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Pippa Middleton: Medical Center Visit!

Pippa Middleton: Medical Center Visit!

Pippa Middleton makes her way to a medical center on Wednesday (June 1) in West London, England.

The 27-year-old sister of Kate Middleton returned to her car following her appointment to find a parking ticket.

Pippa‘s sister Kate and her husband Prince William will make their first public appearance following their Royal Wedding as the guests of honor at the 10th Absolute Return for Kids charity gala on June 9.

William will make a speech in front of the 900 guests at the event.

10+ pictures inside of Pippa Middleton visiting a medical center…

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pippa middleton medical center visit 01
pippa middleton medical center visit 02
pippa middleton medical center visit 03
pippa middleton medical center visit 04
pippa middleton medical center visit 05
pippa middleton medical center visit 06
pippa middleton medical center visit 07
pippa middleton medical center visit 08
pippa middleton medical center visit 09
pippa middleton medical center visit 10

Photos: Flynet Pictures
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  • H

    Why does she always want to smile in front of the cameras? She’s trying not to smile here, she’s trying her best to not look joyful for the paparazzi there.

    Biggest fame ho ever, even bigger than Paris Hilton. I don’t see Paris smiling and waving to the paparazzi everytime they are 2 cm near her. Lmao.

  • Mlef

    So all you people, must create a new target to generate more money.

    This it too complicate to show people with convictions, ideas, talent, you have to be enough to write something about it and to investigate.

    No no, let’s just follow the sister of the other one, let’s see when she goes see the doctor…wow…so deep, and not creepy at all.

  • Not again…

    There is absolutely nothing special about her just an ordinary looking woman

  • Erin

    I’m sorry…but WHAT is the fuss about with this chick? Why are people losing their shit for this bitch?

  • Erin

    I’m sorry…but WHAT is the fuss about with this chick? Why are people losing their shit for this bitch?

  • CCrider

    Who cares??? She’s blah…
    The best she ever looked in her entire life was probably on a sister’s wedding day and THAT’S IT!
    Plus I never saw such a plain butt…

  • boringggg

    Is it me or she thinks she’s famous just because her sister is famous now?

  • Ugh

    This is getting out of hand.

    Jared, you fool, ENOUGH OF THIS WOMAN!!!!!!

  • Brainy box


  • x

    ENOUGH! Who cares about her? Kate is The Duchess Of Cambridge , and she is a NOBODY

  • Imo

    It seems that ever since she was offered a $5M porn deal, she gets attention more because of that. Sex always causes attention.

  • lolo

    Again her? She must be paying Jared for her pictures. Pippa you aren’t famous you’re sister is!!! Your psychiatrist has told you many times.

  • Nika

    Dear Jared, stop posting news about this woman. We don’t REALLY care!! Thanx!!!!!!!!

  • Nadia

    AGAIN!!!??? Justjared camera man is most likely stalking her! there cant be ENOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

  • Thai

    Pls no more of her, dont u JJ have a little common sense left?

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    ENOUGH!!! SHE IS NOT A CELEBRITY!!!! NOT ONE OF THE COMMENTS IN HER VARIOUS POSTS IS POSITIVE! I was once in the same class as the son of famed composer Gabriel Yared, can I also get daily posts on JJ?

  • Kiki

    Gods sake, enough of her now!!!!!!!!! I was okay about her on the other articles, but enough already just jared!!!

  • KC

    Medical Center Visit????? You’ve got to be kidding…..please she is a very average looking person who happens to be the sister of someone married to Prince William. Not relevant!

  • http://@lilycheungg lilyy


  • Rosie

    She is absolutely Fabulous! Her style is amazing. I think Americans don’t get how advanced Europeans are style wise. It’s not her fault the paps follow her around and everyone insulting her in here are probably obese and can’t even fit into the normal clothes. The more you insult her it just proves you’re just upset it’s not you getting the attention…

  • elle_fyre


  • aquarius64

    This woman is a British Kardashian – FAMOUS FOR NOTHING. Her sister Catherine is the HRH, not her. Correction, she did have scandalous pix of hers, making her a British Kardashian & a Paris Hilton! Nothing to be proud of.

  • http://justjared Mjkingforlife

    I bet Kate Bosworth is pissed as hell LOL .

  • jane-lee

    Before the wedding of her sister, nobody cared about her life
    Since we hear more about her than kate
    What it interesting about her life?

    pippa is in Paris, pippa in shorts, pippa at the restaurant and then we will go up by pippa Winter Holiday?

