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Jennifer Aniston: Sunset Tower with Justin Theroux!

Jennifer Aniston: Sunset Tower with Justin Theroux!

Jennifer Aniston leaves one of her favorite hangouts, the Sunset Tower Hotel, on Thursday (June 2) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 42-year-old actress dined at The Tower Bar with her rumored new beau, Your Highness actor Justin Theroux, for nearly three hours, according to

Jennifer and Justin, 39, arrived separately around 7:30 p.m. but left together in her car.

In case you missed it, check out Jennifer‘s new topless smartwater ad and posters for her upcoming comedy Horrible Bosses.

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DO YOU THINK Jennifer and Justin make a cute couple?

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79 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston: Sunset Tower with Justin Theroux!”

  1. 1
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    Poor Jen! If she was pulled over by the cops for driving drunk – the tabloids would say she was dating the cops!

  2. 2
    annie Says:

    I hope they do date. He is hot

  3. 3
    marion billingsly Says:

    I was Jennifer’s housekeeper for 13 years and she certainly does
    not sleep around. She slept with a long body pillow between her legs.
    She never once made her own bed and is the lazy type, but she is not the **** the tabloids say she is. Lazy but not a ****** type.

  4. 4


  5. 5
    Peapo Says:

    He is way too good, handsome, smart, and sexy for the likes of her.

  6. 6
    bob Says:

    she’s always naked, she sells herself as a wore.
    Next step in a porn movie.

  7. 7
    Lucy Says:

    I hope she finds someone who can make her feel happy and truly loved! She so deserves it!

  8. 8
    Anonymous Says:

    They are just friends. This is done for the movies she has coming out. The guy is creepy looking. He is with Heidi Bivens. They just were photographed together April 25th. When this first came out Ansitons Rep stated that they are not dating. It is all publicity stunt.

  9. 9
    bob Says:

    PR with Brad, PR with Vince, PR with John, PR with Bradley and now with Justin.
    Congratulations JEN

  10. 10


  11. 11
    anon Says:

    Stephen Huvane is PR for both actors at SLATE PR. He set this showmance up to give positive spin for Jen’s upcoming films. In reality there is no relationship. It’s another fake to get the media talking and keep her career in the limelight.

  12. 12
    Jones Says:

    Let’s see, where have we seen this before? Ah yes, a brand new beau just in time for the premiere of her “blink-and-you’ll-miss-me” performance in Horrible Bosses. Can someone say “showmance?” Hey Ticky, I think you need to give Huvane a call. Your publicity stunt is so played out that my 12-year old niece has your number. You desperately need a new PR strategy.

  13. 13

    costar in a movie with jen and you are guaranteed a free sample of whoredurve, it wont last but you are not the first and you wont be the last.

  14. 14
    DEE Says:

    see, this is what she looks like in real life, not like in those photoshopped bottled water ads.

  15. 15
    susieque Says:

    If this was just a dinner with a friend.. why all the hiding behind the umbrella. Just get in the car, wave and be on your way. Why must she act like a child.

    If she is dating this guy then fine.. She will deny the silliest rumors but she won’t speak up about things that are being said about her and others

    Her fans are silly if they think she is not sleeping with someone. She is a 42 year old woman. She has a bed buddy somewhere and if her fans think she has been “dry” since she was with John Mayer. WTFU.

    She is not a teen. Heck Selena and Justin are more up front.

    Her movie is coming out soon. Funny thing is IT IS NOT REALLY HER MOVIE.. she is a supporting character. Jason, Jason and that other guy are the stars. Jennifer is in the movie all of 15 – 20 minutes total. You see her part in the trailer.

    But you won’t be able to tell that because her PR guy is already making it seem as if She is the STAR. when in fact she is NOT..

    But let the PR GAMES BEGIN.. LOL

  16. 16
    Celia Says:

    I love how she always all of sudden has a boyfriend whenever she has a new film coming out. It’s getting so tired and predictable. And by it…I mean Jennifer.

  17. 17
    TC Says:

    He looks like a serial killer.

