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Jennifer Aniston: Decade of Hotness Winner at the Guys Choice Awards!

Jennifer Aniston: Decade of Hotness Winner at the Guys Choice Awards!

Jennifer Aniston accepts the Decade of Hotness award onstage during Spike TV’s 2011 Guys Choice Awards held at Sony Pictures Studios on Saturday (June 4) in Culver City, Calif.

The 42-year-old actress accepted the award in a black Azzedine Alaia dress and Manolo Blahnik heels from her Horrible Bosses co-star Jason Sudeikis!

It was announced in May that Jen would be awarded this honorable prize.

According to Spike TV, “Jennifer Aniston has the magic combination of Hall of Fame hotness and humor that makes every guy wish she lived next door.”

Be sure to tune in to Spike TV’s 2011 Guys Choice Awards on Friday (June 10) at 9/8c.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston accepting her Decade of Hotness award…

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Credit: Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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241 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston: Decade of Hotness Winner at the Guys Choice Awards!”

  1. 1
    Angelina Says:

    Doesn’t Aniston look like Barbra Streisand?

  2. 2
    suck on it Says:

    The Hottest woman of the decade!!!!!!!!! Die hater’s die!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha

  3. 3


  4. 4
    cinnamon Says:

    She sure looks like Barbra Streisand, she looks so oldddddd and cheap , not attractive at all especially with that long chin.

  5. 5
    reeven Says:

    @suck on it:



  6. 6
    bought and paid for Says:

    Wonder how much Jen and Huvane paid for this err “award” LOL.

    Mila, Minka, Rosie, Cameron = YOUNG AND HOT


    Truth just got to be told!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 7
    candace Says:

    wtf? is she drunk? she looks like a hobo. she’s probably jacked up on drugs. how much did she have to pay them for this award? how sad.

  8. 8
    hag Says:

    what an EMBARRASSMENT for the spike awards!!!!! she looks like SHITE!!!!!! just proves that her image has been PHOTOSHOPPED TO HELL cause that UGLY MIDDLE AGED person on that stage is NOT what has been shoved down America’s throat as hot.

    after Halie and Charlize, the spike exex(s) who were bought off will be F I R E D

  9. 9
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    she looks like a man.

  10. 10
    lol Says:


  11. 11


  12. 12
    truth be told Says:

    Wonder how much Jen paid for this award, LOL.

    Minka, Mila, Rosie, Cameron = YOUNG AND HOT


    She looks a mess here. Let’s be for real, OK.

    Halle “won” this award and is now headed back to TV. Just saying.

  13. 13


  14. 14
    crl Says:


  15. 15
    adel Says:

    what a mess! horse look a like….amen… desperate…….

  16. 16
    Dania Says:

    Why is she wearing a ring on her ring finger? Does she need to pretend she’s married to get through this? So she doesn’t appear too lonely and pathetic?
    Is it just me or does Jason looked a bit frightened by the way she’s clinging onto him for dear life. She looks horrible. Her eyes look so dull and her face is kinda ugly? Wow, who the F* would believe she didn’t pay for this award herself? And that’s a 50k hairdo? Looks like a wig that’s not placed right.

  17. 17
    s Says:

    SUCK on that haters!!!! hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  18. 18
    s Says:

    SUCK on that haters!!!! hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  19. 19


  20. 20
    Ghost Says:

    Wow !!! Doubt any Jen lovers can defend her in these pictures. No photo-shop here. Lets face it, she is the Hobag of Hollywood who has a good PR rep. Nothing more. Say we are jealous all you want. Our comeback–Jealous of what??? I may not have her money, but the one thing I do have that she does not is integrity.

  21. 21
    S Says:

    See now she has two men in her life so hahahahahahahah haters!!!!!! HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  22. 22
    Truthfulness Says:

    She is a hottie. Jen has always worked hard to maintain her figure and has always had a great little bod.

  23. 23
    Fake Says:

    I don’t see Holy Jolie winning this award, so get over it haters. Jen is awesome, and real. Real pretty too.

  24. 24
    James Says:

    She looks run over, and that’s just a fact!

  25. 25
    Lee Says:

    LMAO! She looks like a tired soccer mom. Definitely NOT Hot. Is this supposed to be a joke?

  26. 26
    hag Says:

    her hags are gloating that she got some award from spike. a site that objectifies and defines women as sex objects. all good since from the neck down she is “hot”

  27. 27
    Zero Says:

    She has no butt.

  28. 28
    Kelsey Says:

    Yak, this woman is so not hot! Poor thing she doesn’t know that their making fun of her…

  29. 29
    zero Says:

    @hag: Only from front neck down if that.

  30. 30
    jen bought another award Says:

    Now , we knew where did she spend her millions !

    Isn’t it irony ? why not spend those money on CHARITY which unfortunately she never done .
    and really who care on this award. it’s a joke !

  31. 31

    keep believing that if it makes you sleep through the night and face the day 6 years of delusion WOW.

  32. 32
    adel Says:

    really? she never named sexiest woman alive…. still horse look alike angie was named many times.. angie has nothing to prove. if shes really hot and beautiful then why in magazine covers shes always looked photoshoped.. AND WHY MEN WITH WHOM SHE DATED ALWAYS THE ONE WHO LIVE HER!.

  33. 33
    Jake Says:

    ooh please angelina lesbians fans stoop it !!!
    aniston is HOT, angelina not anymore ,FACE IT
    all these means coments are obviosly from a jealous woman who would love to look a little bit like her and have a extrage fixacion with former hottie angelina, who now looks like a anorexic sick person
    im sorry that is my opinion as a guy
    you can say she is a bad actress, that angie won an oscar….but who cares??? this is a HOTNESS award and she deserv it
    congratulacions Jen you are a hottie

  34. 34
    saira Says:

    @suck on it:
    The award is for a decade of hottness, not hottest woman of the decade. There is a difference. Spike gives the award out every year and so far only Halle Berry has truly deserved it.

  35. 35
    Sasha Says:

    If this is what you Anuston fans call beauty we JP fans will PASS. This man looks like a hot mess and iggy pop looks way better.

  36. 36

    There is nothing hot about this B list actress. She is so self absorbed and soooo annoying! The best thing she had going for her was Brad Pitt and she could not even hold onto him. People feel sorry for her and they know she could not act her way out of a paper bag so they give her this lame sex award. Boring……zzzzzzz.

  37. 37
    hag Says:

    going from these pics she is NOT HOT.

  38. 38

    Angelina Jolie……

    A Legend in the Making…. Glamourous! Mysterious!
    Celebrity, Humanitarian, Mother, Good Will Ambassador….
    20th Century A -List Movie Screen Sirens!!!!!!

    #2 You suck on this and 17, 18 & 21 since you are the same posters PLEASE…..

  39. 39
    elise Says:

    kind of feel a bit sorry for her, imagine having to pick up that award your pr guy BOUGHT for you, looking like THIS !

  40. 40
    hag Says:

    spike tv..2011 will be sorry, MANISTON ?????

  41. 41
    buttaface Says:


  42. 42
    Ghost Says:

    The Truth Hurts. I may not like Jen Jen, but dude. Angelina is a low-life piece of crap . Sorry to burst your bubble. And doesn’t your title fit perfectly here .The Truth Hurts!!!

  43. 43
    MARCO Says:



  44. 44
    marcia Says:

    I find it funny that Jennifer Aniston got the ‘Decade of Hotness’ award on Angelina Jolie’s birthday! LOLLLL

  45. 45
    OMG Says:

    enlarge these pics people if you dare…da mn even she looks embarrassed to be getting this (award)

    and why is her face so round and puffy looking?

    nothing wrong in getting older..but you got to do it gracefully, more photoshopped ads embrace your plainness.

  46. 46
    hag Says:

    hag apologists always try to coattail their betters

  47. 47
    buttaface Says:

    i guess she thinks the shorter the dress..the less chance that people will be looking at her face?

    no wonder she wants to pose nude so much


  48. 48
    looky Says:

    She does not look bad but she looks like she worked her butt off just to look good for this night. She is so pumped up in the arms and legs she looks like a body builder and that tan is just awful. Why don’t she get serious about acting instead of the same bimbo acting jobs and try to win an Oscar for a change? She’s 42 she can’t keep this up.

  49. 49
    why Says:

    why is she making those awful faces? she looks bad enough without doing that.

  50. 50
    hag Says:

    DAMN, DAMN, DAMN, you jen FREAKS have to FINALLY acknowledge that your middle aged “girl” is REALLY MIDDLE-AGED”. no photoshop. manny in her true middle-aged average self.

  51. 51
    buttaface Says:

    too bad she couldnt have worked her face off

  52. 52
    to looky Says:

    i see what you are saying about her arms and legs! for the first time i see why some call her maniston.

  53. 53
    is she stoned Says:

    she looks like a man in a crooked wig in that first pic.

  54. 54
    alana Says:

    wow she looks rough. that is all i can say…she is too easy to make fun of here, kind of sad.

  55. 55
    Cameron Says:

    That dress is too short for someone her age. I even have trouble calling it a dress.

  56. 56
    Marieme Says:

    Look at her face! Haha! You can tell even SHE doesn’t buy it! Lol! She knows the so-called “hotness” is all an illusion thanks to the magic of Adobe. She seriously could not have looked worse if she tried. Hysterical!

    And to those who are comparing her to Barbra, STHU! How dare you compare her to a true talent and icon. Stop maligning poor Babs.

    Lastly, have you seen the schnoz on Justin? It’s huge! Fugs just can’t seem to get away from huge noses. Whatever happens between this silly couple (cheap, meaningless sex) they are not having a baby. The chances are too high that kid will have a combo of her wide original nose and his very loooong one. Her vanity simply won’t allow this to happen.

  57. 57
    中国人 Says:


  58. 58
    she looks embarrassed Says:

    i would too if i looked like that after having photoshopped ads just released where i look 20 years younger. guess huvane didnt think about that

  59. 59
    Annie Says:

    OMG, LMAO !!!!! She looks awful and so sad all at the same time. Middle age fameho. Her face is puffy , tan is awful, hair is such a mess and makes her look so cheap. Even her body isn’t that good without photo shop, no breasts, no waist , muscular arms and legs and what the heck is going on with those red knees. Looks like someone was on her knees too much. How embarrassing ! I feel so sorry for her, Middle age and feels like she has to play the sex card for attention and she is doing it so cheaply . God Aniston, get rid of your fameho agent and get some self respect !

  60. 60
    Ia Says:

    Jennifer aniston is sexy blank

  61. 61
    lala Says:

    yea she looks kinda sexy…in a drag queen kind of way.

  62. 62
    Speak Now Says:

    Wow, you haters are pretty ugly inside. :) Just saying.

  63. 63
    White Swan Says:

    @bought and paid for:

    Is it an effort to be that stupid or does it come naturally to you fatty? Cameron Diaz is 38. Close to 42 no? Although given your idol at 26 looks like she be knocking on death’s door, I can understand your contemp.

  64. 64
    White Swan Says:


    Clearly the ‘education system’ has let you down too Loon – there’s a difference between ‘they’re’, ‘their’ and ‘there’ ya know. Guess if you spent less time with your face in a bag of cheetos you’d know that.

  65. 65
    White Swan Says:


    Tankass: it’s the 21st Century…

  66. 66
    White Swan Says:

    Please!! No more embarrassing that Jolie getting a nomination which utilises the phrase ‘comedy or musical’?!!

