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Gerard Butler - CFDA Fashion Awards 2011

Gerard Butler - CFDA Fashion Awards 2011

Gerard Butler hits the purple carpet at the 2011 CFDA Fashion Awards held at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall on Monday (June 6) in New York City.

Over the weekend, the 41-year-old Scottish actor enjoyed some R&R in Maui, Hawaii, where he relaxed on the beach and showed off his six pack!

A few days before, Gerry and his Playing the Field co-star, Jessica Biel, went for a ride on the Pacific Coast Highway on his Harley.

Reps for both the actors said the two are “just friends,” while sources on the set of their film reiterated the two were “friendly but professional.”

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  1. 151
    goodgravy Says:


    “she is beautiful – money and beauty what else is there?”
    How about class? Then again, I don’t believe a racist like you could exhibit any.

  2. 152
    GFW Says:

    niki @ 06/07/2011 at 6:29 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down -1

    it looks like you got your wish and he was wearing a blue suit.
    take a look here
    Yeah, I think he read my thoughts. ;o)

  3. 153
    wake up Says:

    once a black chick starts tweeting, she does it a mile a minute.
    black chicks tweet more than anyone else.
    I have yet to meet one that only tweets one or two messages a day – those women are blabber mouthes. That’s why I don’t believe anyone of them did Gerard in S’port.
    here is one black, she can’t stop tweeting about him
    “Was *real nigga swoon* trademarked? I thought my G-card allowed me access O_o”
    she has many more tweets about Gerry.
    Crazy broad.

  4. 154
    Ngm Says:

    @ Niki

    You carry on projecting like crazy hun. I simply reacted to your racist comments.  You are entitled to your opinions, as I am to mine. Just have the decency not to imply that I should not post on this site because you don’t like my opinons.  I can’t stand your dozy, remedial, racist opinions but I  would never imply or tell you outright  
    not to post your opinions on this site, no matter how pathetic and ignorant they are. And if that’s sounds overly angry. Well honey feel my rage. :) 

  5. 155
    oldbutnotdead Says:

    @niki: wow, what planet are you from? You must be a dateless dude! They usually only come out at night….

    “You can’t regulate what people think. They tried this in USSR and it didn’t work.
    It’s a known fact that most people think blacks are inferior to whites. This person told me that it’s why he was chasing black girls. In LA this girls are considered one-step above prostitutes because seemingly no money is involved. Seemingly…….but other exchanges happen. No one sleeps around like that without any benefits.
    Try not to get hysterical about it; you don’t have to be on this site if you don’t like the language or ideas exchanged. You could also skip posts. It will make you feel much better inside. You sound overly angry.”

    I have lived in Los Angeles for 25 years, no one here has ever said that! Nor have I heard that or read it! Yikes…this post is scary..

  6. 156
    niki Says:

    @perez hilton:
    I wanted to add that actually a lot of what perez hilton is exaggerated. Most of the time you can’t believe anything he says.
    it could be a small detail which he just expands to the size of a football field. Always take him with a grain of salt.

  7. 157
    wake up Says:

    @wake up:
    sorry here is her twitter!/JayeCharisma

  8. 158
    oldbutnotdead Says:

    @niki: If you are talking about Louisiana, rather than Los Angeles (LA), well, that is nothing to brag about. Makes Louisiana seem totally nasty if peeps there say that about black women. and I doubt that is even true.

    When people see LA, they may not think they think immediately about Louisiana, so be careful what you say! Only someone from Louisiana may see those initials and think it is about that poverty stricken state, rather than Los Angeles. Yikes….ickky, ickky person….

  9. 159
    niki Says:

    she has class she comes from a weal.thy family. she didn’t grow up in the gutter like some of Gerry’s hos, which an ignorant person like you is defending.

  10. 160
    niki Says:

    Fuuck your rage. :)
    I’m happy an idiotic liberal such as yourself is getting fuucked on JJ.
    I will say whatever the hell i feel like, without worrying about your delicate sensibilities, which I care none about
    You oooz stupidity – who the hell told you not to post? Post away but don’t tell me not to post my opinions. so that’s the last I will be answering any of your dumb azz remarks.
    You can explode with anger for all I care, you American hater and Bin laden lover!!!!!!