  18. 18
    elise Says:

    Wow, her face looks soo bloated? Why? Is it the fillers people keep saying she injects?

  19. 19
    Isaa Says:

    Let the “whoring” begin, Aniston , start posing naked because you have a (bomb) movie to promote. Your ad photo is so photoshopped that it doesn’t even look like you. Was that really you, Maniston?.

  20. 20
    reeven Says:


  21. 21
    Lisa Says:

    God – he is so ugly. They make a great couple.

  22. 22
    Helen Says:

    She goes through more men than all my girlfriends put together – and they are getting more and more ugly.

  23. 23
    Here she goes again!! Says:

    Huvane has planted and denied. Know he has made sure the story lingers on by providing pics of his golden goose with the planted boyfriend! I tell you if this woman had any real talent in her cabbage patch, long chin head she would not have to stoop so low to bring dumb a$$es in the movie theaters!

    Sadly this will be launched big time by Huvane to the entertainment media and we will hear about it for I guess a year after her last dump of a movie. Yet her gullable clones will fall for it and pay to see her just because of a fake f@$-kmance. Real talent don’t have to do this but when you’re mediocre all you have is the choice of being naked on film or on mags or fake rumors to stay relevant.

    Tabloid grade crap is what Aniston is.

  24. 24
    Lily Says:

    I”m not a fan of hers but I hope this is it, for her. I hope so.

  25. 25
    elise Says:

    i hear huvane reps both. is this true? anyway, if i was his real gf, i wouldnt put up with this

  26. 26
    elise Says:

    i hear huvane reps both. is this true? anyway, if i was his real gf, i wouldnt put up with this

  27. 27
    elise Says:

    i hear huvane reps both. is this true? anyway, if i was his real gf, i wouldnt put up with this

  28. 28
    elise Says:

    i hear huvane reps both. is this true? anyway, if i was his real gf, i wouldnt put up with this

  29. 29
    elise Says:

    dangit what happened? lol

  30. 30
    aha Says:

    What a Catch???!!!!!

  31. 31
    haha Says:

    @bob: you forgot Gerard Butler! But so true..

  32. 32
    Maria Says:


    i wouldn’t say he’s hot. he looks down to earth kinda guy. i do hope they’re dating too.

  33. 33
    Maria Says:


    but she keeps hiding behind her hair. if you see her in real life candidly , without her shielding her face with her hair you’ll see she’s all puffy-faced-up. as a celebrity she doesn’t have the appeal, glow and natural beauty most in her peers have. if you were walking down the street and you pass her she’s like any jane doe out there. Now as for Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman , pregnant Jennifer Connelly , no makeup Kate Winslet among the celebrities I ran into in the street of NYC, they are natural beauties without makeup! you see their glow. you know they’re a celebrity. Jennifer Aniston is not. SO SAD.

  34. 34
    Ká simply amazing!!!!!!! Says:

    This age now She needs more men

  35. 35
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    Horrible Bosses will be out in July. Just in time for a new romance.

  36. 36
    jaime Says:

    Jennifer Anniston is a homewrecker – this is such an ironic outcome. Justin theroux left his live-in girlfriend of 14 years for her!

  37. 37
    zoey Says:


  38. 38
    Ghost Says:

    She was a T.V. actress and nothing more. Her transition to movies was and is a complete failure. She has never carried a movie on her back, but has relied on a leading man to do so. It seems most people here have hit the nail on the head, that this is the sixth move in a row that she has a new boyfriend to flaunt just before it’s launch. It seems to be what she relies on more than talent, PR stunts. Is the woman cute? Used to be….Not any more. Love The Ghost.

  39. 39
    nicole Says:

    leave the gorgeous lady alone! she was with nobody when just go with it realesed! I think they are cute together!

  40. 40
    Lucy Says:

    @nicole: yeah, just leave Jennifer alone! geez… pp say they don’t like her but they just can’t stop talking about her!!! so annoying!

