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Gisele Bundchen: Billionaire Supermodel?

Gisele Bundchen: Billionaire Supermodel?

Gisele Bundchen leaves the gym after a morning workout on Friday (June 3) in North Hollywood, Calif.

The 30-year-old Brazilian model is reportedly on track to becoming the world’s first billionaire supermodel!

“Aside from being a fashion icon and starring in high-profile campaigns for labels like Versace and Dior, Gisele is in the process of ‘branding herself’ – licensing her name to products ranging from jewellery to eco-friendly cosmetics and lingerie,” Forbes reports.

Just a few of the business ventures Gisele, who was the highest earning model in 2010, has: her own sandals, a lingerie company, a skincare line, and she’s also the creative director to fashion retailer C&A’s Gisele Bundchen Collection!

15+ pictures inside of Gisele Bundchen leaving the gym…

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  • ma

    good for her. congrats

  • Delphic

    She’s hardly a fashion icon.

  • bng

    Gisele is the best.

  • whitney lee

    wow! that’s amazing! Not everyone can agree to say that Gisele is the best looking model out there, but there’s no doubt she is THE hardest working model out there. Her amazing work ethic has led her to this! She deserves this, and what’s so amazing is that you know she’ll be using a god amount of that money for good causes,be cause she has a BEAUTIFUL heart! I’m a huge Gisele fan, her pictures and videos of her at work are inspiring to watch!

  • Love Giselle

    That’s great! Beauty AND brains. And best of all, she has a very good heart. Good daughter, sister, wife, friend, mother… she does it all and looks great doing it.

  • lisali

    Rock on Girl! Good for Gisele.

  • boston61

    She has come by this money by pure luck. There was no talent or real hard work involved. Just the luck of the draw. I hope she realizes this and gives most of it to charity.

  • Fabio

    @boston61: Gosh… ok then

  • Thequeerofallmedia

    To call Gisele supermodel it’s not enough..Maybe we should start calling her SuperSuperModel….She takes the supermodel title to another level…

    Gisele, The Supersupermodel….

  • dreamER

    @boston61: Half of her proceeds made from her ultra lucrative sandals line go to charity.
    She donated 1 million to Japan earthquakes, 1.5 million to Haiti,Mentored homeless teens in the Boston area, served Thanksgiving dinners to the homeless. Raised money to give clean drinking water to a whole village in Brazil with her families Aqua Limpa clean water project etc. She can’t save the world but Im sure its alot more admirable actions than sitting behind a screen bashing. doing nothing to help society.

  • dreamER


    They did sort of invent a new name for her; Ubermodel. Before Gisele I never heard this word and she is the only one they call that.

  • Lover

    wow can anyone be happy for others anymore? or only stories of infidelity,drug abuse,and divorce suit your fancy?

    I know one thing. You never saw Gisele falling out of clubs drunk every weekend like almost every other model today does. She’s been pretty simple and seems to be a hard worker. Nothing to hate about that. Modeling is not all fun and games! I worked at an agency years ago and they look at you like you are a plain slab of steak ready to be cut,marinated and cooked! They want you taller,thinner,prettier,you name it. Its actually a business of determination and perseverance (if you’re even accepted). If you or your daughter is an easy giver upper in life, do not ever try to model. oh you gotta wake up at 4am and can’t sit one time until 9pm, daily. You also have to go months without seeing your family,pets or friends. The only good thing about it is the $. Other than that its MUCH harder than any 9-5 job actually.

  • Catherine

    I Like Gisele Don’t Get Me Wrong She’s Looks Down To Earth She’s Hard Working & Not Ugly

    But I Wouldn’t Class Her As Beautiful Theres More Prettier Women Out There & Its Like Forbes Mag How Can They Say Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Is The Most Beautifulist Woman In The World It Don’t Make Sense Have They Lined Ever Woman Up & Picked Her Out :/ NO So Why Say It She’s Probably The Most Beautifulist Woman In Celebrity World YEH x

  • Mara

    I think Kathy Ireland’s company does a billion in business but nonetheless kudos to Gisele and her team.

  • Mara

    I think Kathy Ireland’s company does a billion in business but nonetheless kudos to Gisele and her team.

  • Mara

    You know some of the comments on here are exactly why women don’t hold more leadership roles in the world. If women promoted one another instead of wasting time tearing other women apart we would run the world.

  • cindy

    She deserves it all!!! Go girl!

  • S@n


  • Cathy

    @Mara: Yes but I think Forbe’s is only counting “working” models who still model and Kathy does not. She is ONLY a business woman now. Gisele still gets A list modeling gigs AND has her businesses. Tyra Banks makes alot too but is off the list because she is not classified as a working model anymore.