    Now THAT is a slight!

  67. 67
    White Swan Says:

    @White Swan:

    I’ll correct myself:

    Jolie at 36 looks beyond haggard.

    Final word should say Contempt.

  68. 68
    lynda Says:

  69. 69
    sam Says:

    waow haters, you’re really crazy people, even worse than stans.

    you have nothing better to do with your life?
    the haters of Jennifer Aniston = the stans of Angelina Jolie

    Go comment the pictures of Angelina. I like the both but Angelina’s stans are worse that Jennifer’s stans because Jen’s stans/fans not comment or rarely Angelina’s pics by insulting her by all the names

    Brief, Jen is gorgeous and she has a wonderful body

  70. 70
    SAM IS A LIAR Says:


    and im not a stan of anyone but..there is nothing gorgeous about aniston in these pics.

  71. 71
    wwe Says:

    she us getting and looking more manly guess those male steriods she s been long rumored to take to slim down are finally reeking havoc

  72. 72
    Laurie Says:

    she is stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. 73
    stunningly ugly Says:

    yes she is

  74. 74
    jen is gorgeous Says:

    To Jolie Pitt fans,
    don’t be so jealous and mad! jolie is beautiful too!

  75. 75
    jen is gorgeous Says:

    congrats jen!!!

  76. 76
    Jen Says:

    She’s too old to be wearing a dress like that.

  77. 77
    deja vu Says:

    They probably meant hot snatch from the action it gets.

  78. 78
    dheldevil8888 Says:

    Congratulations!!! Jennifer Aniston is the hottest woman of the decade!…

  79. 79
    carrieunderwoodfan Says:

    When did her face get so fat? Yeah she isn’t ugly but just plain looking and her arms too muscular looking.

  80. 80
    Sandrine (de France) Says:

    She’s STUNNING for good !! and she’is not too old wearing a mini dress ! Her legs are fabulous ! Sexy sexy girl, she deserve this award as much as Halle Berry or Charlyse Theron !
    Go girl !

  81. 81
    sad Says:

    all that money,makeup and hair people…only to end up looking like that?

    dont mean to sound superficial, but its hard when talking about her cause that is all she and her fans talk she looks…dresses…hot body, , etc .,so when she shows up at an award show to pick up an award for being “hot”..people are going to comment negatively when she looks far from hot.

  82. 82
    Veda Says:

    Oh come on! I hope I have a body like that when I’m 42. Hell, I wish I had a body like that NOW (and I’m 25)

  83. 83
    YECH!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    @Sandrine (de France):

    Aren’t you all a wee bit concerned that this “honorable” award (;0) !!) signaled the deathknell for the careers of the previous recipients?

  84. 84
    Isaa Says:

    Aniston NEVER made it even once in MAXIM’S 100 Sexy Women.

    Her money bought her this title. Like the comments made here, she sure does not look like her Smart Water photo ads….can’t photoshoppe this

    Her middle age (ness) shows and speaks loudly in these pics.
    Swollen face, wide hips, no waist line and big butt. This is the REAL
    Jennifer Aniston.

    Another copy cat “BLACK” dress. Been wearing black lately.
    What’s up with that. Immitation is a sincerest form of flattery.

  85. 85
    So Not Hot! Says:

    Far from it! You can see it on her tired face that she don’t even believe it. This is paid for advertisement for Horrible Bosses nothing more. She needs to go find herself and lay off the pr trail for a while because this game of hers is old, played out and tiring. Also, I agree with the poster about stopping the Babs comparisons and I say the Angelina comparisons as well. Babs owns her looks and never tried to sell you on looks but on her talent. Angelina is a naturally sexy women who’s confidence and talent compliments what she was born with. Aniston only wishes she have what these women possess naturally, because honey you can fake confidence, charisma, beauty or talent. in Aniston case she pays for it but the veil is unravelling

  86. 86

    @ White Swan
    JUST GOES TO SHOW THAT ANGIE IS SO GOOD ANYTHING SHE DOES SHE CAN GET A NOMINATION AND OR AN AWARD these are awards that An actress earns through her work. Nominated for in 1998 George Wallace, Golden globe award. 1998 Playing by Hearts, National Board of Review Award. 1999 Gia, Golden Globe Award.1999 Won SAG. 2000 Golden Globe & Screen Actor’s Guild Award Girl Interrupted. 2000 Academy Award. 2004 Awarded people’s Choice for Sky Captain. In 2008 she was nominated for two awards best performance by a ACTRESS A mighty heart, in 2009 Nom for 4 different awards for one movie that how good she is. CARING FOR PEOPLE AND THE WORLD AND WORKING FOR A CAUSE As a result of her humanitarian work that she stated in 2001 she had the honor of being named a lady and was named a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, in 2003 Citizen of the world award by the United nations Correspondents Association, in 2005 the Global Humanitarian Award by the UNA-USA. She was awarded Citizenship award for her conservation work in Cambodia. In 2007 she became a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and receive the Freedom Award by the International Rescue Committee…
    My truth never hurts, WELL.. MAYBE…HURT SO GOOD…

  87. 87


  88. 88
    So Not Hot! Says:

    “Can’t fake” not “can”

  89. 89
    So Not Hot! Says:

    “Can’t fake” not “can”

  90. 90
    K*I*T Says:

    dong be silly she finally won something, for something, she actually looks embarrassed but her fans will take anything, t may not be for acting but she work at that body so it’s better than nothing right

  91. 91
    4BEE Says:

    Hotness of the decade whaaooo LIES ! There’s woman who have been here for a decade and are way hotter than her ! ( Angelina Jolie , Jessica Biel , Megan Fox , Beyoncé , Scarlett Johansson , Charlize Theron ) GODNESS SAKE !

  92. 92
    @4BEE Says:

    Theron did win last year.

  93. 93
    naturegirl Says:

    HURT SO GOOD that funny because i read some of these comments and i laugh so hard my side hurts, i swear from her jen fans reaction you would think that she won a major award or something close LOL

  94. 94
    Manny Says:

    Congrats to Jen for being awarded the DECADE’S HOT MESS award. You must be so honored!

  95. 95
    Maddox Says:

    Congrats to you Jen!

  96. 96
    aha Says:

    I never heard about this award.
    She received this award b/c no A list actresses would accept it.

  97. 97
    Mia Says:

    All the people on here are just AJ fans.
    Very obvious.
    Give it a break really, can’t no one admit that she looks good ?
    Why is it so hard for you to see through all the hate?
    She looks really good, healthy and so what she is ashamed?
    Should she be like Kim Kardashian and flaunt her body like she is the princess of America?
    Come on everybody she is happy and it shows.

  98. 98
    BigJohnson Says:

    Look at that bo, makes me want to just drop my pants and start slapin that sausage.

  99. 99
    Maddox Says:


    Umm, No, I am NOT an AJ fan.

  100. 100
    Sad Says:

    This is sad that she looks like she has been out on an all night binge! What was Spike tv thinking? I actually feel sorry for her!

  101. 101
    to mia Says:

    she does flaunt her body…in her tight short dresses…her nude scenes in film and ads. did you miss her naked photoshopped water ads? she is always showing her nips…been doing that since Friends/ she reportedly shot a topless scene for horrible bosses.

  102. 102
    Maddox Says:

    @to mia:

    and these are bad things?

  103. 103
    to mia Says:

    no..not necessarily, just responding to mia asking if jen should be like kim k who she says flaunts her body. im no kim fan but kim ain t the only one and implying jen doesn t is silly

  104. 104
    anonymous Says:

    @suck on it: SUCK ON IT: What is there to die about, in fact I feel sad for her, at 42 years of age it’s almost like accepting the Razzie Award, also at her stage in her career and how long she has been in Hollywood she should be accepting or up for ominations at the oscars or golden globe, instead she is accepting an award that really should be going to a twenty something actress, and on stage looked all of her 45 years old, I thought it was Barbara Streisand up there, Barbara Streisand is how old? 65, 70?

  105. 105
    Lucy Says:

    I’m sure all haters here look hotter than her….maybe next year you all will win the award!!!

  106. 106
    leave streisand alone Says:

    at least barb has talent

  107. 107
    Helen Says:

    i dont like her hair short

  108. 108
    Isaa Says:


    Who else could be responsbile for that timing but Maniston and her PR Agency & C. ManHandler.

    Really! C’mon she’s hotter than Cameron Diaz or Jessica Biel, ummmm, of course Angelina Jolie. This is such a big joke…can’t
    laugh any louder. Don’t see any guys lining up at her door.
    Always canoodling with her co-stars and they don’t even want to date her. Shameful.

  109. 109
    Homewrecker aniston Says:

    @Angelina: she reminds me of Kirstie alley.

  110. 110
    that's what it is Says:

    ok, to you jealous haters, this is according to MEN, real men went and voted her, jennifer aniston is HOT. not according to the catty bitter women who are commenting on this page. this isn’t like maxim, where you can bribe your way onto the list. MEN think she’s hot, and she is, she has a rockin body and a cute face, face it, jen is a classic beauty. probably the most well deserved award i can think of

  111. 111
    Heidi Says:

    @that’s what it is: nah, I think it’s according to her Publicist. LoL did you notice she’s wearing an engagement ring? I wonder if it’s from Justin. ooo la la. More rumors for her Publicity machine.

  112. 112
    bae Says:

    I think men find her attractive because she just seems cool. She isn’t overly pretty but has great sex appeal. She seems to be low key and fun

  113. 113
    10 Says:

    But if t hat true how come they treat her like shithole

  114. 114
    who r these men? Says:

    i dont know any guy who likes her maybe ten years ago

  115. 115
    laughing at you haters Says:

    because while you bi+chy women are on here hating on the decades hottest woman, she’s off enjoying her life, vacationing, or hanging out with some of her many friends, or doing whatever she’s doing with her hot self. you know a woman is REALLY hot when she has SO MANY other women hating on her, news flash, no matter how much you desperatly want to deny jennifer aniston’s beauty, she’s still hot. you people are right, guys could have chosen some typical 20 year-old actress, but they didn’t, the guys that voted for her think that JENNIFER ANISTON IS HOTTER THEN THE ACTESSES IN THEIR 20s OUT THERE. so get over it!

  116. 116
    who r these men? Says:

    oh please her publicist got her this “award” its to promote her so called “sexy” role in horrible bosses

  117. 117
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    You deserve it Jen. Afterall, you spend more than a decade working on perfecting your body more than your acting skill. That’s why you get the Decade of Hotness. You truely deserve it. Now, why don’t you spend the next decade working on perfecting your acting skill. Maybe, you will get an award for your acting performance in a movie.

  118. 118
    White Swan Says:


    Yo, I realise you’re so far from reality you’re barely able to distinguish fact from fiction, but Angelina Jolie did NOT invent the colour black! You need to open the door to your basement, step outside, get fresh air and be with some people. For realz.@THE TRUTH HURTS:
    Yeah, because the great humanitarian was empathetic to the rape and war survivors whom expressed dismay and opposition to her little vanity project, Rapeunzal didnt she? Get with the programme, Einstein…

  119. 119
    White Swan Says:


    Yo, I realise you’re so far from reality you’re barely able to distinguish fact from fiction, but Angelina Jolie did NOT invent the colour black! You need to open the door to your basement, step outside, get fresh air and be with some people. For realz.@THE TRUTH HURTS:
    Yeah, because the great humanitarian was empathetic to the rape and war survivors whom expressed dismay and opposition to her little vanity project, Rapeunzal didnt she? Get with the programme, Einstein…

  120. 120
    White Swan Says:


    I’ll strike a deal with you: you hold your breath until Jolie wins a ‘sexiest woman of the decade’ award, yes?