  41. 41
    goodlaughs Says:

    i love the comment that he looks like sieral killer and may he is so Jen can be protected from her the fantasy men,he,he!
    Oh jen and him looks like serial killers ,oh what joke but again its for a good laugh and thanks again jen for renting a serial killer for a boyfriend for the horibble boss movie.

  42. 42
    nakedoldjennifer Says:

    Predictable Crap over and over!
    I wish this Insecure Mean 45yoa botoxed has been would GO AWAY, TAKE A BREAK Jen and take charles manson with you

  43. 43
    hag Says:

    i hope they are really a couple, then her hags can get off brad! jen and jus match each other in looks, but that widow’s peak of his is DISTRACTING!

  44. 44
    Britt Says:

    Jen is a beauty.

  45. 45
    Britt Says:

    Jolie’s fans are mean and bitter.

  46. 46
    lola Says:

    Another PR stunt .- faux romance in time for her next movie just like her stunt with VVaugh, Model gigolo BF, Mayer, B. Cooper, and a series of 1 night stand with a series of guys.

    Sleazy Smart water ad, fake romance, newly bought award, just in time for next movie ,soooooooo predictable !

  47. 47
    Laker Fan Says:

    he loooks so creepy and she acts like a 2 year old omg these hollywood people have no character at all , the greediest people on earth

  48. 48
    reality check Says:

    “Marilyn Bivens, mother of Heidi Bivens, said, “It’s not true at all. That’s from Justin’s own mouth.” …………………….THEY ARE RAN BY THE SAME PR COMPANY.
    There is no financial incentive for his girlfriend’s mother to lie, only a few days ago.
    The SLATE PR knows when people talk, it raises more money.
    LEARN WHAT PR COMPANIES DO. Using people’s voyeurism is one of many techniques.

  49. 49
    shay Says:

    The guy is so ugly ewww! jen is so much better. I prefer her with a an like Gerard B

  50. 50
    StinkyMyPinkyJenA. Says:

    @shay: So, what? He could finger f**k her butt in public some more? Yeah, never mind, your right their perfect for each other.

  51. 51
    nina Says:

    he is really a lucky guy. I think he is beautiful. and seems to be a nice person. he was creative consultant in magamind. I think they laugh a lot together.

  52. 52
    deja vu Says:

    Why do people keep saying she should change her fixed strategy?

    This is a woman who said words to effect of: ‘I don’t want to be remembered as the Air Head Rachel in Friends I want to do serious movies’. She then proceeds to make the same rom-com forever and ever.

    In order not to have a strategy to remain in the public eye she would have to have real talent, range and a need to push yourself even if you fail. She doesn’t possess any of the above because deep down her real need was to be famous and rich. She is well known and rich but not for the reasons she’d like.

    So how the hell is she going to remain in the public eye if she can’t act….PR strategy and a new fauxmance. It seems to work on her few fans, who buy into everything because they are are as shallow as she is, so why in hell should she let it go?

  53. 53
    anonomous Says:

    @jaime: He did not leave his girlfriend it is all a publicity stunt. Aniston is not dating him is was already confirmed by her Rep. They are just friends.

  54. 54
    LOL Says:

    Aww, Jen’s wh-oring again at The Sunset Towers, she must get a discount there, for free publicity and frequent f*cks. Break out the pity party favors in the tabloids cause that’s the way it always go down for Jenny at the end of her fake romances and/or rom-com-bombs. Naked, old loser Jen.

  55. 55
    Anonymous Says: Posted May 19, 2011 5:36 pm by Lindsay Miller
    Jennifer Aniston was out in her signature outfit of a tank top and jeans this afternoon in LA. The actress issued a statement earlier today dismissing reports romantically linking her to Justin Theroux. Justin, who costars in the upcoming movie Wanderlust with Jennifer, dined with her last night at one of her favorite hangouts, Sunset Tower. The outing sparked romance rumors, but Jennifer’s rep pointed out that three other people joined them for the evening. He said: “It was a friends’ dinner.” Despite those false reports, there is positive news for Jennifer to focus on. It was announced this morning that at next month’s Spike TV Guys Choice Awards, Jennifer Aniston will win sexiest star of the decade!