  11. 161
    niknoks Says:


    From my experience wealth does not buy you class, only a good upbringing does that and those are free.

  12. 162
    niki Says:

    the person who told me the stuff meant Los Angeles (LA) not Louisiana, and they said it was mostly his phase in 2005-2006, not now.

    Like i said, i don’t know if it’s really true. Who really knows? Just gerry himself and very close people to him might know some.

  13. 163
    niki Says:

    Agreed. But usually people from well-off families do have good upbringing. Wealth and good upbringing usually go hand in hand, as opposed to living in the ghetto where no opportunity exists.
    Sorry if that sounds racist; it’s a fact of life, which is why i believe it should be stated without feeling bad about saying it.

  14. 164
    niki Says:

    Agreed. But usually people from well-off families do have good upbringing. Wealth and good upbringing usually go hand in hand, as opposed to living in the ghetto where no opportunity exists.
    Sorry if that sounds racist; it’s a fact of life, which is why i believe it should be stated without feeling bad about saying it.

  15. 165
    Ngm Says:

    Oh dear, dear, dear me. Oh Niki, Niki, Niki, Niki. What an enlightening response to goodgravy’s comment. Well. You know what they say about people under pressure don’t you. They say that’s when they show their true colors. Pardon the pun. Oh Niki. Aren’t you the little racist. Tut tut tut.

  16. 166
    Ngm Says:


    Touched a nerve have I Niki?

  17. 167
    niknoks Says:

    I really don’t understand this board sometimes, there can be some utterly offensive trash written on here at times but then it will just moderate stuff for reasons passing understanding. Sort it out JJ.

  18. 168
    balquhain Says:
    If GBut sucks in his gut anymore, his bellybutton will touch his spine

  19. 169
    Maggie P. U. Says:

    @ Niki #164… I don’t know where you are getting ur info or where u have purchased your rose colored glasses…… but I am here to tell u it doesn’t matter if u are “well to do”, in the ghetto, living in the sticks….. a proper up bringing is all about blood and family and beliefs. Has nothing to do with money, how much you have or whatever.

    There is a saying…. money can’t buy u love or a piece of mind and you can loose money quicker than pride and honor within a family. I am dam* proud of my upbringing and my parents in how they did so. I was taught that it isn’t the nickel in your pocket that makes the person you will become-it is your own actions and how you pursue your goals.

    Bottom line…. you might also want to research this…. 8 out of 10 people who get into trouble are from “well to do families”. Before you pass judgement I suggest you get your facts straight…. next time you preach that sermon please carry a bible. No, it isn’t that you are racist… you are a hypocrite. You see people by dollar signs not by who they really are-human. And word to the wise…keep thinking that and I am going to garantee (sp) that someday it will bite u in the a$$.

    Now, bash me…. remarks from people like you have made me stronger through the years. I look at you and those like you with pity. You see life in status not as it should be…and that is reality. Meaning here today gone tomorrow. And as you judge all you are doing is showing a reflection of the type of person you really are….. have a nice day.



  20. 170
    redOctober Says:


    Exactly the same thing I’ve thought when I saw this photo

    …I hope he’s following a healthy diet. I work really hard to be thin but always my health comes first in my list.

  21. 171
    CorBlimey Says:

    Crikey. He’s all ribs. Gerard, for Pete’s sake.. have a cupcake! :D

  22. 172
    lolita Says:

    @redOctober: Red, thin or pudgy, I would shimmy up that man’s leg in a minute. That picture just does it for me. He doesn’t need to get any thinner, He still has defined muscle, those arms, chest and the tapering to his waist. Oh heavens I’ll stop now.

  23. 173
    FYI Says:

    Gerry is at the LOVECAT magazine launch
    There may be more photo’s later.

  24. 174
    redOctober Says:


    …do they eat anything at those parties? ; D…just one tiny cupcake, G.


  25. 175
    CorBlimey Says:

    “I would shimmy up that man’s leg in a minute”
    LMAO! And yet, so true. But seriously, enough with the descriptions already! Lolita, I love your posts, but you are seriously freaking me out right now – I’m at work, and just CANNOT be thinking of those things if I’m going to have any chance of being productive today. (I know, I know.. just stay away from JJ, right? Tried that, very difficult – just gotta have that piccie-fix) ;P

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