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Megan Fox: Shia Talks 'Transformers' Departure

Megan Fox: Shia Talks 'Transformers' Departure

Megan Fox goes undercover in a baseball cap as she heads to a salon on Thursday (June 2) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 25-year-old actress’ Transformers co-star, Shia LaBeouf, recently told the LA Times that he understands Megan‘s leaving the blockbuster series.

Megan developed this Spice Girl strength, this woman-empowerment [stuff] that made her feel awkward about her involvement with [director] Michael, who some people think is a very lascivious filmmaker, the way he films women,” Shia explained.

Mike films women in a way that appeals to a 16-year-old sexuality. It’s summer. It’s Michael‘s style. And I think [Megan] never got comfortable with it,” Shia continued. “This is a girl who was taken from complete obscurity and placed in a sex-driven role in front of the whole world and told she was the sexiest woman in America. And she had a hard time accepting it.”

10+ pictures inside of Megan Fox going to a salon in Beverly Hills…

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  • Stranger

    I falling in love with megan and like shia and hate rosie<(so much)

  • S

    U R sooo right Damien!! MF is a nobody now without Bay and TF. And she looks like S.H.I.T after all those plastic surgeries and botox.

  • vin

    Rosie looks way better.
    Rosie’s hotter.

  • Brainy box


  • Mary

    Michael Bay is such a perv and Megan isn’t the only who said that, ask this to Isabel Lucas and she will tell you the same damn thing as she did it once.
    Megan Fox RULES

  • Lisa

    You ignorants, stop opening your mouth and act bright when you don’t know half of the things you say. “Megan has no talent, all of her movie choices make clear of how dumb she is”. Megan was brilliant in Passion Play, and if you don’t believe me read what film critics had to say about her performance in that movie. You’re absolutely pathetic.


    Maybe try not to pose in men magazines in thongs and Teddy bears with your asss up in the air, if you have a hard time “accepting,” being sexy. Like Damien said, every move she’s made to date is to manufacture a hyper sexualized woman. Michael bay fit right into her plans. The real problem came when she THOUGHT she had a little bit of power, and didn’t have to put up with his SH*t anymore.

  • jdub

    @*Angieee*: First, Megan has said plenty times that if it wasn’t for Bay, she’d be nothing today. He basically gave her everything she has. But that doesn’t give him the right to treat her like sh*t! Yea, she made the decision to play Mikaela. It was her first major role, and any young actress would be insane to give something like that up. Before then, she was constantly playing the “b*tch”/mean girl role…COATDQ = b*tch. Hope&Faith = snobby/mean older sister. The help = bratty/mean…so I think wants all of the fame hit her after Transformers, she felt she needed to live up to that hott girl status (hence the plastic surgery)…With Transformers, Bay wanted her in perfect shape. Amazing tan and everything. He was about looks (because I’ll be perfectly honest…her acting wasn’t the best in the first transformers. He knew that and she that, considering she gave her own self a 7% for her performance). So Jennifer’s Body comes around and it’s directed by women who want her character to symbolize power over just being a hott chick who is standing around or bending over cars, looking good. Megan had to drop down to like 99lbs and needed to be pale. A HUGE change from being 118lbs and looking like an oompa loompa. JB was definitely a big change in direction for Megan. It’s obvious the movie didn’t do great, but that has NOTHING to do with her performance. Jennifer’s Body just isn’t the type of movie ppl going running out to see. So it’s time to film TF2…now she has to put back on 10-15lbs and start hitting the tanning salon. Bay is more comfortable with her around, so it’s much easier for him to disrespect her even if it isn’t intentional. I don’t believe anything about that bullisht letter that was supposedly written by the crew. Megan is a very reserved person and I feel like her cast mates say she’s always the quietest person on set. I guess some take that as being a diva. But for them to secretly come together and write such a letter, is ridiculous. I think once TF2 was over, and she and Brian got more serious, she realized she really doesn’t need to be treated that way and doesn’t need to play sex symbols roles to be taken seriously. Shes young and has all of the time in the world to take the time to perfect her skills…even if that means playing crappy roles like Jonah Hex. Yea she was a sex symbol in that movie, but it’s not like she was fighting guys in her underwear, or bending over with her a$$ sticking out. And to whoever said Bay replaced her for TF3, don’t act like he did that on his own. Megan was on set for a week or so and was filming. Idk if that’s just her part for Mikaela’s departure in the film, or if something else went down. But I doubt he fired her, found a new “actress”, had a whole new love story written for Sam and Carley, and then had the movie done in time for this July’s release. To me, it looks like Megan made her decision before TF3 started, and agreed to come in for her final scene. (I don’t believe that she quit during the first week of filming). Overall, I want to say that Megan was young and naive when the franchise started. But with a little more knowledge of the business, she realized that she can appreciate Bay for all he’s given her, but she doesn’t need to continue to be treated like a piece of meet.

  • Halfu

    @jdub: Wow get a life

  • Giuseppe Sallo

    Funny reading this by Shia, when he is also as much of a douche as Michael ” I’m a legit director” Bay. Both are scum! As for Megan, it’s her loss. This is hollywood; you don’t earn sympathy , you go out there and prove you’re a talented actress. Take my advice: Stop stripping, and being naked and choose better roles that requires skill, maybe then you might just impress.

  • lafamepoma

    Transformers movies are a bit ¬¬, well are a quite bad ahhaha, I’ve only seen the first one and I thought ” typical american movies” and Megan i don’t see much future in her career.

