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Leonardo DiCaprio & Blake Lively: Water Taxi Twosome

Leonardo DiCaprio & Blake Lively: Water Taxi Twosome

Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively ride a water taxi on Thursday (June 2) in Venice, Italy.

The two have been taking in the sights and enjoying their time together in Europe.

Last Friday, the 23-year-old Green Lantern star and 36-year-old actor left their hotel in Saint-Paul, France, separately before being spotted holding hands during a romantic stroll in Monte Carlo.

Leo reportedly even introduced Blake as his girlfriend when they attended a Grand Prix viewing bash aboard a yacht.

“I’ve never seen him like this with a girl,” an insider told Us Weekly.

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leonardo dicaprio blake lively water taxi 01
leonardo dicaprio blake lively water taxi 02
leonardo dicaprio blake lively water taxi 03
leonardo dicaprio blake lively water taxi 04
leonardo dicaprio blake lively water taxi 05
leonardo dicaprio blake lively water taxi 06
leonardo dicaprio blake lively water taxi 07
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  • Tara

    Love this new couple, hope they last at least a bit, so much fun to see them together.

  • Despicableme

    She’s looking a little nervous on that phone. Leo’s is an idiot maybe if he took the time to get to know his ‘conquests’ he’ll finally pick one with real class.

  • Liz

    She does not look happy. Just come out and admit it. It’s not like it was a sex tape. Just some pics of her in the nude. And she has a killer body. I wonder if Leo will stick around after this. He’s not the type to attract this type of publicity with his girlfriends.

  • x


  • c

    Both are classless

  • Shell

    He is way too above her career wise. I know everyone pushes Blake into our faces non-stop but she yet to prove herself in anything but having an insane PR team.

  • sweetness

    Summer Love makes people cringe with envy. Leo and Blake enjoy !

  • M

    I think we’ll all finally know when Leo is serious about a woman when she’s more his age and has brown hair. LOLOLOL. This will probably take place in 20 years when he’s 50 though.

  • Hadley

    She has a nice plastic surgery enhanced body but the face has always been average and he needs to grow up. Why is he so afraid of dating women who aren’t dependent on him?

  • Sarah

    He can get away with it now…almost. That is dating someone SO YOUNG. He still looks younger than his years in ways. But in the next 3-5 years it’s going to start making him look rather pedo-ish to keep dating 20 year olds. Leo, step it up man. At least date women in their early 30s by the time you’re 40.

  • did

    oh cmon like she didnt do it on purpose, the fotos hadnt even been out for two minutes and there already was a denial from her pr, were funny enough it told you the sites were could find the pictures, its either that or she has the stupidest team in the world

  • Cammie

    Ewww Leo and his rebound, she looks like a deer in headlights, she didn’t think those pics were surface…

    Everything about her is Overrated.

  • griffin

    Blakes on the phone to her publicist organising more paparazzi!

  • Evie

    So cute together!

  • wtf

    it seems like the older dicaprio gets the younger the women he dates!

  • 2

    Also I find it amusing and sad that I don’t even think Leo truly registers that she’s an actress since he never ever dates actresses. That’s how sad her career is acting wise….when Leonardo DiCaprio is willing to date you. He probably just thinks, “oh, she’s not a model?” when asked about her projects.

  • Stealth

    In these pictures they look like the participants of a PR stunt gone wrong. When will he grow up? Each girl he gets is more vapid and fame hungry than the other. His taste, instead of improving with age, gets worst.

  • donie

    I told you guys they are in venice. Any ways, they look cute.

  • Ro Ro Ro your boat

    He’s still hanging around with this embarrassing broad? Well I guess he can’t dump her mid-vacation or mid-contract lol

  • creepy

    and let the bashing begin!!

  • London

    Why are they both looking so nervous and right into the camera? This is one of the most genuine relationships i’ve seen in my life NOT!!

  • Leo Fan

    What images in his Blackberry was Leo showing to his friend?
    Anyone able to zoom in and see what he was showing?

    My first thought was, “Look! The internet is full of her nekkid pics now! Should I dump her?”

  • donie

    They both look great.