    (BTW, unlike The Tourise, THAT truly would be comedy gold)

  121. 121
    get over it Says:

    @THE TRUTH HURTS: so what? why do you have to bring up angelina? she has absolutly nothing to do with anything on this article. jennifer aniston has also gotten emmys, golden globes, people’s choice awards, ect., and she gives to many charities and does a lot of community service, she just doesn’t have to have the media there in order to give her an incentive to do good in the world. the fact that angelina jolie actually owns the title ” US Goodwill Ambassador” makes me ashamed, the only actress who i would be proud of for repersenting the US in any way would be natalie portman because she’s a Harvard graduate, unbelievably talented, and incredibly giving. get over it, she won this award and you just need to get over it, just because you’re percious angelina’s looks have completly faded, doesn’t mean you should take it out on jen

  122. 122
    Susan Says:

    @get over it: Prove it.

  123. 123
    nakedoldjennifer Says:

    In the 2nd pic,look at the Veins in her arms and Neck! She now has that caved in bony chest like ellen barkin

  124. 124
    Elsa Says:

    I think jen is gorgeous! and I am a woman! she deserves it for sure!!

  125. 125
    Richard Mason Says:

    Hotness award? How trivial. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, laddy Jim. As for voting on a person’s hotness, that’s a good way to waste time. Me, I’d rather weed my garden than waste my time on this bit of worthless fluff. Hotness? Puh-leeze, get real and get a life.

  126. 126
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    get over it @ 06/05/2011 at 3:37 pm

    Angie’s look has not fade. Angie is not obsess over her look like Jen does. Angie has more important things to focus on than obsessing over her body 24/7. If Angie’s look has fade, LV wouldn’t have hired her to represent their label. Tell me. What designer label Jen represent?

    I really do think Jen deserves this award. I would be piss if Jen didn’t because she has spent so much time & money to get that body in great shape. If only she would delicate the same to her acting skill instead of play the same rachel greene in very freaking movies.

  127. 127
    SJC Says:

    I actually agree with her being given the award. She has constantly been up near the top of the lists every year. She’s made some mistakes in her life and maybe doesn’t do everything that is expected of her… but who do you know who does everything that they are expected to do?

  128. 128
    Elsa Says:

    But she could have chosen a better outfit…

  129. 129
    get over it Says:

    these are some of the charities that jen volunteers at and donates money to:

    •Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation
    •Clothes Off Our Back
    •EB Medical Research Foundation
    •Feeding America
    •Friends of El Faro
    •Habitat For Humanity
    •Lili Claire Foundation
    •Luke Neuhedel Foundation
    •Project A.L.S.
    •Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network
    •St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
    •US Campaign for Burma

  130. 130
    get over it Says:

    @Media Wh@re MANiston: you are so right, saying angelina’s looks have faded would mean that she was beautiful at one point, but she never has been, she is so disporportionate in her features, she’s just very odd-looking: big, broad shoulders with no hips or butt, stick arms and legs with man hands and huge feet, a small head with bug eyes and fat lips, and a hidiously thin body. what does her being chosen to pose for LV prove? does that mean she’s beautiful? no, not at all. most models are not beautiful, they’re wire thin and are usually awkwardly lanky with long exteremities and very boney features, which is how angelina looks now.

  131. 131
    O'Sullivan Says:

    Jennifer is gorgeous and a great actress

  132. 132
    Michael Says:

    I do not find her sexy.

  133. 133
    MJ Says:

    EW? That hair is hideous! It looks like a broom. Ready to fly WITCH?

  134. 134
    travis Says:

    forget the smart water. i would drink her bath water. can’t wait till she goes on vacation again, i want to see new bikini pics of her

  135. 135
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    get over it @ 06/05/2011 at 4:35 pm

    You are right as well. Angie is ugly just like these women.

    what does her being chosen to pose for LV prove? It proves that Angie is gorgeous & sexy enough for them to consider her to presents their label. Jen is so gorgeous she represents water. As for the model comment, LMAO!!!

    I am not disagreeing with you. I do truely believe Jen deserves this award. As I mentioned before, Jen has worked very hard on getting her body in shape. Eating the same salad for ten years. Yoga & pilates 2 to 3 hours a day probably 5 days a week. Working out is Jen’s favorite topic.Tell me something though. Do you think Jen’s body would have looked this good if she didn’t devote so much attention to it?

  136. 136
    get over it Says:

    @Media Wh@re MANiston: some of the women on that list are pretty and some are ugly. yes, jen deserves the award, i don’t know why you keep saying that. she’s a very healthy and athletic woman, why do you keep repeating yourself? no, if jen didn’t take such good care of herself, her body wouldn’t look like that ,(it might look as unhealthy as angelina’s body) no one is born with a beautifully sculpted body like hers (correct me if i’m wrong and you know someone who was born with abs), anyone that looks like that has to be disciplined and work for it, like jessica alba, nicole kidman, rihanna, shakira, ect. jen was chosen to represtent smart water because she has a very toned fit body, and they are going for the “athletes and healthy people drink water” angle. her posin for LV still proves nothing, it proves that she has a good publicist

  137. 137
    True story Says:

    Mediawhore maniston and Get over it are both idiots. get help sickos!

  138. 138
    Courtney Says:

    Ewwwwww WTF is wrong with her face?????????

  139. 139
    lara Says:

    @ media w.. maniston.. Why are u obssesed with jen? you hate her, thats fine, you have your own opinion but it looks like if you know her in real person. You know everything about her.. Woman, im worried about you.

  140. 140
    Matt Says:

    congrats jen! you are gorgeous

  141. 141
    fan Says:

    Jen, i LOVE you

  142. 142
    jade Says:

    I think Jen looks great! I’am happy she won this Award. She has the best pair of legs in Hollywood.That was said of Angie Dickinson and Mary Hart. Jen is in that category.

    For those of you, that are upset that Jen won this Award, she is also
    nominated for an Award on the MTV Movie Awards tonight.

  143. 143
    caroline Says:

    Love Jenn!! (:

  144. 144
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    lara @ 06/05/2011 at 5:34 pm

    Don’t get confuse an opinion with obsess. I am certainly not obsess with her. I am allow to have my opinion just like you are allow to have yours. You might not like my opinion and I don’t care if you do or not.

    If I am obsess with Jen, I would be here posting non stop all day.

  145. 145
    you people are astounding Says:

    please get over your bitter jealousy towards jennifer aniston. i can’t believe there’s a negative number vote for the post where someone listed some of the charities that jen donates too and volunteers at. she donates some of her money and time! and you people are going to dislike that? you should be happy that people care enough to try to do some good in the world

  146. 146
    you people are astounding Says:

    oh, and jen totally deserves this award! she’s so hot!

  147. 147
    JN86 Says:

    @get over it: Jennifer Aniston looks old and pathetic. She’s constantly trying to show off her body so that people won’t notice her lack of actual acting ability. Who cares if she won some lame award from a TV channel that previously bashed her with an article entitled “The Top Seven Reasons No Man Will Love Jennifer Aniston”… LOL. I lost respect for her after she became close friends with that raunchy, obnoxious, untalented b-i-g-o-t Chelsea Handler, who has repeatedly said she dislikes minorities. Since she likes to hang out with hateful, intolerant people, I’m not going to support her work.

  148. 148
    WhatATool Says:

    looks like someone pulled a Black dress over a Orange Leather Couch

  149. 149
    gag Says:

    @SJC: She never been near the top spot in all her life. she was 44 and fifity something 2wice and 11 once in her time that is all.This is something that is bought or given for her out of sympathy for the homies idol.

  150. 150
    lara Says:

    @ media w. maniston…i never said “you CANT hate her”. i just said “its weird ‘cuz you know some things that nobody knows about jennifer, what she do, what she eats,.. everything.

  151. 151
    you people are astounding Says:

    # 150 lara , she must be AJ

  152. 152
    anna Says:

    @JN86: doesn’t matter how bitter you are that jen won this award, she’s still hot. and i really don’t like CH (she seems SO annoying), so i feel weird saying this, but you do know that she’s not a bigot, and she doesn’t actually dislike minorities? she says things like that for her stand up act (cuz in her ubsurd mind, that stuff is funny) just like many comedians do (including comedians who are minoirites, ie, dave chappel or carlos mencia). jen also has friends who are foriegn diplomats, amazing actors/actresses, musicians, bankers, and many many more with various jobs, but just because they do all those amazing things, it doesn’t mean that jen is any of those things or reflect on her in any way, just like CH’s moronic opinions don’t reflect on jen. don’t worry, it really won’t ruin jennifer aniston’s life if you don’t support her, she’ll still be beautiful and rich regaurdless

  153. 153
    MJ Says:

    @get over it: Even Anuston is not that skinny but some of her pictures at getty images for this event showing her upper ribs. Heath wise, I’m sure Angie is much stronger than Anuston. Angie can lift two kids at a time which Anuston can’t. Angie has more energy than Aniston. Angie just being thin because Brad Pitt used her all the time. Anyone can loose weight if their active on sex. Just try it with your partner.

  154. 154
    you people are astounding Says:

    @MJ: you’re completly disgusting, but you’re right, angelina is all used up, by brad, billy bob thorton, every other married man that she was able to get her hands on, and the tons of other guys she’s been with. health-wise i’m sure angelina is not stronger, jennifer aniston does real works out, not just laying on her back like some *****. jen is not grossly skinny like angelina, she’s toned and lean

  155. 155
    Courtney Says:

    Her face looks like it’s melting off of her

  156. 156
    JN86 Says:

    @anna: Anna, people like you make me laugh. Every time someone dislikes your idol, you accuse them of being bitter or hating. That just means you don’t know what you’re talking about. Chelsea Handler proudly proclaims her disdain for minorities and said she tries to make fun of them every chance she gets. She’s made similar remarks many times before in very demeaning tones, and her hateful mentality is reflected in the frequent insults she makes about other people’s ethnicity and race. Just because another comedian said something stupid in the past doesn’t justify Handler’s idiocy. It’s revealing that you’re trying to defend a r-a-c-i-s-t like Handler. So it’s funny to be intolerant, huh? Way to go, crazy lady. LOL. Jennifer Aniston has the right to be ignorant by hanging out with Handler but other people have the right to not support her (crappy) work as a consequence of her bad choices.

  157. 157
    breakaleg is that you??? Says:

    “Get over it and you guys are astounding” The IMDB gay wanna be actor who feels it’s his job to always defend and protect poor little Aniston. his first female crush is wasted on a mediocre actress! hahaha, you are funny, no really you are!!

  158. 158
    anna Says:

    @JN86: are you an idiot? or do you just not know how to read? i didn’t say ANY of what CH says is funny, i said that in her wacko head she thinks she’s being funny, i’ve never seen any of her comedy shows, because she is simply uninteresting and annoying to me. i’ve never followed any interviews she’s done, including any where she flat out says “i hate minorities and try to make fun of them as much as possible,” but you are clearly as obsessed with her as you are with jennifer aniston, so send me a link where she’s doing a SERIOUS interview (not a stand up show) and seriously says that, cuz if that’s true, that’s disgusting. if jen is “ignorant” for hangin out with CH, then is she also a genius for have in freinds that are corporate executives?

