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Arnold Schwarzenegger: Divorce Lawyer Hired

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Divorce Lawyer Hired

Arnold Schwarzenegger picks up his son Patrick to head to lunch at Toscana on Friday (June 3) in Brentwood, Calif.

The 63-year-old former Governor of California and his 17-year-old smiley son headed to the restaurant, where the two enjoyed some quality father-son time together.

Arnold and his wife of 25 years, Maria Shriver, announced they were separating in early May.

According to the Huffington Post, Arnold has reportedly hired famed divorce lawyer Robert Kaufman to handle the split. Robert represented Jennifer Aniston during her separation from Brad Pitt.

Maria has hired Laura Wasser, who represented Angelina Jolie during her divorce from Billy Bob Thornton.

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  • Annie

    I give it a few weeks before Arnie’s out making a fool of himself with some silicon pumped 28 year old “model”.
    His poor, poor kids.

  • BEAN

    Forget the divorce. Im more interested in Patrick. What a hottie.

  • Dieter

    Why is Maria so ungrateful? She was the lost child of the Kennedy family – noone would have ever cared for her ass unless Arnie had picked her up. He had a strong libido obviously – but now he is true to her. This selfish woman shall think of her sons instead of doing her private crusade !!!

  • http://msn theresacraig

    i think people exploiting thier personal hardships is stupid,there are these same kind of situations in every day life,with every day people,that dont get this kind of attention. it is hard enough,to go through this kind of thing,but its even harder,when the world watches your every move. you cant really blame one or the other,because you are not the one who lived in that home,or had that marraige,it was them. sometimes,in a marraige,people grow apart,it is sad,but true. i feel sorry for them both,as i think at one time,they loved eachother so much.

  • Willa

    Patrick’s cute, but he shouldn’t hang out with his father so much ’cause he’s a bad influence!

  • naomi

    @Dieter: shut up, moron!

  • Dieter

    No, I’m not gonna show up – I’m gonna tell it like it is. The only reason Maria is coming up with this now is because the democrats (Kennedies, Clintons and Obamas) are doing pressure on her with their aim to destroy the Schwarzenegger legacy and family in being; their are in fear of a new strong political family to rise. Maria isn’t herself anymore; she should know the best when a woman is to hold her mouth.

  • anon

    Patrick is GORGEOUS. He’s the good looking version of his father. Let’s hope he won’t be a womanizer like his dad….

  • Miri

    Wow. Patrick is a real hottie, and just 17! I’m sure we’ll be hearing about him not just as the “the son of…”

  • Annie

    @ Dieter – disagree. We can’t know for sure of course, but I do tend to feel that Maria did only find out for certain about Arnold’s infidelity fairly recently. If the marriage had been a sham at the time of Arnold’s campaign, and Maria’s motivation was completely based on becoming first lady of California I tend to think she would have simply tried her best to make the question of Arnold’s cheating to away and tried to prevent the question from even coming up (and this, with her connections, she could have done). Instead Maria went out of her way to freely defend him over and over again and even convinced her staunch democrat family members to stand up for this man. She was really putting her OWN credibility on the line for him, knowing how bad it would look if she were later proven wrong – so my guess would be that she really did believe he was faithful at that time. Of course there would have been signs there for a long time that Maria really should have seen; but often when we really want to believe something about someone the mind can be pretty good at only showing us the evidence we want to see. I’m sure most people have been guilty of this at some point.

  • S@n

    Well, nobody is perfect even our parents after all, Arnold seems to be a good father! I think it’s a good thing they are getting along, it seems that is true love between father and son!
    That’s their business after all!

  • Nicola from how to get a divor

    It’s nice to see them bonding. It’s really cool. Uh-oh, I miss spending quality time with my dad.

  • chris

    i have a feeling both parties have been unhappy in this marriage for a very long time … marriage is an ancient and primitive concept that doesn’t work out most of the time.

    Just because you love a person now doesn’t mean you will 5, 10, 20, or 25 years from now. People need to be more honest with each other. People are taught to live in misery instead of shatter the american dream of a wife, a husband, 2.5 kids, white picket fence, a dog, and a cat. It’s unrealistic. Marriage in old times was more about property and status than anything else and in the end in modern times that is what it becomes eventually.

    People don’t fall in love and live happily ever after like in faerie tales … remember sometimes someone gets eaten by a wolf in faerie tales too. Not a lot a happily ever after in reality.

  • Dieter

    Annie – I love the beautiful words of yours !!!!

  • DareDevil

    Dieter, are you just naturally stupid, or do you have to practice?

  • Louis

    The kid is good looking…..well yeah, hottie lol

  • Appletini

    @ dieter – wth are you talking about?! What new political family dynasty is trying to rise? Arnold is an a$$ for his behavior and the way he has treated his family, there is no conspiracy against him. You can’t blame the Kennedy’s, Clinton’s or Obama’s for this, Arnie did it all by himself. (well, him and his several side-pieces!)

  • Foofa

    These Arnold posts are seriously just Jared wanting to post pics of Patrick. Someone’s got a new crush.

  • Tara

    Wow how can this guy be only 17? Seriously he looks like a real man, so developed, and hot, i feel dirty saying this, considering his age, but damn, he will be even sexier when he gets older!

  • Sweetness

    Exactly why is Arnie lawyering up with big guns lawyer? As if he is innocent and thinks Maria will unfairly go after property they accumulated during their marriage… This scum should give her whatever she wants. He’s filth.

  • Brainy box


  • We

    So arnold is using Aniston’s divorce attorney and maria is using Angelina’s. So what.

  • http://ChrisjTV ChrisjTV
  • Delphic

    I only keep clicking on these Arnie-related topics because the son is hot.

  • mosely

    my gawddd
    he’s hot!! lol

    idc about arnold, show me more patrick

  • Cathy Viviano

    I hope Arnold doesn’t show his boys (sons) how to pick up women and have “love childs” with them. Hee hee :)

  • lurker

    I hope Patrick stays away from Patty Baena. She might trick you in having a love child by pretending to clean your room.

  • lurker

    I think Patrick Kennedy Schwarz is the most good looking Kennedy.

  • gossip101

    Is it inappropriate to not care about this story and just stare at the pics of Patrick? YUM

  • PIEL

    I fugged a nudda wumin becus you mudda has a vugina of ice…NOW GET IN THE DA CHOPPA!


    I fugged a nudda wumin becus you mudda has a vugina of ice…NOW GET IN THE DA CHOPPA!

  • Greg

    Poor old Arnie – the plot from a “paternity perspective” – which has taken him to the road to divorce.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger had a fling with his housekeeper (Mildred Baena).

    Arnie makes the assumption that the child is his, as there are NO confirmed reports whether he has had a DNA paternity test to confirm that he is the biological father.

    Furthermore he then (according to reports) decides to DECLARE that he fathered ANOTHER child with a lady called Tammy Tousignant’s (who was an air-hostess on his private plane). The woman had to take DNA paternity tests along with her son and husband (called Tom) to demonstrate to the media that Arnie Schwarzenegger was not the daddy!

    Another true story: my friend was so sure he was the father of a baby until a DNA test from a proper paternity testing company called Future Genetics (

    Mr Schwarzenegger needs to be sure before claiming paternity of other peoples offspring.

    In paraphrasing Spec-savers, I think Arnold Schwarzenegger should have gone to Future Genetics before making his paternity declarations… he could have avoided all this media frenzy.

    Given that Arnie mistakenly thought he was the father of Tammy Tousignant’s son and without any DNA paternity test evidence related Mildred Baena’s son, how can he be so sure that he is the father of Baena’s son?

    Food for thought…