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Emma Watson & Jaime King: Taylor & Lily Sandwich!

Emma Watson & Jaime King: Taylor & Lily Sandwich!

Emma Watson chats up fellow actress Jaime King at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards after-party held at the exclusive Soho House on Sunday (June 5) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 21-year-old Harry Potter cutie and 32-year-old Hart of Dixie beauty chatted up Abduction co-stars — and rumored couple — Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins (they shared an intimate dinner with friends after the ceremony and before the party).

Emma talked about what it’s been like shooting The Perks of Being a Wallflower in Pittsburgh since she’s been there for a few weeks,” a spywitness tells “She said it’s going to be really sad when the movie wraps because she loves everyone she’s working with. Everyone was also talking about where the best places in Pittsburgh were.”

Adds the source, “Emma added that she’s going back to school this fall as a junior. She’s definitely intent on finishing her college education!” (UPDATE: She probably be returning to Brown University.)

Cameron Diaz was also seen arriving and holding hands with on-again boyfriend, Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez. Spider-Man‘s Andrew Garfield shared a few laughs with Twilight couple Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, who dressed down in a ripped t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. Rob had co-presented Reese Witherspoon with the MTV Generation Award earlier in the evening. He shared that he wrote what he had to say down on cue cards on the car ride over to the ceremony but joked that it didn’t help “because [he] messed up all of the jokes anyway.”

Kristen later walked over to share a table with Emma Stone and a few other girlfriends. Chace Crawford caught up with Gossip Girl pal Sebastian Stan and J.C. Chasez. Captain America‘s Chris Evans joked around with Topher Grace, who later bonded with Jaime and her husband, director Kyle Newman. Reese Witherspoon grabbed dinner with pal Chelsea Handler after the ceremony and before the party. (Earlier in the evening, Chelsea co-presented the MTV Generation Award to Reese.)

FYI: Watson paired her gorgeous Marchesa dress with Salvatore Ferragamo pumps. She wore another Marchesa dress from the ceremony’s red carpet! Jaime is wearing a Burberry, vintage dress, Amrit and Lia Sophia jewels, Stella and Jamie bag, and Chanel shoes.

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Credit: Jordan Strauss; Photos: Wireimage
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  • Anonymous

    You guys left out the picture of Lily looking like she wanted to stab Taylor in the neck for looking at Emma. Its funny as

  • Celia

    Emma Watson looked so gorgeous in both of her Marchesa dresses.
    I love this lime green one even more though.

    So excited to hear she’s returning to Brown!!

  • emily h

    wow emma is gorgeous

  • http://ja slig o lambert^________^ cute

    in red carpet

  • Anonymous

    I love Lily and Taylor trying to look like they’re part of the conversation and Emma is totally ignoring them! Too funny.

  • lucy

    emma is soooo gorgeous. seemed like they were all star struck on

  • Iscia

    Taylor looking to Emma watson and saying to himself: ” Damn what do i do with that lily, emma is just amazing and really beautiful”

  • aquarius64

    @Anonymous: Where’s that picture? Hey Lily why are you not considered good enough to sit next to your “rumored” boyfriend in a live televised awards ceremony where he is nominated? Geez, it’s been what a year and gossip columnists are still alledging you are dating the guy. Sorry the privacy argument doesn’t wash with these pictures. Sorry Lily you are now on the same level as Leo D & George C’s interchangeable girls. Take that back: even Leo & George eventually acknowledge their girls.

  • Celia


    I think she was talking to all of them. lol. If not then, I doubt they would just stand there like that and stare at her. At least I hope not.

  • Romeo

    Why in the world were there paparrazis in the MTV after party? It’s a private event afterall. And why were they only photographing Emma Watson when there are bigger A-listers at the after party? Accusing her of calling the paparrazis is an understatement in seems. She got a picture with Emma Stone to quiet the jealousy rumors and release it to the press but too bad for her Kristen doesn’t partake in PR games. Emma Watson is reminding me more and more of Sienna Miller as she ages.

  • dizzy

    I think she should have worn this dress to the red carpet and the show; it has more of that MTV Movie Awards vibe. Those are great pictures with Jamie, Taylor, and Lily.