  159. 159
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    lara @ 06/05/2011 at 7:06 pm

    I have never said that I know about what she does & what she eats. Jen said it herself. Since you are a fan of her, I am shock that you didn’t know that’s what she said.

  160. 160
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    you people are astounding @ 06/05/2011 at 7:34 pm

    And you know for a fact that Angie is all used up. Prove it.

  161. 161
    O'Sullivan Says:

    You haters are only jealous

  162. 162
    boys Says:

    aniston have a fat pig head.

  163. 163
    JN86 Says:

    @anna: Yeah right, you buffoon. You tried to justify what Chelsea Handler says by comparing her to other comedians like Dave Chappelle and Carlos Mencia. It looks like you can’t even read what you wrote yourself. If you’re going to call someone stupid, at least learn to use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. So because I expressed my opinion that I don’t like Jennifer Aniston because she’s untalented and keeps bad company, therefore, I must be obsessed with her? I also don’t like John Kerry, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, the Jonas Brothers, etc. so, by your standard, I must be obsessed with them too, huh? Great reasoning skills, kiddo.

  164. 164
    Melly G Says:

    She looks really nice!! That body is a killer.
    sexy woman!!!

  165. 165
    sean Says:

    shes really hot

  166. 166
    boys Says:

    this ugly woman can also winning?american men taste was so bad,See Arnold Schwarzenegger mistress. Ha ha

  167. 167
    anna Says:

    @JN86: again, you’re stupidity is baffling, i was not justifying her mediocer comedy acts, i was saying that she uses those kinds of jokes in her acts because she obiously thinks it’s funny, similar to dave chappelle and carlos mencia (who also think there crude, racist jokes are funny) did i say it was ok? no, i didn’t. why would i have to use proper punctuation and grammer on a simple celeb opinion website? sorry, i wasn’t aware that i was writing a term paper, or a letter to my congressman.

  168. 168
    JN86 Says:

    @anna: Yawn. Your idiocy is amazing. You accuse other people of being bitter and obsessed merely because they don’t like someone you idolize. Those are lame comebacks and reveal that you’re full of crap. You call people dumb but can’t adequately express yourself without sounding like a hysterical 12-year-old child. Keep making excuses for yourself. Maybe you and Jen (since you’re on a first-name basis with her) can go grab lunch in Malibu and complain about us evil “haters”… LOL.

  169. 169
    Just Facts Says:

    Look at her knees, ewwww……thats definetely not photoshop lol ewwwww her skin is so dirty ewwww

  170. 170
    anna Says:

    @JN86: ok…i wasn’t saying any of that angrily (just because i’m not trying really hard to seem calm by writing something like “yawn” or throwing in a “haha” or “LOL” doesn’t mean i was angry), you sure do have big talk about being childish when you don’t sound any better, wasting time and energy spreading your hate and tired opinions of a woman you don’t even know, you too sound like a raving lunatic. i don’t have any “comebacks” i had to clarify to you (3 times) what i had said in my previous post. i pretty much wrote the same thing in 3 posts because you didn’t get what i was saying the first time i wrote it, i didn’t add or take away anything that i wrote in order to justify anything i wrote, i simply restated it because you couldn’t understand. if i could have dinner with jen, i would, she seems like a cool person, that’s why she has so many friends

  171. 171
    MJ Says:

    @you people are astounding: @you people are astounding: How that sounds disgusting? Disgusting if you’re a lesbian. It’s not disgusting having sex if you’re doing it to your partner/husband and the love of your life. Disgusting if you allowed your not even a boyfriend to put his fingers in your butt in public. Sounds like you’re a lesbian or a really huge COW whose husband left because he found someone whose prettier than you and honey, just admit that you’re too heavy for him. Can you blame you’re man? Maybe every time he hugged you he was thinking he was hugging a cow, it’s not sexy you know. Don’t worry on Angie’s body, Brad Pitt adores it and that’s sexy baby when you’re partner adores you.

  172. 172
    MJ Says:

    @boys: I agree. She has this really wide face. Her beady eyes look even smaller because of that wide face and chin. Anuston’s face is not even. She should reverse her chin and put it to her forehead and her tiny forehead should put it in her chin. If she will do that, maybe she will look a little better. Just maybe.

  173. 173
    hmm... if Says:

    I was thinking if she does finally settle down, marry, have a family, etc… will America’s interest in her also settle down?

  174. 174
    To #173 Says:

    Unfortunately because Aniston and her pr dog kept the triangle going for 6 years and counting, no the interest won’t die. why?? because she never will marry anyone else until she’s ready to let go of the tabloid fame she has right now and being the jilted ex. if she did decide to get serious or date because of the media mess she created the media and her few fans will always compare the guy to Pitt and her child to his children and how she raises her kids vs Jolie raising hers. the only way it will stop is when Aniston decides to take a long break from the limelight and take Huvane off retainer. since she seems to love the press, I don’t see her going no where anytime soon unfortunately.

  175. 175
    hahaha Says:

    haha…the decade of HOTMESS is more likely….jennifer has seen better days…

  176. 176
    JN86 Says:

    @anna: Yes, no one can question your savior, Jennifer Aniston. Your opinion is the only one that really matters. Everyone else is crazy. Whatever you say, Anna…

  177. 177
    Just Facts Says:

    @Mia: i could tell that you have a brain similar to your idol….if I bash JA, that doesnt mean I am an AJ fan… I simply dont like her because she is a user..she uses her friends to bash the woman she thought “steal” her husband, she uses her friends to bash the kids of his ex-husband, she uses her body to advance her career (instead of improving her acting skills)…she is manipulative…..without Huvane and the “ex-wife of Brad Pitt” attached to her name, she is a nobody after Friends…..she is not what she projects……

  178. 178
    Rocky Says:


  179. 179
    anna Says:

    @JN86: if you say so, you’re the one repeatedly bashing on someone. did i say anyone was crazy? i never even mentioned the word crazy in any way. that was all you, you’re calling yourself crazy. did i say you couldn’t hate jen? no i didn’t, i mean, it’s kinda sad that someone would be so pathetic and bored with their life, that the only way they can find fullfillment is to hate someone else. so because i don’t hate jennifer aniston, i’m worshipping her? well, i don’t hate anyone, so i guess i must worship everyone in the world. well, thanks for saying my opinion is the only one that matters, i didn’t think so, but i’m glad you do

  180. 180
    you people astound me Says:

    @MJ: lol. omg, you’re such a gross person, what are you even talking about? putting fingers up your butt and what not. i never said sex is gross, it’s a natural part of life and nature, i said that YOU are disgusting, the way you talk about it. actually, i run track, so no, sorry to disappoint you, i’m not a “cow” as you want to put it, and i’m 19, i’ve never been married, but if i were to get married, i wouldn’t be with a low-life cheater like brad pitt(iful). i’m not a lesbian, but if i were, there wouldn’t be anything wrong with that, lesbians are people just like everyone else, so to try to use the term “lesbian” as an insult, just shows what a backwards, intolerant person you are. hahaha, way to comment on a person’s appearance you’ve never seen, i could make up some pretend image of you in my head, and swear on this comment page that you’re some huge, ugly woman, but i won’t because 1-i’ve never seen you, and probably never will, and 2-i’m not delusional moron who’s going to tell someone they’re fat and ugly just cuz they like angelina and hate jennifer aniston. also, i will say what i please about angelina’s ugly body whether brad pitt likes it or not, cuz i don’t give 2 s#1ts what brad pitt thinks, and if you can put your opinion about jennifer aniston, i can put my opinion about angelina jolie

  181. 181
    JN86 Says:

    @anna: No, Anna. It’s called sarcasm. I’m emphasizing your obnoxious attitude. I expressed my opinion that Jennifer Aniston lacks talent and is ignorant for hanging out with the racist Chelsea Handler. You come by and harass me for holding a difference of opinion. It’s not my problem that you’re intolerant of dissenting views. “is she also a genius for have in freinds that are corporate executives?” By the way, being friends with corporate executives, who collectively drove the economy into the ground in 2008, doesn’t make her a genius. Your twisted sense of logic is amusing. Keep making excuses for yourself.

  182. 182
    JN86 Says:

    @Just Facts: Well said. Bravo. Getting the racist Chelsea Handler to attack Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s young children is cowardly.

  183. 183
    eh Says:

    why do haters always attack Jen because she’s not in a relationship? and when she’s in one they say it’s for PR…
    Can’t u guys be happy for other people?
    Oh wait, you’re not called “haters” for nothing.

  184. 184
    longchamp Says:

    yeah, hmmm, kinda like a ‘lifetime achievement award’ – the kind they offer at the apogee of someone’s career, after it’s all been said and done, when there’s nowhere to go but down… how very fitting. congrats, Aniston.

  185. 185
    MANNY Says:

    Maniston on steroids???????

  186. 186
    NUNCA Says:


  187. 187
    Noprideinpaidfor'awards' Says:

    @White Swan: “I can understand your contemp.” (sic) Clearly the education system has let YOU down and left you with contempT for the English language…

  188. 188
    Noprideinpaidfor'awards' Says:

    @sam: Wtf! Can people be so fuqking DELUSIONAL! The irony is so delicious it would be funny if it weren’t so sad. Check out post #23. Its the ANISTON stans who are always, ALWAYS, the FIRST to drag Angelina’s name up. Loonifers are so fuqking OBSESSED with hating Angelina, its not even funny. They are not so much fans of Aniston, than they are HATERS OF ANGELINA. Aniston’s fans are SO MUCH WORSE than Angelina fans. Aniston has the most pyschotic, obsessed and satanic base out of any celebrity. Check out the site Female First, and then and ONLY THEN, have the hide to come back and make that LIE that you did about Angelina fans. Aniston fans make racist comments about Angelina’s children. Angelina fans don’t make comments like that. Angelina fans also don’t wish another woman would crash her plane when she was carrying the twins and kill her and her unborn children, or have a painful miscarriage, or die in childbirth, like the dangerously psychotic loonifers did with Angelina. Angelina fans don’t wish someone’s children would be born with Down Syndrome, or die of AIDS or contract some horrible disease and “die a horrible slow painful death”. These are all things ANISTON STANS have said.
    Support Aniston all you want, but don’t you EVER DARE, to say that Angelina fans are worse when the opposite is true and in ABUNDANT EVIDENCE for all to see, with even a cursory check of internet forums. Aniston fans are PURE TRASH and PURE EVIL. And FACTS support this. Period.

  189. 189
    Noprideinpaidfor'awards' Says:

    @marcia: You would find it funny. Your post shows the obsessive competitive and immature hate of the typical loonifer. I feel sorry for you.

  190. 190
    Noprideinpaidfor'awards' Says:

    @get over it: Actually, get your facts STRAIGHT. It was a loonifer who first brought Angelina into this, not an Angelina fan. Secondly, Natalie Portman, a Polanski rapist lover and apologist? Yep, just your loonifers type. I’m not surprised you’d prefer her as an Ambassador. After all, Aniston did strip to sell a CHILDREN’s movie (Marley and Me) like a pedo, and she did that lolita shoot.
    It all fits.