  • Taren

    I don’t care about her one way or the other, but I LOVE that bag she carries. It is about $260 mail order from Modela in Britain. I’m really tempted to get one in black.

  • Milia

    @Rosie: I agree Jared is just emphasizing her ridiculously amazing style!! Let the haters hate! :D

  • Laura

    her style is usual, she is ugly, she is nothing!
    BTW her sister is WWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY to prettier then her… ugh!

  • laverdadduele

    ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s not even cute.

  • whodie

    She doesnt even looked a Brit – but more like a barmaid from Cuba!!!

  • Dani

    Considering you people don’t care or like to make out you don’t, you comment an awful lot. If you don’t give a s*** why bother commenting! It’s clear that Jared wants to post about her so if you don’t wanna know then skip past it.

    I really would love to see the people that call her looks….or maybe I wouldn’t!


  • sea

    No no no no! I’m European and I can say that her look is quite boring.
    I can’t see any style or beauty in this girl.
    Not a fan of her sister either.

  • Lee

    Not her again. She is getting annoying.

  • Justin Aniston

    I don’t get why people say stuff like: You’re not famous, you’re not pretty! I don’t think she’s calling the paparazzi to take pictures of her? It’s the paparazzis following her! And why does everybody say they hate her and no one cares about her, but still comment that they don’t care? I know people will thumb this down, but I had to say it.

  • Rosie

    @sea: How old are you? Because I’m 24 and this is how a 25-30 year olds should dress. Burberry, Banana, Zara carry a classic yet contemporary look. I dress like her when I go to work and people always ask me where I get my clothes so I must be doing something right. Not too boring if other people want to dress like that. Angelina Jolie dresses the same way and she is classic…

  • madmax

    Pippa doesn’t want to be followed by the paps. Just because her sister married a prince doesnt mean she wants this attention. Leave her alone!

  • Dani

    I also wanted to add that people say it’s the media that make girls worry about their looks, but I think the people like you who sit there and tear people apart, bit by bit and say the really cruel stuff from behind your computers, you are to blame to. I’m sure you’ll want to tear me apart after this comment, but I really don’t care, so hit me with your best shot. Let’s face it, she might not be pretty in some peoples eyes but by no means is she ugly. I personally find her stunning, how can you sit there and say ANYONE’S ugly? I hope people never say the same things about you. Oh and i’m not just referring to this post, I refer to all the negative comments on half the posts on here.

  • laughs@god

    SIX posts in a week JJ! This site is worse than the UK tabloids! Give it a rest…PLEASE!

  • couldcareless

    I could care less about what pippa is or is not doing. geez louise — she isn’t news at all.

  • F Steinburg

    Pippa’s probably got a urinary tract infection, all those different men she is running around Europe with! and always with that same stupid smile on!
    What a slut.

  • White Trash Can Stay in UK

    manly looking chav -
    please no more of this boring 40 year old, jj!
    she/he is pLAIN boring and guess what?
    americans don’t give SHIIIT ABOUT PIPPY POOPER
    No more of this fugly woman!


    she’s ugly give it a rest!
    her and her sister plain waity katie are 5′s here in the us so buzz off
    we americans dont care about this crooked eyed thin lipped flat butted UK women – go brush your teeth



  • Valerie

    omg… really??
    wow.. she went to the medical center and got a parking ticket ?! tell me more! -______-

  • Susan

    News at 10: Pippa Middleton picks her nose. Come on people, what’s with the obsession? I’m sure she’s a really nice gal and yes, she looked great at her sister’s wedding but what is it with her?

  • Jeez!

    Since when do paps hang out at medical centers? Is this nobody doing photo ops now?! Did she really get a $5M deal to do porn? LMAO

  • Saph

    Nobody cared about her before don’t see why anyone should start now. She isn’t that good looking is a boring dresser. The dress wasn’t that great and going by her lifestyle she doesn’t actually seem to do anything!

  • http://na angierocks

    Ohhh jared I don’t want to post here but really?Pippa? snooooooooooooooooooooze!Enough!

  • claraelodie

    i’am pretty sure that if princess diana was alive she would said to her son to break up with her wife and all her familly because they love paparazzi and they use william for that. the middleton familly are not private people at all.

  • middletonloser

    i hate this familly. they want all to be famous and they will do everything to be known.

  • hobie

    I like her; I think she smiles for the cameras because she’s just a good nature person. I don’t think she’s seeking the attention, but it’s come to her and she’s nice and laid back enough to just go with it.

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