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Justin Bieber: Earrings at the MTV Movie Awards 2011!

Justin Bieber: Earrings at the MTV Movie Awards 2011!

Justin Bieber poses with his award backstage at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards held at Universal Studios’ Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday (June 5) in Universal City, Calif.

The 17-year-old singer sported some brand new earrings in both of his ears!

Justin made a surprise appearance to accept the award for Best Jaw Dropping Moment during the show for his work in his concert documentary flick Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.

FYI: Justin is wearing a blazer and shoes by Zara, a Factory 413 vintage t-shirt, Factotum pants, Nialiya jewelry, and David Yurman‘s black diamond chevron ring.

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74 Responses to “Justin Bieber: Earrings at the MTV Movie Awards 2011!”

  1. 1
    goat Says:

    ewm retarded! he’s desperately trying to look cool . NOT

  2. 2
    Sigh... Says:

    Smh… now he looks even more feminine.

  3. 3
    lol Says:

    EW GROSS…the lesbo Miley Cyrus UGH!!!

  4. 4
    Elisilla Says:

    He looks so bad! His face is to girly to wear earrings.

  5. 5
    Elisilla Says:

    He looks so bad! His face is too girly to wear earrings.

  6. 6
    John Hopkirk Says:

    He looks like a homosexual. Like most of America.

  7. 7
    jo Says:

    just waiting for this one to come out of the closet. Dude! You already look and sing like a girl….earrings really do NOT help your case!

  8. 8
    bbq Says:

    It’s a no for me. The earrings do nothing for him. If anything, it makes him look more feminine than before.

  9. 9
    Wes Says:

    She looks really pretty!!!

  10. 10
    dawn Says:

    what a loser

  11. 11
    GAY Says:


  12. 12
    GAY Says:


  13. 13
    John Says:

    So earrings makes a man gay? American masculinity is quite insufferable. 95% of these so-called dudes calling him gay suffer from repressed sexuality. I bet u wank to pictures of your “buddies” at night; idiots!!!

  14. 14
    ewww Says:

    he looks like a lesbian with a short hair cut….what do these girls see in him?

  15. 15
    caroline Says:

    No, earrings don’t make a man gay. Earring make justin bieber MORE gay.

  16. 16
    Deedz Says:

    Oh my gosh, this. This should never happen again.

  17. 17
    Yo-landi Says:

    i usually don’t comment on him being gay or girly but earrings DO make him look wayy too feminine ……never noticed how girly his features are before =o

  18. 18
    Those earrings Says:

    Well does he try to impersonate Johnny Depp with those earrings??
    His face is not masculine enough to bares these earrings…looks like a 40 something lady with short hair with a boyish fresh look.

    Soon he will tattoo his whole body to looks more “masculine”

  19. 19
    sarah Says:


  20. 20
    Pat Says:

    leave him alone already….he’s not gay!! and he looks fine….why are you trying to make fun to those who are more powerful than you!! STOP THE NONSENSE.

  21. 21
    hmm Says:

    oooo, bad move. he shouldn’t have done that. he’s gonna get hated so much more now. i still like him.

  22. 22
    JOE Says:

    He’s young. But he officially looks like a lesbian.

  23. 23
    Melissa Says:

    OMG! He looks soo kute! :) way better den b4 :DD <3

  24. 24
    jj Says:

    She looks like a young Ellen.

  25. 25
    Mann Says:

    He looks like such a girl and the earrings are black makes it worst like he should be wearing a sexy night gown instead, he looks like a young Jamie Lee Curtis…. Congratulations.

  26. 26
    BOO Says:

    He looks like a lesbian. Actually, that is an insult to lesbians.

  27. 27
    Maya Says:

    I love
    JB and the earrings

  28. 28
    cleo Says:

    Sad thing is I think his management is feeding estrogen to keep him looking efeminite young so his legions of idiots keep loving him. How else do you explain a seventeen year old boy not having any facial, chest, or stomach hair, and has female looking hair on his legs. I’d love to see a recent picture of him with his arms up while swimming with Selena in Hawaii, to see if he has underarm hair. I don’t think he’s gay, but I do think their doing something him to keep his boyish image, trying to ****** his growth to getting the bucks. Can’t for the life of me figure out why he is so popular. Makes me lose faith in the entertainment industry. Ewww!

  29. 29
    mosely Says:


    okay, i honestly, i’m a ‘belieber’ and i am not here to talk crap,
    but this whole look, um, not my favorite. lol

    i mean plenty of guys have pierced ears and all,
    but everything together here, not doing it.

    no justin. sorry. but i still love ya

  30. 30
    mosely Says:

    i’m not gonna call him gay or nothing, because “Gay” shouldn’t be an insult, but i agree, he is too pretty for those earrings.

    and if he’s gonna dye his hair that color,
    he should at least do his eyebrows too!

  31. 31
    Gracie Says:

    Love u Justin ur so hot!!!!!

  32. 32
    javi Says:

    dude i understand one earring but two cmon dude with your child like face dosen’t look good you should ask your so called swag coach that two earrings are not cool make you look well afeminated

  33. 33
    Gracie Says:

    Justin I’m one of ur biggest fans I’m so proud I’ll always be there for u #never say never

  34. 34
    minty fresh Says:

    That blue looks pretty on her.

  35. 35
    ohhhJustine! Says:


  36. 36
    Abby Says:

    OMFG I just realized his eyes and lips look like they should be on a girl. NOTTTT good Justin.

  37. 37
    Corin Says:

    iLove Him Wayy More Now That He Has Earings..! Hot..! ily Justin.!

