she is undressed. Yes, the story contains many unpleasant sexual elements but not so much nudity considering the content.

    I am a big fan of Daniel so hopefully this version won’t abandon the original content of the book.

  • Amy

    Awesomeness!! I thisk this poster states exactly how the writer feels. I mean, Swedish title – MEN WHO HATE WOMEN

  • Kate

    The Swedish poster was awfully boring. Too ordinary. Who pays attention to it?

  • Joe

    Well, the swedish poster was the Agatha Christie tones. Lol

  • BIC-Z

    Daniel Craig looks similar to the Swedish Kalle Blomvquist! OK, must see.

  • jiji

    To: Ruth
    Why do you suppose that the movie also is so because Lisbeth is nude? The poster is being or characterized by concepts or their formation. The metaphor to say nothing of it is included.

  • Ida

    Hell yeah, Daniel is fab!!

  • Elle

    I love that we get a distinct feel for the tone of the film, so it satisfy my curiosity. I know It’s difficult to satisfy everyone.

  • coco

    shocked, but that looks amazing!!

  • Matilda

    I’m glad to see that Fincher gets back to his roots of directing dark. He is second to none in that particular line. Anyone who loves movies loves David Fincher!!

  • miia

    cool poster. I like the style of it but imo Lisbeth would never let a man hold her like that and that I have a slight problem with..the nudity is totally fine by me though and Daniel does look like how I imagined Mikael to look like!
    The comments about americanizing the movie. Well, isn’t that the point exactly?! They wanted an americanized version and that’s why they made it! I will treat is as basically an american movie, it doens’t necessarily have much to do with the original besides the plot..

  • Vaula

    I love the style of the posters and compliment the great trailer nicely.
    So the new thriller are working pretty damn well, I think.

  • Kelsea

    I do not mind what people say. She looks just like the description in the books!! I may tend to sympathy for the weak though..

  • Cora

    I loved the original. I hope this one lives up to it.

  • wendy

    Looks great, cant wait to see it. Dan looks hot as usual

  • Lizzie

    Bring it on already! I am getting so psyched for this movie, the trailers and posters are amazing and they are even making the naysayers interested. I mean sure, the Swedish adaptions were good but, the masterly Fincher is going to blow them out of the water with his version without a doubt.

  • Courtney

    love me some Daniel Craig he’s a great semi young actor and even looks so much like Paul Newman that he was cast as his son in 2002′s Road To Perdiditon for which the elder was nominated for his final copetetive oscar his 10th. he & his widow are the most nominated now formerly married couple in oscar history with 14 nominations between them in 45 years from 1958-2003. though only two wins out of it Ms Woodward won best actress in 1958 on her first nomination and Newman won best actor in 1987 on his seventh nomination inthe catagory of 8 and he has one nomination as a producer 1968 best picture Rachel Rachel the first R rated film to be nominated for that oscar though it lost to Oliver the last G rated film to win Best Picture.

  • Kelsea

    And I always feel Rooney has something (often something deceptively attractive) that catches us unawares.

  • Hotel del Coronado

    I like the dark undertones but wonder how she allows that kind of hold on her ?! The Led Zeppelin cover is quite good and what can I say about David Fincher,he’s quite a genius.

  • Hotel del Coronado

    I liked the Swedish films and Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth so I hope this one’s just as good.

  • to 1

    She’s wearing pants of course! You can see her buckle. As for undies,
    it is erased by the digital image processing.

  • Cora

    I loved the books too!

  • to 1
  • Creston

    I hope Fincher directs the trilogy. The sequel of a Swedish versions were a poor work. They should keep a high level.

  • Fio

    Wow, really? We have waited eagerly for this news!!
    Bond 23′s UK release set for Oct 26, 2012