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Cheryl Cole Returning to 'X Factor?'

Cheryl Cole Returning to 'X Factor?'

Cheryl Cole will reportedly be returning as a judge on the X Factor, according to News of the World.

According to the tab, the 27-year-old British beauty will rejoin the judging panel on Wednesday (June 8) when auditions start up again in New Jersey.

Apparently, it was fellow judge Simon Cowell who rooted for Cheryl‘s return!

“Last night Cowell was thrashing out the final terms of the deal for Cheryl to return to the judging panel – while Nicole Scherzinger, who was due to replace her, will now revert to being the show’s co-presenter instead,” NOTW reported.

While this report is unconfirmed, we hope it’s true. We would love to see Cheryl as a regular judge on X Factor!

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    I think it was all a publicity stunt!

  • Britt

    We don’t want her here, send her back to Europe.

  • Ema

    She is completley devoid of any self-respect and intelligence if she actually went on along with this publicity stunt.

  • Isabel

    Maybe she didn’t even leave? I mean, there was never really a statement from Fox/Simon/Cheryl’s people.. who knows?

    I really like Cheryl and she was an amazing judge on the British version (she won 2 out of 3 times and the one time she didn’t, she had two acts in the finale) so yeah, I hope she’s still a judge.

    America should give Cheryl a chance. Once you get to know a little bit of her, I sure you’ll all love her.

  • Carly

    #TEAMCHERYL :D yayyyyy I’m so happy for her if this is true :) they’ve finally realised they made a mistake firing her

  • Ana

    What a desperate and pathetic mess she is for going along with such a publicity stunt.

  • Shy

    Well it’s News of the World. They have zero credibility. I’ll believe it when I’ll read it on Deadline. On a funny note – if she will come back and it was all a publicity stunt then they failed. Because no one felt sorry for her. Everyone were like: “Good riddance”. And if she will be back then everybody will just hate her.

  • Dubya Bush

    PUBLICITY STUNT!!!! If this is true I now officially hate this show. Simon can kiss my a ss.

  • voice

    I don’t think she is very pretty. A little too chip-munk-y for my taste.

  • Franck

    so much dramas for nothing.
    I mean WOW, what a waste of time saying she is leaving, she is devastated…bla bla bla…
    The only think I do believe it’s now she’s coming back with a low profile.
    It’s a shame such a beautiful girl can’t be smart. Get some dignity girl, instead of begging Simon to stand for you.

  • SweetLips

    Publicity stunt alert!

  • haman

    GOOO CHERYL!!!!!!!!

  • anonymous_cool

    What a cheap publicity stunt. Syco can kiss my ass. Won’t be watching this crap. Will stick to American Idol.

  • Sarah

    Spineless airhead. Get some backbone and dignity you idiot.

  • BEAN

    According to NEWS OF THE WORLD AND THE SUN – come on americans catch up. News of the world is your In touch. Nothing credible from that garbage.

  • Michael C

    I absolutely hope that is true!! I am rooting for Cheryl to crack the American market!!

  • AmericaFerrara

    The show hasn’t even begin and its already a joke. Wasn’t this show about to be about the contests, its turning out to be about the judges, lame. Everything is a gimmick, from the 5 million grand prize to this who is going to be a judge and who isn’t. It’s giving me a headache. I know people will at first tune into see what this show is about, but once they start playing games like they do in the UK and keeping people the public doesn’t want in, then it will be hell. Cheryl always doesn’t pick the people the public wants. She got booed in Chicago because she refused to pick up on what the public wants. That’s her downfall.

  • Casidy

    We all knew this was a stunt. YET, NO ONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT THIS CHERYL COLE PERSON. XFactor still have irrelevant judges and therefore it will flop.

    Nice try to Fox, but some of us still don’t care about this Cheryl chick

  • whatwhatwhat

    How pathetic that they have to stoop to that kind of publicity in order to garnish attention. It’ll backfire because most people want NICOLE not CHERYL. I won’t be watching anyhow. I’m loving The Voice, it has substance to it. Not interested in watching X factor part 2. I’d rather watch American idol over that c**p.

