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Jennifer Garner: Not Pregnant!

Jennifer Garner: Not Pregnant!

Jennifer Garner and her adorable daughter Violet head out of the local library with tons of books on Wednesday (June 1) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 39-year-old actress let Violet, 5, put coins in the parking meter after getting out of the car to go into the library.

After weeks of speculation, Jennifer‘s rep has told E! that the actress is not expecting baby number three.

“The speculation is false, she is not pregnant,” the rep said.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner and Violet Affleck picking up books…

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  • Jess

    Probably the greatest celebrity mother. Shame her husband is seen in so few pictures with them, though. (Or maybe JustJared has something against him?)

  • Brainy box


  • traveltoTanzania

    jen loves her daughters, unlike some ceb mothers she spends most of her time with her daughters.

  • sorella

    Woah, then she needs to stop with the extra baggy clothes if she doesn’t want people to think that. But no matter what, she has the worse casual style of all celebs (tied with Rene Z. who is in constant workout wear like she’s ready to spring into action). JG can be cute for premieres, just wish everything she wears wouldn’t like it’s from the 1980s or like it comes from a thrift shop. Pretty gal, so shame she makes no effort (and before people howl…REGULAR Moms do casual better without the nannies and household help JG has). .

  • carrie

    @Jess: it’s sure she doesn’t avoid paparazzis

  • My eyes!!!

    It’s a rep’s job to deny, deny, deny. How many times have publicists told the press their client isn’t dating someone, and that they are only “friends”, only to have them later confirmed as a couple? Hell, we still don’t know what Sasha Baron Cohen & Isla Fisher named their second child!

    When Jen was pregnant with Seraphina, they denied it as well — until they no longer coud. I think it would be great if they were having another child (although they prefer to keep these personal details private). Despite her busy career she is a loving and attentive mom and her daughters always look so happy.

  • anybody?anybody?

    THIS is what a hands-on Mom is. she doesn’t have nannies trailing after her, she doesn’t just take her kids out to toy stores so the paps get good pics, she’s genuinely a good mom. she adores her children and is giving them a normal many other celebs do normal things like take their kids to the LIBRARY?? I’m sure Ben is a great dad, too, but he’s super anti-paps, he totally hates making the rounds when he promotes films, but just because he doesn’t get is pic snapped with his fam every second of the day doesn’t mean he’s not a good dad. LOVE this family, hope it always stays together :)

  • mimi

    How much did Jen’s publicist pay you JJ to post her boring pics everyday? This is not blog-worthy news. What’s worthy is Blake Lively’s naked pics.

  • blair

    I love her but she needs to dress a lot better.

  • emily

    Hi Mimi,
    Unlike some celebs on here, JG is NOT a publicity-seeker – she’s just going on about her business doing normal stuff and the paps stalk her. Judging by all the criticism she’s endured for her clothes and style, if she had called the paps, wouldn’t she have made a better effort to be photo-ready?

    Unlike Gwen Stefani who parades her kids around like show ponies and wears layers of harsh make up 24/7, JG is the real deal.

  • amy

    What an ugly dress.

  • mimi

    @emily: Don’t you get it? She wants to project the image of a down-to-earth ordinary mom. In reality, she is bitchy as what others in the business has testified.

  • Thai

    Thanks heaven! We are fed up with her anyway.

  • Fake

    Pregnant! Trust me.

  • ace11

    Never got all the hype on this girl

    I was a Ben/ J.Lo fan all the way

    was not a smart move for him to leave her

    but, that was in the past

  • Maya

    thank god she isn’t pregnant. last thing we need in this world is another one of her ugly troll kids. good thing she stopped reproducing.

  • Molly

    her legs are so pasty! ew!

  • laverdadduele

    She couldn’t have picked a bigger tool to be the father of her children.

  • Enro

    I appreciate the efforts of her publicist to keep her in the gossip blogs even if she’s doing absolutely nothing news-worthy.



  • Celia

    I wonder if she’s releasing those pictures of Blake?? Hmmm…I doubt it, but according to a new post by Lainey Gossip, Jennifer is a possibility.

