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Britney Spears: 'I Wanna Go' Single Art!

Britney Spears: 'I Wanna Go' Single Art!

Britney Spears wears fun colored streaks in her hair in the new artwork for her upcoming single, “I Wanna Go”!

The 29-year-old pop princess finished her look with a tee screen printed with a Mickey Mouse skull design.

Last week, Brit rehearsed on stage for her Femme Fatale tour for the first time. “So electric! This is going to be the best show of my career,” she tweeted.

“I Wanna Go” will hit radio stations today – be sure to request it if you love the song as much as we do! Listen below if you haven’t heard the song yet.

Britney Spears – I Wanna Go

Bigger pic inside…

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67 Responses to “Britney Spears: 'I Wanna Go' Single Art!”

  1. 1
    Lem Says:

    Flawless song, flawless single cover, etc…etc….

  2. 2
    H Says:


  3. 3
    Liam Says:

    She looks amazing on that cover <3 and the hair!

  4. 4
    H Says:

    AVRIL LAVIGNE WANNABE! and this is coming from a britney fan.. the cover and song/attitude and tone of the song screams avril.

  5. 5
    shrine Says:

    this is my favourite song on her new album; glad it’s her next single. Woo!

  6. 6
    Silvin Says:

    i love her but this is very meh…better than the album cover though

  7. 7
    yeahwhateverlulz Says:

    lol Brit I like you but you’re a little old for that.

  8. 8
    Milo Says:

    so effin HHOOTT!!!! cute, sexy & fun….just how the new summer single should be!

  9. 9
    ká simply amazing !!!!!!! Says:

    i dont like this music brit brit

  10. 10
    ladysdsandiego Says:

    I love it! it’s a fun cover!

    love you britney!!!!

  11. 11
    Paul Says:

    IWG is fabulous! Brit looks soo good. request it *******! :)

  12. 12
    mosely Says:

    obsessed! love this!
    love the fun hair colors in her hair,
    they go great with the fun, sexy, and flirty vibe on the song!
    this song makes me wanna get up and dance!

    love that britney is staying true to britney,
    sexy and sweet.

    summer anthem!

    can’t wait for the video.

    haters are gonna hate!

    they’re just mad cause britney is still rocking this shiz!

  13. 13
    lynn Says:

    she looks so young on this album cover

  14. 14
    slig o lambert^________^ cute Says:

    for me normal nothing spical

  15. 15
    rocky Says:

    wow she looks really happy!!!

  16. 16
    Me Myself I Says:

    She´s the most amazing girl on the planet…
    Cant wait to see her on the femme fatale tour in october…..

  17. 17
    sherri Says:

    age ain’t nothing but a number dolls.

    j lo is 40 and is still up their shaking her butt
    and talking about dancing and all.

    maybe a lil inappropiate, but she’s still hotter than ever

    love britney. and the mickey mouse t is adorbs.
    avril who?

    avril wishes she still had some relevancy.
    punk princess my butt

  18. 18
    LOLOMG Says:


    Newsflash! Avril shouldnt even be in the same sentence as Britney.. Unlike miss punk ***** she didnt SELLOUT to her own style in music!
    SO STFU and stop pretending to be a Britney fan when youre clearly just trying to bring her down! I Wanna Go is a fun jumpy song and DUH the style is gonna be colorful and fun! Think before you write bc right now you just look like a dumbass :P

  19. 19
    iluvindian Says:

    She’s f****n so hot……amazing cover art!!

  20. 20
    Rico Says:

    OMFG….shes gorgeous!!!!

  21. 21
    Bred Says:

    oh….i am melting…hot hot hot…..damn who create Britney!!!

  22. 22
    S Says:

    Great song, terrible cover.

  23. 23
    Foreverbeyonce Says:


  24. 24
    DontellaVersace Says:

    Stunningly Beautiful. I am so happy for you Britney SPears

  25. 25
    gag lady Says:

    How long can she pretend to be teenage girl? She is to old for this krap. And her crazy stans just can’t let go. People she is a train wreck.

  26. 26
    Caolbysince1992 Says:

    She doesnt age and she has the mickey mouse skull, lovin it. especially since she is an ex mouseketeer, so appropriate. Maybe its a message? I really love her album its fun, young and very summer. I would love to see He about to lose me and How I roll make it as singles they are very strong songs

  27. 27
    Daniel Says:

    OMG shes the cutest <3

  28. 28
    Cindy Says:

    she looks pretty <3 yay brit ;D

  29. 29
    Kat Says:

    Ahhh! she looks stunning!!!!

  30. 30
    Demetrio Says:

    Bella Britney

  31. 31
    Angelina Says:

    I want to know when the video comes out, she looks so super cute xoxo

  32. 32
    RANDYBlu Says:

    looks fun! yay Slayney! love ya girl

  33. 33
    YAYA Says:

    It’s funny people are saying she is too old but she just 29 yrs old. That in showbiz age is 19 lol

  34. 34
    Megan Says:

    That’s not Britney Spears…. That’s Avril Lavigne.

  35. 35
    Jay Says:

    She’s not really old at all. Katy Perry is only three years younger and she pulls off looks like this all the time.

  36. 36
    Karih Says:

    A picture and two typos and it’s called “artwork” … let me laugh!

