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Miranda Kerr: South Korea Visit!

Miranda Kerr: South Korea Visit!

Miranda Kerr waves as she hits the red carpet at a press conference on Wednesday (June 1) in Seoul, South Korea.

The 28-year-old Aussie model and new mama is in town for a quick visit, where she’ll meet fans at a publicity showcase and dinner party.

“Just arrived in Korea for work for one day. First night away from Flynn… Miss him so much already :-(,” Miranda wrote on her Twitter account.

Miranda also shared a photo of herself in a traditional Korean ensemble. “Just finished my interview on MBC in traditional korean Hanbok. So much fun!” she wrote.

FYI: Miranda wore a Roland Mouret Macha dress in black to the press conference.

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Credit: Han Myung-Gu; Photos: WireImage
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    So beautiful, I love !

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  • ke$haluv

    OMG what a terrible mother! Get back in the kitchen/house start taking care of your own kid you freakin self obsessed woman, the kid was just a media stunt, poor kid will be brought up by baby sitters, used as a toy by the parents. Orlando makes plenty of money for her to stay at home and raise the kid, how woman should do it now days.

  • @8

    I don’t think she should listen to any advice coming from someone who still walks standing on their knuckles…

  • Callie

    I used to not like her but she’s growing on me.

  • @9

    I love you!

  • sara

    She looks gorgeous!

  • Irwin

    much better with hair down. Hide those hamster pouches!

  • yes!

    She’s so beautiful!
    Orlando is one lucky SOB.

  • HEY!

    Where’s ‘Mike’?
    She must be slacking off.
    Here, I’ll post for both her, and one of her sockpuppets…
    Mike – fugly chick
    Sock – she looks like an alien
    Did I get that right?
    I mean, that’s what ‘they’ post on EVERY SINGLE Miranda thread, right?
    Those morons are nothing if not consistant.

  • P Diddy vibe

    she’s so adorable, reminds me of a little girl…

  • deawhitequeen

    here come the idiots with their comments.

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    She looks gorgeous!
    I want that black dress!

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    Oh you delphidiots make it so easy for us to laugh at you!

  • deawhitequeenmeanand proud

    delphi idiots – how appropriate!

  • ke$haluv

    OMG what a terrible mother! Get back in the kitchen/house start taking care of your own kid you freakin self obsessed woman, the kid was just a media stunt, poor kid will be brought up by baby sitters, used as a toy by the parents. Orlando makes plenty of money for her to stay at home and raise the kid, how woman should do it now days.

  • ke$haluv

    wow soo irresponsible child services please!

  • ke$haluv

    this is scary when a woman get’s praised for abandoning her kid for attention whoring activities. What a sad day it is for feminist america!

  • celeb

    Not everyone likes her. Get over it. Alot of people think she is really weird looking. Particularly the older crowd who were used to models who looked like Cindy Crawford not alien children. Her fans are mostly tweens,pedo’s and gay guys.

  • @26

    Older crowd?
    Is that you sighs?
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    But making up stuff to hate her for is just plain stupid.
    Oh, and your assinine comments just outed you as a delphidiot.
    You morons just make this way too easy.

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    You are so right!!
    How dare a woman who has a baby have a career, too?
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    How dare she!!!

  • ke$haluv


    Right on, feminism has taken woman in the US and western countries down the toilet and left them alone and empty. A woman’s role is to nurture and be a homemaker that is her DNA. You can’t fight nature. She should not have a career after she gives birth until the child is in elementary or middle school. Orlando should be out making the money.

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    This is the 21st century, not the 12th. Bring yourself into the modern era. I bet it was a man who said that women belong in the home. And if you’re a woman, ke$haluv, *you* can stay in the house and be your husband’s bond servant if that is what you believe in. Leave the rest of us to decide what we wanna be.

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    You mean that there’s still someone who thinks that he is gay? Despite all of the evidence to the contrary?
    Liesl? Is that you?

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    I wouldn’t mind that Ke$ha heard you and stopped torturing the world with her “music”

  • Trace


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  • Poncho

    What’s with the wide face Miranda??

  • Bellina

    I don’t think Orlando is gay, but him having a baby with Miranda doesn’t prove he is straight either, plenty of gay actors in Hollywood do the whole marriage with a kid thing(John Travolta anyone???), so who is to say he isn’t doing that here? After all he is going a bit OTT with the paparazzi set ups with Flynn. Nobody knows Orlando’s sexuality except Orlando. NOBODY but him can say whether he is gay, straight or bisexual and that IS a fact!

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    Threatened? Many of us have asked them many times to come here, to a public site that doesn’t belong to fans or haters, and discuss their ideas. They prefer to hide and NEVER have to see their “theories” questioned. So who feels threatened here?

  • @36

    Sure, and he could be an undercover agent of the Interpol too, but we’re not going to think he is without the slightest bit of proof, especially if everything seems to indicate he isn’t, right?

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    #39 was meant for 35

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    If they kept their cr@p on their site then no one would bother them But they don’t. They bring their patented insults here, using fake names to spread their filth.
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    Yeah, right.

  • @35

    Absolutely no evidence of his being gay. Not even any credible rumors.
    Known girlfriends going back to his school days. A radio listener from his school wanting to know if he remembered him, because Orlando had “stolen” his girlfriend. No past male lovers, or skeletons in his closet coming to the surface at all. Every gossip monger in HWood saying that he was straight even though they tried their darndest to prove otherwise.

  • Poor ke$ha

    Poor thing.
    She’s too stupid to recognize sarcasm.