  • jol

    whatever… Megan Fox was at least for 2009&2010 the SEXIEST woman in the WORLD… almost every man in the whole wide world knows who Megan is..
    but transformers made her, the scene where she checks on Shia’s car gotta be the sexiest scene any girl has ever made in a movie…

  • J

    I don’t get how someone can feel uncomfortable being asked to play it sexy for a movie but then be stripping off for magazines left, right and centre. At least Megan was fully clothed in the two TF movies, but the magazine spreads I’ve seen her do feature her in skimpy bikinis and lingerie, etc. How is it any different? I don’t buy this excuse, if she didn’t like the way Michael Bay did things, why come back for a second film, and even a third? If she has a problem being seen as a sex symbol, maybe she should lay off the sexy photoshoots, and pick roles that centre more on character and drama rather than the T&A roles she’s done in Jennifer’s Body, Jonah Hex, How To Lose Friends, etc.

  • Hanna

    i’m still wondering why with all her money, always has to use that cap IT’S THE SAME IN ALL HER PICTUREES!

  • *Angieee*

    @jdub: Lol I’m not reading that huge wall of text that’s most likely rambling drivel. She’s never going to sleep with you

  • Andie

    More power to Fox.

  • Mike

    Funny how so many other sites recognize she’s talentless (dailymail) but this one has so many Fox thumpers.

  • Hahahahahha

    @iknowwhatyoudidlastsummer: no, he is making fun of women who want to be empowered. he is making fun of the feminists!

  • Hsafdd

    Okay, let’s be frank. Most (99%) of men in Hollywood are misogynists and male sexist chauvinists! They associate women with sex and only sex. Just look at commercials, print ads, TV roles, film roles, music, modeling, etc. The women in these fields are all known for and acknowledge for their sexuality. They are sexually available at all times and willing and able to do anything sexually for men. They get breast enlargements, butt enlargements, lip enlargements, etc. All erogenous parts of the body. Michael Bay is just another pig who wants to sell his movies to the male audience and talks to the actresses like they are prostitutes! This makes me so angry about Michael Bay and Shia Labouf! Shia describes Megan’s actions as though it is frivolous and the victoria secret’s model as though she is better because she is more sexually complaint. This is the very reason real good women with self-decency and respect and morals cannot find an equal male counterpart! This is why men treat women like prostitutes. I WILL NOT WATCH ANY MICHAEL BAY FILMS EVER! NO SHIA LABOUF FILMS! AND MS.FOX SHOULDN’T COMPLAIN B/C SHE IS IN SEXIST ROLES HERSELF.

  • women, wake up!

    Megan Fox, like other actresses, is probably tired of being treated like a prostitute/whore/slut (what men like today). But she continues to take on roles that are trivial and sexist, no offense to Megan, but I wish there was more genuine and entertaining roles in Hollywood for women. But no! We have to watch women/girls be stereotyped as the mentally ill virgin/celibate (it is forbidden to NOT have sex in 2011), the needy annoying nag, the highly successful but too picky career women, the slut who gets all the admiration from men but is hated by other women, the horny older women, the milf, etc. You see what im saying. its so controlled my men, its sickening. men are mentally sick regarding sex and women. look at who is doing the raping, molestation, harassment, etc. you can’t even date a guy with out him trying to rape you. don’t have sex with a guy and see if he LIKES you! and im just talking like, not love!!! so, i am going to start boycotting any magazine, film, etc. that i find offensive and debilitating to women. sorry, but men are not the ones who are told in a film, “can you stick your ass out a bit more?” or “come on let’s see some frontal!” men have no clue! I rather not date than be with a misogynist!

  • viper

    Wow lots of losers in here. I mean seriously such effort over nothing; one wonder what you all could accomplish if you had LIVES!

  • kim

    hmm maybe true but why she was licking her lips over an over and make sexy poses on the red carpet???I think she liked all the attention

  • Reality Bites

    Shia isn’t dissing female empowerment. He idolizes his mother who is a very independent woman. His grandmother was a lesbian artist.

    Shia is attempting to appease everyone.. he is trying to give Megan an out and explain Bay. Bay is a harsh director.. many are.. few are sweet little cupcakes. Take into consideration a movie like Transformers where you might only get one chance to get a shot right due to the pyrotechnics and visuals and that you are responsible for 50 to 100 people and their safety on set and add his temperament.. Bay is going to yell at you to move your f@cking ass.. and he won’t say please. It’s the nature of the beast of the job.

    It’s your job as an actor/actress when you accept a three picture deal to show up ready to work.. Mikela is voluptuous and tan: that is part the character and the job. Megan showed up on set looking like starving heroin junkie auditioning for a role for Twilight. Spielberg and Bay gave her two weeks to fake bake and work with a trainer and put on weight and muscle.. she refused and they fired her ass. End of story. She screwed up.

    If it was about being angry about sexist roles and over sexualized roles she wouldn’t have used her down time from NOT filming Transformers to play a prostitute in Jonah Hex or a stripper in a freak show who has angel wings in Passion Play. And considering the lack of success of those two projects I think she is just beginning to learn a hard lesson about biting the hand that feeds you .. esp when one of them is Spielberg.

  • lucy

    i think this gives you an insight into how michael treated megan.
    notice all the little sexual comments he makes to her…she must have felt so uncomfortable. i find it awkward just watching.

    and the video is only 1 minute long…god knows what it would have been like to be on set with him 24/7. poor girl probably felt like she was suffocating.