  • e


    You can see that pciture here:

    Emma looks great here, this was her first American award show so it must have been an interesting experience and everyone seem to have wanted to talk to her. There are pics of her with Andrew Garfield, Cameron Diaz, Emma Stone and the host Jason Sudeikis, would have been fun to see Emma talk to Rob as well, they always looked like they got along great while filming HP, though that was a while ago.

  • anonymous

    Taylor’s look on emma is so beautiful and hum MAGICAL

  • Celia


    Umm…kay. These aren’t paparazzi pictures, it’s a professional photographer whose hired to shoot at events like this.
    Try again, honey. Try again.

    And trust me, all of these people were coming up to Emma, because they wanted to meet her. This is her first time at the MTV movie awards, so she’s never met any of them before. *eyeroll*

  • Brainy box


  • Furry

    omg she’s really working overtime. There is no need to pose for pictures at an after party. It seems like she is the only one who likes the attention from the shutterbugs considering there are only pictures of her so far.

  • JustJaredSpy

    You’re the secret eye witness because I have seen pics of you standing directly to the left of Jamie King. Not cool!

  • Marge

    What does sienna miller and Emma Watson have in common? Both British, drama queen, Harvey Weinstein has the hots for, fashion muse to vogue and testino, blond, outrageous, loud, boy magnet, supposedly an actress and not a fame wh0re. I wonder if her career will mirror that of sienna miller’s once potter is over this summer?

  • Meh

    Hmm…their expressions toward Emma are interesting…
    She doesn’t quite look like she fits in.

  • S

    GO EMMA! work that room lol

  • Fanny

    They probably don’t understand her british accent, pronounciation, or British word choice. Remember when she called an eraser a rubber? I found her accent really tough to follow when I watched Harry potter for the first time that I had to read the subtiles. It sounded like another language especially if you have never heard a person speak before.

  • Wow…

    @Celia: @Romeo:

    There’s always photographers at these after parties, jeez. She’ s not the first person to be photographed at a party. Besides, I saw a bunch of pics after the show of other celebrities, like Taylor and Kristen. Did they call the paparazzi? No, there were professional photographers there and there job was to takes pictures of the attendees.

  • Gabby


    That’s because she doesn’t. She’s on an entirely different level.
    Emma’s a 21 year old celebrity who hit it big at 9 years old and is massively successful in both the film world and fashion and yet, she’s decided to get a college education.

    Plus, she’s like the most un-celebrity celebrity in the entire world. It’s almost like she doesn’t know she’s famous. When she’s not attending an event or filming, you never see her.

    Love her Marchesa dress and her makeup!

  • aquarius64

    @e: @E: that’s the AFTER PARTY picture. I was talking about the actual awards ceremony, and Lily was NOT sitting next to Taylor. She’s his “girlfriend” for about a year she should rate a seat beside him during the broadcastg.

  • Wow…


    Oh, and I agree with you, Celia!

  • Ginny

    Her fans are deluded if they still think she is the most un-celebrity of celebrities. Just because she is British doesn’t mean she is anonymous. Out of the Harry Potter trio, that honor belongs to Rupert Grint. Emma is the biggest celebrity including the more seasoned actors on the Potter set.
    I didn’t see any pictures of Kristen Stewart at the after party, unless you meant that one blurry cell phone camera photo of her leaving the party by a side entrance surrounded by bodyguards.

  • PG 13

    Except we see her at the airport, going shopping, going to the gym, going to the movies, going to a music festival, going to school, going clubbing…we see her papped everywhere and not just attending an event or on a film set…

  • dizzy


    I think there were only pictures of her after the show, like backstage and stuff.

  • PG 13

    I can’t think of anyone in the world at her age who is papped so much and at so many varied and normal places…she’s like a reality TV show star but in photos, not on camera. We know her daily life more through photos, twitter sightings, face book postings (fueled both by Emma and her fans) than anyone her age. That’s crazy. We even know her grades from high school. Just wow!

  • e


    Oh I’m sorry, I though you asked @Anonymous: at #1 who said “You guys left out the picture of Lily looking like she wanted to stab Taylor in the neck for looking at Emma. Its funny as” if you could see that picture when the first thing you wrote in you comment was “where is that picture?” , my fault then, sorry about that.