    Whoever it is, they clearly have it out for Blake. Her reps should NOT have denied it was her, because now new pictures clearly show her face and her in the EXACT same movie trailer and in that bathroom. And these pictures make the other ones look PG-13.

  • Keilee

    Personally I think she’s pregnant. the last two pregnancies she began to dress in a more stereotypically ‘feminine’ way; ots of dresses and skirts with blouses etc instead of her usual ‘downtime’ causal jeans and tee (which i happen to love even if most people here rag on it) and here she is again, switiching to dresses again, dresses that are not too fitted, dark colours and therefore difficult to tell if theres bump or its a breeze blowing or a fold in the fabric.
    What i find hysterical with people playing bump watch and all the is she isnt she garbage-time will always tell. if she is, it cant be hidden forever, if shes not thats also gonna be obvious. shes never announced her pregnancies before, theyve just become obvious over time. wait a month and youll all know

  • oy

    Eh, if anything it might be Ben (revenge for moving on) leaking the pics but there was a blind item about Garner doing everything possible to ruin Blake’s career because she was doing it with her hubbie, but that’s like calling the kettle black since Garner supposedly cheated on her husband to get with Ben. In any event, Blake is blah and Leo is bordering on has been territory. His days as the mighty Titanic star have passed. That was over 10 years ago. It’s time to move over and make room for new up and comers. Her leaking of photos doesn’t help or hurt her career much. She just doesn’t have the ITquality…It would be funny if it was somebody working on Bar’s behalf…

  • mars

    Ben should have left Jen for Blake when he had the chance

  • Jamie

    Jennifer garner: not pregnant! (just fat)

  • Keilee

    How would Jennifer have gotten the photos?

  • Celia


    I don’t know. Blake is in her trailer on the set of The Town in a few of the new pics. And there was speculation that her and Ben Affleck were a little too flirty.

    So, some have speculated that Blake could have texted the naked pics to Ben and maybe Jen found them on his phone. However, I don’t think anyone who says this is being serious.

  • mars

    The Totally Not Blake Lively Photos – Who Was the Recipient of the Fake Blake N*des?

    So those n*des from yesterday and today that appear to be Blake Lively but are totally not Blake Lively? Let’s guess the circumstances behind them. Were they taken for Totally Not Blake Lively’s own amusement? Or maybe sent to a love interest? As it turns out, there were three different men on the receiving end of UnBlake’s pic:

    Recipient 1: A costar.
    Recipient 2: A famous director with whom the person in the photos who is Totally Not Blake Lively has worked.
    Recipient 3: A non-famous guy. This batch has not yet hit the internet.


  • ali

    she is definetely PREGO

  • Sheri

    @Jamie: You can’t be serious?!! You think Jen is fat?? You need to go to the eye doctor and get your eyes checked … half of America would love to be this “fat” …

  • Maya

    Jen Garner is such a beautiful classy lady that nobody can honestly say anything bad about her but that she is not a shallow woman that is a slave to fashion. She however, always dresses very conservatively and appropriately for the occasion. This is the real Maya not the fake one.

  • Maya

    btw she looks so cute here. I love her dress. Affleck is one lucky dude and those pretty little girls are twice as lucky. Beautiful family.

  • Maya

    I loved her since Alias and I am so glad she did not marry Michael Vartan. She and Ben belong together and I hope they go the distance (they are on the right path) staying out of the limelight and keeping their relationship private.

  • DJ

    Where is the a**hole father?

  • Maya

    Could Jen garner get any more uglier? She looks like a hillbilly. Oh that’s right, SHE IS!

  • Karee

    FYI Ben is working on a movie….No he did not have an affair with Blake
    But Ryan Reynolds did though….. So Guess who the recipient of the
    Photos were!

  • Karee

    FYI Ben is working on a movie….No he did not have an affair with Blake
    But Ryan Reynolds did though….. So Guess who the recipient of the
    Photos were!

  • nakedoldjennifer

    Sick of this Dull Couple! Travel do something interesting since you insist on being photo. everyday!