    The Brits are right about Cheryl. An ex wag, with nothing more than just a pretty face.

  • vanessa

    people your gonna looooooooooove her

  • no doubt

    I think she is phucking Simon in real life.

  • QQ

    @Isabel: She won because she had the most marketable category.

  • Sammy

    I love her…gonna watch x-factor becoz of her!

  • Dana

    Publicity or not I’m just glad that she’s back! So ecstatic!!! :D

  • Lisa

    I would LOVE to see Cheryl back as a judge on U.S.XFactor. Cheryl is completely CHARMING and TALENTED but she’s also completely GORGEOUS

  • Stan

    Cheryl is A W E S O M E

  • Kiki

    The reason I’d be watching X Factor is Cheryl Cole, I’ve met her when I was having holiday in London and she was very nice and down to earth and she’s also talented.

  • Adriana

    This was probably a publicity stunt, but I really hope she is back!!

  • ines

    Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hope so

    GOOOO Chezza

  • cheryl cole fan

    Cheryl most beautiful in the X Factor in the UK and a strong presence and a funny accent Afowoih and wonderful i loveeee cheryl XX

  • gmt

    Cheryl is an awful judge who never should of got the US X Factor job. She can’t sing, and she can’t dance and she has now lost my respect for going along with this publicity stunt

  • Bethany

    She is a spoilt little brat who so far up Simons rear end she is practically coming out of his mouth.
    She rejects the UK x factors offer of £2.5million because she wanted more for doing NOTHING. She has no right to judge people for singing when she can only “sing” if it involves a team of people and lots of autotune!
    I for one would hate to see this little brat get her way once more as I am sick of it!

  • Lori

    She doesn’t have an amazing singing voice but why is that relevant? Can Simon cowel sing? It shouldn’t be about how much talent she has but her ability to spot talent, you don’t need to be able to sing to be a judge, so I wish people would stop saying she shouldn’t be a judge as she can’t sing.

  • Allie

    As has been said before, it’s News of the WOrld. This paper has no morals – they have tapped celebrities phone lines to get stories. Their showbiz editor is so pro-cheryl its unbelievable. He’s trying to say that Cheryl Cole is better known in the US that Nicole of the Pussycat Dolls. Has anyone heard of Girls Aloud in the US?

    And her singing talent is relevant as she/Nicole are the “current perfomer” on the panel. When she’s telling people they were pitchy, or out of key, girl you don’t even sing live. Watch her performing Shania Twains “You’re Still the One” when she was on Popstar – horrible.

    And she’s never heard of the word “constructive criticism”. That’s why people loved Nicole on the X Factor. She always gave constructive criticism, even to the worst ones, she was funny, she’s a great performer, she can sing great live, and she’s american and known to the audience. If this is true, and this is all one publicity stunt by Simon Cowell, he’s just gone too far. And he’s involved other people in it as well, as Will.I.Am and Louis Walsh both confirmed the firing and that she’s doing ok

  • David

    who is this woman? so what nicole is to go back to being host, what a load of crap, why did fox hire this nobody anyway, and how did this convicted thug even get a visa?

  • Tom

    Go Cheryl. I will now watch The X Factor.

  • Tom


    1. She is from England you ignorant sh*t

    2. F*ck off

  • Tom


    Bet you’re an ugly c*nt

  • Tom


    Actually she turned down the UK’s offer because she wanted £2.5 million.

  • Thequeerofallmedia

    I hope it’s true as well..Cheryl is a sweetheart….

  • Rosie

    Honestly, I don’t really care whether this was a publicity stunt or not. I do hope that Cheryl is coming back, though.

  • Who?

    Who the hell is this woman? How do we know her???

  • stan


  • wYndYdaY

    @Allie: Nicole cant sing live either, watch her performance on American Music Award. You might see her doing the uptempo songs very good cuz she sings less & dance more (vocal distraction) so it’s an excuse to say why she’s pitchy.