  • jj22

    LMAO! I call BS!

  • boston61


    Models are born they are not made. Being a model is not something someone can aspire too. I have been and art director for years and worked with lots of models. Being photogenic is not a skill. Not a talent. Not something one can work on. It just is. This woman has been extremely LUCKY. End of story. Her success is not something to admire.

  • giseleis….

    and so?she still got this ugly horse face and mean personality

  • zzz

    If I had all that money and luck I could do that too. But, has Gisele always tried to be good to everyone? I dont think so. I think she changed her mind once she found luck.

  • Katie

    Luck usually gets you in the door, you aren’t consistantly lucky for almost two decades and projected to be a billionaire on pure luck. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  • mattchew

    Obscene to be worth that kind of money in this unjust word. Just like those pathetic people on TV that horde animals or junk, its a mental illness, and just because she is hoarding money doesnt make it any less pathetic.



  • HELLO!

    @Thequeerofallmedia: You mean MegaModel, right? Haha its her super title.

  • HELLO!

    @HELMUT: Isn’t she Brazilian?

  • Jen

    Why isn’t she ever in Boston? City not good enough for her?

  • Everio

    Gisele just happened to have had a brilliant PR manager, who knew how to market Gisele. When she latched on to DiCaprio, plenty of opportunities where there and its when she became a household name. Nobody knew much of her before that, With proper guidance came the opportunities to make money and demand more for her modelling assignments. Very lucky to have found a very wise manager otherwise Gisele on her own, isn’t that bright.

  • dreamsworld

    @Everio: her manager is her sister. Has been for many years. Anyways behind every successful person is a great team. Oprah has one heck of a management team as well. DiCaprio made Bar Reafeli get 100 Vogue covers and become a billionaire too right? Did DiCaprio also beg Ed Razek to sign Gisele to a multi million dollar Victorias Secret contract as well? Did Dicaprio phone Anna Wintour to put Gisele on 11 US Vogue covers? Did Dicaprio ask all the fashion designers to put her in their shows open and close them and star in their fashion campaigns? WOW Forbe’s is right when they named Leo one of the world’s most powerful. What’s taking the star maker so long making Refaeli become a Billionaire and having 100 Vogue covers then?

  • faceit

    It’s historically proven. Bone structure is destiny.

  • Everio

    This was her manager before her sister Patricia ever came into the picture

  • Gogogay
  • RealLove

    You know what? I always see models like Christy Turlington,Helena Christensen,Cindy Crawford,Gisele heading to and from the gym. and look at their impeccable modeling careers? Me thinks more models need to follow suit if they ever even want half of Gisele’s career. More taking care of oneself and less falling drunk outside of clubs with their knickers to their knees. go go!

  • bfine

    @007IAM: oh please she doesnt even live in NY!!! lol. 5’11,125 lbs,sky high cheekbones,photogenic. she was bound to be a model. stfu.

  • Allure

    Her features are unique but I would kill for those cheekbones. Face structure like hers is why Plastic Surgeon’s even have a job.

  • matthew

    She’s a beautiful woman, really she’s a pretty good fashion icon.But, she’s brazilian that’s the cause she’s beautiful.The brazilian women are the most beautiful women in the world.

  • 007IAM

    @bfine are you a brainless idiot? she lived in NYC for years while doing her modeling, she lived near soho in a townhouse, little do you know, about modeling, they all come to NYC when they start out, especially for Victoria Secret. she lived in NYC for years and shes UGLY in person as well as any where else, again if she didnt have her height she would not be modeling! if you saw her walking down the street you wouldnt even look at her, unless you see her and say oooh look is that BIG BIRD?

  • UBS

    @007IAM: I see daily twitter,facebook sitings of her that say otherwise. wow you seem to know alot about this “ugly” person’s life. LOL pathetic loser.
    get off the net and do a jumping jack or 2 before you get out of breath. It may burn one french fry off.



    do 12 yr olds really rule the internet? I was on a models forum and was appalled when someone said they were 13….I know when I was that age I was out chasing boys and was away all the time with my girlfriends. We didn’t sit around hating online or even care about models. I think your parents need to put some harsher rules on your internet bullying. They need to worry about their kids spending too much time online and becoming hermits anymore! and if you’re an adult talking like that…well then I really feel sorry for you.

  • gtfooh

    Think what you want. Nothing changes or will ever change the fact that she is a worldwide, famous, in demand, RICH as F*ck, iconic Supermodel. So while she is earning you can keep whining.