  38. 38
    Marah Says:

    WHOA DADDY!!!!

  39. 39
    just me Says:

    You forgot your red lipstick Justine B!!!! It would have completed your look.

  40. 40
    annie Says:

    J.b is ugly

  41. 41
    Yar Says:

    What a pretty, pretty girl!

  42. 42
    Abby Says:

    @cleo: tbh I have to agree with you. LEts face it, once a hearthrob grows up most of those “fans” who are still like 12 years old don’t want anything to do with them because they know they could never have him because he grew up and is older now.

    Just look at the Jonas Brothers. They are for sure still popular but they did loss some of their fanbase because they all grew up and look like young men now instead of boys. Sad if you ask me, shows these “fans” aren’t TRUE FANS.

  43. 43
    Kaila Says:


  44. 44
    Kaila Says:


  45. 45
    tami Says:

    i don’t like the earrings personally, but i LOVE Justin so watever he does or wears he wears and does. leave him alone, go to the beach or something, hang out with ur fam. do something with ur life ppl

  46. 46
    Dylan Says:

    Lose the earrings dude. You look like a chic

  47. 47
    tami Says:

    @mosely: yeah it’s like he has a pretty boy face and he shouldn’t wear earrings. i love him the way he is i mean if he wants to wear them WEAR THEM idc lol but personally he’s fine with maybe just one earring or none at all

  48. 48
    Jessie Says:

    He looks like George Michael in WHAM! My daughter who is in love with him said he looked like a girl. Take out those earrings girl– er….boy. ;/

  49. 49
    Marieme Says:

    Same thought here Wes #9. He’s looking so purdy lately.

    No hate though. I think Justin is a good kid. I wish him the best.

  50. 50
    c Says:

    Lol he is such a loser… He tries way too hard.. The sooner him and his s hit music go away the better!!

  51. 51
    ELI Says:

    After the star tattoo on the elbow, now the earings ! REALLY ??! Lol 90s are over man !

  52. 52
    for f***'s sake Says:

    Yeah, and you’re trying to convince us you’re NOT gay?

  53. 53
    Brainy box Says:


  54. 54
    lolo Says:

    He is using Selena because he is gay!!! Come out the closet already baby Barbara. Is he going to be like Rick Martin and only come out in his 40s?

  55. 55
    lola Says:

    Prettier than Selenita :) Giiirl you have some competition!!

  56. 56
    Jo Says:

    Looks like a freaking girl hahaha

  57. 57
    juniper Says:

    Will he be changing his name to Justine soon?

  58. 58
    sam Says:

    Oh god, more gay than a gay

    his eyebrows, the earring = ridiculous

    I don’t understand Selena, she’s pretty and I though she’s smart but…

  59. 59
    Frida Says:

    ol he looks more like a girl every day

  60. 60
    jessica Says:

    trying not to agree but he does look like a girl he wood look less like a girl if he had a hoodie on or a hat and only one earring or just different earrings period not does ones but he still have ALOT !!! SWAG!!

  61. 61
    ally Says:

    I don’t care that this kid is wearing earrings. Why is this news?

  62. 62
    Cutie Says:

    Awl Justin looks so cute with earrings

  63. 63
    arichan bieber Says:

    justin bieber is so cool !!

    i love ya,jb<36

  64. 64
    leann Says:

    it just does not go with is face but he still looks cute <3

  65. 65
    Kris Says:

    He’s becoming more female, next thing you know lip stick and tight spandex, maybe he’s trying to be Ellen, but we all now Ellen gets more girls than this ***

  66. 66
    kristupa saragusa Says:

    wow…she’s very pretty…love you justin…

  67. 67
    kim Says:

    I love justin bieber and everything but the ear rings look horrible..

  68. 68
    cg101 Says:

    those piercings are new he always had them…if you watch his movie u can see when he was younger he had earings in his ears!!!

  69. 69
    Amanda Says:

    I’m fed up with haters ok Justin Bieber is a human being just because he has a better carrer is alot hotterr can wear earrings and still look good, is talented and many more doesnt mean u have to spend your lives jealously moping around how about listen to your dreams and work hard to become what you want to make out of yourself other wise known as Never Say Never because that is how you get somewhere in life stop hating.I love you Justin you mean the world to me and so many others dont listen to haters because there are so many fans that are true Beliebers who have been there from the start and if a couple haters come out and try to be bullies because they wish they were u dont let that bring u down just remember the fans who fight for u online and even in person because we stick up for u because we belive in u and what u have become thank u for showing me a great way to follow my dreams.I love u so much thank u

  70. 70
    jazmyne Says:

    omg the earrings looks hot on him ps. what!?!?!?!

  71. 71
    Susanne Says:

    I know! Isn’t Justine pretty?

  72. 72
    hee Says:

    what a hot girl!

  73. 73
    john papadopoulos Says:


  74. 74
    Rebecca Louise Bieber Says:

    Right ALL of you SADDOS that think that you can go round judging people on how they look, what they were, how they sing, how they talk that stuff your no better your selve. You dont even listen to him or watch him so how would you know how he sounds or looks your wasting your time saying bad stuff about him so if you dont like him then just stop annoying ALL of his FANS ! You dont relise how much a twats you all are so piss off and do every one a favour because you wouldnt do this if he wasnt famous !!!!!! You may think youre all that but your not saying stuff about someone you hardly know its bullying so just think about what your saying next time and think about what you want to say before you say it (/ type it) I really do think you lot are disgusting little scums and bullys so shut up piss of and do everyone a favour as a said beforem !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO ONE LIKES BULLIES

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