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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Jason Sudeikis Party!

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Jason Sudeikis Party!

Jennifer Aniston comes out to support her Horrible Bosses co-star Jason Sudeikis at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards after-party held at the exclusive Soho House on Sunday night (June 5) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 42-year-old actress was accompanied by her rumored new boyfriend, actor and screenwriter Justin Theroux, 39.

“They looked very comfortable with each other,” a partygoer tells “He had his arm around her for a good part of the night and they even left the party holding hands.”

Jen was also seen chatting with her Horrible Bosses producer, Brett Ratner, who caught up with fellow producer John Cheng.

A week ago, Jen introduced Justin to her friends, including Chelsea Handler and Courteney Cox.

FYI: The party was sponsored by Yoostar, an entertainment system that uses clips from films and television programs for “videoke-style” karaoke.

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jennifer aniston justin theroux jason sudeikis 02

Credit: Jordan Strauss; Photos: Wireimage
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  • annie

    LOVE IT!

  • no

    Great for them, hope they are happy…..

  • Munroe

    Cute couple!!!

  • Laura

    I know Jennifer’s happiness is the main thing, but every time I see Justin I feel bad, but I think she could do so much better! :/

  • anon

    PR GAME AGAIN to get more money (again) ……..courtesy of the Huvane team at Slate-PR. When will she get real ?


    I’m really tired of reading Stephen Huvane’s manipulation :
    “Jen is a huge liar and we are having twins,” – John Mayer
    ” Welding an engagement ring for my girlfriend” – John Mayer
    “Visiting the Diamond Exchange in Tustin,” – John Mayer
    “Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart’s on set romance? ” – articles 2008
    “‘Flirty’ Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson spark rumours of romance ” – articles 2008
    “Jennifer Aniston’s romance with Gerard Butler heats up” – articles Feb 2010
    the list goes on and on and on and on………
    IT IS PREDICTABLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ………………………more games, more misinformation, more lies and NO REASON EVER GIVEN FOR “THE BREAK UPS”………………
    Aniston/Mayer and Aniston/Vaughn both began at the start of production and ended soon after production finished.
    Aniston, Vaughn, Mayer, Butler, Wilson…are all under CAA, ran by Stephen’s brother Kevin.
    Aniston, Justin are under Stephen Huvane’s PR control.
    My question : when will she start being real and honest again ?

  • sweetness

    She certainly has a mean mugging look in the first pic…she must be thinking “who is he going to leave me for?”

  • Tara

    They make such a cool couple, i always liked Justin, what a pairing!

  • media/money/perception control

    Obviously, Justin was in LA to reshoot Wanderlust scenes, and Slate-PR felt that giving the media some gossip fodder would be a great mechanism for movie promotion and emphasize a new talent on their roster. What they are not seeing is that this backfires. People don’t like being given misinformation or being manipulated. Huvane and his new team at Slate-PR need to start learning how to emphasize REAL qualities of their talent not fictional romances etc….. They don’t seem to realize that many people are wondering why Jen cannot hold a steady relationship as she gets older. To many people these continual Showmances seems insincere, destructive and fundamentally unhappy. That isn’t good PR.

  • wth

    so much hate on Jennifer on this site and none of these people know her in person…uhm..

  • …………..

    when you stop accusing and wondering why she isn’t being real and honest.
    In fact, you don’t even know whether she’s lying or not.

  • media/money/perception

    They don’t look like a couple. He also has a very different character to Jen.
    She is OBVIOUSLY acting for the camera (again). Marilyn Bivens, HIS GIRLFRIEND’S MOTHER said this the other day ” It’s not true at all,’ Marilyn Bivens told Radar Online. ‘That’s from Justin’s own mouth.’ Ms Bivens said her stylist daughter has been dating 39-year-old Theroux for a long time.
    His girlfriend’s mother has no reason to lie until Slate-PR or CAA pay her to shut up or lie.
    SLATE-PR TEAM are AGAIN playing tricks trying to deceive people for publicity, this time for “Wanderlust”.
    ……………………………………………………………………………………WAKE UP !!!!!!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    …Another “relationship” that wont last long. LOL …When it is over she’ll be left looking pathetic, like she always does.

  • games, games and more games

    FYI it’s PR manipulation for movie publicity…………….again……………..

  • no


    That story from his ex girlfriends mother is from the tabloid STAR (Radar qouted them), and you believe them?

