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Gerard Butler - CFDA Fashion Awards 2011

Gerard Butler - CFDA Fashion Awards 2011

Gerard Butler hits the purple carpet at the 2011 CFDA Fashion Awards held at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall on Monday (June 6) in New York City.

Over the weekend, the 41-year-old Scottish actor enjoyed some R&R in Maui, Hawaii, where he relaxed on the beach and showed off his six pack!

A few days before, Gerry and his Playing the Field co-star, Jessica Biel, went for a ride on the Pacific Coast Highway on his Harley.

Reps for both the actors said the two are “just friends,” while sources on the set of their film reiterated the two were “friendly but professional.”

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Credit: Andrew H. Walker, Larry Busacca; Photos: Getty
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  • Manny

    Looking good Mr. Butler.

  • Yawn

    old sweaty smelly sweaty

  • shocktober

    let’s hope this thread doesn’t bring that stunk cvnt whoregia*

  • wtf?

    hahaha oh its gerrypalooza time, agreed manny he looks super!

  • redOctober

    Yep…looking good ; D

  • xyzee

    just gorgeous

  • Manny

    Hello Gus! Who says you can’t turn back time a little???

  • Dena

    Looking VERY GOOD Mr. Butler!!!!!!

  • haters whatever

    He looks different and weird. his hair is too light and he’s wearing too much makeup

  • Manny
  • Oye Vey

    Am I the only one that thinks he looks like Christopher Walken??

  • xianneh

    Damn gorgeous!!!! Thank you for the new threads!!! wohooo
    I just love looking at his pictures. hehe

  • redOctober

    Agree about the hair…but…oh well.

  • scam artist

    he looks like he just took a fresh dump and wiped it on the bathroom walls like Hillary Rowlands does

  • Jessica Biel

    Who?? That is disgusting if anyone does that.

  • http://justjared lolita

    Thanks ladies for bringing the pics here. I am so sorry that l’m so inept at downloading pics. Bless you all for sharing with us. Good heavens he is handsome.
    Manny he looks good half naked and fully clothed.

  • fyi

    he looks botoxed

  • CorBlimey

    That pose is friggin’ hilarious. Worth jumping online today just to laugh at that. :D


    @scam artist:
    PLEASE do not mention that, er, person in any Gerard threads, beg of you.
    It conjures her up…and onto the thread as a million different socks/handles.

  • Najo

    Well well… not thrilled about the hair… LOVE the closed up photo…

    I like his hair parted in the middle a little.

  • Io

    There’s something off about his hair and his skin tone. Does he have foundation on?

  • Cora

    Tweet posted during Gerry’s presentation:
    The Cut
    Gerard butler is making awkward jokes about stealing swarovski crystals from the podium (they r glued on in dazzling fashion) #CFDAawards
    39 minutes ago
    (The Cut is New York magazine’s fashion blog.)

  • justsayin’too

    He does clean up well.

  • Cora

    Photos taken during Gerry’s presentation:

  • PsychoB

    FIRE JEANNIA GERRY! SHE OBVIOUSLY CAN’T PUT MAKE-UP ON YOU ! Sorry, but she ruined what would have been a great pick. I don’t think she knows how to put foundation on a man with facial hair. his cheeks are whiter than the rest of his face, very odd.

  • Cora

    A clear photo from Gerry’s presentation:

  • redOctober

    One last pic before beddy byes

  • Cora

    Gerry presented the award for Best Menswear Designer to Michael Bastian. These are photos of the two men backstage after Gerry handed Bastian his award:

  • CorBlimey

    Crikey. Shave off the beard and he’s back to being Dracula. Anyone else stuck in a time warp, or is it just me?

  • New GF alert!!!!!!
    G with some woman

  • #5

    Very nice . . . love the smile!

  • CorBlimey

    @New GF alert!!!!!!:
    Didn’t get enough of a response on the last thread, huh? I’m pretty sure that if Gerard had’ve shagged all the female reporters that have interviewed him over the years “little Gerard” would’ve fallen off by now. She’s probably a very lovely lady with a partner and/or family, so let’s leave her alone, okay? :D

  • oldbutnotdead

    @New GF alert!!!!!!: US Today Style commenting on G’s “dreamy” hair….

    and some unknown woman looking on admiring, the way so many, many women have….:)


    she dated derek jeter herpes- so,,,,,,
    i doubt gerard wants any of her nasty stank pvssy, go away jess you are boring and fish lipped lip and nose job (I know your doctor so dont lie) – loser

  • New GF alert!!!!!!