  • London

    I bet they never even spoke to eachother

  • Lea

    I still think Leo is trying to make Bar jealous, because he has never been this open to the razzies and he just broke up with Bar…why would he get serious with anyone SO quickly.

  • Mlef

    “Just tell them it wasn’t me on the nake pictures !”

    Now I have a little idea to who those pictures were

  • Luiza
  • YUCK

    Ewww. The insanity with Fake Blake is still on? Stealth, the whole showmance is a PR stunt gone wrong! Look at that ugly face of hers! Give it two more weeks and she is history!
    Leo, show some class and intelligence already. Oh, and GROW UP! You are embarrassing yourself big time!!!!!

  • donie

    @Lea: He has been dating Blake for about 2 month now, and start flirting way back january. It just happen that that they took it to the next level once barfy disappeared.

  • http://lewis Ká simply amazing!!!!!!!

    Leonardo handsome :)

  • Frenchy

    Oh gosh here we go again! lol….

  • Luiza
  • Brainy box


  • did

    @donie: yes keep calling her barfie, at least she never leaked naked pics of herself hahahaha

  • @M

    I totally agree with you. When Leo is with someone at least 4-5 years younger actually acting affectionate and in love, we’ll know he’s on the market for good. Haven’t seen him like that with anyone since Gisele. I still have faith that Leo will eventually one day find his SM and settle down for good. This relationship is almost laughable. US Weekly claims they’re so in love and that he’s never been like this with anyone. I don’t know about you guys but it looks like the same old to me. His face is totally saying. “Oh my god what did I get myself into here.” I predict this is going to be one of those May-December romances if that!

  • dotty

    This relationship seems sad to me already. Just why does he pick these women. There are many fine women in USA and all over the world for that matter. But he ends up with the class less ones. Perhaps he’s attracted to those types

  • Karee

    Yeah she is up there with the senator and his wee wee pix on twitter page. who we know that 5 other celebrities got hacked too. FYI
    See in this pix she does not have iPhone !

  • sweety pie

    i havent seen other pics of this outing/date but for a ‘couple’ (since that’s what we suppossed to call this showmance) they’re really distant

  • Delphic

    She probably talking to her PR team on the phone saying “FIX THIS NOW!”

  • c

    I’d really love to know how dicaprio gets all the good film roles, because I don’t rate him in his personal life or as an actor ! Just my opinion

  • sweety pie

    @sweety pie: and the boat isnt even that big

  • gogogay
  • boom

    gosh so much negativity ! they look happy so let them live.

  • dotty

    Sweety pie. Did you just send a message to yourself. lol thats funny. l know the showmance is on but really how long is this gonna last? Anyone? lts making me laugh seeing these pictures. l don’t feel sorry for Blake because it’s happened before to other celebs so she should’ve learnt from them. l believe she is a fame whore. And no l don’t have a problem with everyone Leo dates just the trashy ones

  • Sarah

    Blakes’s coming up with more lies about her naked pics

  • Mari

    She looks like a deer caught in the headlights (not that I blame her) and even Leo looks a bit anxious, doesn’t he (he looks like he’s gnawing on his knuckles or fingernails)?! It will be interesting to see what this does to their relationship: the stress of it could drive them apart ( she does not look happy in these pics; it would be very hard to put on a happy face in the middle of a shit storm) or the situation could bring them closer together. Time will tell.

  • YUCK

    @boom: Happy? On which photo do you see `happy` or `cute`?
    @donie: What`s your source that it started in January and they have been dating for 2 months? Gossip sites and their `sources`. Keep up the good work trying to convince anyone about your story! You must be on her PR team!
    Now Leo has a taste of dating a media magnet. Is she worth it? I don`t think so….

  • Sam

    She is making one mistake after the next.
    Sleeping around in Hollywood is not a great idea for her.
    Sorry Blake.
    Keep it classy and wait at least a few hours before you jump into
    bed with every Tom, Dick and Harry in Hollywierd

  • Lea



    and Horseface Blake is stunning..please, She had to use everything but talent to reach the top.

    Blake’s face is average bottle blonde with a nosejob and her boobs are fake…

    Bar has a much better body and doesn’t call the paps.

    Leo is having a early mid-life crisis, he doesn’t want to grow-up, but too bad because he still going to age.

  • chichi