    You are stupid!!

    Every time she is rumored to be with somebody you come with your stupid stories and most of that time she is not with the guy and are just friends (so that tells me that you don’t know anything). And you keep going on and on …..


    Hope they have a great time

  • Amory

    Thought he had a long-term relationship – did he dump her for Aniston?? Wouldn’t that make Aniston the “uncool” homewrecker?

  • Again

    Munroe @ 06/06/2011 at 9:28 am +4
    Cute couple!!!
    Yeah, you guys said the same thing when she was with these guys.

    Vince V.
    John M
    Paul S.
    Bradley C
    Gerald B.
    and every guys she has been with since the divorce. I wonder who will be the next guy who will make a cute couple with Jen.

  • BEAN

    I really dont think Jennifer Aniston has time for PR moves anymore. She seems like the genuinely wants to be happy and can’t find the right guy. I hope this guy is. Everyone deserves happinesssss!!!

  • BEAN

    And who cares if it “another guy”. News flash – she is 41. She can date left right and centre if she wants to. I imagine the average woman dates more than 5 men in her life time and most marriages end in divorce these days so why hers is still hanging like a cloud over her is beyond me. Who the hell really gives that much of a shiz really? Again, glad she is happy,

  • A

    Pathetic old dried up hag.
    Is she going to let him finger her a*shole as well!?

  • Anonymous

    This guy is a cheat. He has Heidi Bivens on the side for a piece of ass when he sees her. He is no good. Apparently Jennifer Aniston better wake up. She can do a hell of alot better than him. If this is a pubilcity stunt. Which 99.9% it is. She needs a real man not a wet behind the ears nobody that is just starting out.

  • Courtney

    The reason she can’t hold a man is because she’s insecure and in Hollywood no woman should be insecure. I imagine the guy has a lot of work to do when he’s in a relationship with her. She plays the victim so well.

  • anon

    @15 : FYI his agent said no a week ago. I guess Stephen Huvane called up with a “new” idea for movie promotion to stop invasive questions about her personal life. This affected display of public affection is OBVIOUSLY theatrical, OBVIOUSLY meant for the media to talk about, OBVIOUSLY timed for movie promotion and OBVIOUSLY deeply insincere on her part.
    It’s the same PR game again and again. I guess she still can’t get over Pitt leaving for his co-star so she is stuck trying to copy him, like a broken record……………repeat……….repeat………repeat……….

  • anon

    Justin is in a long line of disposable PR stooges Stephen Huvane has hired for Aniston. Justin must be proud !!!
    I wonder when his contract ends ? ……….HOPEFULLY SOON !

  • http://ja slig o lambert^________^ cute

    no couple

  • what


    homewrecker?…I don’t know much about this Justin guy..but I didn’t heard that he was married or there was no home to wreck..
    as for the fact that he had until recently a girlfriend..her mother declared that to Star magazine which is not exactly the most reliable source out there..

    so lets not call her names until we have all the fact straight shall we..?

  • no?

    Good for her but the second pic is hilarious. She is giving a sharp look , she looks like she was afaird that he is giving a gay vibe. ohhhhh another heart break topic. another if Angie didn’t stole BP you know how it goes..

  • what


    yes..and the br@ngel@ons are saying the same thing for years

  • good for X

    I am glad X has a new BF, and im happy that he is not someone famous and he is not hot! lol, X can date anyone she wants, I just dont like her dating famous and hot guys like Bradley Cooper or Jake Gylenhall or Clooney. X is a famfewh8re, luckily Bradley, Jake or Clooney dont like her.

    I really wish she should just stick with Justin, this time around X is with the right guy for her. she should not be too ambitious and chase those really hot and famous actors.

  • predictable

    FYI the second pic is intentionally done for the photographer. They aren’t a real normal couple like you and me. They are a publicity PR couple for acting in a movie that their teams want you to PAY and see. There is a big difference. Love and money are not the same even if you continually try to deceive people that they are.

  • DR

    First of all, it’s just a rumored boyfriend, we don’t know if it’s true.

    And second of all, I don’t understand all this hate around her. Honestly, she’s just trying to find herself a man, and every woman should be allowed to find love, even at any age. Whatever it is, people need to stop dissing her – she’s human too, hey. I wish her all the best.

