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Angelina Jolie: 'Salt' Sequel in the Works?

Angelina Jolie: 'Salt' Sequel in the Works?

Angelina Jolie is close to reprising her role as Evelyn Salt in the action thriller Salt.

Sony Pictures, the studio behind the first flick, “is moving forward on its much speculated Salt sequel,” Deadline reports.

Kurt Wimmer has reportedly started writing it for Angelina, who “wants to do [it] if it comes together right.”

FYI: Angelina turned 36 on Saturday (June 4). Happy belated birthday, Angie!!!

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Angelina Jolie back as Evelyn Salt?

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  • Orchid


  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Tthat’s awesome if it is true. Can’t wait.

  • Orchid

    I mean it would be fantastic, if true.

    Thank you, Jared!

  • ANN

    sounds great !!!!!

  • Orchid

    If they do make a 2nd Salt, I would prefer it if Angie leaves more to the stuntwoman.

  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

    You can’ t put up a thread to celebrate the birthday of a woman who got you established on the web but this you can post on??

    Sell-out much Jared?

  • Worth Reposting

    SALT 2- YES!!! @ 06/06/2011 at 9:47 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +4

    wow- LOVED Salt so much- can hardly wait to see Ev back kicking butt- Angie is so awesome!! Here is a little JP hotness from the Salt LA premiere:

  • cudo

    f yeah for salt 2! Happy birthday ange xx

  • Ann Howard

    YES!!!! This will be awesome :)

  • haters whatever

    I’ve liked Angelina since Gia , girl interrupted, playing by heart and it’s sad to see how she takes easy non challenging roles. I’m sure she’ll get mega money for salt sequel but I wish she cared about starring in a good movie rather than the amount of $$. Plus, it sucks to see her all skinny and fragile doing stunts. UGH! at least gain weight if all you’re gonna do is Action $$$ movies.

  • XIII

    He*ll yeah!!!

  • XIII

    AMH and Changeling were goood movies. Critics were biased against Angie.

  • mindy

    I enjoyed Salt and would be very interested in a sequel. I just can’t get enough of Angie, she’s great! <3

  • groundcontrol

    Great News!
    Success breeds more success.

  • Emee

    So it’s true, they’re trying to make Evelyn Salt the female Jason Bourne?

  • Yaya

    Congrats Angie! it will be awesome hope you join in.

  • Some Bunny

    SALT is probably 1 of my favorite movies staring Angelina Jolie. Can’t wait for the sequel. AWESOME News! And what a beautiful choice for the picture JJ for this story!

    Blessings to the JP’s and to their family and fans!

  • Pewe

    It is perfectly right.

  • groundcontrol

    I’d like to see more of Salt’s backstory dealt with and how she adjusted to coming to the US. That area is ripe for all kinds of psychological drama. Might also provide some interesting twists in the story.
    I’m really happy to read all the praise for Tree of Life. Looks like the overwhelming majority of critics trult appreciate Malick’s vision. Nice to see Brad getting such kudos for his portrayal. Let the Oscar buzz continue.

  • AJJA

    Beautiful Angelina. Salt was great. Hope this happens. 36 has never looked so glamorous. Other actresses only wish they could be this amazing.

  • groundcontrol

    If Salt becomes the female Bourne that will indeed be sweet for Angelina. I loved all the Bourne films and can’t wait for the next. I will be terrible disappointed if, in the end, Damon opts out.

  • an oldie

    Yeah! Salt sequel. Angelina is a superb actress whether in drama or action film.

  • haters whatever

    @groundcontrol: it’s absolutely terrible news. I’m still hoping this is a joke and she’s really gonna do some awesome movie.

  • gracie

    If it’s true, great. I would like to see a sequel b/c the way it ended, they didn’t finish it. I need to see how the story pans out. It will be interesting.

  • Evie

    Yesssss Go Angie!

  • mary

    i definitely will go see Salt two. i loved the first one

  • releka

    Saw this movie with a bunch of people and we all loved it, and we all love Angelina Jolie!!!!

  • gracie

    Congrats Orchid for beating trolls to the #1 spot. They’re usually hiding in the bushes waiting to pounce. I guess they missed this one.

    We still don’t know if this is true, Angie’s side have not confirmed it yet.

  • luvangie4ever

    I would love, love, love to watch a Salt sequel. She’s such a sexy badass!

  • gwin

    Love it!

  • MJ

    I thought haters and the media said that SALT BOMBED in the box office. I guess they’re wrong again. See haters, if SALT did not do good in the box office they will not try to make a sequel on it. If this is true, this proves the power of LA JOLIE. I am sure if Anuston will find this out, she will scream again in the ocean, asking why no one listened to her plea to be a BOND GIRL, she’s begging for it to any directors even if it’s for free she will take it. Ahh! Poor Anuston, she will turn into a loser again.

  • YAYA

    I just saw SALT about 3 weeks ago and I LOVE IT! I told anyone and everyone about this movie. I was mad at myself for taking so long. I was wondering if Angelina was interested in even doing it again, since it’s been awhile.

    Jared this made my day! Happy B-day for all of June!

  • an oldie

    Shout out to Guli. Thanks for the lovely Ticky;s pics. LOL.

  • La Madrelingua

    ARE YOU EXCITED to see Angelina Jolie back as Evelyn Salt?

    Absolutely !!!!

    I’m sure even hagistons are excited too

  • an oldie

    LOL at the hens saying that Ticky and her “man-du-jour” look good together. Of course they do. It’s not the odd coupling of Beauty and The Beast. It’s the perfect match of Fugly and The Beast.

  • Sweetness

    This movie can’t be made soon enough for me! I want it out right now! Bring it on Angelina! We need our badass AJ for next summer because the crop of crapola that has been out is lame!