  191. 191
    Noprideinpaidfor'awards' Says:

    @get over it: Any bimbo can toss a check and go back to tanning and Malibu. It doesn’t make them a charitable person. Giving an old ratty handbag for auction or raffle is insulting, not charitable. As for Angelina’s looks, there is not a person alive that would swear on the bible that Angelina isn’t beautiful. Because saying that Angelina isn’t beautiful, is like saying ice cream is disgusting, or chocolate tastes terrible. Ie, a BIG FAT *LIE*! Even her haters KNOW she is beautiful, hence her winning all the most beautiful awards and hence her haters being threatened by her. You ONLY say she isn’t beautiful, because you like Jen and feel that, by default, that means you must hate Angelina and say she is beautiful. But deep down even the most ardent of haters know that if they had the chance, god, indeed if ANY one had the chance, to look like Angelina Jolie, they’d take it in a heartbeat. And that means you. No point firing back a post and denying it. You and I both know its true.
    Jen is not, nor has she ever been considered a true beauty. EVERY thing about her, is plastic. From her blue contact lenses, to her 2 times operated on nose, her beady close-together eyes, her enormous Jay Leno chin – NOTHING about her is beautiful. At best, absolutely best, she is an example of an ugly duckling made passable by surgery. Her winning an INTERNET voted award by a group that peviously posted hateful things about her, doesn’t prove it. God, even RUMER WILLIS, is a ‘model’ for some company now, and is considered beautiful. RUMER FREAKING WILLIS! Also, Kelly Osborne is considered ‘beautiful’. Aniston’s story of the ugly duckling made passable with plastic surgery is legendary. Even now, she till has the grossly enormous chin, knobbly knees, and masculine-looking face. Huvane’s (proven) recent link to Spike, is what got, er ‘bought’ her this award. If, as a fan of an actress, you can get excited about a paid for award by net multi-voters, rather than wishing she gets noticed as an accomplished actress, I truly feel sorry for your shallow outlook on life. And am not surprised that you idolise a worthless plastic bimbo and think even an internet award is something to get excited about, yet slander a woman who has given her heart and soul to humanitarian efforts, simply because you feel its the DUTY of an Aniston fan to do so, by DEFAULT. I guess shallow does attract shallow. I can only feel sorry for you.

  192. 192
    Noprideinpaidfor'awards' Says:

    @get over it: Jen is NOT ‘fit and healthy’. Tanning your skin to LEATHER in cancerous solariums is NOT healthy. Being a chain-smoker, is NOT healthy! Being a binge boozo, is NOT healthy. Eating the same lettuce meal every day for 10+ years, is NOT ‘healthy’. She is malnourished. Many drinkers and smokers look fit and sometimes toned, but that does not make them ‘healthy’, or the lifestyle they lead, ‘healthy’. All that beside the fact that she is getting chunky.

  193. 193
    Noprideinpaidfor'awards' Says:

    @you people are astounding: I think people ‘dislike’ the poster’s INTENTIONS (and Aniston’s intentions) for posting things like that. Posting a list of charities she tosses a check at on her way to her manicures and pedicures doesn’t prove anything other than IMAGE is everything to her.

  194. 194
    Noprideinpaidfor'awards' Says:

    @you people are astounding: also it was posted by someone who before posting that list of checkbook charity, smeared someone else’s TRUE charity simply because they feel as an Aniston fan, they MUST attack who THEY perceive, to be Aniston’s ‘opposition’. No one does humanitarian work for just under a third of their entire life, over a decade, and puts themself at risk in war-torn countries, helps with her OWN TWO HANDS, to build a well, becomes a UN Ambassador and a member of a Council for foreign affairs, if they truly didn’t have their heart and soul in it. NO ONE! And the person who posted that list, disparaged true, hands-on charity. And THEN turned around and posted that list. So if you put some thought into it, and the thought process that goes on in a person like thats head, you’ll understand WHY it was thumbed down.

  195. 195
    Noprideinpaidfor'awards' Says:

    @you people are astounding: “# 150 lara , she must be AJ”, oh, and WHY would you make a comment like that? Trying to play the innocent and reasonable, and THEN turn around and stir the pot. What has AJ got to do with anything? Thanks for showing your true colors….

  196. 196
    Noprideinpaidfor'awards' Says:

    @anna: Anna, hate to break it to you, but people do NOT say things like that, unless they TRULY, deep down, BELIEVE it. So YES, CH is indeed a bigot. If she wasn’t, she could never even DREAM of saying it. I suppose you are also going to say that Mel Gibson truly “doesn’t mean” what he says, right? Sorry, but she MEANS every single word and syllable of it, and you better believe it!

  197. 197
    Noprideinpaidfor'awards' Says:

    @you people are astounding: “you’re completly disgusting, but you’re right, angelina is all used up, by brad, billy bob thorton, every other married man that she was able to get her hands on, and the tons of other guys she’s been with. health-wise i’m sure angelina is not stronger, jennifer aniston does real works out, not just laying on her back like some *****. jen is not grossly skinny like angelina, she’s toned and lean”
    Well, that post finally puts to bed your trying to be rational and REALLY shows you up and exposes your true colours.
    “angelina is all used up” – Correct me if I’m wrong, but Angelina is the one who has been in a MANOGAMOUS 6 year relationship. Aniston is the Hollywood town bike, being urinated on and spreading her over-stretched c you next tuesday to every co-star and Hollywood male she can find. 9+ and counting, in 6 years and counting. Who was it you said who is “all used up”? It ain’t Angelina, hon.
    “brad, billy bob thorton, every other married man that she was able to get her hands on” – ah, how telling. Another fan of Aniston BY DEFAULT. You believe the LIES about Angelina being with married men when she NEVER has been, and there never has been a skerrick of evidence, on the contrary, in fact. Your TRUE agenda becomes clear. You support Aniston by DEFAULT, like most of her so-called ‘fans’ and feel its your loonifer-bound ‘duty’ to attack Angelina. Otherwise, you know, you just ain’t a true loonifer, and haven’t earned your ever-loving genuine Aniston-fanclub stripes, if you don’t attack Angelina. Oh, I didn’t touch on Aniston bragging about effing Brad on the first date (to trap him, no doubt), or her saying in an interview that “to make it in Hollywood, a woman must be fuqkable” (yes, it was an interview, and yes, she did indeed say this), or her romps with Christ Gartin (sp?), the married guy, or her and the Courteney Cox/Tate Donovan love triangle, or …..etc etc
    “and the tons of other guys she’s been with”
    Nowhere NEAR the amount that Sluttifer has been with in the PAST SIX YEARS ALONE!
    “health-wise i’m sure angelina is not stronger” – Yeah, I guess urine is REALLY good for the complexion, huh? Solariums and leather skin are GREAT ‘complexion markers’. So is chain-smoking and boozing. REAL healthy. That makes so much more sense than proclaiming a woman who does the majority of her own kick a.rse stunts and who has always been naturally truly thin (unlike those who are naturally chubby but starve themselves, smoke and drink to appear thin), is ‘unhealthy’. lol
    “jennifer aniston does real works out, not just laying on her back like some *****. ” – Really? Because the past 6 years would suggest that laying on her back is EXACTLY how Jen has kept into shape…
    “she’s toned and lean” – ******** around Hollywood like a jackrabbit wh.0re in heat will help to attain that. So will smoking, drinking and starving yourself.
    So yes, you truly ARE astounding. Astounding that you are so ignorant and so full of hate for someone who has never done anything wrong, and have the nerve to be outraged out others when you are such a big hypocrite.

  198. 198
    Noprideinpaidfor'awards' Says:

    @you people astound me: “you people astound me @ 06/06/2011 at 1:01 pm
    “omg, you’re such a gross person, what are you even talking about? putting fingers up your butt and what not.” – Why is that poster gross? He/she is just commenting about Gerard Butler finger-fu/king Aniston in her ****, in public. THAT, the ACT, is gross, and the person who does it, and the person who receives it. Buter and Aniston are the gross ones. B ut with you its shoot the messenger, not the person who DOES it.
    “i’m 19″ – that explains why you gullibly believe the tabloid hoax of an affair.
    “i’ve never been married, but if i were to get married, i wouldn’t be with a low-life cheater like brad pitt(iful).” – Um, newsflash, Pitt is NOT a cheater, and he never has been. Its been proven that the affair didn’t happen. You’re too late. Put down the tabloids and GROW UP. For 19, you are still very immature and have a lot of growing up to do. I also hope that if someone is unfortunate enough to fall for a hateful, prejudiced and nasty person like yourself, they won’t spread LIES about you having an affair on them, and have the whole world believe it. It ‘astounds’ me how nasty, evil and mean-spirited people like you who “bare false witness” against their fellow man and spread gossip about them and hate them on the basis of LIES, believe you hold the moral ground. You are the one in the wrong here. You are the one spreading hateful lies and spreading gossip and hate. The irony is that you can’t see what a horrible person YOU are.

  199. 199
    Noprideinpaidfor'awards' Says:

    Ending by commenting on the actual article, its obvious that this award, voted by internet (no doubt multi-voting), was paid for by Huvane. And NO! This is NOT bitterness, this is fact. This IS Huvane’s M.O. This award is so full of irony, the only thing more ironic is if Rumer Willis was given this award. This is a ‘mock’ award, and if anyone truly believes Aniston was ‘given’ this award because she is truly considered ‘hot’ and not the masculine unattractive chunky person she is, I pity them for their level of gullibility. Its a mocking award. Seriously, its ironic, pitiful and sad. And it doesn’t surprise me that Aniston is so full of herself that she would actually have the nerve to attend to accept it. Her attendance and acceptance, truly says it all about her narcisism. I can’t imagine any actress being that arrogant enough to actually attend to accept such a shallow and superficial award. Only Aniston or Hilton would have the nerve to accept something like this. Thats the pitiful thing about this; Aniston’s lack of dignity in attending and her desperation shows she isn’t an actress, she is a ‘celebrity’. In the end, thats all she is. And her nasty superficial fans will lap up this narcisistic attendence in the same way they will also, no doubt, support Paris Hilton. And then turn around and run down a well-respected and lauded by Nelson Mandela woman who has done nothing to hurt anyone and has done a lot of hard work on the ground. Aniston fans truly are shallow, nasty loathesome creatures. They are the reason for my Aniston hatred. Not Aniston herself. Enjoy your vain idol’s little internet booby prize mock award. Its all you’ll ever have. And clearly, its all you’ll ever rate or be able to relate to. So enjoy it. I’ll however, be amused at the ‘mockness’ of the award and her fans inability to ‘get’ that she is being mocked and made a fool of. I’ll laud true awards. Acting awards. Humanitarian awards. real things that count. You Hiltonesque Aniston fans can enjoy your cheap little booby prize and believe it says/means something. While the rest of us laugh at you for not getting the punchline.

  200. 200
    abdullh Says:

    Only respect it and I stand campuses for each of the work of learn knits together if, meet. A feeling of longing, Patti attach evacuated when you see you built hopes he forgot his past your eyes Ahank lectured .. Hui came say tired .. I would say that I am fighting al-Hawa matter the if it is your hand .. The death of me! To love

  201. 201
    FACT Says:


  202. 202
    carol Says:

    Purleese! Angelina did this rubbish 8 years ago. Time to grow up Jennifer. She looks like a prawn dressed in black. Horrible knees and scared legs. Award for the Vainest of them All, you dad must be proud!

  203. 203
    MANNY Says:

    NUNCA @ 06/06/2011 at 11:46 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Maniston looks like a body builder on steroids!!!!!!!!