  56. 56
    Kat Says:

    I hope they are dating. They make cute couple together. I love how she just keeps keeping on with her life, having fun and living to the fullest.

  57. 57
    anonymous Says:

    Kat: No they don’t look like a cute couple, hopefully Jen might end up with Jerard Butler, he is a better match, this guy does not look right at all. Naw! Jerard Butler seem to be after the younger pretty starettes though. After Brad Pitt it’s going to be a though act to follow, say what you like Brad Pitt is one sexy hot guy no matter what age, he has my vote!

  58. 58
    Homewrecker aniston Says:

    Give Justin back to Heidi.

  59. 59
    Homewrecker aniston Says:

    @anonymous: eww, brad pitt hasn’t been sexy since he dumped Gwyneth. The rest has been smoke and mirrors. The guy is a hillybilly at heart.

  60. 60
    feedback Says:

    It’s so obvious that the negative poster’s comments abut Jen, have more to do with the fact that they believe Brad still has feelings for her. They need Jen to remain single so that Brad’s jealousy won’t ruin his relationship with Jolie. You are all so transparent.

  61. 61
    groundcontrol Says:

    Sweetheart, snap out of your fantasy world. You may get stuck there.

  62. 62
    Mayer fan Says:

    @feedback: rotflmao. Jennifer has dated so many men since brad it could be any one of those fanbases . I’m a John Mayer fan and I think being with her nearly ruined his career. thank goodness he dumped her…. TWICE.

  63. 63
    victoria Says:

    @lexy hates bilson: so true!!! this is unfair! jen deserves privacy!!

  64. 64
    NOT TRUE Says:

    at least for now…

  65. 65
    Jen fan, yes. and AJ too. Says:

    Your all a riot! bad mouthing her career, how she lives her life, her men…Ummm, Angie’s last movie Tourist did about the same as Jen’s flops! Angie’s past pre Brad? let’s not even go there, she makes Jen look like a Saint!! But all you always do is put down,put down, and put down Jen. Why? Does she bother you that much?
    I like Angie and Brad, great looking couple, he left Jen for her, but his business, they seem a match. I say live and let live. Why don’t you nuts all do the same? Jen loved Brad, give her a break!!!!
    I personally would love her with John Stamos (even People said as much recently!) but if this is the one, good for her. She deserves happiness, let her live, and for once, stop this stupid hate!!!!

  66. 66
    HeDoesn'tFoolMe Says:

    @Homewrecker aniston: And a gay one at that.

  67. 67
    She's a decade of HOTNESS Says:

    Hey Haters, go to, and see how “Bloated” she looks in the face as she accepts her Decade of Hotness award!! That’s right, Decade of HOTNESS! Because this one pic here of her isn’t a great one, right away u al jump on it with ‘eww bloated”. Well, she’s not AIRBRUSHED or PHoto shopped as she accepts the HOTNESS award, that’s Jen ! And what a hottie at 42, You all WISH in ur DREAMS u all looked like her at 42! Angie should have such a hot body! Angie’s a beauty don’t get me wrong, but so thin. (but still a beauty). Jen’s sexy as all hell, damn! Only Haters say otherwise, meanwhile, geesh I can imagine what you all look like! LMAO! A decade of Hotness, and all you on here say she’s fug. LMAOOOO! That will tell ya the truth on here! lol Jealous!

  68. 68
    anonymous Says:

    SHES A DECADE OF HOTNESS: At Jennifer Aniston age and time spent in Hollywood she should be up for an oscar or golden globes not some silly award. I saw that award show without being photo shopped she looked like Barbara Streisand and Barbara Streisand is how old 70? I don’t mean to bad talk JA but it looked so strange there JA was accepting this award for someone who should be twenty something looking so middle-aged it was like what the heck these people could have been thinking of! JA looked so middle aged.

  69. 69
    Melly G Says:

    This is surprising! I don’t really like the guy’s beard!
    But I hope Jen is happy!