  • Nice


  • MsNJS

    Absolutely want to see Angelina in SALT 2!


    PT, this is in response to your Aniston blurb from yahoo on the last thread. Don’t be so gullible hon. That yahoo piece of fan fic you posted that had maniston and receding hairline man all affectionate, was the only place I have read that. The huffpo blurb had her glaring at sudeikis and him chatting. Nowhere else was there reports of PDA. It’s a plant girl. What’s really creepy, and obvious, is that it seems like Huvane has been reading all the ‘Robsten’ PDA pieces that have saturated the web today, about how THEY were all over each other,’ and just took one of their reports and substituted the two middle aged ugly people, Maniston and receding mcbaldy in their stead. The tip off was how in both pieces they mentioned Rob Pattinson. Which was damned bizarre, but not so bizarre when you realize PR QUEEN Huvane probably has had himself a crush for some time and wants some of that – my guess is HE’s obsessed with rpatz himself. Remember that story he leaked a year or so ago, that Maniston and rpatz were making a movie together? Hahahahaha. Not coincidentally, it was not too long after Rob got wide coverage at Cannes as a guest at the Inglorious Bast..rds premiere – where he chatted with brad and Angie. The reports from reporters who were at the MTV after party, were that Rob and Kris did not leave each other’s sides, and were kissing and snuggling the whole night, both having changed to there usual bum wear. So I ask you, how is Maniston finding herself talking to rpatz sans Kristen? That other piece was yet another Huvane plant, this time the piece just mentions rob, out of all the celebs that had jam packed that shiz. Why would this piece choose to say Aniston ‘attended with,’ a 25 yr old she doesn’t know, when they could have said, Cam Diaz, A-rod, sudeikis, handjob, or Justin bieber? Huvane wants to hook his clients up on paper with objects of his lust, affection and obsession. The Twi kids, and rob were the hottest thing going last night, so Huvane, along with getting a woody just mentioning robs name, is hoping some Twi love rubs off on Maniston…but I would bet the farm, that rob didn’t get within a foot of ol broad. Pics, or it didn’t happen bishes.
    New topic, sorta: PT you sound as whack as these hater obsessives that have been scorching Angie for years, talking sh*t about seriously, I’m tempted to lay the ‘yous jes jealous’ banner around your neck. That’s how much sense you make. Do you know anything about them, or their story? Read their interviews, heard rob talk about Kris, heard other people talk about the two of them. Their love story is not unlike brad and angies. Oh, and likening Kristen to Maniston because she got with rob, and ditched her childhood boyfriend? She met that little guy in the 7th grade PT, surely you’re not espousing that hers was the equivalent of an adult marital relationship, that she had to mete out her years, the rest of her life, with a little boy she met on a movie set at 14. Put down the pipe. Are we all slutss for growing beyond the dweeblets and urkels that pulled our hair on the playground? You aren’t really suggesting that after having met the love of her life (Rob), she should have walked away and gone back to some kid she never was in love with. Are yoor confused, or are you a wild eyed ‘hater’ that attacks this kid kris, for, like Angelina, being adored by a very VERY coveted man? The worst part is comparing Kristen to ‘ticky’ as you call maniston ( btw, yes, i hate the name ticky, as I much prefer to have people know who im insulting, lol) for as you say, dumping the 8th grade bf for a much better looking guy. How ironic, when most other irrationally jealous kstew hater crazies who attack this kid, compare her to brad Pitt…and rpatz is her Angelina, while angarano is Maniston. Lol. Don’t get me wrong, it’s just as fck’d up crazy no matter which grown asss man or woman she gets compared to. Comparing this young girl who met Rob at 17, to two middle aged people whose marriage went bust is pretty close to batsh*t, you do know that, right? Ive often said, the only female that has it as bad if not worse than Angie, is kstew, and for the same dammn predictable reason: angry bitter cows feel she has ruined their masturbatory fantasies by taking one of the hottest men out there off the market. Your certainty that they won’t last, reminds me also, of the disturbed people who say the same thing re brangelina…it’s very icky herpes-rin. Most fans who are in the know, have them married or engaged as we speak, and to hear rob talk about love, marriage, faithfulness, while at the same time knowing that both he and Kris are from well adjusted, unbroken committed households, his desire to be a young dad. Well, let’s just say, this is one more couple that I’m calling to be together forever….I don’t do it often, but when I do it, I’m always right…I’m typically not a fan of couples, so when I’m drawn to them, it’s because they are the real thing.

  • yaya

    @YAYA: great you see it but yaya is my name so bug off from my name thx

  • miho

    i love SALT 2

  • Yaay

    Oh please let it be true!

  • La Madrelingua

    @an oldie: LOL at the hens saying that Ticky and her “man-du-jour” look good together. Of course they do. It’s not the odd coupling of Beauty and The Beast. It’s the perfect match of Fugly and The Beast.
    Don’t shoot me, but I have this thought in my head…. Huvvy paid that T-rex guy to keep his beard, and looks unattractive . So that ticky won’t be the “beast” in this fauxmance.

  • http://ja slig o lambert^________^ cute

    angelina looks great

  • Premalee

    Wonderful! Salt sequel. This time I hope Brad will be in it.

  • Unbelievable

    Here we go again, another crappy Maniston movie and another fake boyfriend.

  • blah

    black widow attacks again….

  • you crazy

    #47 Jealous much kaite? hahaha

  • Orchid

    45 Premalee @ 06/07/2011 at 1:36 am
    They have agreed not to work at the same time and, so far, they haven’t.


    You know who attacks again with her fauxmance???? that woman on steroids who looks like a body builder when she received her bought decade hot award..bwhahhahbahehehhehehehhehe…after their movie she’ll get dumped again!!!!