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David Beckham: Daughter on the Way in Six Weeks!

David Beckham: Daughter on the Way in Six Weeks!

David Beckham stretches on the field before his team, the L.A. Galaxy, takes on D.C. United on Friday (June 3) at the Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif.

The 36-year-old soccer star’s three sons – Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, 8, and Cruz, 6 – watched the game in a private box.

David was recently on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson where he revealed that he and wife Victoria are expecting their baby girl in just six weeks!

David also chatted about his tattoos, whether or not he’d let his kids get inked, and meeting President Obama at a recent dinner with Queen Elizabeth!

David Beckham – Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

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  • lala

    6 weeks??!

  • Courtney

    that would be July 16th so the rumour Victoria has her c-section scheduled for July 4th is right on and a c section if scheduled is usually scheduled for two weeks prior to actual due date and all their sons were born via c-section so docs aren’t gonna risk a vback now

  • elle

    Why does she always have c-sections?

  • Courtney

    baby in an incorrect position I assume or other surgeries in that area that make a vaginal delivery too dangerous

  • Kari

    He has a fun personality.

  • davida

    I wonder who is carrying the baby Vic does not look pregnant.

  • susieque

    Once you have a c-section.. it makes a vaginal birth a bit more risky. SHE has had 2 or 3 so that is why she will have this child by c-section.

    Her doctors will do what is best for mommy and baby.

    David’s hair line is really receding. I guess that is why he wears his hair parted down the middle. not to mention the covering of the headband. He should just cut it short like before.

  • elle

    Curious to hear what her name will be

  • phoenix

    you know what.
    he isnt cute at all.
    wifey isnt either.
    kids are!

  • denise


    That is not true. Many women have had two or more, c- sections, and then in later pregnancies had vaginal births.

    Victoria just don’t want babies coming out of her vagina. .It is a sick thing celebrities have about birth canal births.

  • jessica

    Vickie-poo, is not pregnant. She is having one of those ”Bree” babies.

  • shallow celebrity women

    elle @ 06/04/2011 at 7:05 pm #3

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Why does she always have c-sections?
    These shallow celebs do not want a baby coming out of their v*****. They are just that shallow.
    Many celebs refuse to let their babies enter the world by the way God made their bodies for. The birth canal. It is natural, and God made the female body to delivery a baby. Yet these celebs would rather have their babies cut out.

  • diana

    Love them.

  • FayeFaye


    His hair style is a Brad Pitt wannabe, although Brad’s looks much, much better.

  • January Girl

    hahaha his hairline is receding!

  • candy

    Personally, I think he’s a cheap douchebag who’s a serial philanderer who can’t keep it in his pants, yet will do anything to maintain some fake marital image. They are just a fake brand and everything they do is to nurture the brand. I wonder what all those womens think about his squeeky voice? Do they tell him “Please just sit there and look perty, no talking”?

  • boston61

    His hair is so precious. This guy is so creepy. I don’t care if he has a wife.

  • p124

    i’m not a celebrity and i don’t ever want a baby to come out of my vag

  • sea

    Agreed. Plus he is not hot and his tattoos are repelling.

  • iss

    Lol at the jealousy from all these sad commenters. David is HANDSOME, RICH and SUCCESSFUL… that’s why

  • just

    hahaha at the sad envious comments of the haters. David is EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE and GORGEOUS……and David has no need to want to copy Brad Pitt, to whoever mentioned Pitt. He looks much better than Brad Pitt!!!

    Fun interview, David and looking very handsome.

  • Tara

    Such a cute family, love them. And that interview was sooo sweet haha, even the Queen knows when Posh is due lol!

  • Gabs

    Just sayin’ but their anniversary is July 4th, don’t think she’d book a c-section for that day.

  • CleverThinking

    @denise: NO, it’s YOU who got it all wrong!! My mother had THREE C-sections before she got her 4th, why? Because after 3 C-sections, she could no longer gave birth naturally like other women! And why did my mother do for C-section instead of a normal birth in the 1st place? It’s because she’s got complications during her first 2 pregnancies, and when it comes to the 3rd one, the doctors said she couldn’t give birth normally anymore. The same goes for the 4th one. The doctors even adviced my mother not to get pregnant for the 4th time after the 3rd, coz it’s 50-50% on both mother and baby if she went for the 4th time, but both of my parents said they will take the risk and take their time for the 4th time. After that no more. So for the Beckhams, I don’t think they will get more kids after this 4th one, unless Victoria got some miracles to give birth naturally for this one and the miracles to get pregnant one more time after this one, I think this is the last baby for them. Good luck to them and screw all the haters like you!!

  • nguyen tran gia linh

    I Love The Beckhams Family

  • denise


    I don’t care what your mother did. Many women go on to have vaginal births after having c -sections. I am a nurse, I know what I am talking about.

  • jennifer

    p124 @ 06/05/2011 at 1:02 am #18

    i’m not a celebrity and i don’t ever want a baby to come out of my vag

    The act of giving birth is beautiful, when you give birth to a child via the birth canal v*****, it is the most beautiful thing a mother can experience. I have had 4 vaginal births. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Having a c-section, is not giving birth. The doctor is cutting the baby out of you, like an appendix or something.

    Giving birth is, the baby coming out of the birth canal (the v*****) . It’s a special bonding with your child, you will always cherish for all of you life.

  • Nicole


    Excuse me? Having a c-section is not giving birth? The doctor is cutting the baby out of you? I’ve only heard these comments from women who have either torn royally or are ‘damaged goods’ in their nether regions ;) I’ve had c-section BIRTHS and would not have had them any other way. I really feel for the women who have had extensive and irreparable vaginal damage. It’s got to be rough all around. You have my sympathies.

  • Jo