  • thea

    @good for X:

    She never dated Clooney, he is gay. As are Jake and Bradley Cooper. Jake is wanting to come out of the closet but his handlers want let him. Bradley needs a new beard is why he dumped Renee. And that “tranny” George is dating with the large adams apple and man hands…Well…

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    DR @ 06/06/2011 at 11:05 am

    There’s nothing wrong with her dating anyone. She is single and she can date whoever she wants. However, it always happens whenever she has a movie coming out. After the movie is done so is her relationship.

  • thea


    Why would someones MOM be their designated spokesperson. Can’t Heidi say whether they are still a couple or not?

  • Ron

    Jennifer aniston very relax and happy with bf

  • Nan

    He’s nice looking, smart and must be a good writer. If you don’t get to know someone how do you know whether he’s the one?
    I don’t think most women think Brad is so unforgetable anymore.
    Even if they aren’t serious what’s wrong with having fun?

  • Nan

    He’s nice looking, smart and must be a good writer. If you don’t get to know someone how do you know whether he’s the one?
    I don’t think most women think Brad is so unforgetable anymore.
    Even if they aren’t serious what’s wrong with having fun?

  • Anastasia

    if he’s her new boyfriend,i like him!they are a cute couple and hopefully it will last.He has a nice intense look in these pics which i find really charming!Wishing them all the best!

  • susiequ

    I am so sick of people screaming how she could do so much better.

    He is successful and way more talented then she could ever hop to be.

    she is lucky as all fcuk that he is giving her tired as* a look.

    She is not all that. Superficial at best.. Please she should be on knees thanking him..

    oh wait.. I bet she already has..

  • anon

    #34 : money, money, money. Millions of dollars ride on the success of these films. Faking a relationship for a few weeks is cheap and easy PR. His mother is definitely NOT a spokesperson that is why she tells the truth !!!!!……………….until Huvane and his company SLATE-PR silence his GF’s Mother or make his GF’s Mother lie with money and a contract. Audiences are being CONTINUALLY FED an ILLUSION by Jen and her management/PR people, who want your MONEY. The question is…………….do you want the truth or a lie ? Jen is living a destructive lie and the only way she will snap out of it, is if people stop rewarding her for it. SERIOUSLY.

  • anon

    He is an actor nobody has heard of, used as a disposable PR stooge to fill in the place where Aniston should have a REAL RELATIONSHIP, REAL LOVE, REAL FAMILY, REAL HAPPINESS. It’s fake. It’s greedy. It’s insincere.
    She need to end this game and snap out of it. These people are awful.

  • you’re a moron

    @anon: just because someone doesn’t like like angelina doesn’t mean they’re teaming up against her. A LOT of people don’t like angelina, just like there are people who don’t like jennifer anistion, that doesn’t mean i’m going to invent a secret plot in my head and be completely convinced that they’re out to get her. please show some proof that stephen huvane is working for jen, and not this crazy story you’ve concocted in your head, real hard proof, because he and jen have NEVER even once been linked in any way. FYI HER AGENT HAS ALREADY SHOT DOWN THESE RUMORS, not his, his agent hasn’t said anything about these rumors, only his ex-girlfriend’s mother want to put her 2 cents in.

  • wyatt

    when magazine like star,radar,ok and the rest give report on angelina and brad-its the truth,but others it is question…

  • sasha

    Eww his beard is degusting
    Jen is cute here but I’m disappointed with her, Courteney has always been there for her especially after her divorce with Brad. Courteney and David had even had the idea to bring on vacation with them to fix things
    And then when it is the turn of Courteney having sentimental problems, I have not once seen Jen with her, supporting …

  • Nancy
  • DR

    @Media Wh@re MANiston:

    Uhmmmm what? She’s always rumored to be with her costars. RUMORED. Do you actually see her holding hands/making out/PDA-ing with them all over? With the exception of Vince, there isn’t any other costar she’s technically been in a relationship with.

    And seriously, if you can’t wish her the best or have anything nice to say, why even bother reading?

  • aha

    People. She has a sucky movie coming out.

  • anon

    Jen’s hired PR Gnome is taking the place of a REAL MAN. When does this guy’s contract end ?

  • aclineo

    haha sudeikis looks HILARIOUS in those pictures — that hair!

  • villedeville

    Justin Theroux’s eyes and attention are passionately focused on his male co-star, so Jennifer is giving him the evil eye. He’s supposed to be after her, not after him.