  • emmawatsonfan

    Wow….she is so down to earth……i love her totally…….hey is it me or she just looks as tall as emma stone or k.stewart

  • e

    I can’t believe how much bashing there is of a girl who just went to an award show to have fun, all she is doing is talking to and getting to know some other people her age, people who more then likley knows of her but who she don’t know, big deal, and the reason why she is growing in popularity is becuase she is finally taking that theo onto the Hollywood market and filming her first movie i the US, it’s an exiting time for Emma and the paps wouldn’t miss it. And even if there are many pics of her out and about what can she do about it, the paps know where she is filming since they film a lot outside, and when she isn’t on set you just want her to hide away and not live her life, come on. I get why she is so popular among her pears as well, I mean she is pretty much the young pricness/queen of franshises and if any young starlet knows how to keep her feet on the ground it’s her, she’s a role model to many, and even if maybe not in the fans sort of way, many young starlets who is now trying out for roles or is doing roles in movies that are/or is about to become big franshises probably looks up to her too, and I get that, she is a great girl, she is increadibly well spoken, she is kind and sweet and listeinging to her I’m not surprised that they look like that, like they are really listening. Now I’m not saying that she is the best young actress yout there, I think she is amazing both profesionally and personally but other don’t, but bashing her because you are not a fan isn’t very nice.

  • Gabby

    @PG 13:

    Yeah, but it’s usually like 5 times out of the whole year.
    She’s been papped so much in Pittsburgh, because she’s in one spot.

    There are pictures of Kristen Stewart at the after party in her usual jeans and t-shirts. But again, she goes to these things all the time, so it’s not like it’s big news.

  • Gabby

    @PG 13:

    Really you can’t think of anyone? Really? That’s funny, because I just did a search and it appears that Emma has only been papped a GRAND total of 19 times in the past 17 months. That’s a year and a half. 19 times and most of those are consecutive, because she’s in the same place aka when she was on the campus of Brown (where the paps are not allowed), when she was filming Lancome in Paris (which I don’t really think were pap shots), when she was arriving or leaving an airport (during HP promotion), when she was at the music festival (where they had professional photographers not paparazzi), and last but not least when she was on the set of Perks.

    So you tell me how that’s like a reality TV show? Also, explain to me how her fans getting excited to see her and tweeting about it is her fault? I’m really curious.

  • Meh


    I wouldn’t say she’s a very successful actress. Sure shes been a apart of the phenomenal Harry Potter series but she hasn’t done much else.

    I get sick of the Oh she’s so superior because shes going to College crap. Big deal. What about people who aren’t celebrities who are studying and working one-two jobs? Why not give them some praise? And just because someone hasnt gone to College doesn’t mean they have a low intellect and cant be successful.

  • Anna

    @Meh: THIS!

  • Gabby


    I’m one of the people who are going to college and working two jobs. Emma deserves praise, because the celebrities in her age group usually aren’t such great role models. There are many intelligent celebrities who have never set foot in a college, but I think it’s very admirable to see someone like Emma (who is indeed successful regardless of how many films she’s appeared in outside of Potter), not letting fame go to her head. She’s got millions in the bank, but still emphasizes the importance of education. She uses her celebrity status to bring attention to important issues like Fair Trade and illiteracy. The same can’t be said for other celebs in Emma’s age group like Blake Lively, Emma Roberts, etc.
    No one said she was superior, but I think efforts like that deserve praise and respect, because it’s so rare nowadays.
    *I’m done ranting in this thread. lol. Peace*

  • @37

    There are no pictures of Kristen actually inside the after party….She was pictured with Rob in a taxi leaving to party…and education at the university level isn’t an indicator of anything.
    Youths are buying into the whole college experience and racking up thousands in student loans just to come out worse and in debt. Unless they are majoring in something useful, it is useless. In that sense, she is a bad role model because she is encouraging students to postpone their adult lives by going to uni to study/party and rack up debt while majoring in a useless major like history or english.

  • Sweetness

    Are people posting imaginary scenarios they think is going on? I see three people listening to one person who is talking. Yet people have created that Taylor and Lily are just trying to look like they are a part… Lily Collins’ very famous father is enough reason for all of them to be around her!