  70. 70
    Nelly Says:


  71. 71
    feedback Says:

    Jen looks much younger than 42. She looks 10 years younger. Her whole look combined is healthy, sexy and gorgeous.

  72. 72
    vivi Says:

    new rihanna Graphic posted here:

  73. 73
    Alex Says:

    Hmmm,,,How strange seeing that all of her movies are flops i am surprised ppl care whether she is dead or alive.

    One thing that is fact is Jen has cost me a fortune only to walk out in the midst of all of her past movies so i am done . NEVER AGAIN will i waste a dime when i can get it for free on the cable stations and even than i can’t be bothered watching the boring Rachal Green from Friends.

    Her jealousy over her ex and his partner has become a complete joke so am tired of her desperate nonsense.

    Get a life Ms.Anuston, Trust..ppl don’t care or you would be able to fill those seats at the theater.

    The only time any films have bodies in the seats are when other AList Actors carry the load b/c Anuston can’t act her way to save herself..very dense older woman indeed..

    Is she ever showing her age. bleh.

  74. 74
    anon Says:

    Obviously, Justin was in LA to reshoot Wanderlust scenes, and Slate-PR felt that giving the media some gossip fodder would be a great mechanism for movie promotion and emphasize a new talent on their roster. What they are not seeing is that this backfires. People don’t like being given misinformation or being manipulated. Huvane and his new team at Slate-PR need to start learning how to emphasize REAL qualities of their talent not fictional romances etc….. They don’t seem to realize that many people are wondering why Jen cannot hold a steady relationship as she gets older. To many people these continual Showmances seems insincere, destructive and fundamentally unhappy. That isn’t good PR.

  75. 75
    anon Says:

    I’m really tired of reading Stephen Huvane’s manipulation :
    “Jen is a huge liar and we are having twins,” – John Mayer
    ” Welding an engagement ring for my girlfriend” – John Mayer
    “Visiting the Diamond Exchange in Tustin,” – John Mayer
    “Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart’s on set romance? ” – articles 2008
    “‘Flirty’ Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson spark rumours of romance ” – articles 2008
    “Jennifer Aniston’s romance with Gerard Butler heats up” – articles Feb 2010
    the list goes on and on and on and on………
    IT IS PREDICTABLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ………………………more games, more misinformation, more lies and NO REASON EVER GIVEN FOR “THE BREAK UPS”………………
    Aniston/Mayer and Aniston/Vaughn both began at the start of production and ended soon after production finished.
    Aniston, Vaughn, Mayer, Butler, Wilson…are all under CAA, ran by Stephen’s brother Kevin.
    Aniston, Justin are under Stephen Huvane’s PR control.
    My question : when will she start being real and honest again ?

  76. 76
    Sher Says:

    @DEE: You wish you looked as good as she does. What a bunch of jealous losers all you haters are.

  77. 77
    furrrball Says:

    FFS people, what’s wrong with you all? you all sound like bitter old hags. get a grip on yourselves, you sound pathetic. and really, i don’t think Aniston gives a sh!t what you think. this is what educated and rational thinking people say and do on internet sites, then all i can say that for a first world country You all suck big time. i think it’s time that you people get hit by more than just a recession, for every ugly you should utter, some disease should hit you.

  78. 78
    Suh Says:

    Justin is sexy… Look!

  79. 79
    Bratt Says:

    How can you be a homewrecker to someone that isn’t married? Sorry folks but “live in girlfriend” isn’t the same as married. “Live in girlfriend” means still single and free to do as you please. Married means a commitment has been made to share your live together through all the ups and downs of life, to help each other and grow old together. “Live in girlfriend” means keeping your options open for something better that might come along or just can’t be bothered with all that nasty commitment stuff that you might get stuck with like illness and the like. So no she is not a homewrecker. So No Jennifer is no Angelina Jolie..LOL But bye the way How long can one marriage last when kids have to begg you to marry? LOL But then again they (Brad and Angelina) have an open relationship so it doesn’t really matter!!!!RiGHT…LOL LOL

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