  204. 204
    anna Says:

    @JN86: blah, blah, blah. i know you were being sarcastic weirdo i was being sarcastic too, smart one, i didn’t think you were being serious, i can’t believe you thought i was being serious. me saying jen was a genius was also sarcasm, i was pointing out the stuidity of saying that jen is “ignorant” becasue she’s freinds with CH. she has artist friends, does that make her an artist? she’s friends with george clooney, does that make her an unbelievably talented actor? she has friends that are amazing directors, does that make her one?

  205. 205
    you people are astounding Says:

    @Noprideinpaidfor’awards’: FYI, the “# 150 lara , she must be AJ”, comment wasn’t me, it was someone who posted under the same name. why would i have written that? it even confused me when i read that because whoever “lara” is, seems to be a jennifer aniston fan, so that post doesn’t really make sense.
    ok, you can keep saying that brad didn’t cheat on jennifer aniston because YOU are just as delusional as you keep saying jen-fans are, but here are some facts of the Aniston-Pitt divorce and at the fact that Angelina lied during that press conference. She stated that she would never date a married man, yet a) she said she couldn’t wait for her children to be old enough to watch Mr & Mrs. Smith so they could see the movie where “mommy and daddy fell in love” and b)if they didn’t engage in a relationship until he was divorced from Jennifer, do this math for me: the divorce was finalized October 2, 2005, Angelina announced January 11, 2006 that she was pregnant with Brad’s child and Shiloh was born May 27, 2006. Between October 2 and May 27 is a little more then 7 months. Typically a pregnancy lasts 9 months and Shiloh wasn’t born premature, so either a) Brad did in fact start a relationship with Angelina before he was divorced, which would make her a liar or b)Shiloh isn’t his, which would make her a *****. Wait, never mind…she’s already both. oh, and not to mention, for brad to have ONLY cheated on jennifer at the end of their marriage, that would mean that either angelina got knocked up on the first try (and at her age that’s not very possible), or they were carrying on that affair for a long time.
    BTW, you put that there’s not one person in the world that wouldn’t swear on the bible that angelina is beautiful, well, i wouldn’t because i would be struck down by lightning if i did (maybe an atheist would), i don’t find her beautiful, she has very exaggerated features, and i find her body appauling, but i’ll admit that she had a pretty bangin body in tomb raider, but that was short-lived. there are MANY people that would say she’s ugly, there are also MANY people that find jennifer aniston ugly. because there is not one person in the world that is beautiful to EVERYONE, NO ONE’S beauty is a fact.

  206. 206
    TRUTH HURTS. Says:

    So Ticky got the award for ” A Decade of Loneliness” at the Guy’s Choice award.

  207. 207
    you people are astounding Says:

    @Noprideinpaidfor’awards’: oh, and i also wanted to say that you should probably get off your high horse and stop saying anyone who doesn’t like angelina jolie is evil or mean, or what ever else you were saying, because your hatered for jennifer aniston is almost insane. YOUR gullible, angelina has never hidden the fact that she’s been with many men, so we all know that she’s a bit of a s1u+, butt you’re talking about jennifer aniston as if she’s been with tons of men since her divorce, but really there are only 2 people that we all know she’s been with for a fact (and that’s mayer and vince vaughn), the other men she had “supposedly” been with were costars that the media said she was with, and she had to clarify that they were only cast-mates, so you can just keep talking about “baring false witness.” i don’t think i’ve hidden that i’m a jen fan, don’t know why you were acting like you’re outing me. look at the pot calling the kettle black, you’re saying that jen fans make up stories about angelina, but what about you psycho angelian fans who ALWAYS say that huvane is working with jennifer aniston, when they have NEVER even once been connected in ANY way. how does that make sense in your crazy head? you’re as crazy as your idol, whose own father has come out to say that she needs to keep getting professional help, and has actually been diagnosed as having boarderline personality disorder (i’m not just making up stories like you angelina fans, her father has come out to talk about this)

  208. 208
    skeptic Says:

    Which decade is the award for????

  209. 209
    Queen Of Hot Flashes!!! Says:

    Take it away Jennifer Aniston. You can have your Hot Flashes anyday!! LOL!!!

  210. 210
    LOL Says:

    It’s like daddy paying for a mock award show at his daugher’s sweet 16. LOL. And Anistin is 42 and no sham in actually showing up to recieve it!! So hilarious..

  211. 211
    Noprideinpaidfor'awards' Says:

    @you people are astounding: Oh, the irony! You post nothing but lies and unsubstantiated rumours as if they were ‘fact’, when all you have are trashloid LIES. Lets drive a whole through your bold-faced deceitful lies. Believe me, I’ve been on this for six years, and I have seen every twisted dispicable LIE spewed from a loonifer’s mouth and there is NOTHING that I don’t have an answer for.
    “Angelina lied during that press conference.”-
    Lie number one. There was no press conference. Angelina said she could never date a married man in an article interview. And so far, that has proven TRUE, its proven that she did not lie.
    “yet a) she said she couldn’t wait for her children to be old enough to watch Mr & Mrs. Smith so they could see the movie where “mommy and daddy fell in love”
    This, THIS, is my favourite! That interview was TRUNCATED by some trashloids. Her WHOLE statement was;
    “II would be nice for the children to see where their parents fell in love ***AND TRIED TO KILL EACH OTHER***.
    Ergo for the slow tabloid brainwashed ones, she was REFERRING TO THE CHARACTERS, Mr and Mrs Smith falling in love, getting married and TRYING TO KILL EACH OTHER.
    Unless you think Brad and Angelina tried to kill each other in real life? PMSL. Knowing your type, you probably do. However there is YET ANOTHER myth for you that you swallowed, DEBUNKED. She was talking about the CHARACTERS, not her and Brad falling in love as real people, but the CHARACTERS.
    Re the whole seperation thing, the court deemed Aniston and Pitt’s marriage OVER in March 2005. LEGAL seperation doesn’t need to wait for the official divorce date stamp. Pitt and Aniston announced their formal seperation on January 5, 1995. In March, (check it up for yourself on Google) a Judge made a decree that their marriage was LEGALLY O.*V*E*R. So there was no actual marriage at that stage. Also note, that Aniston was f*qking the living sh. 1t out of Vince Vaughn a few months after this (well before October) so therefore going by YOUR rules and definition, Aniston is an adulterous wh.0re and Vaughn is a homewrecker. Oh! I forgot! Sorry me. YOUR rules ONLY apply to Brad and Angelina. Aniston is EXEMPT. RIGHT! Their marriage was LEGALLY OVER IN MARCH, 2005. By Brad AND JEN, were free to persue other relationships, which they did. JEN FIRST, with Vaughn, and Brad AFTER, when he and Angelina FINALLY got together after Jen was publically dry-humping Vaughn on a public balcony. Jen moved on first, as FACTS, show.
    Both, BOTH Brad and Jen were free from March 2005 (the exact date in March escapes me at the moment) to date.
    THEREFORE, as has been PROVEN, neither Brad, NOR JEN, cheated. There was no affair. If you ahd bothered to do the SLIGHTEST bit of research, instead of being BRAINWASHED by trashloids, you’d KNOW this.
    Anything else you want to try? Believe me, we’ve heard it a,ll, and can knock down and debunk ANYTHING from your mouth in a New York SECOND. Believe me, youa re not half as smart as you think you are. You have been brainwashed and you have chosen to skew the facts to suit what you believe. As is common with Aniston fans. We have the facts, and you’ve been given them. You either willfully lied, which is second nature for the loonifers, or you were deceived by the tabloids. One or the other. But you never had the facts. Now you do. Thank you.

  212. 212
    Noprideinpaidfor'awards' Says:

    @<a href=”/2011/06/05/jennifer-aniston-decade-of-hotness-winner-at-the-guys-choice-awards/comment-page-9/#comment-18128652″ .
    Oh, this is SO much fun! Another vomitus of lies, rumour, deceit and twisted manipulations.
    My hatred for Aniston is no more insane than yours for Angelina. However, mine is based on FACT. Your misguided hatred for Angelina is based on LIES.
    Unlike you, I am not gullible. You think Aniston is the miss American Sweetheart the miss butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-her-mouth miss perfect pure as the driven snow. Yet SHE is the one who bagged about being the Hollywood town SL.U.T. Angelina said she had only been with 4 men, in an interview before she met Brad Pitt. Given the years when she was married or dating, this all adds up and is plausible. Yet Aniston has been with at least 9 people, as ascertained by fact, that we know, since she left Brad. She is also the one who BRAGGED about f.cking Brad on the first date. She is the one who said to make it in Hollywood, “one must be fqkable” (which she proved in spades is how she got to the top). She is the one who was finger-effed in public by Butler. She is the one that had to resort to nude photoshoots to sell a movie – 1 step away from Playboy she is. Angelina has never had to resort to any of this, yet you are so gullible and brainwashed that you believe she, is a sl .ut? Your thinking is so messed up and warped its not funny.
    “ALWAYS say that huvane is working with jennifer aniston, when they have NEVER even once been connected in ANY way. how does that make sense in your crazy head?”
    Um, roflmao,. Jesus. Honey, do you know who Huvane is? He is her AGENT! So OF COURSE he is ‘connected’ with her! He is HER AGENT!! You dill. Also, Huvane, if you had BOTHERED to do your research first before shooting your mouth of and landing 2 feet in, has a controversial history of being OUTED by these tabloids as the one who calls them with tips (not just for Jen who whe represents, but his other clients, too), and THEN calls back to deny them, JUST to get Aniston’s name in the tabloids. Also, Handler, Butler, Sculfor and this latest one, Justin, are ALL clients of Slade – Huvane’s agency.
    pmsl, you seriously KNOW ABSO-LUTELY *NOTHING*, do you? Jesus, you’re a fuqking amateur. I’ve been doing this for 6 years, and I’ve never come across someone so ignorant, so BLISSFULLY OBLIVIOUS of the facts or who Jen’s agent is, and what they do.
    As for you desperate reaching about Angelina’s mental state, Angelina has NEVER been diagnosed with having ANY mental disorder. Where you got that whopper from, (problably a loonifer coven), I don’t know. Or perhaps you are ‘pulling a loonifer’ ie outright willfully lying and making it up as you go along. Aniston is the one who has a severe personality and sociopathic disorder. Aniston is the one who has ADMITTED IN A VERBAL INTERVIEW, that she has been seeing a therapist for TWENTY-ONE YEARS! Now, one must be TRULY effed up in the head, to still need a therapist, which she obviously, and does, still need, for all that time. Even her mother spoke about how unstable she is. Despite Angelina’s father saying what he said because he wanted to hurt her because of her POLITICAL BELIEFS (hes Republican, she’s, well, clearly a leftist), he later recanted, and has been trying to make it up to Angelina ever since. He has also, been accused of having mental issues. But, NEITHER of this compares to the ball of therapist-needing, mother-hating, insecure, whiny pathetic little lonely creature Aniston is.
    Face it. Anyone who has been in therapy for TWENTY-ONE FUQKING YEARS, is not a stable person. Your idol is a head-fu,qked sl.u.tty lunatic.
    So checkmate!

  213. 213
    Noprideinpaidfor'awards' Says:

    Oh, and my pleasure.

  214. 214
    anonymous Says:

    To # 199 Noprideinpaidfor’awards’ @ 06/07/2011 at

    “Aniston fans truly are shallow, nasty loathesome creatures. They are the reason for my Aniston hatred. Not Aniston herself. ”

    So you will defend AJ if it kills you because of how JA’s fans are…but you really don’t hate JA. You just post on and on and put down anyone who doesn’t agree with you because everything you say is fact and how dare anybody disagree with you.