  • S

    How dare you try to claim that a History/English degree is useless! Just to say something so ignorant is clearly a testament to the fact that you yourself could never achieve the feat of even making it through the first year of a degree so academically complex. History and English have infinite benefits and establish transferable skills that become useful in all manner of situations though-out adult life.

    And in regard to the article: American popular culture really disgusts me these days, but I don’t have the energy to go in to any amount of detail. To my eyes, Emma Watson appears to be the only plausible ‘role model’ at the moment, she may not be the best actress but she is clearly grounded, intelligent and cultured (a quality which you can acquire by studying subjects such as English and History).

  • Meh


    I’m not trying to have a go at her. I’m just saying Emma going to Uni (College) and working isn’t as remarkable as people seem to think. Thousands of people do it. The only reason people think its fantastic in her case is because she is an actor and not many seem to be at Uni whilst acting which is probably because they dont want to do anything else but act. Seems Emma is studing so she has something to fall back on if/when the acting fizzles out but that’s just my guess.

  • bahahaha


    its pretty bad if Americans need celebrities to emphasise the importance of education.

  • Kem

    I love her even more now. She did seem rather out of place at the awards and I was like why didn’t see go find Tom lol. But she’s a sweetheart and I can tell she generally made an effort to be courteous to the snobs(god, look at their facial expressions *shivers). Loving the dress, it’s beautiful, she was at least top 3 best dressed of the night. Stewps, its funny that everytime Twilight won something the camera would automatically flash toward Emma soon after showing the twicast.

  • Julie Twilight

    emma looks stunning, if not a little out of place lol. I doubt she needs to get her name out there and she seems like the type of person who’d go up and introduce herself rather than wait around all stuck up for people to talk to her. Besides its her first time at the MTV awards and I feel like everybody’s looking for something to prey on her about. Her hair, her facial expressions, her degree, her so called ‘superiority’. I just wanted more Andrew face time lol.

  • Jenna

    Why is everyone attacking her so much? She’s just talking to some people at an afterparty, and it seems Lily and Taylor are just listening at the moment. There are only three pictures of her with this group. Three. Why is everyone saying she’s a paparazzi hogger when first this isn’t the paparazzi, and second this is the first time she’s ever been to an MTV Movie Award. Of course the photographers want to take shots of her. Did you even watch the actual Award’s show? The camera people repeatedly filmed her to see her reactions and followed her around when she left her seat. She’s a celebrity and that was her first time there.

  • Nicole


    I think it’s a big deal to Americans and most people in general (not all obviously) because she doesn’t have to work another day in her life or bother with an education, but she is getting an education and still acting (besides Harry Potter). We generally see actors, actresses, singers etc. as being so lucky and almost free because they have so much money, fame etc., and they are seen almost different from us because of their stardom. So it’s weird to us that such a rich and famous celebrity would even bother with an education or would still work if they’re as rich as Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, and Rupert Grint.

  • dayum

    @PG 13: Haven’t you heard of Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and lots of others? Are you hiding in a cave?

  • Little

    @Ginny: Oh honey, I’m sorry that your idol, Kstew, wasn’t papped at the party.

  • Jay

    @Marge, for the record, Emma’s a natural dark brunette… and she’s not that much like Sienna Miller…

    Just wanted to mention that she won’t be returning to Brown ‘as a junior’ because she has technically only finished one year of college successfully, and had only finished half or less of her sophomore. So she won’t be a junior, unless somehow she has some bizarre exemption ($$?? hope not, doesn’t seem like her) that allows her to graduate without actually having finished?

  • Enough already

    Actually, I think she looks lovely here. I love the dress, the whole look, on her. Professionally, I think she’s a very blah actress. Let’s face it…..the Harry Potter series is NOT known for it’s acting, and Emma was cast as a young girl, and has gone on an amazing ride with the franchise. Not because she’s a great actress.

    As far as Brown, well, I’m not surprised she isn’t going back. Money calls, the education will wait apparently. History and English are considered “liberal arts” subjects, and in terms of difficulty, are lightweight and useless. But at least she could say she went to an Ivy League school, and may have a degree someday. I hope she doesn’t give up on her education. Even if she never has a real job, she has brains and culture behind her.