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Hilary Duff: I'm Not This Weird, Artsy Indie Film Girl

Hilary Duff: I'm Not This Weird, Artsy Indie Film Girl

Hilary Duff leaves her car with the valet while arriving at an office building on Thursday (June 2) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 23-year-old singer and actress recently chatted about working on the indie drama Bloodworth.

“I think just working on an independent movie … There’s a lot of freedom, a lot less pressure, a lot of time to play, with the director, Shane [Dax Taylor],” she told the Huffington Post.

As for choosing different projects, Hil shared, “And I do, I feel … a responsibility, you know, to find that balance, and I’m not trying to be this weird, artsy, only-do-independent-movies type of girl. I’m just trying to do what I like.”

FYI: Hilary is wearing a Coral Jacket by Vanessa Bruno.

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  • BEAN

    What a boooooooooooooooooore.

  • TinyDancer

    You don’t have the depth to be “this weird, artsy, only-do-independent-movies type of girl.”

  • Duff forever

    Love her she’s so pretty! Hope I meet her someday(: my idol!

  • Hollywood101

    Love all her outfits. She’s the perfect normal holywool gal. I like her hair brown. He should change it for summer.

  • Hollywood101

    Love all her outfits. She’s the perfect normal holywool gal. I like her hair brown. He should change it for summer.

  • blah

    “weird, artsy” girl? real nice hil

  • S

    Love her bag and blazer!!! Lookin good Duff!

  • BloodbuzzOhio

    You’re right, you’re a terrible Disney actress who is a has been. Now go away.

  • Delphic

    She sounds like a ditz. Almost as embarrassing as the time she called Faye Dunaway ‘ugly’. Sorry ‘Hilz’, but it’s not like any talented independent filmmaker is crying over the fact that you’d rather favour soulless Disney fare over good films.

  • Mlef

    Again…money but no taste….i’m terrify by this outfit…If a was a police officer, I would be tempted to arrest

  • Dieter

    She has been working so hard !!!!

  • jen

    she’s right, films like ‘material girls’ and ‘beauty & the briefcase’ were definitely significant and powerful pieces of cinema.

  • Susan

    I like Hilary but this outfit I don’t like.

  • essie

    her shorts ruin the outfit

  • essie

    her shorts ruin the outfit

  • julia

    the entire outfit is sooooo charming

  • Taren

    This look didn’t look good on Katie Holmes and it doesn’t look good on HD. HD is so cute-she can do so much better than this type of look.

  • Alice

    Jersey shore on the bottom, Real Housewife on the top. Not a good look.

  • mosely

    where did all this hilary duff hater-ade come from?!

    ya’ll need to calm the hell down.

    the outfit, that’s open to interpretation.
    every has their own sense of fashion. or lack there of

    and her quote, she’s not saying every indie film girl is weird.
    she’s just saying that’s not what she is.

    it’s like if someone said,” i’m not an obnoxious oscar winner.”
    they’re not saying EVERY oscar winner is obnoxious,
    they’re just saying that’s not what they are.

    so get off her A$$ about it!
    and get over yourselves, you know most artsy film girls ARE weird, or DIFFERENT, if we’re trying to be politcally correct..
    so stfu.

    idk why so many of you are hating on her.
    she’s doing her thing, she’s doing what she likes.

    she’s not gonna please everyone.
    but you know what, she is pleasing a lot of her fans.

    she’s rich, famous, successful, and has done a lot more than any of you on here talking crap about someone you don’t even know.

    PS, is every hater on here a weird, artsy person trying to defend their image or what?


  • jane

    what the hell.
    if a lot of you dont like her
    why do u waste time commenting on her?

    dont waste your time losers

  • Yin

    Hilary has really broad shoulders already, she definitely shouldn’t wear shoulder pads.

  • Rumpumpumpumpum

    This TACKY ASS HORSE VENEER TEETH FUG LOSER IS SOOOO BORING, stop posting her image. It hurts my eyes.

    Her outfit is so incredibly tacky and she isn’t attractive.

  • lululu

    Miss Piggy legs.

  • Gabe

    HOT STUFF!!! She is so classy and sexy!

  • diana

    She wore another Victoria Beckham Sunglasses. Great.

  • Isabella Grove

    So beautiful! love her and I want new music.

  • Toni

    Sorry – shorts do not suit. Cheapens an otherwise, very classy look.

  • http://jag Sl igo lambert ^______^cute

    She know she weird

  • Brainy box


  • Ka

    She looks great.

  • Ashley

    simple and dressy….Hilary looking so summer these days!LOVE YA!

  • Gleidson

    beautiful… drop dead! hahahaha

  • iN tHE kNOW


    No sht TinyDancer!!!! That statement just shows the world of delusion she is in. She would be lucky to be the weird indi movie girl.

    Talking as if she’s Rashida Jones or Claire Danes or Ellen Page………Total non-reality from a former Disney Mushroom.

  • lafamepoma

    I used to like her at movies and her songs, but I grew up and I listened other singer and bands and now I see her as a person who is still living of the money she made. we will have to wait at least ten year to see if she made important movies.

  • Sergen

    wow! sssooo coute! we’re waiting new album. im so happy couse she’ll do !

  • Sergen
    Best Fan Page on Facebook!

  • Sergen

    i like her glasses

  • Vitor Porto

    So amazing! Beautiful as always, I love her body

  • Jasmine

    So you have to be “weird” to not do vapid, mainstream movies? Her head is so damn empty.

  • Jasmine

    @essie: her manly body and horse face ruined the outfit.

  • @jane: what does that make you, commenting on the comments of losers? idiot.

  • Miles

    “Weird artsy Indie Film Girl?” Wow. Hilary, once again, has shown what an ignorant airhead she is. She could never be a indie film actress seeing as how she’s got absolutely no talent or a screen personality. Her attempts at indie cred have been nothing short of laughable. Somehow reading this I was reminded or her moronic comments about Faye Dunaway.
    She’s a completely deluded immature brat divorced from any objective reality.