    I bet if AJ or BP read any of your posts they would think you’re a “PSYCHO”. They don’t care what you say either way and never will. So sad for you that they wouldn’t give you the time of day if they saw you on the street. You really think they would give you a thought other than “PSYCHO” if they read your posts. Your fighting a fight and the party your fighting for doesn’t give a crap about you

    Get off the PC and get some professional help. Look at where Weiner is now and what happens when people get too full of themselves.

  215. 215
    you people astound me Says:

    @anonymous: omg, you’re so crazy it’s like talking to a brick wall, this is probably going to be the last time i’ll write you because i’ve become bored, and frankly, i don’t care enough about either brad, angelina, or jen to keep arguing this. you’ve been doing what for 6 years? stalking jennifer aniston’s every move? maybe you need help. i only even got on this because i was curious about how they decieded who won the award for guys’s choice award (now i know that actual men vote for it), then i saw this and decided to put my 2 cents in, and then you and some other obsessive angelina fans started attacking me and talking smack, say what you want about jen fans, but if they have something negative to say, they’ll only say it about angelina, but you angelina fans try to get personal and bring people’s presonal lives into it, saying things like “you’re probably fat and ugly” or “you’re husband probably left you for another woman” of “you’re probably gay”.

    yeah, angelina’s dad lied about her, because angelina is just a victim and everyone’s out to get her, anytime someone has anything bad to say about her, it’s just a lie (sarcasm). jen’s never said that she’s seen a therapist for 21 years. you have such a good imagination, you should write stories instead of obessing with this stuff.

    so you know for a fact that jen was sleeping with vince vaughn during her marriage? because they didn’t even meet until they started filming when her divorce was almost final and they both say they didn’t start dating until the end of 2005 (months after the divorce), but i suppose that you’re so confident in this because you were in bed with her so you were there to witness it. jen has NEVER proclaimed herself to be a wh ore and or said she was a sl ut, so again that’s all in your head. also, i’ve seen that picture of the supposed fingering, so please explain to me how gerard butler “fingered ” her through her pants, because that would take some MAJOR skills. a marriage is not final until you’re divorced, and angelina got knocked up during brad and jennifer’s marriage, but for them to have only been having an affair at the end of their marriage, angelina and brad would have had to stared fu cking immediatly after that seperation, and she would have had to have gotten knocked up very quickly after they started (again at her age, not probable). and not to mention that even if you’re supposed story about brad sleeping with jen after their first date is true, so what? angelina would have had to do the same, except it was worse because she didn’t even have enough self-respect (or enough respect for their relationship) to make him wait until he was divorced from his wife. so if you’re saying jen’s a ***** for that, then so is angelina. wait, it doesn’t work that way for you, it’s just jen that’s a ***** in your eyes. and at the very least jen wasn’t stupid enough to get knocked up when they first started dating, they waited to try to have a child until the y were married.
    oh, please, it’s so rich that you would talk bad about jen doing nude photoshoots/scenes, when angelina HAS BEEN NAKED IN JUST ABOUT EVERY MOVIE SHE’S DONE, and has done many nude photoshoots. the difference is that jen has no one to embarass for herself (but with that body i see no embarrassment), however, if i were angelina’s kid i would be ashamed that anyone can go rent a move and see my mother naked (pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy) or just google it, plus she’s done so many sex scenes, she’s one cover slip away from a po rno

    if you buy that she’s only been with one man, you’re VERY guilable. she said that after she was going out with brad, that’s when she because fake and went out of her way to lie and say that she’s only slept with 4 men. at least before brad, i had some level of respect for her, i never thought she was pretty, but at least she was always herself, with her ugly goth look, makin out with her brother, wearing blood, bragging about how many drugs she’s done and how she loves them, and she was open about how she’s been with many people. she was herself no matter what anyone thought about her crazy self. but if it helps you from smearing the image of angelina you have in your head, we can all just pretend that anything angelina did before brad doesn’t exist.
    and i DON’T hate angelina, i feel bad for her, just because i don’t think she’s beautiful and that she has no morals, doesn’t mean i hate her, i find her to be very fake and that’s probably why she has no friends. plus she’s tried every drug she could get her hands on, so i have no respect for somone like that.

    oh, and thinking you know everything about jen-brad-angelina doesn’t make you smart, it makes you an obsessive, weirdo stalker

  216. 216
    anonymous Says:

    To # 215 you people astound me @ 06/08/2011 at 1:27

    Did you read my post #214 carefully which is in reference to post #199

    I should have spaced it out more but the first line is a quote from poster #199 Noprideinpaidfor’awards’

    I’m not putting JA down at all

  217. 217
    you people astound me Says:

    my bad, i didn’t mean that as a reply to put that as a reply to you, i menat it as a reply to “Noprideinpaidfor’awards’”

  218. 218
    you people astound me Says:

    @anonymous: correction, i didn’t mean that as a reply to you, i meant it as a reply to “Noprideinpaidfor’awards’”

  219. 219
    you people astound me Says:

    @anonymous: i actually completely agree with your post

  220. 220
    anonymous Says:

    @you people astound me:
    These posts are crazy and way out of control. I know anyone can post whatever they want but some people go to the extreme and cross the line of decency and that goes for both sides if you can call it that.
    I believe JA, BP and AJ have moved on and this whole triangle thing is kept alive by the media to sell stories and some fans on each side that believe these stories and can’t let it go

  221. 221
    Noprideinpaidfor'awards' Says:

    @anonymous: Your whole entire post could and should be aimed at those who STARTED this, the Aniston fans. Look at this thread, and read the rubbish they say. Clearly you’re simply another loonifer trying to do damage control by brushing over your own side’s rantings.

  222. 222
    Noprideinpaidfor'awards' Says:

    @you people astound me: My last post to you, as it TRULY IS like talking to a brick wall with you. No matter HOW many times you are given the CORRECT information, it doesn’t sink in. You refuse to apologise and acknowledge you are wrong.
    “you and some other obsessive angelina fans started attacking me and talking smack, say what you want about jen fans, but if they have something negative to say, they’ll only say it about angelina, but you angelina fans try to get personal and bring people’s presonal lives into it, saying things like “you’re probably fat and ugly” or “you’re husband probably left you for another woman” of “you’re probably gay”.”
    You were SPREADING LIES about Angelina. What, did you really think no one would CALL you on it? You spread OUTRAGEOUS LIES and someone corrects you and you call that ‘attacking’. Well, here’s a thought. MAYBE YOU SHOULD GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT FIRST, BEFORE SLAMMING A WOMAN YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW. Novel, huh? Then you wouldn’t have your head handed to you. Btw, yet again, you lie. Aniston’s fans are the ones who get personal, NOT Angelina fans. Aniston’s fans have made DEATH THREATS against Angelina’s fans, on here, and on other sites. Your made have done a DAMN SITE MORE that just calling someone fat.
    They’ve even said;
    a – they hope Angelina dies a horrible death like her mother
    b – that she crashes her plane and her and her unborn twins die
    c – that Zahara the ‘black monkey’ dies of AIDS
    d – that she miscarries and bleeds to death
    e – they hope she and her baby die as it comes out of her
    f – that they hope an Aniston fan kills her
    Oh, this is JUST the TIP of the iceberg here. Not to mention that loony Aniston fan in Germany who was wearing a Team Aniston shirt, tried to approach Angelina in a restaurant and kick her in the stomach (later admitted to German police she wanted to kill the baby inside of Angelina (at that time it was Shiloh).
    Go to sites like Female First, IUC. read some of the HORRIBLE things her fans say to anyone who dares defend Angelina. FFers particularly, believe Angelina is a member of the CIA, never carried the twins, does voodoo and runs a child prostitution ring. No, seriously, No, I’m not kidding. These, are your typical standard run-of-the-mill Aniston fans. Thats ‘morals’ in play for you….
    “because angelina is just a victim and everyone’s out to get her, anytime someone has anything bad to say about her, it’s just a lie (sarcasm).”
    Exactly like the Aniston fans who make up any excuse to cover up any thing that paints her as less of the American pricness saint the loonifers think she is. Aniston, the perennial pity-party victim.
    “jen’s never said that she’s seen a therapist for 21 years.”
    Actually hon, NEWSFLASH! Yes, SHE DID! It was in an interview she did. At that time, it was 20 years (the interview was last year I believe), so now it would be 21 years. This came about because her long-time therapist passed on and Aniston gave a tribute.
    See what I mean about you commenting without know one fuqking iota of what you’re saying?
    “so you know for a fact that jen was sleeping with vince vaughn during her marriage? because they didn’t even meet until they started filming when her divorce was almost final and they both say they didn’t start dating until the end of 2005 (months after the divorce),”
    Oh god. Look. Aniston and Vaughn were filming only a couple of months after their separation. In March/April I believe, NOT when her divorce was ‘amost final’. You clearly don’t know the facts and are inventing them on the spot. NEITHER of them said ANY SUCH THING about them ‘not dating until the end of 2005′. In fact, their were photos of them together in JUNE! So my dear, you truly do NOT know what you are talking about and don’t have your facts straight. Sorry to say, and sorry to burst your bubble, that if you consider Brad a cheater for being with Angelina MONTHS after his separation from Jen, but before October, then your precious Aniston IS ONE TOO! But, I know you loonifers will spin that, after all, Aniston is NEVER at fault for ANYTHING. Little miss-butter-wouldnt-melt in her mouth. As for Shiloh, her birth was late May 2006. Work back 9 months from that. Her conception was August/September 2005. MONTHS after the March dissolution the Judge gave.
    Once again, I give you FACTS.
    “i’ve seen that picture of the supposed fingering, so please explain to me how gerard butler “fingered ” her through her pants, because that would take some MAJOR skills.”
    You serious? You think that fingering is ONLY done when you are naked? WTF? bwhahaha. He stuck is finger UP HER A.R. SE!! Whether she was clothed or not, is NOT the point. He stuck his finger up her ar-s-e hole IN PUBLIC.