  37. 37
    bae Says:

    Really like the song..

  38. 38
    britney is a zombie Says:

    Look it up…

    It’s sad.

    Britney Spears is just embarrassing these days, for so many different reasons. It’s not really her fault though, it;s the fault of all the people that have control on her.

  39. 39
    ianlynn Says:

    She looks flawless !! *-*

  40. 40
    concheiro Says:

    Ehem.. just one question.. WHY ON EARTH WOULD SHE WANNA BE AVRIL? LAME.

  41. 41
    toysoldier Says:

    SUMMER SMASH all the wa-a-a-ay! hotney, IWGney, Godney and alittle bit of Avrilney too.

  42. 42
    nicole Says:

    the old times britney when you was twenty

  43. 43
    jet Says:

    Oh, hey Avril Lavigne.

  44. 44
    O.O wot? Says:

    @H: lmao, please.. who the hell wants to act like avril… as if britney needs to copy anyone.

  45. 45
    luisaonline Says:

    nice cover but awful song and album! sorry!

  46. 46
    Dude... Says:

    Wow, some of you all are full of sh*t. Seriously…

  47. 47
    Dave Says:

    OMFG…she’s damn super sexy HOT HOT HOT>>> now i can cleary see Gods talent…!

  48. 48
    lilia mazunina Says:


  49. 49
    lilia mazunina Says:


  50. 50
    mindy Says:

    I paid a ridiculous amount of money for her upcoming concert, so GOD I hope this is the “best show of her career.” But since the tickets have dropped to 50 bucks, I’m getting so nervous and feeling very ripped off. Oh well I guess I can still count on Nicki Minja for a solid performance. Please, get it together Britney!

  51. 51
    seriousbodoh Says:

    @H: mmm ok ur not a britney fan, ur an avril fan. and britney has had streaks in her hair in the past. and pink streaks was done by many other celebs including cyndi lauper, gwen steffani. so did avril steal from them? fool.

    britney looks fresh. love it b

    @gag lady well its obvious ur just a stupid monster. calling britney a train wreck. really??? gaga openly takes drugs so i think she’s the trainwreck and u should let her go

  52. 52
    seriousbodoh Says:

    awesome song!! love it! and love how i roll!

  53. 53
    seriousbodoh Says:

    awesome song!! love it! and love how i roll!

  54. 54
    Johanna Says:

    I miss the glow that she used to have. I mean it always looks like she is tired or haven’t been sleeping for days on covers etc. Even in interviews and on stage. I look the same when I have been partying +been sleeping with make up.

  55. 55
    lola Says:

    Wow. Britney looks so so so good in this pic. Can’t wait for the video.

  56. 56
    Lily Says:

    photoshopped fake picture of her

  57. 57
    founder Says:

    Britney you look stunning drop dead gorgeous I am really pumped to see you and niki do your femme fatale thing! You are SLAYING 2011, your every where but not over exposed. You are simply amazing and to be on top for 13 years WOW! You are the new Madonna. Madonna is he own Iconic Category like Liz Taylor, but Angelina Jolie is following right behind her.

    Congrats Britney you’re killing it!

  58. 58
    oscar Says:

    Britney is to Madonna
    Lady Xerox is to Cyndy Lauper, Debbie GIbson, Tiffany *not that there is anything wrong with them 80s popstar they just didnt have the “it” factor Madonna brang. Britney Spears is this generations Madonna and isnt going any where. this girl has remained a super star for so long heck i was in 9th grade when she first came out, like was like soooooo many years ago and she is still the “ONE” to beat! Your amazing Britney Spears and you should be proud of yourself, I know I am proud of you

  59. 59
    gina Says:

    Dollface britney! <3 <3 <3 we love you Brit

  60. 60
    Carolyn91 Says:

    very cute!

  61. 61
    wtf Says:

    I love the cover,it’s so…amazing and fresh!And no,she’s not old,she’s ONLY 29.J.lo is 41 and no one is saying that she acts like a 21 year old..and she does act like she’s younger than she is.Britney can finally enjoy life.Madonna is 50 and no one’s saying nothing to her.People are bashing Brit just cause she had a breakdown.And I love the streaks!As long as she’s happy and producing fun songs,I’m ok with her “teenage act”.

  62. 62
    jol Says:

    I wanna go is just a catchy fun upbeat song, so the image for this single should be just like that. She isn’t trying to be anyone, unlike a lot of artists today Britney is the one who can’t ever be blamed of a copycat. She has always being original and true to her roots, she is just having fun… making fun not so deep music for people who wan’t exactly that. Not every song or every image of someone must be so “deep” and conceited. I love you Britney, 13years on top and still going strong…

  63. 63
    nkenk Says:

    I get the hair comparison but I don’t really see how else she’s acting like Avril Lavine. The song is totally not like her…

  64. 64
    Mario Says:

    Britney is the best!

  65. 65
    person Says:

    What a fake smile gosh!!! How people can love this beautiful Britney?? lol

  66. 66
    Julie Says:

    Love the song and the cover: young and fun! ;)

  67. 67
    Chris CR Says:

    Poparockseee princess, I wanna a honey B up the jet and drop on over to pick me up… Reality show idea also need to film it. With you having fun meeting your fans..

    Just a friend… CR

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