    Gerry getting lots of phone numbers from women who throw themselves at him

  • clover

    WOW! Lovely indeed!

  • LOL

    GOD! there is someone very jealous of any woman Gerry dates. Right now her anger is directed at JB
    there are some very unstable old hangs posting here.
    Whoever you are, JB is hot. You’re NOT!!!!

  • niknoks

    Wow these threads are like buses, you wait ages for one and three come along at once.

    My, my, my Mr. Butler does scrub up well doesn’t he? He’s looking hot.

  • oy

    Someone get the man a Vietnamese threader, for the love of God!

  • Maggie P. U.

    @ LOL #37…… are you positively sure he and JB are an item…. reading ur posts you seem to have it down pat they are? Just curious because all the articles I have read are speculation and the FB/Twitter entries are pretty much the same or validating they are only friends as it has been stated often-more so than they are supposedly romantically involved. Just saying. Like the posts of Georgia* hers are something different….. she is the one with him.

    If you recall, he went through this with JA and Cameron Diaz as well. He himself AND gossipcop denied they were. Same with JB. Anyway, I am just curious why in most of your posts u keep saying this when there is nothing concrete to validate it. And for the record, not a jealous fan….just one who likes to read about things that are not made up or that of someone delusional (Georgia*)



  • Hot Mess

    This is sad that some of you can find anything wrong with this man or these pictures.. Maybe some of you need to look in the mirror and check your makeup. I don’t see a thing wrong here. This is the best he has looked in years and I don’t see any evidence of botox. Sad bunch of jealous people here. This is one hot man…..

  • oh yeah

    this guy doesnt have any female “friends”, he has a manwh/re rep and it is safe to assume that any female he is with is a bedmate. just sayin’. that is HIS OWN FAULT. no jealousy here, just stating the obvious, if the guy is a ho, he doesnt hang with girls he doesnt eff, esp the good looking ones like JB! maybe a susan boyle, yea, then I would doubt he was doing her

  • The Noise In The Walls

    Gerry..You’re looking good :) that smile..Every gal loves a sharp dressed man..

  • Cord

    There is nothing wrong with this man, He’s been out in the sun lost weight and is looking younger than ever. This is a man who enjoys himself and the company of his friends. He gives to others and doesn’t ask for anything in return. Can’t understand why so many people need to be negative.

  • LOL

    @Maggie P. U.:
    No one is sure, but I am assuming something is going on between them, and why not? Both hot single adults – they look right together.
    Right now, I think they are getting to know each other as friends. It’s obvious they like each other’s company from these photos and from others before. The reports about them always say they are friendly.
    Think about it, would you hug a man so close if you didn’t like him and at least found him somewhat attractive? You wouldn’t unless you felt something for him.
    Well, magnify this by a 1000 times because this is Gerard Butler we’re talking about and very few women are immune to him. Women fight over him, call each other names because of him, throw themselves at him, run to bed with him at the drop of a hat, agree to become FWB with him hoping for more, etc……
    So i definitely think there is something going on between those two on a casual basis. If it turns more serious, we have to wait and see.
    As to the denial, don’t buy what the publicist put out there – their job is to spin and watch out for their clients’ reputation and image. They don’t always tell the truth. They tell what’s needed and convenient at the moment.
    Only time will tell if those two are dating. I’m not ruling it out; if anything I am leaning very strongly towards it being the truth here. But again, time will tell.
    And………… please don’t compare me to Georgia; I’m nothing like her. I don’t have the same state of mind when it comes to Gerry. That woman is in deep trouble.

  • LOL
    “Several months ago while checking out at the grocery store, I noticed one of the gossip mags referred to the star of “300” as a bad boy. At the time I thought it was a mistake made by a single publication. This was not the case. ”
    “For starters, Butler isn’t known to have done any serious ‘bad boy’ things like beating one of his lovers. Yet, even lesser behavior which could be considered ‘bad’ is avoided by him. Butler quit smoking after playing a cancer victim in “P.S. I Love You” and stopped drinking more than a decade ago.”

  • Julie

    Gerry does indeed look great when he dresses for a big night out. He is a very handsome man… and looks happy and healthy as well. Can’t ask for more than that.

  • Cora

    After party photos:
    with Chanel Iman
    with Russell Simmons

  • Cora

    with Alexander Wang
    with Harvey Weinstein

  • Cora