  223. 223
    Noprideinpaidfor'awards' Says:

    @you people astound me:
    “a marriage is not final until you’re divorced,”
    BZZZZZ WRONG! Varring the fact that when both parties seperate and acknowledge it, the marriage, to both parties is OVER, hence people start dating when separated/estranged/applying for a divorce. The divorce or Decree Nissi is only the GOVERNMENT notification for YOU. The marriage is OVER, when the JUDGE orders it so. The Judge in vis a vis Aniston v Pitt ordered the marriage DISOLVED, in and from, MARCH 2005! Therefore, neither Pitt, nor Aniston who was fuqking Vaughn before the letter date of October 2, 2005, are ‘adulterers’. Sorry, but you have your facts ALL WRONG. The judge SIGNED OFF ON THE DIVORCE AND *DECLARED THE MARRIAGE OFFICIALLY OVER*, March 17th (from my article) 2005. Pitt and Jolie were not seen together until AFTER March. Same with Aniston and Vaughn. Also, Shiloh was conceived around August/September, WELLLLLLLL after March. So just accept that you have judged 2 people with wrong information and that does not make you a nice person.
    The thing about Aniston banging Brad on their first date, IS TRUE, unless you don’t believe JENNIFER ANISTON! It came from ANISTON HERSELF, in an interview about how her and Brad fell in love (conducted not long after they were marriage). A nice fluff piece, quite sweet. But, she SAID IT HERSELF. Why is it, that you seem to ‘know’ all these TRASHLOID ‘facts’ about Angelina, but when it comes to Jen, you don’t even know things SHE has said, HERSELF?
    Again, Angelina when she conceived Shiloh, was young (she is not old at all in fertility years). And since Shiloh wasn’t conceived till August/September, it took MONTHS of dating before Angelina became pregnant not ‘straight away’. And of course Aniston didn’t try to get pregnant. That was the problem with her and Brad’s marriage – SHE DIDN’T *WANT* to get pregnant. She didn’t have the morals, hoensty or respect to tell Brad that though.
    ” oh, please, it’s so rich that you would talk bad about jen doing nude photoshoots/scenes, when angelina HAS BEEN NAKED IN JUST ABOUT EVERY MOVIE SHE’S DONE, and has done many nude photoshoots. the difference is that jen has no one to embarass for herself (but with that body i see no embarrassment), however, if i were angelina’s kid i would be ashamed that anyone can go rent a move and see my mother naked (pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy) or just google it, plus she’s done so many sex scenes, she’s one cover slip away from a po rno”
    What a BUNCH OF LIES! So RICH, coming from YOU. For your info, Angelina has only been nude in TWO movies. And those, were when she was in her TWENTIES, not her 40s! She wasn’t a 42 year old middle aged woman when she did then, which is SO MUCH WORSE than Angelina’s TWO MEAGRE films. She has done NO nude photoshoots. Your lies are COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL! Aniston is nude in at least HALF her films. She did the naked-with-tie thing to promote a children’s movie. She also did the LOLITA (a word pedos use, it means pre=pubescent girl) shoot. Aniston makes Jolie look like a nun! Aniston IS basically in por n already, as every shoot she does she is naked! She resorts to being a stripper, and at her age, its DISGUSTING! She is a greasy slimy sl .ut.
    “if you buy that she’s only been with one man, you’re VERY guilable. ”
    I said 5, not one. Not only are you gullible, you can’t read.
    “she said that after she was going out with brad”
    Fuqk me dead, do you ever STOP putting both feet in your mouth? She made that statement PRE BRAD (after BBT/2003 or 2004).
    Gees you really are making up these lies as you go along, aren’t you? Don’t you even research? Who is FEEDING you this fanciful rubbish? Star? In Touch? If you add up her marriages, Jenny the woman, Brad, a the 2 men she said she saw in a hotel, it backs what she said up. 4 (plus 1, = 5, since the interview was PRE Brad).
    A few more things. She has NEVER ‘made out’ with her brother. That is your very sick mind at play twisting one incident, and then ADDING ONTO IT. She gave her brother a quick greeting kiss ON the lips )no tongue). Many cultures kiss their family on the lips, father/daughters/sons etc. There is nothing at all wrong with that, only what YOU SEE IN IT. There was NO ‘making out’. See how you are blowing everything out of proportion and judging this woman on things YOU are seeing, rather than looking at the facts fairly?
    She never ‘wore blood’. It was a tiny locket, with a teeny tiny pinprick of blood. This is COMMON NOWADAYS, just like a mother/boyfriend wearing their child’s first lock of hair in a locket. Sweet, and INNOCENT. Nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing dirty, nothing wrong.

  224. 224
    Noprideinpaidfor'awards' Says:

    @you people astound me:

    She never ‘bragged’ about how many drugs she’s done. She just said she has tried ‘many’. Do you not know, that 99.99999999999999% of Hollywood have tried all the drugs, too? Aniston HAS. Aniston is a well-knwn pot-smoker. Do you have ‘less respect’ for her? Or, as usual, do your rules ONLY apply to Angelina, and not the rest of Hollywood? If you hoenstly think the ONLY drug Aniston has tried (bar her booze and ciggies habit) is pot, you are more gullible than I thought. If you really think Aniston is any different than Angelina or Hollywood, then you are blo.ody tripping on something good. Btw, trying drugs does not make you a ‘bad’ person. It makes you a normal human being who experiments and tries things. Being an addict is different from experimenting. If you truly judge people on if they’ve tried drugs, then no wonder you come across as a self-rightous, small-minded, judgmental thoughly unpleasant person. I pity you if you TRULY mean what you said about not respecting someone, simply because they TRIED a drug. What a shallow thoroughly nasty small-minded person you are!
    Ok, say Aniston who isn’t into charity, lied about wanting kids with her husband, scre.w ed her way to the top and admitted she had to be b.eepable, bragged in a fluff exclusive about fuqking Brad on the first date, slept with 9 guys since Brad, including being urinated on by Mayer, smokes pot, does lolita shoots and now s.ucks a banana very suggestively has ‘morals’, but a woman who;
    has had a monogamous relationship for 6 years, has never hurt anyone, does a lot of TRUE humanitarian work, is on the board of Council for foreign affairs, is a Goodwill UN Ambassador, a hard-worker, a family woman and has the respect of many decent GOOD people, such as Nelson Mandela, “lacks” morals? Is that what you TRULY believe? Because I haven’t come across many with as WARPED a sense of morals, as you. Look at the woman. ANISTON is the one who has NO sense of dignity, self-respect or morals. She is ‘a’moral. That is, WITHOUT morals. She is a phony. A fake, a manipulative superficial selfish and shallow person who doesn’t care for anything or anyone but herself, getting herself in naked shoots, tanning her skin, her ciggies and malibu beach. Oh, and mehico. She has NO morals and basically is very very much like Parisite Hilton as far as talent, personality and human decency and morals. Angelina is SO FAR ABOVE Aniston in morals, which is why I and many like her. She isn’t a cheap and greasy piece of like Aniston/Hilton/Lohan. She is a family woman. She does GOD’S work being a humanitarian. She doesn’t to be someone she isn’t, unlike Aniston. With Angelina, what you see is what you get. The real McCoy. And I never thought I saw the day when some silly ditzy fool on here said a bleach-blonde sl.utty bimbo town bike like Aniston, has more morals than the more stable, settled, family woman and Diplomat Angelina. You truly were raised with no idea what true MORALS actually are. Because if you think the vain bleach-blonde pot-addicted lolita posing Aniston is a symbol of ‘morals’, GOD HELP YOU, is all I can say. You truly need help, if that is REALLY how you believe. Smearing a good moral woman like Angelina who has never hurt anyone and does nothing but good in God’s name, but lauding a cheap bleach-blonde beach bum bimbo, shows you are simply another Hiltonite and Lohan fan (yes, I recognise your type – most Aniston fans by default of their ‘values’ are Hilton and Lohan fans).
    Anyone can know the FACTS of things, it doesn’t make them a ‘stalker’. Of course, thats the only comeback you can possibly have, when you’ve had your handed to you on a platter. All it takes is an EDUCATED person who PAYS ATTENTION TO *FACTS*.
    Someone who doesn’t judge a fellow (wo)man on trashloid malicious gossip and THEN has the hide to talk about ‘morals’. Its a lesson for you to keep your mouth shut about other people, unless you know facts. What you have done is EVIL. You go on about morals, but speak badly about a woman who has done NOTHING BUT GOOD and whom whos good deeds you could not equal in 6 lifetimes. Angelina is far a nicer, moral and decent person than you are. You are simply a nasty gossip who hates on your fellow man based on tabloids and then speaks out of turn and based your dislike and impression on that person, someone you don’t know, on tabloids.
    You were wrong about Angelina. have a good look at yourself in the mirror. You are the last one to talk about morals. You come across as a bully, a small-minded bit.ct hy gossip; a petty trashloid-believing, small-minded, bigoted and judgmental thoroughly nasty person who is defending the wrong person and has your morals about. Have a good hard look at yourself before speaking ill of good people that leave you in the dust.

  225. 225
    Noprideinpaidfor'awards' Says:

    What I’m saying is, Aniston is not this miss apple pie miss american sweetheart miss butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth she pretends she is. She puts on such a ‘act’, and you people truly lap it up and believe she is that way. So many people on her TRULY think Aniston is God and that sun shines out of her a.r se. How can you be so blind. The blind worship and adoration of this vapid woman is sickening. Its like Jonestown or the Davidians. She is NOT the person you people trully fool yourselves into believing she is. She has you all conned. Wake up.

  226. 226
    jenrocks Says:

    ********.. leave her alone..she is an amazing person.. so mind your own business.. u all are just so jealous

  227. 227
    Sandra Says:

    I have never thought that there are so many people whose favourite spare time activity is to bully stars like Jennifer Aniston. It seems they love to hate others and can only feel that they are “Someone Worthy” as long as they feel superior to others in any ways. It rather shows serious hidden weaknesses and psychological problems than strength!
    Of course it is easier to deal with others in a negative way, picking at someone and trashing them all the time, from day to day, instead of facing our own problems and faults, as well as our failed lives and try to change it somehow for the better.

    Peace to all! Bye!

  228. 228
    ellie' Says:

    Well deserved award for Hotness,,!!! your a beauty!!!

  229. 229
    ellie' Says:

    Well deserved award for Hotness,,!!! your a beauty!!!

  230. 230
    ellie' Says:

    Well deserved award for Hotness,,!!! your a beauty!!!

  231. 231
    Ghost Says:

    Hobag of Hollywood . Jealous? No… How deluded , uneducated , and pathetic are you misguided morons. The way you are acting is as if she just won an Oscar. Her rep Steven H . shot down rumours , and said her latest boy toy was nothing more than a friend. Maybe you should get off the computer your mom bought , when she gets home she might get mad at the babysitter for letting you touch it. jen slept her way to the middle of Hollywood and when someone mentions this you freak-out. Tuff-Shite.

  232. 232
    Ghost Says:

    @ Ellie…… You are either a paid poster or a 12-yearold moron. How can an adult on this site possibly take your blind loyalty seriously ? Your narrow approach to posting positive comments about Jennifer is proof of this… Well deserved award for Hotness,,!!! your a beauty !!! Your words not mine . Let your mom type it for you next time. When she finds out that you worship Jen Jen she may ground you. Oh Oh I her the door, better log of and pretend to do your times tables , mom’s not in a good mood and she doesn’t like Jen either.

  233. 233
    jade Says:


    Well,well,Look who’s here, my use to be Friend,Ghost. I see you are still here telling off us Jen fans,as only you can.

    Seriously, Hi Ghost.

  234. 234
    jade Says:

    @ ellie’

    Check in Friday evening.

  235. 235
    Ghost Says:

    Hi Jade. Can’t help myself. It’s fun.

  236. 236
    jade Says:

    Hi Ghost,

    Glad you commented back. You say what you need to.You wouldn’t
    be Ghost, if you didn’t.

    I’am going to watch the Guys Choice Awards, on Spike TV. I’ll be back

  237. 237
    Ghost Says:

    Wow . If Truth be told Jen Jen looks like she partied all night . Just a little piece of advise Jen. Shower and change and do your hair next time so that people don’t think you just came off the Ho-Stroll. Sorry, with the large number of men you have been with in the last 6 years , it would seem that you just did..

  238. 238
    Ghost Says:

    T.V. sitcom actress at best. Jennifer has never carried a movie on her shoulders . She is not a movie star and should consider going back to T.V.

  239. 239
    Aussie Girl Says:

    Is she wearing a lop-sided wig…..Also this award is def bought and paid for

  240. 240
    Caroline Says:

    ATTENTION: If you don’t like Jennifer Aniston, then you should seriously eff off! Why waste your time on commenting???

    Grow up and get a life! REALLY!!! Gosh.

  241. 241
    Lorna Says:

    Very well deserved,indeed:)

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